Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate. It’s about Heteronormativity

One of the founders of XR let’s it all hang out on this old Medium article.

First his credentials.

I’ve been with Extinction Rebellion (XR) from the start. I was one of the 15 people in April 2018 who came together and made the collective decision to try to create the conditions that would initiate a rebellion. I was a coordinator of one of the original five working groups, and I’ve been organising with XR day-and-night since then (frugally living off my savings so I don’t have to work, having quit an industry that paid me £1000/week). And I’ve been in RisingUp (the organisation from which XR has emerged) since the first RisingUp action in November 2016. I’m a RisingUp Holding Group member, and a member of the XR Guardianship Team.

And for the sake of transparency: that previous paragraph is all about me ‘pulling rank’ — I’m trying to convince you to listen to what I have to say…

And then he tells us the real problem.

And I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back.

And lays it out in detail.

Euro-Americans violently imposed and taught dangerous delusions that they used to justify the exploitation and reinforced our dominance, while silencing worldviews that differed or challenged them. The UK’s hand in this was enormous, as can be seen by the size of the former British empire, and the dominance of the English language around the world. There is stark evidence that everyday racial bias continues in Britain, now, today. It’s worth naming some of these constructed delusions that have been coded into societies and institutions around the world:

  • The delusion of white-supremacy centres whiteness and the experience of white people, constructing and perpetuating the myth that white people and their lives are somehow inherently better and more valuable than people of colour.
  • The delusion of patriarchy centres the male experience, and excludes/hinders female assigned people from public life (reducing them to a possession or object for ownership or consumption). Patriarchy teaches dominating and competitive behaviours, and emphasises the idea that the world is a place of scarcity, separation and powerlessness.
  • The delusions of Eurocentrism include the notion that Europeans know what is best for the world.
  • The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant.
  • The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.

Read the whole article here.

207 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the Climate. It’s about Heteronormativity

    • Hey, normal sex isn’t normal according to that genius. Of course they had to put the word Revolution into the name. Otherwise they wouldn’t know what to do.

        • “transgender male”

          Now I’m confused. Do you mean someone acting like a male? Or someone who has undergone surgery from female to male? If the latter, you mean transsexual, not transgender. Gender is behavior, not physical attributes.

          • The best menomic for these things is the word “transgender” means “not”. A transgender male is not a male. Ergo, she is a female.

          • George: gender is a feature of grammar, not biology nor “souls”, if you believe in such things.

          • Is a male dressed like a woman having sex with a male, male behavior or female behavior?

            Read the article for details about parts and such.

          • I think a transgender is a guy who thinks he is a girl and who likes to wear dresses. Of course a guy thinking he is really a girl doesn’t actually really magically make him a girl. Even spading him doesn’t actually turn him into a real girl. My dog thinks he is a person. But he still has four legs, a tail, and barks at squirrels.

          • Walter Sobchak

            “The best menomic for these things is the word “transgender” means “not”.

            “Trans” means “on the other side of”.

            Transylvania, for example. Transkei.

            Why on earth they chose to use that as a prefix for “gender” escapes me. Maybe someone can explain it. To me it sounds pejorative as in other side of normal, other side of whatever. It provokes questions.

            Why did the chicken cross the road?

            Well, why does the chicken’s motive have to be question at all? It is none of our business. Maybe the chicken has just been “reassigned” to the other side of the road after submitting the requisite paperwork.

          • Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the idiot’s house
            Knock knock. Who’s there? The chicken

          • Heterosexual behavior is not “normal” ? LOL. Ask Darwin about that one. 1.2 billion years of sexual reproduction later some a-hole thinks it is not “normal”.

            The only bullet point they need is :

            The delusions of Progressivism include the notion that Progessives know what is best for the world.

        • Marty: “Even spading him”
          spade: verb
          gerund or present participle: spading
          def: dig in (ground) with a spade.
          I think you meant:
          spay: verb
          gerund or present participle: spaying
          to sterilize (a female) by removing her ovaries.

          However, a transgender woman (see my comment above) is not a woman, does not have ovaries, and cannot be spayed. The analogous form of neutering for a man is castration. A transgender man is not a man, has ovaries, and may be spayed.

      • A decade or so ago a Rutgers University Prof in Women’s Studies claimed that ALL intercourse was “rape”…. except between her and her husband because he was a “male lesbian”.
        iIsay NUTS! (or, he didn’t have any … or … I wear the nuts in … or … I’m allergic to nuts! … or … why don’t we have any children? …or … “I thought I married a fairy! Why can’t he wave his wand?)

      • Source: https://windowsontheworld.net/video_type/globalist-fake-revolution/

        Updated information on the founders of Extinction Rebellion and their links to global corporates and the agenda behind this controlled opposition cult.

        In response to requests for information about the cult one activist was threatened by agents of ER known as Foxtrot Echo and Foxtrot Tango along with others in the cult. The founder of ER Gail Bradbrook requested to be taken off the e mail list and did not apologise for the threats made against a member of the public. E mails available on request.

        To date 29/11/18 ER has raised £87.003 (3.30pm). We know the Campaign Owner on the crowd funding website is Rising Up, and the ‘Funds managed by Rising Up!’, and we know the holding company for Rising Up, is Compassionate:Rebellion Ltd.

        The current directors for Compassionate:Revolution are Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, and George William Blackmore Barda. Dr Gail Bradbrook is also company Secretary. The Company has two shareholders, Gail Bradbrook and George Bard.

        We know Roger Hallam (aka Julian Roger Hallam) is a founder of Extinction Rebellion, along with Gail Bradbrook (Director Compassionate:Rebellion Ltd). The reluctance of the core to reveal their identities has for me been disturbing, and all the more strange, given that their names have appeared in a Times article (17/11/2018), ‘White collar eco-warriors to spread chaos’, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/white-collar-eco-warriors-to-spread-chaos-swl273xdh.

        The names revealed by the Times are: Gail Bradbrook, Ronan McNern, Roger Hallam, Stuart Basden, and Simon Bramwell

        We know that Extinction Rebellion was the ‘brain child’ of Rising Up, a group based in Stroud, …

        • “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” — follow the money.

          The Windows on the World article points out, contributions to ER are largely anonymous. Was ER setup to fail for the purpose of laundering contributions? Seems unlikely as their financial statements would be reviewed by a governmental agency yet how could that agency track the source of the donations.

          If it turns out to be true, it clearly proves Greens are useful for something.

          • Digging deeper:

            Source: https://risingup.org.uk/about-us
            Note: this site is “out of date and not currently being updated … See rebellion(.)earth
            Rising Up is linked to Compassionate Revolution which was birthed in the Occupy movement.

            Source: https://www.compassionate-revolution.net/
            We’re currently in the process of moving our pledging system to a new home on Rising Up. Come back very soon….

            Source : extinction (.) Rebellion is rebellion (.) earth
            Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

            Gloucestershire’s Extinction Rebellion ‘godmother’ Gail Bradbrook hits back at suggestions the founders are making money from the cause
            Read the 13 questions and answers raised in the media about Extinction Rebellion finances this weekend

            Source: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/gloucestershires-extinction-rebellion-godmother-gail-3423635

            According to The Mail on Sunday hundreds of thousands of pounds are being collected from sympathisers across the world such as the rock band Radiohead which gave £250,000 and billionaire Sir Christopher Hohn who donated £50,000.

