Turn it up to 11! Extinction Rebellion!

“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion

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  1. Science from Hollywood.
    Seriously, why do mainstream scientists stay silent when youngsters are carrying placards “ The Last Generation”and “ Twelve years Left etc.”
    Why do they not correct the “ prophetess in short pants”, Greta Thunberg?

    • I don’t see youngsters or a “prophetess in short pants”, I see an aging Hollywood star. Maybe you are commenting on the wrong thread.

      If you listen to what he said instead of posting a totally irrelevant, kneejerk response you may do better.

      He does have a valid point about the destruction of nature and it being more important what crapping on about vehicule CO2 emissions. He does have a point about money could be better spent preserving nature than installing wind turbines and attempting CCS.

      It is foolish to reject someone without at least listening to what they say. That is the biggest problem with the climate non-debate.

      • “valid point about the destruction of nature”

        Come on. We’ve been listening to this same banal point all our lives.

        He’s got money, so he should just shut his elite mouth.

      • He talks too slow. It is painful.
        And he speaks about the end of the world as if it is a looming probability, while footage of a dry lake bed habitat is rolled as if this is somehow something that people have caused.
        This is propaganda, that is why.
        He would have support from people who are climate skeptics if he did not preface his comments about real problems by paying lip service to global warming doomsday propaganda.
        So why should anyone who is a rational realist pay any attention?
        Mixing in a valid point with bogus ones makes it impossible to be taken seriously by serious people.

        • “So why should anyone who is a rational realist pay any attention?”

          We don’t. We make up our minds on the basis of actual, verifiable, reproducible evidence. We don’t for a minute waste our time on the ignorant, paid-for bloviations of washed-up actors, warbling scantily-clad “influencers,” psych and journalism profs, or any other unqualified persons. Their arguments are 100% emotional and hysterical given that empirical evidence is nonexistent for any of their claims. Goes for Prince Charles, too. This has become a doomsday cult.

      • Greg

        This is a guy who, by all accounts, owns ten aeroplanes, including at least one private jet.

        According to him, he loves flying so much he spends more time doing that than driving a car.

        I don’t think he’s sincere about anything, do you?

      • i hear him, and yes stopping the ruination of the mangroves for harbour and massive logging where the woods not even used..would be smart
        but its being tied into the warmist agenda utterly
        and thats the problem
        theres real pollution issues etc
        but co2 isnt pollution
        and while its all being tied in one fat bundle any one who doesnt want UN/EU dictatorship is smart to push back, regardless.
        and maybe Harrison could do some talking to the people who keep undermining the sth american nations to keep them off balance and poor?
        hello usa.

      • “If you listen to what he said instead of posting a totally irrelevant, kneejerk response you may do better.”

        30 seconds is enough, thank you, of this gullible old fool taken in by a popular narrative and overcome by magical thinking – and dreadful, melodramatic background music.

      • Greg,
        I have seen and heard the video and Harrison’s fervent plea for nature and species etc.
        No one is advocating the destruction of nature or species.
        Yes, we need nature but seriously, “ Kick this Monster’s Ass !”
        It is his complete lack of balance and his belief that the greatest problem facing mankind is climate change when that is false.
        As Bjorn Lomborg, Nigel Lawson and others have so cogently said, poverty, malnutrition and disease are far more pressing problems for the developing countries.
        It is also false to maintain the mantra that poor people will suffer most from global warming.
        They will suffer most from the policies being inflicted on them in the name of saving the planet.
        Thus my criticism of climate scientists, who stand silently by when Greta Thunberg promotes nonsense, and issues they ought know are dubious become accepted as fact by youngsters.

    • Pointing out that their schtick is propaganda threatens to undermine the whole house of cards on which the claims of catastrophe are built.

    • It’s the easiest way for a moron to become a millionaire.

      Fortunately, the last actors will soon be entirely replaced with CGI and this will no longer be an option.

