UN Climate Rant: “political will seems to be fading”

António Guterres
UN Secretary General António Guterres. By DFID – UK Department for International Development – https://www.flickr.com/photos/dfid/30720847110/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Al Jazeera, in a speech in New Zealand the UN Secretary General scolded the entire world for not doing enough about climate change.

UN chief: Climate change ‘running faster than we are’

Countries failing to live up to commitments under the 2016 Paris agreement to keep global temperature rise at bay.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the political will to fight climate change has faded at the same time as it is getting worse for those feeling its effects.

Guterres made the comments after arriving in New Zealand on Sunday where addressed the media alongside Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Auckland. Guterres plans to spend three days there as part of a trip to the South Pacific to highlight climate change’s global threat.

“Climate change is running faster than what we are … The last four years have been the hottest registered,” Guterres said.

Countries are not living up to their commitments under the 2016 Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, he said.

We are not on track to achieve the objectives defined in the Paris Agreement, and the paradox is that as things are getting worse on the ground, political will seems to be fading,” he added.

Read more: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/05/chief-climate-change-running-faster-190512164354212.html

No doubt UN Secretary General Guterres used an ecologically friendly means to travel to New Zealand to deliver his speech.

161 thoughts on “UN Climate Rant: “political will seems to be fading”

  1. Yep, it’s worse than we thought. “Send more money, we’ll make up more stuff!”

    Maybe, just maybe, people are catching on that U.N. driven catastrophic AGW is a SCAM. Built on top of lots and lots of bad science. Try telling the truth next time – oh wait…we are talking politics here, never mind.

    • We are not on track to achieve the objectives defined in the Paris Agreement

      No, the main objective of setting up a $100bn Green Slush Fund to finance a new world government seems to proving difficult to fulfill. Good to see General Guterres is on the job.

      • No one knows if the Paris Accords’ goal of not exceeding 2C above LIA temperatures is on track or not. The metric they use in predicting future temperatures is CO2 in UN IPCC climate models. Since the models run hot, China, India, Africa, etc. could burn up all the coal in the world and we still might not exceed the magical 2C. Since the 2C is a made up number anyway (by some economist, no less), who cares if it is exceeded or not?

          • Newminster

            My favorite part: “We climatologists can only describe possible futures,” Storch points out. “It’s also possible that things will be completely different.”

            Hellllloooooooo Precautionary Principle.

          • It was then dropped to 1.5C when it started to look like the world wouldn’t warm up by 2C.

          • Interesting, I’d read that it was Phil Jones et al and they had decided that since there had already been about 1 degree rise without any dramatic changes, it would probably be safe to assume another degree would be OK. Beyond that we really don’t know. ( NB not the world falls apart at 2 deg. ).

            I suppose everyone wants their claim to be the author of such globally recognised myths.

          • Fits nicely into a command economy. Brainless, like saying we will produce 100,000 tractors. Regardless of demand or quality or other detriments to the economy and living standards. It’s measurable! That’s what matters!

        • 2 degrees from what base? The term ‘pre-industrial levels’ is so vague as to be meaningless. The idea of claiming to measure the global average temperature to 0.1 degrees from a set of unknown starting points is ridiculous. How many pre-industrial levels are there? Who picks the one from which 2 degrees is measured? What is that actual number?

      • At the same speech he also said this:

        “First, shift taxes from salaries to carbon.”

        So if we ever needed proof of the real objective, here it is.

    • Still waiting to “feel the effects.” It’s 41 degrees here today and may snow in Portland, ME tonight. Please, send some of that “warming” my way, we could use it!

    • What is going to get more votes? What is going to increase GDP?

      The idiots do not understand spending is limited by GDP. GDP increases more money to spend. Do stupid things that shut down the economy, less money to spend.

      More money for health care, schools, roads, job training, student loans, and so on or forced spending of billions of dollars per year for green scams.

      Cost benefit analysis for green scams assuming there is no CAGW? Zero.

      There is no real progress or end point in spending the billions of dollars on green stuff. The EU are advocating spending 25% of their budge on the ‘green’ stuff.

  2. “UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the political will to fight climate change has faded at the same time as it is getting worse for those feeling its effects.”

    What, exactly, are those worsening effects of climate change? Who, exactly, is feeling the worsening effects of climate change? A little bit of warming out of the Little Ice Age does not make a worsening climate. No climate metric has worsened to the detriment of man.