            The article claims that Gail Bradbrook, the godmother of the movement from Stroud, requested payments of £600 a month and co-founder Roger Hallam asked for £300 a week.

            This is obviously a scam. I can’t believe Radiohead and Hohm are so shortsighted.

            I’m amazed the UK has any difficulty dealing with this nonsense!

    • I read his original article & what he says is best done in private, with a dirty magazine. What a “Pajero”, if you know what that word means in South America.

  1. Isn’t Greta the exponent of his ‘Eurocentrism’.

    The comments are interesting. Many agree with the simple observation that the writer of such ignorant nonsense is just stark raving mad. Which begs the question what employer would pay 1000 a week to such a disturbed mind. I’d like to know. A sane person should be able to make fortune there.

    • Maybe they pay you FOR being mad?

      If that employer is the sort of person who really wanted that employee, I suspect that you would fail at teh first interview…

    • We don’t know how he came to leave his paid employment – it is possible to guess that he was shown the door.

  2. Of course, CO2 is a vehicle for social change.A change to some new world where these middle class failures can feel some kind of victory over their peers who did take part in the ‘evil system’ and made a lot of money out of it.

    It is all about envy.

    The working class couldn’t give a stuff. They dont have any delusions of grandeur that infect the middle class.

    • “…Of course, CO2 is a vehicle for social change…”

      Let’s hear it for Argon! Over 20 times as common as CO2, and no one talks about it at all…. 🙁

        • @Matthew Sykes: Oh, so all the scientific advances in the world were made only by Nobles?

          Newton? Einstein? Bohr? Semmelweis? Curie, McClintock, Burbank, Eli Whitney? Edison, Steinmetz, Ford, the Wright Brothers George Eastman, ….etc….etc….

          In which countries were those folks born upper class?

          Can you explain why the modern middle class leads lives healthier, with more comforts and longer than ROYALTY ever did,anywhere at any time in history, ?

          @ M Courtney: Typical bat-shite crazy proglodyte: can’t begin to cobble together anything remotely resembling an “argument”.

      • Dodgy says:
        Let’s hear it for Argon!

        Problem is, with all the encouragement, Argon will just refuse to react. 😉

  3. “…..The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions……”

    I think that in the UK the appalling mess they are making of Brexit has cured most people of belief in that one…

    • Wow! You’re on a roll today, Dodgy! However, smarter does have a positive correlation with richer and making better decisions, and not smart at all the inverse. Who walked on the moon? Try to spin the answer.

      • Yawn, Pretty much all those that designed and built the moon landing equipment came from humble backgrounds. The politicians only made the money available.
        The elites always conspire to uphold the status quo, if it was left to them we would still have feudalism.

          • I know, however I also know that trying to browbeat people with eggspurts is also common.
            I also know that some of the brightest people can’t cope with the madness of the world,and thus retreat from it and end up poor.

          • So, Sparko, eggspurts is slang for expert, and trying to browbeat people with eggspurts is a poor substitute for reading scientific studies regarding the topic, actually understanding the studies, and offering an actual counter argument, which it appears you are wont to do, but somehow cannot rise to the occasion.

      • The correlation between income and intelligence is pretty weak and the effect small (https://www.gwern.net › iqPDF) The size of the effects for occupation and education increase over income in that order. The variables are all linked and higher education could easily account for the small income effect. Of course, the biggest effect of high i.q. is reduced severe accident with higher i.q. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4170759/). One might expect that this effect will decrease as the Safety Nazis increase their ability to protect everybody from everything .

      • On smarter: Harry Oppenheimer, who used to run Anglo American (a company that at one time owned a large chunk of South Africa) once was asked “How come you are so successful at running Anglo?” He replied “By making good decisions”. The interviewer then asked “How can you make all of these good decisions?”, and Oppenheimer answered “By first making BAD decisions”.
        So, basically, if you fail to learn from your bad decisions, you’ll never get anywhere! (As a retired software engineer, I reckon that I learned more from failed tests than from successful ones) .

    • Brexit and the failure to implement it have resulted from the symptoms of that very thing. An arrogant “elite” first failing to pay attention to the people, putting their own power and enrichment over the good of their nation and peoples, and then striving to thwart the change once the masses expressed their will for it in the largest referendum in the history of the UK.

      Trump’s election resulted from the same and of course the resistance of the elites to the will of the people also continues here. Both are evidence of the ability of the masses to recognize the dangers of hegemony and the power of a democratic system to react to thwart it. In both cases it remains to be seen if it will take extensive violence for the masses to enforce their will. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afMofYie4Lc&feature=youtu.be

  4. “…and excludes/hinders female assigned people from public life….”

    ‘Female-assigned’ people?

    I wonder who did the assigning…?

    • “I wonder who did the assigning…?”

      The Man of course. As part of the patriarchal supremacy, men choose the sex of the baby. We preselect which of our little swimmers will fertilize the ovum in order to provide the greatest burden on and oppression of women. /sarc

      • Do not forget that heterosexuality is a bad thing. I mean it only leads to the evolution and procreation of the species.

          • Now Ron,
            T’aint no woman gonna hurt me. I’m just a red blooded, deplorable ‘Murican Man. I loves my guns, pickup (even though I don’t own one), dog and my woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I wears the pants in my family (the ones she lays out for me).

            /sarc for the humor impaired

      • Saw a documentary oh ovum fertilization that showed multiple spermatozoa valiantly trying to get past the barricades, and the ovum creating an entrance for the selected applicant. Female decision.

  5. “I was one of the 15 people in April 2018 who came together and made the collective decision to try to create the conditions that would initiate a rebellion. ”

    I’m not sure it’s even about heteronormativity. I suspect it’s about kids who can’t bully their own peers without getting their bollocks gift-wrapped and mailed back to them so they go looking for a casus belli to bully adults, who they figure are too prefrontal to fight back (as a rule). This guy’s a rebel in search of a cause celebre, who’ll pay lip service to climate or extinction or trans-fat rights or whatever the angriness du jour is. Any ideology at all, as long as it makes 75% of passengers on the Clapham omnibus enemies of the yoof, will do just as well.

    Lest we forget SkepticalScience’s treehouse files…

    “And this isn’t about science or personal careers and reputations any more. This is a fight for survival. Our civilisations survival. .. We need our own anonymous (or not so anonymous) donors, our own think tanks…. Our Monckton’s … Our assassins.

    “Anyone got Bill Gates’ private number, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson? Our ‘side’ has got to get professional, ASAP. We don’t need to blog. We need to network. Every single blog, organisation, movement is like a platoon in an army. ..This has a lot of similarities to the Vietnam War….And the skeptics are the Viet Cong… Not fighting like ‘Gentlemen’ at all. And the mainstream guys like Gleick don’t know how to deal with this. Queensberry Rules rather than biting and gouging.

    “..So, either Mother Nature deigns to give the world a terrifying wake up call. Or people like us have to build the greatest guerilla force in human history. Now. Because time is up…Someone needs to convene a council of war of the major environmental movements, blogs, institutes etc. In a smoke filled room (OK, an incense filled room) we need a conspiracy to save humanity.”

      • Small?? Whatchoo talkin bout? These guys are full of bollocks. Some of them are 60% bollock, 40% ape. If they fell out of their treehouse and broke their bollocks, the resulting bollock-slick could be seen from the ISS. Local birdlife would be covered in bollocks for years.