  2. Harrison Ford is a great actor: he almost made me believe that Global Warming was a problem for a moment there. Of course returning carbon to the carbon cycle is causing regrowth of forests and grasslands where there was once desert, there is evidence that Californian forest fires are caused more by poor forest management than by climate change, and that there has been no statistically significant rise in the number of, or intensity of Hurricanes on the East Coast either, but it makes a great story and he sells it well to those who know no better. One point he does make, that I agree with is that People need Nature. More needs to be done to preserve forests and wetlands from human agriculture and settlement. Unfortunately the false Climate Emergency hysteria is drawing attention and funds away from real, valid conservation efforts. That is the tragedy of this whole Climate Armagedon Fake News. So much effort fighting harmless CO2 that could have been channelled in solving real World problems.

  3. The real Extinction is your way of life under Sharia Law. Islam is a greater danger to Mankind than any Climate Change Protocol. You are dead either way but sooner by the Religion of Death. You may not be able to prevent either one. Europe is already gone, and only the First and Second Amendments in America can give us any hope. Put your Rebellion energy into planting greenery. Plants love CO2.

    • Little off topic there, sonny, but hey, if you are obsessed with something, ignore the fact this is a science blog, and head off on your favourite tangent. We can then choose to either ignore or ridicule you. It’s a free country (sort of).

        • Stanny1’s posted comment was not only appropriate and justified, but was a critically important response to an actual, factual emergency situations (forced encroachment of Islamic/Sharia Law that will destroy the democratic Rule of Law) …….. as compared to a highly improbable CAGW disaster occurring 200/300 years in the future.

          Islamic conquest is a serious problem today, ……. increasing atmospheric CO2 and Global Warming will not be a problem tomorrow, next year or 50 years from now.

      • This is a science blog but we end up discussing pretty much whatever the readers are interested in.

    • Stanny, I’m sure you’re a nice man really, but posts like that tend to make the rest of think that you are a complete and utter idiot.

  4. Houston, we’ve had a problem; and it’s in Hollywood. We’re working on it but got any ideas?

  5. Another guy with the exit ramp in sight and who would like to have influence from beyond the grave ? Or a seriously concerned and decent man? You decide as Mr Randi used to say 🙂

  6. Why do such science-ignorant people, these actors, think that they have any part to play in this?
    It is fraudulent misrepresentation by Ford. It would also be misrepresentation if he started into medical advice rather than science advice. Only the disciplines differ. Should be punishable by law. Geoff S

  7. I used to like Harrison Ford. Now I see him for what he is: a classic Hollywood narcissist, assuaging his guilt over his spectacular wealth by abetting the work of terrorists – just like in “State of Fear,” the very book that uber-hypocrite Albert Gore sneered at.

    FOAD, Harry. Hope you still enjoy flying your private jet, dirtball.

  8. Just another useful idiot. And they are good at finding useful idiots with name recognition although Hollywood is like shooting ducks in a barrel.

  9. I enjoyed Harrison Ford’s acting; being a pilot and aircraft owner, and one who has spent a LOT of time as a passenger in northern Canada in a DeHavilland Beaver I envied Ford’s ability to own one of his own–until I saw him land one on a taxi-way at John Wayne Airport and nearly hit an airliner. He recognized himself as a ‘schmuck’ at the time.

    Well Harrison, you’re as much of a schmuck at this. Stick to acting and keep your mouth shut about things you don’t understand. I’ve landed at busy American airports too, and never on a taxi-way and never endangering an airliner.

    You gain my respect only when you exceed my ability.

  10. Harrison Ford cares. He really cares.
    Are you equally impressed that Harrison Ford cares?

  11. I don’t know maybe fight fire with fire? Find some celebs that don’t buy into the hysteria? Are there no billionaires that could help with a media campaign with information to correct some of the fake news and “chicken little” stories?
    I’m not a scientist and reading even the headlines of some of the msm articles make me cringe, especially after having found this website. I’ve been a follower here for a couple three years now and the things discussed here resonate so much better than anywhere else I’ve looked to see what’s going on in our world of climate. I appreciate everyone’s contributions and try to tell as many people as possible about this site if they want to learn about what’s really going on. The attacks on “skeptics” seems to be intensifying, and everyone is buying into it as usual. Seems most of the articles on here are just preaching to the choir. And I don’t mean that to be negative, but for every article put out by the lefties, one needs to be put out to counter it..