    • What, exactly, are those worsening effects of climate change?“.
      People are getting more and more alarming news every day on their TV and in their newspapers and via their social media. There’s absolutely no doubt – it’s getting worse.
      If the politicians did what they were told and sent the money that has been demanded, then it might buy them more cheerful news.
      In some societies, that’s called blackmail.

      Climate is actually at a tipping point right now. There is a serious risk that the “global temperature” could start to fall again before there has been enough “climate action” to explain it. You see, the plan has always been to be able to say, when the temperature inevitably starts falling again, that “they” are the ones that saved the world.

    • Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in a Flood has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in a Hurricane has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in a drought has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in colder than average temps has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in warmer than average temps has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in the democratic party has experienced the worsening effects…
      Well obviously…anyone who has been involved in climate hysteria has experienced the worsening effects…

    • “Who, exactly, is feeling the worsening effects of climate change?”

      For example, Greta Thunberg, who can see CO2, is more and more blinded by it.

  3. Hopefully this is the start of good riddance to the politically contrived idiocy of the U.N. climate alarmism propaganda campaign.

    • No, Larry. The UN IPCC has already put us on notice that the upcoming CMIP6 climate models to be used in AR6 will run hotter than the CMIP5 models.

      Additionally, reading the tea leaves, I believe AR6 will abandon the past IPCC acknowledgment that no climate metric has worsened over at least the past 100 years. SR15 is a good indication that the IPCC will throw caution to the winds in a last-ditch effort to get worldwide socialism instituted through climate laws. The spate of junk science publications over the past few years will bolster their claims in AR6.

      • “IPCC will throw caution to the winds in a last-ditch effort to get worldwide socialism instituted…”

        I know this is supposed to be a far-right political blog but that’s a bit alarmist isn’t it?

        • Anyone with half a brain realizes climate change is real, human induced, and will bring catastrophes and destroy the Earth in 12 years.
          Anyone with a whole brain realizes the warming since the nadir of the LIA has been beneficial regardless of how much or how little effect man’s meager contribution to ambient CO2 levels actually is

          • “how much or how little effect man’s meager contribution to ambient CO2 levels actually is”

            What, you haven’t even checked?

          • You can tell that Loydo hasn’t received his pay check recently, he’s just mailing it in now.

        • Loydo
          How do you define “a far right political blog”
          The majority of bloggers here could be of any political persuasion but 95 percent have enough common sense to see through the propaganda that the IPCC spews out .
          It really is quite simple if the advocates for reducing fossil fuel use were genuine they would be pushing to replace coal and gas power generation with nuclear .
          Why don’t they ?
          If the countries of the world try to achieve these reductions demanded by the UN widespread economic turmoil will erupt and millions will be forced into poverty throughout the developed world ( which is probably their aim )
          Why don’t they?
          Because they want to end capitalism and socialize the world because they think they know best .
          Global warming and climate change has always been pushed with that ulterior motive.

          • You are so right, Gwan. Were this a “a far right political blog” I wouldn’t be here. My political persuasion remains unchanged after 45 years. Individual freedom and rights, to own and transact property, within a fair and humane justice system. Everything government does it does badly, wastefully and inefficiently and the more power it has the more corrupt its participants become. Therefore small is best, reduce the state to the minimum size required to fulfil its basic duties to its citizens. The UN, EU and other such are just attempts to foist the world socialist order on an unwitting populace.

            If that makes me “far right” I guess the previous comment might be correct, from what I have read in the relatively short time I have been on WUWT the majority here have similar views. But the only reason for that is that during my lifetime, due to the success of the Long March through the Institutions, the Overton Window has moved so far to the left that perfectly reasonable people are now referred to as xenophobic, knuckle-dragging, reactionary extreme right populists (a word which BBC newsreaders ALWAYS precede with some sort of defamatory term of statement). Populism is just democracy in glorious action, get over it.

        • Loydo

          It seems you don’t know enough to even read the ‘About’ on this blog.

          It’s a scientific blog and nothing to do with politics. There are people on here from across the political spectrum with one thing in common, an interest in science.

          Clearly, you and UN Secretary General Guterres haven’t a clue what science is.