    • @brad perhaps I missed your point? Gates, Buffet, Branson et. al. are the ones who seek tomreinstate feudalism with themselves at the top. Money and power.

  6. That our society has evolved so that in this post industrial age we are the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest longest lived societies in the history of the world seems to have escaped their attention. Naturally those who have not yet benefited from societies great leap forward over the last 300 years will want to have their share of this prosperity.

    why would anyone want to push us back to the brutal, cold short lived and unhealthy lives of our forefathers? Truly XR is a death cult.

    • I watched a documentary last night on Teddy Roosevelt’s expedition into the Amazon basin in 1913. They encountered tribes, some of whom roamed completely naked.

      It occurred to me, given the choice, there is an inherent hierarchy of how humans would like to live. Clothed over nakedness. Having a roof rather than sleeping under the stars. Having a full stomach versus starvation. Having a diet of things rather than each other. Having good teeth over none. Living pain free over living in agony. Being able to go to sleep at night and without wondering if you will be speared during the night.

      Over thousands of years man has aspired to have a little civility in their lives. Who cares how we got there.

      All of these nut cases coming out of the woodwork are so reminiscent of the 1960s. The only thing missing are the madras shirts, white bell bottoms and Canoe aftershave.

    • Exactly. With regard to colonialism Thomas Sowell makes the following observation:

      (Wales, colonized by England) is not entrepreneurial, but rather has created an educated class that “has a vested interest in promoting intergroup resentment and strife, using the symbols of identity and of historic oppression to gain current political ends, even at the expense of creating a climate unfavorable to either indigenous or foreign entrepreneurship.” Conquests and Cultures.

      Sowell compares Wales with Scotland, which, because of its existing culture, became the light of the world during the Scottish Enlightenment.

      Colonialism very often was a net good for the colonized societies.

      The identity politics pushed by XR and the SJWs are guaranteed to set societies back and increase human misery. They are a cancer on society.

    • “That our society has evolved so that in this post industrial age we are the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest longest lived societies in the history of the world seems to have escaped their attention.”

      I don’t think they teach that in school anymore.

      • Would it not be a benefit to everyone if these folks found themselves deep in a Jungle to live in “harmony” with nature?

        • Remove the moral constraints that civil society has imposed and it’s Lord of the Flies time. The power vacuum in the wake of dismantled democracy will not be filled with peace, harmony and Kumbiya. It will be raw and brutal. It will be Hell on earth.

    • Evidence doesn’t work with these people. They are convinced that prior to the sin of agriculture, people were happier, healthier, and lived longer lives. Oh yea, they never fought either.

  7. No matter how the leftists frame the alleged problem, their solution is always the same – a brutal socialist dictatorship with them in charge. They rule like kings, and everyone else lives like peasants.

    ” The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”
    – H. L. Mencken, American journalist, 1880-1956

    by Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., October 16, 2019

    A highly credible gentleman wrote me as follows, concerning his recent conversation with an Ottawa insider.

    The insider, he said, had been working on an advisory group to the Trudeau government, which was formed to develop policies for the period 20 to 40 years out. The group had concluded that the present economic model was flawed and had to be replaced. “Unregulated consumerism was unsustainable and people would have to learn to make do with less. The government would have to have more control over people to enforce their austerity and the wealth of developed nations would have to be redistributed to help undeveloped nations.”

    The insider’s words reflect the motives of climate activists who are using the climate “emergency” as a false front for their covert ideological ambitions. What they are pursuing is an economic revolution to a socialist command economy, slipped in through the back door.

    • ” wealth of developed nations would have to be redistributed to help undeveloped nations.”

      There would be no wealth in this model to help any one; only corrupted power structures to oppress.

    • I wish someone could have asked, “Would it not be better to help undeveloped nations develop, and create their own wealth?”

      I suspect the answer would reveal who the true racists are.

  8. That’s hilarious.

    He thinks ‘civilization’ is barbaric?

    Wait til we see what anarchy and full bore tribalism looks like.

  9. These folks make for a great case study of how certain individuals within a species missed some key pieces of evolutionary processes.

  10. XR should take heed of the words of Tokugawa Ieyasu, because they are abusing the patience of their fellow
    citizens. There is no freedom without responsibility & abusing freedom has consequences.

    “Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden. Let thy step be slow & steady, that thou stumble not. Persuade thyself that imperfection & inconvenience are the lot of natural mortals & there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair. When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days of extremity thou hast passed through. Forbearance is the root of all quietness & assurance forever. Look upon the wrath of thy enemy. If thou only knowest what it is to conquer & knowest not what it is to be defeated; woe unto thee, it will fare ill with thee. Find fault with thyself rather than with others.”

    “The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience. Patience means restraining one’s inclinations. There are seven emotions: joy, anger, anxiety, adoration, grief, fear & hate & if a man does not give way to these, he can be called patient. I am not as strong as I might be, but I have long known & practiced patience. And if my descendants wish to be as I am, they must study patience.”

    Tokugawa Ieyasu was Shōgun from 1603 -1605 & retired shōgun (Ōgosho) from 1605-1616. He was cruel, relentless & merciless in the elimination of all his enemies. The Tokugawa clans dominated Japan until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

  11. “The delusions of Eurocentrism include the notion that Europeans know what is best for the world.”

    The extinction rebellion is a classic example of this, only Europeans, including ones who have emigrated, are supporting it.

  12. And now….he shows that HIS Eurocentrism trumps all others:

    1. Unlike the evidence that tribalism, racism, xenophobia, otherism, etc are universal in the current human world and throughout human history, he says claims that Eurocentric racism and patriarchalism are the worst ever.

    2. Therefore, he, who describes how down with the movement he is in nauseating detail, in fighting these greatest ever evils, is among the most morally superior people on Earth. There is no way a Chinese person or an African could be as morally superior as he is, because European evil is so much worse than their evils.

    3. So, he must argue, to be consistent, that Eurocentric political movements and preaching are part of the evil.

    4. Too bad for consistency of logic, he therefore ought to be arguing that XR, which is notably white and European, is morally unacceptable for preaching to the people of the world how they must live.
    5. Eurocentrism! Hah! Nothing has been more Eurocentric than the CAGW movement. How so very moral they are!

    • “4. Too bad for consistency of logic, he therefore ought to be arguing that XR, which is notably white and European, is morally unacceptable for preaching to the people of the world how they must live.”

      The thing about it is XR is not preaching to the world, they are preaching to the Western democracies. The rest of the world is paying them no mind and is apparently not concerned about CO2 because they are building coal-fired powerplants as fast as they can. Only the Western Democracie’s politicians are stupid enough to bankrupt their nations over science fiction like human-caused global warming.

      • Actually, some science fiction like Peter Hamilton’s or David Brin’s can be pretty POSITIVE about Global Warming. Orange groves in Cambridgeshire, for example!

    • Well, perhaps the Marxism underlying that whole climate catastrophe movement is at least as ‘toxically Eurocentric’ in its outlook. Ask a Cambodian about what principles Pol Pot had adopted from half a world away no doubt for some eventual revolutionary largesse upon the extinction of their own home grown resistant intellectuals.