  12. Same comment for Arnold and washed up musicians in general. Yes I enjoyed your entertainment- no I don’t believe you have a clue about CO2. What I find deliciously ironic is when some true believer states that Mr. Happer for instance is not a “climate scientist “. Yeah he’s only a physicist, hardly a match for the likes of Greta, Harrison, Leonardo, Bill Nye, and Al Gore who collectively have lots of charm and little brains rattling around. A perfect Segway to Canada’s warmunist PM, but I digress.

    • Here’s a scary thought: our beloved Justin is still young, and the Goreacle is getting a bit long in the tooth. Might be that when he’s turfed out of Ottawa he’s hoping to take his place at the Reichsministerium für Wetterkontrolle. The thought of the swagger stick across the backs of Denialists and other undesirables must be quite exciting.

      Oh noes, did I just conflate Nazis with warmunists? Heaven forbid I should use their own tactics against them! 😉

  13. Entertainers, especially faded stars, get more gigs if they have a “cause” for advertising that they are still around. Their agents recommend this stuff as good public exposure and they can get a couple of hundred grand for showing their faces at virtue-events.
    It’s actually kind of bizarre that the public would put any creedence in what these non-technical and non-experts have to say.

  14. Hairy Ford…

    Wasn’t he the guy who lined up and landed on the Taxiway of a major airport?
    No confusion in his mind, I guess.. And that was years ago. He’s better now.

  15. ”I’m just a so so actor. Nothing I do from now on will amount to much. What can I do to make people love me, give me respect and make me feel important? What simplistic, cockamamie story can I come up with to get people cheering and clapping at me?? Hmm……

  16. I believe his heart is in the right place. However, I’m not sure about his head. Why is it that Hollywood entertainers think that they have a special insight on the state of the world and science when their primary demonstrated stills are the ability to memorize a script and deliver it convincingly?

    Here is a man who majored in philosophy in college, tried his hand at acting, and had to teach himself carpentry to support his wife and children, before lucking into one of the most successful movie series in history. What does he know about science?

  17. How can a person who owns private planes, presumably so he doesn’t need to hobnob with the peasantry (that’s us!), have the gall to tell the rest of us to restrict our energy usage/carbon/whatever? This makes me angry: I’m supposed to give up seeing my kids to assuage the Climate Gods, but Saint Harrison is exempt because, you know, he’s sooooo important? Narcissistic hypocrite.

  18. Hey Ford . . .
    Your houses, garages, sheds, hangers have destroyed native F & F.
    Your carbon-footprint is grossly above the average Worldwide.
    Your hypocrisy is stunning.

  19. There is an excellent pdf report by an independent UK organization detailing what climate Extinction stand for and there end game.

    Some people may die in pursuit of our cause, in in their manifesto. Once again the individuals at the top have a far reaching agenda, not known to the people doing the protesting.
    I have don’t have immediate access to the link, or time to find it again. It was issued this year.

  20. Harrison has that crazed look in his eyes.Some of these actors are so strange in how they and the rest of their left wing liberal cronies have this ‘doom and gloom’ mentality of the world environment.They’re so brainwashed by Gore the Bore and the left wing advocate’s doomsday scenario saying it’s man’s fault with no basis in fact.It’s all so irrational.I just hope and pray our young generation today can see thru these wackos and not be misled by them and all the fake news out there about this subject.These celebrities should just stick to their day jobs and stay out of politics.

    • It is an act.
      he has none of that look in his eye whilst tooling around his airport admiring and inspecting his fleet of aircraft, or driving around in one of his ancient gas guzzler cars.

  21. How much credence is owed to a character who makes a handsome living from pretending to be someone else?

  22. When the CAGW hoax is soon tossed on the trash heap of failed ideas, will these virtue-signaling Leftists who suggested the world waste $100’s of TRILLIONs on this hoax apologize for almost ruining the world economy and killing millions?