          • Politics are overarching to all aspects of the debate from supporting the science in the first place to what to do about it thereafter. Science matters of course, but it is the impact of politics that crushes us, lifts us up or leaves us alone.

            Politically, I think many of us who visit this site would rather be left alone.

        • The fact that you think this blog is A) far right, and B) political speaks volumes for how far left your own views must be!

        • Loydo, don’t let this ruin your day, but AOC, your self-avowed socialist, just stated that the “we have 12 years left to fix climate change” comment was just a figure of speech. This is not a political blog, but it is amazing how the issue of CAGW is itself political and not scientific.

          • ….. “just a figure of speech…” ????

            What would you describe that as if Trump backed out of an earlier statement like that??
            Her handlers must have accidentally let her go off-script for the first comment.

            See my link…

        • I love it how the acolytes define anything to the right of socialism as being “far-right”.

          Regardless, unlike you, we take your leaders at their words. They have stated over and over again that over throwing capitalism has always been their goal.

          • Yeah, I’m personally amazed at how I became ‘far-right’ – basically after Obama jerked the Left into Stalin-ville.

        • I know hyper-left Progressives hacks try to portray this a ‘far-right political blog’, and they show up here all the time and prove it.

          He even uses the Alinsky-method of trying to turn it around with his ‘alarmist’ remark.

        • Loydo, have you read any of the reports/documents produced by the UN IPCC? Without fail they advocate socialist remedies for any and all of their supposed climate catastrophes.

          And, if you think I’m far right, that would surprise my family.

        • WUWT is only a “Far Right Blog” when viewed by someone who is so far left they can see it over their Left Shoulder

          • Maybe he has two left shoulders? That way he can’t be right-wing to protect himself from our evil tyranny of letting him think for himself?

    • Not at all. He deliberately chose NZ because of the recent announcements by Adern to, effectively, destroy their economy. Peter Jackson won’t be making any more films there. What happens in Australia this w/e is also important for the sc@m to advance.

      • Nothing will change in Australia, the senate will be as fractured and broken as it is now and you won’t be able to get anything thru it that is too extreme.

        • We will find out soon enough. I will get a few beers in and a large bag of popcorn and have a night in…nah, on second thoughts I have had enough of it already, got better things to do.

    • Nah, they will just pivot to another noble cause. With global domination in their sights, there will be no shortage of causes and no lack of useful idiots to help, unless the sane ones start punishing the loonies.

      • As long as there is a buck for the politicians to get there snout in they are interested in anything.

        There is plenty of green and renewable money in brown paper bags kicking around but the poor pacific island nations are still trying to work out how to get some of it.

    • Larry H, it will only be the start of good riddance to the politically contrived idiocy of the U.N. climate alarmism propaganda campaign when the US, aka POTUS Trump, cuts off all US funding of the UN and starts charging them “rent” for use of the UN Headquarters’ building.

  4. Clearly the only environmentally sound method of inter-continental travel is by sailing vessels made out of sustainable organic materials, e.g. wood and canvas.

    In the days of the Clipper Ships, Cutty Sark made the voyage from Plymouth to Sydney (~13,750 miles) in 72 days, although 100 days was more typical. Just imagine how much less damage UN officials could do if they did all of their travel by sailing.

  5. Im too scared to turn on the TV News as it will be our main story tonight. Our NZ government and media will be just lapping it all up. I imagine they will also run some completely BS story about AGW. Point the finger and tell us how evil we all are. Oh lord please give us some decent news tonight please please please.

    • There won’t be. It will all be about Cindy and Macron and their socialist plans. Then back here to continue her destruction of our beloved country. I hang my head in shame when I admit I believed Winnie’s lies and voted for him. But never again!

  6. The last four years have been the hottest registered

    When my own personal experience on the planet doesn’t MATCH or resemble anything even close to the … *ahem* … official “scientific* record, then I become rather skeptical of the “science”. Don’t blame me … blame the propagandists disguised as “scientists”.

    • “When my own personal experience” doesn’t match the data, the data is wrong.

      Uh huh. Thats how science should be done.

      • Wait there was science somewhere in Climate Science?

        The science at the end is just because it’s a social/political science discipline start by looking at the qualifications of those claiming to be Climate Scientists.

      • Agreed – but it should at the very least give rise to doubt – that should push you towards checking out the “science” in a scientific manner.
        That’s how I became a skeptic and ended up here.