  13. The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant.

    Women’s liberation in “white man’s world” has been rather successful compared to almost everywhere else. Are Muslim woman that more liberated?

    Anyway, waste of effort to criticize complete nonsense.
    If the writer in question had been born about 1920, he/she could have joint the uprising forces to establish “The Third Reich”. They too caused havoc all over the place with the promise that they did it for your own best. The governments more less fell for it, the pressure was very high, but after a while, the common people resisted and called them selves freedom fighters. For profit and out of fear, many were still with the Extinction Rebellions, sorry the Third Reich movement until the end of the war.
    When I went to school in 50’s and 60’s, we were educated about the 30’s to the 50’s in order to be on guard for a repetition. Sadly, not everybody from neither mine nor the younger generations seems to identify a similar contemporary situation.

    • There is indeed a strong link between Nazis and XR (and most of the climate clowns) :
      – they are Malthusians and want to create a new global order reflecting their self accounted superiority.

    • Carl wrote;

      “When I went to school in 50’s and 60’s, we were educated about the 30’s to the 50’s in order to be on guard for a repetition.”

      Well it’s the same principle now. Millennials were educated about the 50s, the Baby Boom and White Picket Fences, all in order so they can be on guard for a repetition…

  14. “The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.”
    The only people who think that are the ones at the top of that heap.
    It is not a “theory”.

  15. There is no doubt that the “West” dropped the ball after WW2. The Greco-Roman world has been spreading democracy and self determination around the world for 2500 years, but two internal world wars brought it to a grinding halt, we lost momentum in the middle east and Africa and let them slide back into tribal feudalism. Recent attempts at civilising the middle east have failed because the west isn’t prepared to go the whole distance, it takes at least two generations, 60 years to assimilate a culture. Conquering a region then leaving in 10 years achieves nothing, the colonial powers understood this, that is why Britain was in India for 200 years.

    We “The West” need to regroup and continue the good work that has been achieved over the past 2500 years and perhaps in another 2500 years the whole world will be assimilated into a unified democracy.

    • Neil,

      I observe that the “West” or “Greco-Roman world” (your terminology in both cases) definitely did not “drop the ball ofter WW2,” as you stated. You need to look to the end result of the Cold War (mainly, the breakup of the Soviet Union), Japan’s transition to a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy, India becoming a sovereign democratic republic, and the more-recent pro-democracy movement in the Middle East, all happening post-WWII, to see that the growth of democracy in the world continues.

      The success of democracy over other forms of government is self-evident, but the pace is variable.

      Your claim that the spread of democracy came to a “grinding halt” after WWII is simply not supported by facts.

  16. Just imagine a world where all his wishes came true! A hideous robotic nightmare world (1984) where everyone is programed or forced to think and act in the ”correct” way.
    There’s only one delusional party here. The writer of this article. You cannot remove natural tendencies from the human mind – not for long anyway. The reason the system is the way it is, is due to nature. Good luck trying to change it! I prefer freedom myself.

    • Like I stated above….

      Would it not be a benefit to everyone if these folks found themselves deep in a Jungle on their backs to live in “harmony” with nature?

      I will updated it:

      Would it not be a benefit to everyone if these folks found themselves deep in a Jungle, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, to live in “harmony” with nature?

  17. Obviously our dear XR chappie/person, hasn’t heard about the Ottoman Turk’s several attempts to conquer Vienna – and their control of the Middle East, nor of the Soviet Empire, nor of Indonesia’s control over a masses of different island cultures, or of China’s recent conquest of Nepal and ongoing conquest of the Pacific; probably just as well because he/she’ll be speaking Chinese pretty damned soon – if she/he isn’t evaporated by the wicked west’s love affair with wicked CO2 emissions

  18. Yep, we have this propaganda over and over … It’s always the fault of white people and colonialism / western civilisation.

    If we paraphrase from the movie Life of Brian, aka what did the Romans give us anyway…
    – Health Services and modern medicine
    – Education, including universities
    – Democracy
    – Freedom of specch and expression and travel
    – Freedom of religion
    – Advanced agriculture
    – Law and order
    – The industrial evolution
    – Housing
    – Long life expectancy and prosperity
    – Air travel
    – The automobile, roads and freeways
    – Trains
    – Shipping
    – Mobile phone
    – The computer age
    – Man on the moon and space exploration
    – Electricity
    – Safe drinking water
    – The age of enlightenment and beyond
    – And so on ………

    The topic of colonialism is of particular interest right now when considering the plight of the people in Hong Kong. These people surrendered their colonial status with the succession back to China, but are now willing to give their lives to retain the freedom and prosperity that colonialism provided. This is also why refugees seek refuge in a western country, with the preference being former colonial countries such as USA, Australia, and Canada. Despite this reality, the XR idiots want to reject what is proven to be good and embrace the dark side of totalitarian oppression, control and poverty from which people are seeking to escape. The easiest option here is to send them all to North Korea or China and get the governements to welcome them into their supposed divine society where everyone gets punished via their social credit systems for non-compliance by the thought police, or mysteriously vanish for eternity.

    • Ah, The Life Of Brian- how long before the ‘I want to be a woman because I want to have babies’/’Symbolic of his struggle against reality’ part is censored and declared…well, whatever ‘ist’ fits?

  19. What is it about modern, western schools that leaves their students so completely unable to deal with reality? It would seem that most Progressives are either ignorant or insane or both. Perhaps being taught WHAT to think instead of HOW to think is the cause!
    As an aside, can we start demanding that every dictionary and definition website include a picture of AOC under “useful idiot?” Any challenger for her district is going to have more video for campaign ads than they know what to do with; good editing will be paramount!

    • Some people seems to be very protective of AOC’s image, they managed to threaten Mini-AOC away from Internet exposure, although she would undoubtedly have been much more constructive in Congress, than the big AOC.
      On that note: How the h..l can so many adore St. Greta and her childish bad behavior, and bullie out the really adorable Mini-AOC?

      • Mini-AOC

        The SJWs are like a bunch of chimpanzees. They are stupid and will gang up on a victim and rip her to shreds. They are in no way civilized or even fully human.

      • “How the h..l can so many adore St. Greta and her childish bad behavior, and bullie out the really adorable Mini-AOC?”

        Liberal MSM Fake News brainwashing !

  20. of course we only have his word about his job n wages priorly
    dunno what a teacher earns but thatd be the genre Id place him in
    and the heteronormativity?
    well ma nature makes the original call, and apart from the rare “mistake? physically,
    the wanna be something elses actual numbers are so damned low in any society the amount of voice and media they get is ONLY due to the fact so many are in the bloody Media and spinning it like a top!

    I was musing
    if we took ALL the warmist climate crud out of the media and peoples minds
    theyd actually have to focus on something real
    might be a big ask for many I guess
    but theres some relly nasty times ahead for many as once again the banksters the markets and a few global hotspots might just upend the comfy lifestyles we enjoy
    All of which deserve some attention paid and very few are doing so.
    sidelined by warmist claptrap and politicians sideshows
    and dipshits like the above getting airtime and 5 mins of fame and followers;-((

    • Mwhite

      I’m sure he didn’t invest so much money to break up heathrow, he will be responsible for the 630m which the hudge fund investor’s will want back with intrest.

  21. After going down the list of individual, family and societal institutions that the left demands to be destroyed, what is the core target? When every complaint is focused on being “white” and yet the majority of those who make that complaint are obviously Caucasians, then what is “white”?