    The hypocrisy of these Leftists who live in numerous 20,000+ square ft homes around the world with heated pools, tennis courts and well watered gardens, fly their private jets, cruise in their 100+ ft yachts, and drive their 6-Liter gas guzzling sports cars is astounding…

    Will these same hypocritical Leftists vent their righteous indignation towards the anti-free-market and Big Government tyrants that perpetuated this CAGW hoax for 40+ years to obtain their political agendas of: destroying free-market economies, stealing $100’s of trillions from taxpayers, and controlling every aspect of our lives through superfluous CO2 rules, regulations, mandates and massive increases in bureaucracies?

    It’ll be very interesting to hear the Leftists’ excuses to justify getting everything so wrong for so long…

    Will they learn any lessons from the CAGW hoax?


      Well, actually, they will.

      When Komrad Cortez comes knocking on their door to confiscate all their worldly good ‘for the common cause of equal wealth distribution you understand’.

      Unless, of course, she likes Harrison’s movies, then he might be allowed to keep it all and join the ranks of the propaganda elite.

      Of course no socialist actually believes it will be THEIR wealth that will be distributed equally, just everyone elses.

  23. He’s a pilot with small planes. Crashed one (again) recently.

    Old men and old planes … predictable result.

    Ok. I watched most of it. Unmitigated drivel. 30 minutes I could change his mind.

    Still look like Gandalf.

  24. It was OK when Ford, as Indian Jones, was chewing up the scenery.
    But as an advocate on a passionate spiel.
    Too much, over the top, whatever.

    • The dark side of the moon.

      Did you hear about the new restaurant that opened up on the moon? I hear the food is great ,but there’s no atmosphere.

  25. Over the years Scientology has attracted more than its fair share of celebrities, the Climate Cult is now a rival and it is now a cult — a millenarian sect or cult — as evidenced by Ford’s portentious rhetorical intensity.

  26. Hollywood is fiction. The reality is that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and there is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. So in the real world there is nothing that mankind to alter how Mother Nature is graduallying altering the Earth’s climate as Mother Nature has been doing for eons.

    The AGW conjecture depends upon the existence of radiant greenhouse effect caused by trace gases with LWIR absorption bands. Such a radiant greenhouse effect has not been observed in a real greenhouse, in the earth’s atmosphere or anywhere else in the solar system. The radiant greenhouse effect is science fiction do hence The AGW conjecture is science fiction. So any movie that assumes AGW to be reality is really a work of science fiction and should not be taken seriously.

  27. I’m not very comfortable that Mr. Ford continues to fly with a valid medical even after publicly demonstrating such a blatant detachment and departure from reality.

    • The guide for aviation medical examiners is clear about disqualifying conditions, which includes, among other problematic issues, “Personality disorder that is severe enough to have repeatedly manifested itself by overt acts.” I don’t wish such an outcome on anyone trying to renew their medical certificate, but … wow.

  28. Hollywood actors promoting this drivel is just another case of climate change being shoehorned into everything these days. Its everywhere. One of my main fields of study are the world’s lighthouses, and there is a site that lists each nation’s lighthouses, their current condition, and if you can get to them. However, the point I want to make is that even climate alarmism has found its way into the listings, as some of the descriptions of the lighthouses state that they are endangered by rising seal level. This makes my blood go cold. The page for the Maldives listings makes a huge emphasis on this rising sea levels crap. No celebrity or so called child prophets are going to change my mind about it. My local paper once had an article stating that my hometown is one of those that will be affected by rising sea levels, and that a “climate research group has found overwhelming evidence that will convince all the deniers that climate change is definitely real and a threat.” This was in 2016, we are in 2019, and there is still a large group of people who don’t fall for it.

  29. Stony 1. I cannot agree with his saying that Europe is gone, re. the Islamic migration.

    As in the UK, they are still a noisy minority of the total population, and just like the pogroms against the Jews, sooner or later they will be persecuted by a very angry majority.

    Its not a very nice World out there, nasty things do and will happen.