        • Thats fair enough Ken, but skeptical of what? Any research you’d like to cite, the recent years are abruptly warmer.

          • The reason for abruptly warmer years is in tortured past. Everything looks like very pure science.

            When “science” cut very warm period away, everything is warmer. Every second is abruptly warmer. “Science” is making this planet warmer, because “science” is a political tool. UN is the operator and bottomless wallet to pay for “good” news.

            There´s a big difference between science and “science”. I prefer science and it´s message, we are living in cooling world.


          • Except the recent years aren’t abruptly warmer. There has been an extremely mild and well within the range of normal warming that started abit over 150 years ago, long before CO2 levels started rising.

            Back in 2016 there was a brief spike, now fading that was caused by a large El Nino. Other than that spike, there has been no warming at all for more than 20 years.

          • Please define what you mean by “abruptly warmer”.

            I am open to honest persuasion … persuade me.

            (I am skeptical of advocates of significant change, whose reasoning includes terminology that is suspect, undefined & emotionally charged.)

          • The other reason for “Abruptly Warmer” is in the simple fact that the near term is measured by satellites and better tech and reported in High Resolution measurements of hourly to daily while the vaunted past is measured in Proxy Data with resolutions of multiple decades to centuries and thereby incapable of resolving any short term spikes with any reasonable acuity.

          • DonM May 13, 2019 at 12:41 pm
            Please define what you mean by “abruptly warmer”

            Geologically abrupt.
            0.2C per decade is rare. In the last 100,000 years only the Bølling-Allerød heating period and the steep climb out of the Younger Dryas are comparable (although these even more abrupt periods of warming were Northern Hemisphere only phenomenon). Globally, the abrupt warming of about 8C from glaciation to interglacial took about 2000 years – 5 times slower rate than the last 100 years.

            Loads of interesting stuf here:

      • Loydo May 12, 2019 at 10:54 pm

        Okay lets see we have had four years of early or late frosts and snow storms, reductions of berry fruit and grape harvest because of this. Thats your “data”
        Growers in Europe are using oil fired pots to try and save your grape vines buds and fruit starts.
        That is your data. Pay attention to what is actually happening in the world.
        Do you know how much wine product has dropped each of the last four year from the previous year?
        There is your data, not computer programs there half of the input temperatures are the figment of the imagination because there are no measuring devices for much of the planet’s surface.
        So no thats not “data”.

        And don’t continue carrying on, as you know so little. because you choose to.


        • Thats not “your data”, that’s just more anecdotal arm-waving. “Carry on”, lol.

          • They are precise anecdotes to cooling world. Which are your anecdotes? Forged data perhaps?


          • The planet has seen a significant cooling in the last 3 years from the last El Niño. I think it is 0.5 degrees. That is science.
            Most people on WUWT are happy to acknowledge that the earth is however, overall getting warmer mostly for natural reasons. If that is accepted then it’s very reasonable to expect new highs from time to time.
            With the solar minimum and the insignificant temp rises in the last 20 years we could have reached a cusp or turning point. We are not sure and the climate models are not the way to find out.

          • get off your bum and go okk at the EU weather, now and last couple of yrs with crops n harvest runined by cold frosts and snow, even aus this yr had late start to summer with nights too cold for seedling to grow until january bu which time it was too late to produce and ripen crops, and a few days over 35c for the majority isnt a heat wave its normal.
            drought areas different but drought lasting up to 10yrs are normal too

          • Loydo May 13, 2019 at 1:24 am

            Thats not “your data”, that’s just more anecdotal arm-waving. “Carry on”, lol.

            It is your data like it or not. It is also current events.

            By the way it has been snowing in both hemispheres last week.
            Keep lol Oh and remember which warmest said nature bats last?

            I wish I could LOL but there are to many farmers here in the U.S. and Europe facing Bankruptcy .
            Yeah and that also is “your” data.


      • “When my own personal experience” doesn’t match the data, the data is wrong.

        Uh huh. Thats how science should be done.

        Loydo, “my own personal experience” IS data. And if my data contradicts your data, then we have an issue.

        Now, what you were trying to insinuate was that someone’s ‘personal experience’ is only a cherry picked from the larger sample. An that does have some validity. The problem is, as others have pointed out, that it ISN’T just one person’s ‘experience. It is the experience of many, in many locations.