    I am convinced that in this context “white” is a proxy for culture. The culture that must be destroyed is the one that has the attributes being complained about. Where did these attributes come from? I think these are the vestiges of the culture of the Protestants who controlled England (and to some extent Europe) and later who founded this country. These used to commonly called “white Anglo-Saxon Protestant” (WASP) values.

    But the leftist complaints and activism go even deeper than just WASP culture. Marriage and family are not only WASP values, but Judaeo-Christian ones as well. Sexual morality in the west is a vestige of that stated in Scripture. Our culture still generally rejects the idea that having multiple wives is a sign of prosperity, or that adult men can “play” with boys, like the quaint native custom of bacha bazi in Afghanistan.

    When “hippie communes” can have sex without regard to how many feral children will be conceived. but marriage must be destroyed because it imposes heteronomativity or patriarchy, then we are seeing activism against very basic cultural values that come from Scripture. So this is the left making war against anyone who holds to any aspect of Judaeo-Christian values.

    As for what they want, the left only wants anything except those values. They must destroy those values but they have nothing to replace them with, let alone anything with a sufficient track record of success. Humanity has been down this road before and it always ended in suffering, death, and great loss of prosperity. Lenin tried this in the early USSR, so did Mao. This kind of blind ideology lead directly to the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge.

  22. PS on empires
    Don’t forget the conquest of Central and South America and the Philippines by Spain – and all those Portuguese bits that the Pope wouldn’t let the Spanish have – And then there is Africa….. XR, please do your homework

      • But part of Europe that doesn’t (and didn’t) speak English.

        I believe that is Howard’s point – ‘Colonisation’ and ‘Imperialism’ are not British inventions or monopolies.

  23. Greta the co2 puppet wrote a twitter post for xr to break the law and continue to do as they are doing 😐

    I’m new here, and do not fully understand his statement, But a rough guesstimate would be, The climate talk is just a excuse to over throw the government? To impose their rule, that we must live how they want us to live? If so why do they get so much media attention? Are celebrities and the rich people who support them that uneducated that they do not see what xr are really doing?

    Also could anybody find out what job he did for £1000 pounds per week, and how much is left in his savings…

    Many thanks

    • “The climate talk is just a excuse to over throw the government?”

      The goal of these leftist radicals is to destroy Western society. They say Western society is the root of all evil and it must be eliminated, along with all white people, and be replaced with an authoritarian paradise.

      The Delusional Left wants to foist their delusions on the rest of us. By force, if necessary.

      • Many ‘capitalist’ millionaires and billionaires are heavily invested in “global warming fixes” (green energy) which said investments are making them richer and richer, ….. and to keep that income revenue flowing, …. they are compelled to fund the “actions” of the leftist radicals because they have chosen the fearmongering of “Global Warming” to destroy Western society. And like all such radical groups, its only a matter of time before they turn and bite the hands that fed them.

  24. I don’t worry about climate change affecting human civilization to any great extent. I am certain that “fixing” climate change will pretty much destroy human civilization.

  25. “The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.”

    Generally smarter people make better decisions which allow them to become richer and they have smart children who become better educated and make better decisions and become richer.

    And at the other end of the scale. Dumb people are too dumb to know they are dumb. So their tiny minds create conspiracy theories about how they are oppressed by the rich and not given a chance. When the truth is they aren’t smart enough to cease an opportunity and create a better life for themselves.

  26. Mr. Basden is going to seek out black people with his last name, possibly great-grandchildren of slaves that some ancestor of his owned, and pay reparations. The recipients are going to say thanks for the windfall.

    I hope this won’t start a movement of black people suing retributions out of white people with their last name. Especially as US-citizens often have ancestors from multiple countries, and the last name might point to a marriage rather than an ownership – but that’s the same to XR anyway.

  27. Use of English is oppression. Everyone who feels oppressed must immediately stop communicating using the Oppressor’s language (English).

  28. Girls chasing boys chasing girls and our Posterity? Evolutionary fitness?

    They really are XR as in eXterminate Rebellion, not ER as in Extinction Rebellion, and PC (e.g. population control) including dodo dynasties and selective-child a.k.a. wicked solution.

  29. devil’s advocate – a person who advocates an opposing or unpopular cause for the sake of argument or to expose it to a thorough examination.

    To wit

    The delusion of patriarchy centres the male experience, and excludes/hinders female assigned people from public life …..

    If HRC had been elected POTUS then the above claim of “delusion” would surely have ben proven false.

    The delusions of Eurocentrism include the notion that Europeans know what is best for the world.

    Why pick on the Europeans because of their “delusions of Eurocentrism” when it was the “cure” for the dastardly actions of the Church of Rome and their “delusions of Christiancentrism” that ushered in 1,000 years of The Dark Ages. And don‘t be forgetting that it was the “delusions of Romancentrism” that forced “cultural” changes on the barbarians of western and northern Europeans.

    The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.

    It is only delusional thinking now days, ….. but not in yesteryears, …. simply because the per se “rich elite” were far better educated than the “not-so-rich”. Now days, most anyone can “purchase” a Diploma from a recognized “school of higher education” and then claim that they have been educated.


    • The delusion of patriarchy centres the male experience, and excludes/hinders female assigned people from public life ….. ”

      And they forget their own history of Queens and “female assigned” (whatever the bloody hell that means) Prime Minsters.


      Joan of Arc

      Marie Curie

      Émilie du Châtelet

      Let any of the come live in a Southern family here in the US and see how much power the men have.

      Both men and women have borne the yoke and burden of leadership throughout history in both large and small scales to suggest otherwise is to purposely and willfully is dishonest. Beside why have they not promoted a woman to lead them; do as a say not as I do – got it.

      • JEHILL, …… 96% of all teenage and adult females will make an emotional decision on critical issues, …… rather than a logical decision.

        Its imprinted in her inheited genes …. as a result of her being the primary caregiver of her offspring(s).

    • The Church caused the Dark Ages?

      Speaking of wanting to rewrite history to fit your own distorted world view.

      • MarkW, you need to study Biblical history, ……. and quit believing everything that you are told by a per se, …… minister/priest touting their version of the Gospels.

        Most people, faithful believers or otherwise, ….. are clueless to the fact that if not for Emperor Constantine (272 – 337 AD) ….. there would not be a Bible, let alone a Christian Religion.

        • Like I said, study some real history.
          Your hatred of religion has caused you to see things that were never there.

          • Back at ya.
            Showing that Constantine advanced Christianity is not evidence that without Constantine there would be no Christianity. PS: wikipedia? Really?

            You also haven’t demonstrated any evidence for your claim that Christianity caused the dark ages.

          • MarkW, …… Google is free to use, ….. so try using it.

            Here is but 1 of 1,000’s of proofs, to wit:

            The Dark Ages – The State of the Church

            The Dark Ages was a period of religious struggle. Orthodox Christians and Catholics viewed the era from opposing perspectives. Orthodox Christians regarded this time as a period of Catholic corruption; they repudiated the ways of the Catholic Church with its papal doctrines and hierarchy. Orthodox Christians strove to recreate a pure Christianity, void of these “dark” Catholic ways. Catholics did not view this era as “dark.” Catholics viewed this period as a harmonious, productive religious era. The Dark Ages were also the years of vast Muslim conquests.