    • seen any swedish reports lately?
      theyre doing rather well and the police n govt are not

      • Once their useless government falls and their military roll, the Swedes will quickly restore order.
        Meantime they stay in their barracks, but eventually either the Government issues orders or their Commanders will.
        With Hand Grenades being a regularly used street weapon, it can’t be much longer.
        The vocal ‘liberals’ might want to hand the country over to the ‘guests’ , but the majority and the ones with the ‘make big bangs’ stuff aren’t.
        It’s not going to be pretty or bloodless though and most of Europe is going down the same track

  30. An existential crisis is the 1st Panzer Division advancing across Belgium and France, and us having to decide what we are going to do about it! We chose to fight to the death!

    The trouble is the current generation appear to think this was all just a make believe Hollywood film, all the things they believe are make believe.

    • Speaking of make believe…have you noticed how TV commercials (even on channels that cater to those of us who prefer entertainment that is less than frenetic) almost always show things that are impossible? They look realistic, sure, but that just demonstrates how far the CGI trade has come.

      I keep wondering when they will come out with an app or channel that will allow the viewer to play a movie with their own choice of actors. It can’t be that far off.

  31. My father taught theater and speech. He produced many, many plays during his teaching career. He told me “Do not go into show biz. It is full of charlatans and hucksters, liars, looters, and outright thieves.”

    So I went a completely different way, and found that the only time to pay attention to something these useless jerks say is when they’re speaking lines written for them. Otherwise, they are parroting whatever the popular meme may be, just to get attention.

    Ignore Ford., da Caprio (whatever his name is) and that loud-mouthed twit Ahnald. They are idiots, not much more.

    • Not to mention scummy narcissists who use their power to sexually exploit vulnerable wannabes – Democrat voters and fundraisers all. Just sayin’…

    • Within 20 years, computer graphics are going to be able to create actors so lifelike that you won’t be able to tell them from the real thing.
      We won’t have to be bothered with these pampered pests too much longer.

  32. His timing is poor. “All those moments will be lost, like tears in the rain”

    In 1982 he starred alongside Rutger Hauer, who died last week, in Blade Runner.

    Poetically, for the timing of Hauer’s death, the movie was set in 2019, a dystopian world of catastrophic climate change. Ford should be able to recognise a failed prediction when he sees one.

    • Then that fool Ridley “even the Vatican agrees we must have been engineered by aliens” Scott did a remake with Los Angeles surrounded by a hundreds-of-feet-high seawall because, you know, by 2049 we’ll need it.

    • Seawall? Wait – isn’t that the theme in ‘Soylent Green’ and ‘Escape from L.A.’? Cities walled off from their surroundings become so separated from the real world that (as in ‘Logan’s Run’) the world outside is EeeeewWWWW!!!! too real to deal with?

      Did Aldous Huxley come up with that idea first in ‘Brave New World’ or was it Heinlein in in his ‘Revolt in 2000′? Lawsie, did I read too much sci-fi when I was 12, or what?’

      Is that common thread of dystopia, as opposed to Utopia, the driving force behind these idiotic things people are saying?

  33. Looks like he’s just doing some method acting for his next role – crazy end-is-nigh hobo .

  34. Now keep it up at 11 till the election so we can have natural stages of burn out and push back by then at every polling station.

  35. So, that’s Harrison Ford…. When I first saw his wild, demented eyes, it looked like Charles Manson risen from the grave.

  36. If you believe this then you are fine with the movie premise of the Aztecs or Mayans building a gold depository in caverns mined in solid granite in the Black Hills with no surface trace of the excavation project.

    Secondly, I think his pilots license needs to be reviewed before he takes out motorists on the highways.

  37. Hopefully Mr Ford will superglue himself to his plane or something. We’ll then not have to hear from him for a while.

  38. So what Harrison is saying is that we must oppress the third world and force them to remain in poverty so he can keep flying his hobby aeroplanes and jetting around the world to climate conventions complaining that the poor are taking too much of the worlds resources.

    • When old Indiana stops drilling holes through the sky in ancient inefficient planes propelled by clattering, deafening sound and noxious pollution emitting combustion engines, and he resists executing forced landings on manicured water wasting elitist swamped, country golf courses, selecting instead the local highway, may be then, just maybe, he’ll have a peripheral SJW point. Until then, he can eff-off. There is no debating these pecksniffian Hollyweird rainbow glitterati when they’re in vacuous full song.

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