        Compare that to your ‘DATA’. The Temperature graphs produced by your so called ‘Climate Scientists’ need to be adjusted every couple years to continue to show warming. And even then, the majority of it is all in places we can hardly measure, like the Arctic Ocean.

        Of course, all this is really immaterial. What the public is seeing is colder weather, later Springs, earlier Autumns, and brutal winters. After Decades of ‘Children won’t remember what snow is.’ And predictions of a world boiling alive, it’s too late to start claiming you actually ment ‘More Extreme Weather, especially blizzards’.

        The Climate Faithful might buy that bull, because they will believe ANYTHING at this point that helps prop up their delusional worldview. But the rest of the public is starting to see just how crazy this all is.

        The Scam is ending.


    • While the last 4 years might have been amongst the hottest. (1998 and much of the 30’s were still hotter), it’s also been cooling for the last 3 years.
      I see he forgot to mention that part.

  7. So, his plan is now to visit the states that will be under water in few years, in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Places where the tectonics makes one side of the island sink (Tonga, Tuvalu and Fiji) and one side rises. The sinking part is due to sealevel rise…..! This is how they continue the storytelling, which is now scientifically based ….! This is their narration. The terrain has to agree with their maps (e.g., their silly projections).

    • Apparently the Chinese didn’t get the memo about rising sea level. Those dopes are building islands that will obviously be inundated any day now. I guess their scientists aren’t as smart as ours. Either that or ours are completely out of their minds!

  8. and the paradox is that as things are getting worse on the ground

    Maybe Senor Guterres should change his air conditioning technician 😉



  9. Guterres is now going to visit Tuvalu, Tonga and Fiji, to show how the galloping sea level rise will influence these poor states. It is a well known fact to many that parts of these island states sink due to tectonic montions, which to the IPCC means rising sea level….The storytelling continues.

  10. Reminds me of Starship Troopers when Doogie Howser mind probes the smart bug.

    [Doogie Howser psychically probes the captured U.N. official]

    Doogie: They’re afraid. They’re afraid!

  11. The more they whimper and whine the better I like it. The big push has failed and they’re starting to see the writing on the wall.

  12. It looks like Guterres could do with a few meals less himself.

    And what’s the point in making such an announcement in New Zealand? The smallest nation that contributes insignificant amounts to world CO2. What could they possibly do that makes the slightest difference to anything?

    • Why New Zealand?

      Maybe because it is rapidly becoming a police state under the rule of Jacinda, Tyrant of Wellington.

      While the MSM are all gleefully going Squee about how compassionate she is, they are ignoring how she has been using recent events to remove base freedoms in her country. A notable point of comparison between her and other parts of the world can be seen in the recent pointless and barbaric religious killings in both NZ and SL.

      SL made a point of naming and shaming the bombers so that everyone will know their names and remember them for the murderers they are. To the Sri Lankans these people have disgraced their family, nation and religion and must be identified as the scum they are.

      Compare to New Zealand where the Tyrant of Wellington spoke in parliament to declare the shooter a non person who shall never be named, and who’s writings and other publications must never be available to the public. Exactly why is open to question. A more accusing type might consider the killer’s self claim to be an Eco-Fascist and might suggest that the views of this person – brutal murder obviously not withstanding – cut very close to a few too many of the policies of the existing government.

      Violence in the name of religion is barbaric and it is a long and compassionless argument before it can even remotely be justified, but the oppression of knowledge and restrictions on the free transfer of information does not bode well for a healthy and free nation.

      Observe New Zealand with caution.

      • It’s easy to be compassionate when you are spending other people money. (And have police powers sufficient to seize as much money as you need.)

          • I really must read my comments before posting. More LIKELY …… But then, idly is not inappropriate for our dear leader Cindy Ardern!

  13. The CAGW Hoax is tanking…

    There hasn’t been discernible global warming trend in 20 years, and ALL the CAGW doom and gloom wild predictions have been proven to be hilariously devoid from reality: global warming trends, ocean pH, extreme weather incidence/frequency trends, CH4 projections, Sea Level Rise, Antarctic Land Ice Melt, Arctic Ice Extents, falling crop yields, etc.,

    The reason “the political will to fight Climate Change has faded”, is because the empirical evidence show the CAGW hypothesis has crashed and burned…

    CAGW advocates have been relegated to lying, obfuscating, and fiddling with raw data to keep this farce alive, which will eventually lead to an epic blowback against Leftist politicians once the huge disparity between reality and their lies is exposed…

    Taxpayers around the world are simply refusing to waste $100’s trillions of their hard-earned money on a nefarious Hoax..