          • Sam, your posting about stuff that happened *during* the dark ages does not support your claim about the *cause* of (i.e. “ushered in”) the dark ages. Perhaps you should also spend some time learning about cause and effect as well as learning some history.

          • To put it in perspective, Sam:
            – The period of Muslim conquests began in the 7th century (with the conquest of spain in the 8th), the Dark ages are said to have begun in the 5th. How does something two and three centuries later cause the events of two and three centuries prior?
            – in 1438, Gutenberg had begun experimenting with printing techniques using metal movable type, how does something 10 centuries later cause the events of 10 centuries prior?
            – Martin Luther was pounding nails in the church doors in 1517, how does something 11 centuries later cause the events of 11 centuries prior?
            – Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1633, how does something 12 centuries later cause the events of 12 centuries prior?

            As for Hannibal crossing the alps, that happened seven centuries before the Dark ages, so it’s safe to say it wasn’t a factor in the cause of the Dark ages at all (though I eagerly await your theory as to it’s relevance /sarc)

        • Sam, you need to study *history* and quit trying to warp everything to fit your anti-religion world view. There were many causes to the Dark ages, the Christian religion doesn’t even factor into it: The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Little Ice Age, Famine, and The black Plague were the main factors.

          Contrary to what you might wish to think, religion was often a bright spot to the dark ages as religion was a stabilizing influence after the fall of Roman rule. And it was religious monks that toiled away to preserve the writings and art of the past during the dark times when such things would otherwise have been lost.

          • There were many causes to the Dark ages, the Christian religion doesn’t even factor into it:

            OK, then, ……. John Endicott, ….. lets start with you giving me your version of why Galileo was imprisoned ….. and why Martin Luther was pounding nails in the church doors.

          • What’s a matter, …… “cat got your tongue”, ……. John Endicott?

            If not, then give your version of what the Pope (Church of Rome) did when Guttenberg’s “printing press” was used to print copies of the Bible for distribution to the populace.

          • Sam, you post two in a row in less than a day during time when I’m not online (People do sleep and have lives you know) and accuse me of not responding, that shows your bad faith on the subject. Shame on you. as to your “questions” then have nothing to do with the cause of the dark ages (as pointed out the causes of the dark ages were the fall of the roman empire, the little ice age, famine and the black plague). go learn some history and then get back to us. And unlike you, I won’t be posting a follow up in a few hours wondering why you haven’t done so yet.

        • Most people, faithful believers or otherwise, ….. are clueless to the fact that if not for Emperor Constantine (272 – 337 AD) ….. there would not be a Bible, let alone a Christian Religion.

          Which has *ZERO* to do with what caused the Dark Ages.

          • And it had *ZERO* to do with the Muslim’s conquest of Spain.

            And it sure as ell had “ZERO” effect on Hannibal’s elephants crossing the Alps, too.

            Ya got any more childish remarks you need a response to?

          • Keep shifting them goal posts Sam. Here’s a clue for you, everyone here can see you trying to shift them, so you are not fooling anyone but yourself.

  30. This is not an endorsement of said movement and I understand my views may not be popular, but all is well. Firstly, the person mentions more points than “heteronormativity” so the title of this article is probably not completely reflective of what the original author was attempting to put forth. Secondly and lastly, aside from his points regarding “hetero-sexism/heteronormativity” and “patriarchy”, which I disagree with and find to be total rubbish, his other points are nonetheless valid if looked at with balanced eyes, as uncomfortable as that may be..

    • You have a reasonable point that the article doesn’t support the claim that XR boils down to opposition to heteronormativity. But you provide no evidence that any of “his other points are nonetheless valid”.

      Pretty much the only difference between the violence perpetrated by Europeans and that of non-Europeans is that Europeans have ended up on top. Maybe consider some of the delicate practices of the Aztecs and the Mayans in their interactions with other indigenous cultures before criticizing the Spanish for imposing Christianity on them. Whether one accepts the religious aspects of Christianity or thinks they are simple superstition, at least the Aztecs stopped capturing rival tribesmen and fattening them like cattle and eating them. And the evil Papists also put an end to drowning people in sinkholes as a form of human sacrifice.

      You need not restrict yourself to Central America when looking for cruel practices of non-Europeans.

      The reality is that these are horrors of human nature. I would submit that in Europe, human nature was somewhat mitigated by judaeo-christian ideas of the sanctity of human life, although human nature often won out. The ideas of Adam Smith and others who gave us theories of free market capitalism have also contributed to make European cultures more successful in the world.

      Of course the Europeans have introduced one foul ideology that afflicts much of the world—namely socialism/communism. That aspect of Eurocentrism never seems to be decried by those concerning themselves with the West’s cultural hegemony. I wonder why?

  31. When I read between the lines, with a bit of resource management in mind, I hear a whistle blown by someone disillusioned speaking in a revenge attempt.

    Like, we “were doing right until I was misled and betrayed”.

    The disillusion of being used, owned, jeopardized a stable normal position in the hope of easy lazy subsidized money that somehow isn’t happening as planned.

    How do I know ? In 2015, after Germanwings flight 9525, we had a talk by a profiler. About how to spot potentially dangerous colleagues. Namely disillusioned whistle-blowers ready to commit the unthinkable to draw attention.

    Which is what awaits most of these exalted for now green zombies.

  32. How long did he “earn” 52 grand a year, after tax and expenses? I reckon he has rich parents, as he does not have to work.

  33. Basically a synthesis of ideas motivating the Western Left for the past 4 decades since Andre Gorz. It is a kind of post-marxism. His original essay contains none of the terms: capital, capitalism, “working class”, communism, socialism found in actual marxism.

    Yet some people here still call this “marxist”?

  34. He admits it’s not about the climate. The funny thing is, I think 99% of other greens and environmentalists don’t think it’s about the climate either. I say this, because none of them offer a quarter descent scientific argument why “climate is breaking down”. So I don’t think they believe it, any more than parents believe in Santa Claus. It’s rebellion for its own sake.

  35. In my world, anyway, countries have the right, and many do, to reject Western civilization. You can easily identify them. They are the ones constantly asking the West for aid.

    • Right you are, jtom, …. just like the large group of “westerners” that rejected Western civilization and founded the country of Liberia.

      But no one ever wants to talk about that successful venture of “nation building”.

      • Once again, you are inventing your own history.
        Liberia was formed by individuals who freed slaves and then shipped them back to Africa.

        • YUP, that is where they wanted to go, …… to establish their own nation.

          Instead of being repatriated to countries of origin, slaves that were freed from slave ships were sent there. These formed the elite of Liberian society and became the Republic of Liberia’s founders in 1847. Their government was modeled after the United States and the capital, Monrovia, was named after James Monroe, the U.S. President who supported the colonization.

          And they did it by them selves, …… no whites needed or wanted.

          • And what was the basis of Liberia’s nascent economy? And what happened to that economy after the civil war that broke off those economic ties?

  36. These twits have convinced themselves that violence and conquest began with whites and Europeans.

    Conquest and oppression are as old as humanity itself.

    The European conquests were far from the most violent or oppressive.

    • Way too simple. In that statement you declare that everyone that has volunteered for positions of lower pay with no opportunity to garner significant wealth have made bad decisions. Military service, call to the cross, etc, etc, etc.

      You also ignore things like nepotism and inheritance. Did Hunter Biden make good decisions? Then there is lawlessness. Al Capon was rich.

      • There are small exceptions to every rule. However 95% of the people who are rich, are rich because they made better decisions.
        95% of those who are poor and remain poor, are in their situation because they made poor decisions.

        • I suggest that most of those who are rich, are rich because their parents, grand, or great grand parents made very good decisions and they haven’t managed to blow it all yet.

          • You can suggest all you want, but you are still wrong.
            The vast majority of those we call rich are first generation.

          • Ill Tempered Klavier, the fact is your suggestion, while it might sound “right” to you simply is wrong. According to Thomas J. Stanley’s book, “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy,” only 20% of millionaires inherited their riches. The other 80% are what you’d call nouveau riche: first generation millionaires who earned their cash on their own. Many millionaires simply worked, saved and lived within their means to generate their wealth, most millionaires didn’t get their riches overnight when a rich relative died – they worked for the money.

    • You mean like the famous political family who made the decision to illegally sell alcohol during the prohibition years?

  37. We need to remember that XR is just the extreme, hideous face of a putrid, corrosive ideology which has infested governments, schools, and NGOs, which has already done incredible damage. The extinction we may be facing is that of modern civilization. We have seen a temporary holding of the line with the election of Trump, and heaven help us if he is not reelected. Thankfully, he most likely will be, thanks to the dems shooting themselves in the foot. Thanks, dems! What I fear is that even another 4 years of Trump may not be enough to set them permanently back. Will people wake up in time is the question.

  38. Well, if it was about the belief in CO2 changing climate, these people would be jetting (or sailing) to China and protest there. Strangely they have no problem with China emitting any amount of CO2, while they exclusively go crazy over the west emitting any CO2 at all. Why would that be??

  39. Is there a Nobel Prize for psychobabble? This person is in a class by itself. Literally. The thing is, in the dark ages (1980s), when you sat around at college, stringing all of the goofy things you believed into a Unified Theory of everything, your inebriated state, and the ridicule of your peers kept you from sharing your newfound “wisdom” with the rest of the world. Nowadays, nobody will gainsay the loonie pronouncements from the various axe-grinding “Studies” departments, so now this claptrap gets shared to all, with all of the earnest conviction that a sophomore could muster.

  40. The very institutions we created to spread knowledge and the ability to think and learn have created morons like this who have turned off their ability to do anything but spout nonsense ideology.

  41. “The delusions of class hierarchy uphold the theory that the rich elite are better/smarter/nobler than the rest of us, and make therefore better decisions.”

    Well, he’s got one right. Down with the aristocracy!

  42. I tend to pay attention to the part about wanting to utterly destroy our civilization. I couldn’t care less about the idiocy they would put in its place.

  43. To bottom line this guy he is opposed to the modern world and the two sexes. And has allied himself with a nuisance.

    This guy is really dissatisfied where he lives. The English language has become the language of commerce most used but is no more effective than other European languages in promoting trade. He opposes colonialism that built infrastructure such as roads, rail, buildings, electrical and sewage and ultimately became too expensive to support, established world wide commerce through jobs and trade, He opposes the White race that created the inventions and advances in medicine, infrastructure that is the modern world. And he is opposed to Biblical message of a man and an woman relationship that is promoted throughout the text.

  44. Conflation of all causes to justify one is pretty weak.

    So, I’m back to a bunch of spoiled, defiant brats who want to raise hell, just to act out their lack of maturity and utter failing to comprehend how civilization actually works.

  45. I have a question.. what are progressives progressing towards? Not a trick question.. I genuinely want to know their desired outcome?

    • Progressivism is monotonic change, with diverse qualifications, including planned populations, minority regimes, social justice adventurism, redistributive change, quasi-scientific prophecies, quasi-religions or “ethics” (e.g. Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic), conflation of sex, gender, and transgender spectrum physical and/or mental attributes, etc. Progressive ideologies have varied wildly throughout recorded human history.

    • They imagine a future Utopia where all Mankind lives in peace and harmony; sort of a secular “Heaven on Earth.” The main problem with their vision is they never account for the sociopaths and their allies who make up about 10% of our population and about 80-90% of the politicians and bureaucrats in DC.

      We are now at a crossroads where we, as a nation, have to decide if we want go down the road to insanity that the Progressives want to travel, or if we can restore the Western Civilization that defeated the international slave trade, Nazism, Fascism and was on the verge of destroying Communism until they retreated and regrouped as the Progressive Movement currently infecting our school system.

  46. These XR people would fail junior high social. This joker should make a list of the countries and cultures where he is allowed to spout the drivel he supports, and then make a list of the countries and cultures where he would be jailed or worse. I’m pretty sure the evil nations he despises are virtually the only ones who would tolerate this kinda of drivel. And thank goodness we do. Allowing this junior high drop out to promote his immature political beliefs is something we should all cherish. Maybe he should too.

  47. the roots of the infections go much further back.

    With ideas like that , you can see any toxic their ideas are.

  48. Diversity (i.e. color judgment) including racism, sexism, etc. breeds adversity, is a clear and progressive problem with normalization.

    Resources are finitely available and accessible.

    Europeans have an opinion and a platform.

    Male and female sex. Masculine and feminine gender (i.e. physical and mental sex-correlated attributes, e.g. sexual orientation). Sex and gender are normally distributed in service evolutionary fitness, and, ideally, social integrity.

    Classes, yes, “make therefore better decisions”, does not logically follow, and is inferred by social activists, and people who defer to mortal gods.

  49. One thing struck me when I read the names of the fallen on my local War Memorial. The thing that struck me was that they were exclusively the names of young men.

    My family name is there, several young male relatives I never knew. The last war was a fight to the death with one of the worst evils the world has ever faced. These young men saved us from white-supremacy, Eurocentrisim, Patriarchy, heteronormativity, and class hierarchy.

    How dare XR suggest they are from the same mould! They would take flight at the sight of an angry German with a gun, thank god those young men stood their ground.

    Extinction Rebellion are useless pointless idiots, encouraged by those media luvvies who should all know better.

  50. Really, all these lefty groups are religious cults prophesying the end of the world.

    Really nothing new. Old as the hills.

    Only, because they combine their prophecy with politics, they are totalitarian.

  51. Clearly people with issues, is a common attribute needed for membership of the XR movement.
    I pity the so called victims of his white colonists ancestors, who share his sir name. He intends to pay reparations to them. Judging by his “issues”, expressed so creatively and carefully in this outpourings of nonsense, those victims won’t be getting much….thanks to him.

  52. Euro-Americans violently imposed and taught dangerous delusions that they used to justify the exploitation and reinforced our dominance, while silencing worldviews that differed or challenged them

    Should read:

    Euro-Americans pursued an ideology of freedom and progress that demonstrably improved civilization. Centuries ago some of the colonial powers like Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, the Ottoman Empire, and others used force to colonize, repress, and eradicate indigenous history, beliefs, and social structure. Virtually all of those former colonizers have long since renounced this destructive approach. A few countries like Iran, China, and Russia still have, to varying degrees, an expansionist mindset.

    Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

  53. Reading the comments on the original article is both interesting and entertaining. While a lot of them seem to go along with the global-warming shtuff most seem to disagree quite strongly with all the other drivel he spouts.