    CAGW is dead…

  14. “Guterres made the comments after arriving in New Zealand… ”

    By air. Spewing CO2 all the way. All that destructive gas released into the air to wreak havoc on our climate, just to say something he could have said by phone, or teleconferencing.

    Ya think maybe they’re just following your example, Antonio?

    • No doubt UN Secretary General Guterres used an ecologically friendly means to travel to New Zealand to deliver his speech.

      As a comment to that – he didn’t obviously, because his political will to avoid flying is fading.

      There are two sets of rules; one for plebs, one for high UN officials. He thinks high officials continue flying to exotic places, but plebs are taxed so they don’t. I’d say there’s no climate panic at hand as long as UN people fly to NZ to give a speech.

  15. New Zealand definitely is a beautiful country a.o. because there is hardly any industry, natural sounds and glaciers and a lot of vulcanic activity. How on earth can a country with these fantastic natural conditions “fulfill its obligations” to a Paris climate dreamworld?

  16. One of the obligations under the Paris Agreement is to contribute to the UN Green Fund.
    When last I looked, those climate warriors in New Zealand had made a contribution of a paltry $50 million.
    It looks like one of the countries not doing their bit is New Zealand.
    Australia had kicked in some $297 million until the current PM,Scott Morrison, came under fire in the press and stated there would be no more contributions by Australia.
    An election will be held this coming Saturday and if a Labor government is installed in Australia no doubt the colleagues of Mr. Guterres will be around with their begging bowl.
    Incidentally, is the Green Fund still viable?
    In May last year there was turmoil at their meeting and the Australian Chairman resigned.The cupboard is bare since President Trump cancelled some $2 billion promised by President Obama.

      • Nice chart, LdB, but I am not reading the columns as you are ($US equiv??), the UK has apparently dispersed £720m, the amount pledged.

        Why the **** is the UK contributing $1.2bn, the third largest amount in the world, when our emissions are less than 1% of the total and decreasing very rapidly. The greenloons need ejecting promptly. We’ve got people living on the streets, literacy and numeracy in school leavers is less than their grandparents and there are thousands of needless deaths yearly in the “care” of the NHS. And these idiots “in charge” think we’ve got money to spend on this lunacy.

        • Yeah sorry I stand corrected you are right I thought they had converted it all to USD, missed the asterix

          So UK has paid up it’s pledge of $1.2B USD or £720m

      • Yes, AOCs unfamiliarity with a garbage disposal was puzzling. She should probably have googled it before making a fool of herself over it in an interview.

        AOC has no clue.

    • Our UK Prime Minister Theresa May repeated 32 times that, relative to Brexit “No Deal [with the EU] is better than a Bad Deal. She also repeated 108 times that we would be leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019.

      When both those promises were violated she told us all she was talking in ‘the abstract’.

      Are we therefore to now assume that everything every politician tells us is an ‘abstract’ concept?

      Like we didn’t know that already?

    • She´s like Finnish politician: “I didn´t say that, and if I did, I didn´t mean it.” That´s how stupid idiots (politicians) talk. She was only describing herself.

      • We’re the idiots! Every few years we believe a new set of promises that involve ideas that are good for us individually and bad for the country. We deserve what we get. We need to limit the power of elected officials to implement policies they didn’t campaign on-for starters.

    • “My words only mean what I mean them to mean.” See my previous comments about progressives wanting to only win the current battle.

  17. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate. There is plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. So reducing CO2 emissions will have no effect on climate.

    • No evidence that CO2 affects climate. So what do the warmists do – fiddle the WMO temperature data to create warming, than blame it on CO2. There – fixed! Scumbags.

  18. I thought some of the islands on Peron’s world tour were supposed to have vanished under sea level rise some years ago?

    Maybe they are being kept afloat by UN and alarmist hot air?

  19. Oh yes, it’s getting SO HOT!! What is the average global temperature after 1 degree C of warming since the little ice age? About 16 degrees C. Yet another 0.5-1.0 degrees of warming is supposed to be catastrophic? For blind believers, I implore you to lead by example – stop using fossil fuels immediately, turn off the lights and go to bed. Ahh, wonderful.