    However, this particular comment stood out for me:

    pat c
    Oct 18
    “What a Complete Victim of Political Correctness this Basden twat is!!!

    have fun worrying about the patriarchy, hetronormatives, the evil british empire & paying reperations to Black men with your name in the USA. WTF , how do these people get made!!?”

    I approve of pat c’s message.

  54. – white-supremacy
    – patriarchy
    – Eurocentrism
    – hetero-sexism/heteronormativity
    – class hierarchy
    Apart from a bit of northern Eurocentrism this sounds like a Polar Bear?

    • Good observation. ER is raging against bears, White bears, with polar privilege. What their sect really wants is Planned Polar bear for seal social justice and progress.

  55. The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant.
    And all this time I thought it was an asteroid that did in the dinosaurs.
    Maybe they just got confused about what gender they were?
    I wonder what Darwin would have to say about this “new” development?
    (Personally, I’m not surprised that these nuts get confused about if men are men and women are women.)

    • ER seems to stand for Extermination Rebellion, a Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, avoidance, sect.

      Sex, gender, and the transgender spectrum (“rainbow”). Men are from Mars, women are from Venus… and babies… fetuses are delivered by Stork, or, if deemed unworthy of life, are planned, and or cannibalized for profitable parts. Apparently, the wicked solution, is analogous to the prophecy of [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] climate change as a quintessential example of “noble cause”… corruption.

  56. “The delusions of Eurocentrism include the notion that Europeans know what is best for the world.”

    He’s talking about himself, right?

  57. The narratives, ‘facts’ and twisted viewpoints and interpretations within that article show what crazy ratbags these extinction Rebellion fools are. I’m just going to dismiss the whole thing as years of drug experimentation, followed by many more years of outright drug abuse, and the associated brain atrophy and imbalances.


    Nuttier than a Scorch Peanut bar.

  58. The UK’s hand in this was enormous, as can be seen by the size of the former British empire, and the dominance of the English language around the world. There is stark evidence that everyday racial bias continues in Britain, now, today.

    An English speaking British non-Muslim hobnob complaining about racial bias and dominance. There is only one way to answer that. In a way Merriam Webster won’t solve.

    “Ei peijakas todellakaan kiinnosta sinun itsetyytyväinen hölinäsi dominoinnista. Syytät vähemmistökielisiä eurooppalaisia siitä, mihin koet oman viiteryhmäsi syyllistyneen. Euroopassa on muitakin kieliä kuin englanti, jos et ole sattunut huomaamaan. Portugalia, espanjaa, baskia, katalaania, ranskaa, iiriä, gaelia, saksaa, italiaa, puolaa, retoromaniaa, islantia, fääriä, bokmålia, tanskaa, slovakkia, sloveenia, unkaria, viroa, lättiä, useaa saamen kieltä, kreikkaa, ukrainaa, ihan noin muutamia mainitakseni. Emme näytä ihan samalta, etkä tunnu muistavan vähemmistöolemassaoloamme, mutta olemme kaikki nykyeurooppalaisia emmekä ole tippaakaan vastuussa 1700-luvun orjakaupasta. Eurooppa on itsekin monimuotoinen kokoelma orjakauppiaiden ja orjien jälkeläisiä. Kuten on myös esimerkiksi lyhyen aikaa brittihallinnon alaisena ollut Etelä-Afrikan tasavalta. Pönkität itseäsi kuvittelemalla ensin Britannian suuruutta ja sitten pönkität itseäsi lisää vähättelemällä paisuttamasi ‘Euroopan’ merkitystä. Tosiasia on, että esivanhempasi ovat marssittaneet armeijaansa mennen tullen minun esivanhempieni yli, mutta se ei ole nykybrittikumppaniesi syy. Eroa silti EU:sta ja tee elämästämme helpompi.”

    Eat that, rich British elitist-pig.

    • My ancestors did not ‘go over your’ Finnish ancestors. The UK amongst other European countries exploited the African Slave Trade as it was not created by Europeans. The slave trade and colonialism did not make the 19 century wealth in Europe but openness to science, hard (European) work and competency. The reason is all previous empires used colonialism with slavery and it didn’t or couldn’t make any more wealth than the number of people, slaves, horses along with the amount of land to grow food. Portugal was the largest purchaser of African slaves and yet it is not a wealthy country. The UK had an agricultural revolution followed by the industrial and things took off with the invention of the steam engine. This single invention was a multiplier allowing the UK to behave as if it was a much larger country with an ever increasing number of horses. It is no coincidence that Horse Power is still the measure of engine power. Everything else followed and all who were willing to find out how it all worked were free to join in, and Europe did and in the case of Germany, out perform the UK.
      The UK will eventually leave the EU but we will all still remain European inspite of the EU.
      Anyway, your reply targets all of us who live here in the UK.

  59. I find it amusing to read the first paragraph where our young XR author attempts to define his privilege.

    If we ignore the little bit of virtual signalling (“I gave up my highly paid job cause *I* believe in the planet!!!”) we have, in his own words, a collection of groups, working committees, other groups, groups that sprung out of or into other groups and also possibly Splitters!

    This little collection dates back to about 2016, but probably much further back.

    Now the intent of this little rememberstration is to draw attention to how much street cred our XR author has within the movement, but let us be honest here, what it is really pointing out is they are a collective of committees who have taken doing nothing, rebadged it with a new name, and then doubled down on the nothing.

    Compare and contrast to the tractor protests in the NL.

    XR, via the power of a working committee and discussion group, a few ugly relationship break ups and some egos, will be yesterday’s news in 18 months. Sure the same people will be involved with largely the same message and they will still do in real terms the same amount of nothing, but don’t expect the name to remain.

  60. Aside from all the listed badness of Western Civilization, there is one characteristic that they fail to mention: competence. Then again, if these poor creatures were actually competent at anything, they wouldn’t belong to a loser organization like XR.

  61. Scary global warming name was re branded Climate Change because the global warming fear mongering industry was exposed as an overblown fraud . It had run it’s course and people were well aware of the science fiction that went into creating the fraud . Hockey sticks and all .
    Climate Change was created to act as a basket to collect grievances of all types .
    A volcano goes off ….see climate change
    It snows in October …see evidence of climate change
    A polar bear starves …. yep climate change
    Basically you can blame everything on climate change. Oh no, it’s not the stupid politicians
    corrupt UN or the rent seeking parasites…. it’s an “existential threat ” .
    Full marks to the person who laid out what XR actually is and of that there is sadly retrospective truth .
    Mistakes of catastrophic portions were made and we are still making some of them .

    If we are to make progress lets focus on the real problems not a con -game orchestrated by the UN
    justified on incomplete cherry picked “science”. Money was paid on the condition scientists produced pro global warming stories . (No scary global warming story … NO money ) The bought stories were then turned into propaganda to justify UN globalist objectives, which they have admitted . The goal was globalization , one world government and the destruction of capitalism . See Maurice Strong former Under – Secretary -General UN . He lays out the motives very clearly . The fraud was used to justify raising taxes “to save the planet” and feed the UN , indirectly to allow rent seeking corporations to fleece tax payers through government sanctioned subsidies .
    You need a lot of people working together to pull a fraud off this big but they did it till the world woke up . .
    Extinction Rebellion will get further by being open .

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