  20. Sadly CC is far from dead. Here in Australia as the election day, this
    Saturday approaches, it CC is a hot button issue, with both parties talking
    about what they will do to save the Planet. The only difference is that the
    Liberals ( Conservative) party is going by its commitment from the original
    Kyoto, whereas Labour is all for the tougher Paris target. as per the
    percentage of emissions.

    Mind you I doubt if the Labour leader Bill Shorten really believes in this
    nonsense, but as with all of them, he goes along with it.


    • Michael

      It’s a means of extracting more tax from people. What politician wouldn’t be attracted by that, I mean, it’s the only solution to everything.

      • As a former UK resident, I am sure you and I both know how elections get a bit crazy in the UK. Australia takes it to a whole other level, several levels actually, of stupid crazy! Really! When I say Australian politics is a farce that could not be written by John Cleese and Connie Boothe I am being kind.

    • Well, now you get to find out! Having similar thoughts up here in Vancouver with regard to Andrew Scheer. We are waiting with bated breath for his pre-campaign Climate policy statement.

  21. After 20 years monitoring climate, I can say that there’s not the slightest indication of any problems.

    But the climate cult isn’t based on evidence. However, I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of people over 30 know themselves that despite what the tin pot academics tell us in shrieking voices, that they’ve seen absolutely no changes in the climate. So, I can understand why the gullible, scientifically illiterate and easily misled politicians & media can’t understand why they’re amongst the few people left who still buy into the global warming scam.

  22. “…commitments under the 2016 Paris agreement …”

    Not 2016.
    The Paris Agreement at COP21 was in 2015. It was adopted by consensus on 12 December 2015.

    And there’s that word again: consensus.

  23. If you click on the AlJezeera link above it takes you to an AJ articel written in 2016 about the 2015 agreement.

    In that November 4, 2016 Al Jezeera article, the reporter/writer states:

    “Most of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, including India, China, the United States and the European Union, have ratified the agreement.”

    “But because Washington has already ratified it and it comes into force before the November 8 election…”

    That’s Fake news of course. It was never ratified in the US Senate. It was only agreed to by the Worst US President-Ever.

  24. To quote his colleague: “This has nothing to do with climate.” Dumb or corrupt?

  25. I’ll quit fighting warmists and join them if:
    * They can show data that weather events are statistically getting more severe/frequent.
    * Describe how the warming from 1910 to 1940 was natural and an identical warming from 1970 to 2000 was primarily from CO2.
    * Explain the lack of tropical mid troposphere warming THAT IS THE SIGNATURE OF the HYDROLOGICAL AMPLIFICATION OF CO2 warming
    * Make one prediction that comes true.
    * Explain the pause without searching frantically for data for 15 years to find new but still unsubstantiated satellite data (which, by the way still shows no mid troposphere warming).
    * Explain how CO2 creates the stepwise temperature jumps THAT ALSO OCCURRED BEFORE CO2 forcing was high enough.

  26. “Climate change is running faster than what we are” – more likely the political rhetoric is running much, much faster than the scientific evidence demonstrates

    • More Red Queen BS. Leftists learn something trivial and then they see it everywhere they look.

  27. “Countries are not living up to their commitments under the 2016 Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, he said.

    Well, he doesn’t really know that, does he? All he knows is that they aren’t taking the political actions he wants.

    Be that as it may, he also knows, when he is being honest (which is probably not as often as it should be), that any political will was originally just born of hopes and promises of large amounts of free cash for those voting for yet another UN boondoggle. It is his job to always campaign for more money and more power. Both more and sooner. That is all.

    • They lost their major funding thanks to President Trump, who deserves full credit for derailing this eco-fascist nightmare. And we desperately need election reform ASAP.

    • Politicians lose their will when the voters do, politicians will do anything for votes if the tide turns.

  28. The NZ Vegan Society just called for a Climate State of Emergency, following Ireland, or Guterres?
    I’d watch the Pacific Rim of Fire!

  29. Imho Donald J. Trump deserves full credit for derailing this eco-fascist nightmare. So the demonrats intend to steal the WH in 2020 under media cover and we need election reform ASAP – federalized with Voter ID, paper ballots and vetted counters. Nothing less!

  30. President Trump has derailed this eco-fascist nightmare – no doubt the #1 cause of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  31. The UN should stick to their original job, keeping people from killing each other.
    All the rest is none of their business.

  32. Stupidity pointing out “4 of the last 10 years are the hottest….”.

    Duh…temperatures have been rising for 100+ of the last 150-180 years…COMING OUT OF A DEVASTATING COLD PERIOD! There were 30-50 years when temperature trends were negative or zero (from cycles and noise). So in roughly 2/3 of the last 150 years you could say… “4 of the last 10 years were the hottest on record”.

    Just more propaganda.

  33. “UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the political will to fight hair loss has faded at the same time as it is getting worse for those feeling its effects.”


    Hair loss has meaning; ‘climate change’ doesn’t. Whenever you see ‘climate change,’ substitute “hair loss.”

    ‘Fighting climate change’ is equivalent to tilting at windmills.

  34. For the greenhouse effect to perform as advertised the earth must be surrounded by a cold outer space, perhaps as low as 5 K. That explains how NOAA can claim that the naked earth would become a frozen ice ball at -430 F.

    In fact, earth is surrounded by hot outer space, i.e. 394 K, 121 C, 250 F. That’s why the International Space Station includes an ammonia refrigerant cooling system.

    The atmosphere does not warm the earth like a greenhouse but cools it like that reflective panel behind a car’s windshield.

    No greenhouse effect, no greenhouse gases, no man caused climate change nor global warming.

    A thirty-year illusion orchestrated by hustlers behind green velvet curtains.

    Take that red pill of honest science and wake to reality.

  35. “political will seems to be fading”
    Says another pompous, arrogant, know nothing elitist! More UN propaganda!
    No it hasn’t been fading …
    The last few years of cooling temperatures has shown people an inkling of reality, the colder weather is freezing the political will to do more for it is seen as foolish, if not very stupid.
    Electric cars, windfarms, and solar cells are useless under a meter of snow!

  36. I love to imagine a big hole in the ground waiting for all these UN tyrants, hypocrites, bureaucrats, parasites, pompous thieves.

  37. I don’t understand this part of one of the sentences in the article:

    … the political will to fight climate change has faded at the same time as it is getting worse for those feeling its effects.

    Exactly who is being referred to by the phrase, “those feeling its effects”?

    And if everybody is not feeling its effects, then why? Why is just a select group of “those” feeling its effects? How is it that the world, as a whole, is undergoing this catastrophic climate change brought on by less than a couple degrees, figured for the WHOLE WORLD, and only a select “those” are feeling the effects NOW, at this particular time?

    I sense that there is conflation of observations going on here –maybe people experiencing the particular disasters of the day (which are no more intense than usual) are being parasitized as the “those” being referred to.

    • Hello Robert,.. My take on this is that your “spider sense” has detected a hidden form of deception and that the BS alarm that you were born with has activated. Many here on this site have very good senses when it comes to someone trying to deceive them or when errors have been made. It is apparent to me that you have that skill too.

      Personally I think that you are on to something even bigger. What I have learned to do is see the workings of psychological projection when it shows it’s wares. For example what I see is that Guterres is actually projecting the truth about what HE and his like are feeling, namely that THEY are feeling the effects of having the curtain pulled back on their criminal intentions and corruption.

      So to look at this statement in another way,.. these con-artists are feeling the effects of their “tax-washing” and other methods of money laundering beginning to dry up. Once this catches on their criminal scheme becomes visible and that scares the daylights out of them.

  38. I note that none of these UN dignitaries ever fly to Manitoba in February to make speeches about climate change…

    Unfortunately, Canadians are such a timid lot, a majority of us seem to be willing to pay more to heat our homes for the supposed purpose of preventing it from getting warmer outside….

    Real life chicken little story on full display… To bad the princes are in bed with the foxes…

  39. “No doubt UN Secretary General Guterres uses an ecologically friendly “means to travel to New Zealand to deliver his speech.”

    what a dilemma – urgent tasks to fulfill, no time for consideration of “ecologically friendly” solutions!

  40. “No doubt UN Secretary General Guterres uses an ecologically friendly “means to travel to New Zealand to deliver his speech.”

    what a dilemma – urgent tasks to fulfill, no time for consideration of “ecologically friendly” means!

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