Justin Trudeau Levies Carbon Tax On Rebellious Canadian Provinces

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Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax went into effect in four Canadian provinces Monday.
  • Canadian drivers raced to the pumps Sunday to fill up their tanks before gas prices spiked 12 cents per gallon.
  • Ontario Premier Doug Ford and other conservatives oppose the carbon tax.

Canadian drivers raced to gas stations to fill up their tanks Sunday before the Trudeau administration’s carbon tax went into effect at midnight and raised prices at the pump roughly 12 cents per gallon.

The carbon tax went into effect Monday in four Canadian provinces resisting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate change agenda. Canadians in Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan will see fuel prices increase.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who won a landslide election in 2018 opposing a carbon tax, urged residents to head to the pumps before Trudeau’s carbon tax went into effect. Ford joined other conservative premiers in a challenging the carbon tax in court.

“Make no mistake, the carbon tax is the worst tax ever,” Ford said as he filled up his car in a video posted to social media Sunday. “It will make everything more expensive!”

Conservative members of Ontario’s parliament also posted photos and videos of themselves filling up on gas before the federal carbon tax went into effect Monday. Lawmakers also posted photos of Ontario residents filling up on gas late at night, just hours before the carbon tax took effect.

Canada's PM Trudeau speaks during Question Period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 19, 2019. REUTERS/Chris Wattie.

The carbon tax is part of Trudeau’s plan to cut Canada’s carbon footprint in line with the Paris climate accord. Trudeau’s plan calls for levying a federal carbon tax on Canadian provinces that don’t already price emissions.

Ontario previously had a cap-and-trade program, but it was scrapped by Ford’s conservative coalition last year. With his 2018 election victory, Ford joined the growing ranks of premiers opposed to the federal carbon tax.

Trudeau’s carbon tax starts at $15 per metric ton of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to a 12 cents per gallon gasoline tax. The carbon tax will rise every year, hitting $37 per ton of emissions by 2022. (RELATED: REPORT: Trump Is Preparing To Issue More Executive Orders Propping Up Pipelines)

Most of the $1.7 billion in revenue the carbon tax is expected to generate this year will be sent back to households as a rebate for higher energy prices. Proponents say carbon tax payments for many families will actually outweigh energy price increases.

Despite the rebates, drivers sat in lines Sunday waiting to fill up before the carbon tax hit. Heating bills and airline ticket prices will also rise due to the carbon tax.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks to the press following the First Ministers' Meeting in Montreal

Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks to the press following the First Ministers’ Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 7, 2018. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi.

Critics say the carbon tax will hit small businesses the hardest since offsets for higher energy prices are skewed towards households. Though, economists don’t expect the carbon tax to affect economic growth much in the near-term.

Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec already price carbon dioxide emissions, thus aren’t affected by the federal tax. However, Alberta seems likely to elect a new premier who will scrap the provinces climate taxes, meaning Trudeau’s carbon tax could extend there in the near future.

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132 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Levies Carbon Tax On Rebellious Canadian Provinces

  1. The Great White North liks global temperatures as they are? What’s all this, what’s all this in our Mary Poppins world where everything is practically perfect in every way, even winter temps in Alberta. This is Justin-sanity.

    • Hi Robert in Busan, I totally agree. What Canadian doesn’t want a warmer Canada?


    • Trudope has developed a serious case of foot in mouth. Every day brings a new scandal. Turns out a part time drama teacher with nice hair isnt the best choice for prime minister. Election day can’t come soon enough.

    • Here is what our press has to say:
      “When any politician tells you, ‘you’re going to get more money back as a result of this tax than what you actually pay,’ nobody buys that because it just plain doesn’t make sense. If that’s true, then raise the tax five times … so I get five times more money back than I paid, right? It just doesn’t pass the common sense test with people, so that’s a liability right out of the gate.”

      No matter how many times Climate Barbie and Trudope say it’s true.

      • – And nobody seems to be pricing-in the cost of government administration of all these tax dollars they’ll be raking-in – you know, counting it, deciding how to decide how much money each Canadian should get back every year, measuring our carbon consumption, writing cheques, mailing cheques, auditing, accounting, overseers, amending the tax code so they get it all back, etc etc ad infinitum. Plus some more high-paid senior bureaucrats to head the program, eager to pad their pensions and increase their power by hiring more administrators.

        Left to its own devices, Ottawa’s bureaucracy is very capable of absorbing every cent taken-in and more – and they’ve done this before on other things; sorta’ like that charity that spends 97% of the take on salaries, executive travel, (very nice) office spaces and advertising, and remits 3% of the money to charitable causes.

        So does anybody think there’ll actually be any money left? And does anybody think the Liberals, reeling from massive scandals with more to come and facing an election in six months, won’t cheerfully borrow several extra billion$ and blow-them-out to the voters to make it look like the rebates actually do?

        And of course, does anybody really think the next government will derail this gravy train and scrap the tax, any more than the Chretien Liberals scrapped the GST like they election-promised us they would?

        • – Oh and – does anybody think any rebates will be going to Alberta / Saskatchewan, or Ontario? Or indeed, anywhere other than Quebec?

          Gotta’ make-up somehow for all those jobs being lost at SNC-Lavalin, I guess…

        • They didnt wait to count it and then decide what to do with it. They mailed out a paper stating that us in ontario would get 307 bucks back per family of four.That mailout was sent out in march but the tax didnt start til april . The brainiac Trudope crunched the numbers before the numbers where available . Isnt he amazing !

        • Y Knott Chretien’s “little Red Book’ ( apologies to Chairman Mao ) had lots of promises. Were they kept ? ( Are you kidding ?) Also on Kim Campbell’s platform ( and ‘opposed’ by Chretein – hak-kaff ) was Free Trade with the US. It took Trump to make it look as if we might have the sense to back out of that rat trap – and it has not happened. Rather subsidized Monsanto milk will ‘compete’ with the non-growth hormone production.

      • “Most of the $1.7 billion in revenue the carbon tax is expected to generate this year will be sent back to households as a rebate for higher energy prices.”

        Every time the tax-and-rebate cycle occurs, the government skims off expenses to operate this scheme and the price of everything goes up. In the end, tax payers lose buying power and climate change remains unpredictable.

      • It is not about saving the world. It’s about saving Big government socialist utopia. And that can only be done by keeping you poor.

        • Meanwhile … AOC is complaining about $7.00 croissants at the airport. Candian’s can go without an airport croissant … they cannot go without petrol. Which is EXACTLY what Truedope wants. He wants nobody to drive their trucks to work. Take mass transit he says with a slap to the wallet.

      • Furthermore these *&^holes continue to add a tax on taxes at the pump which makes me furious. It’s not insulting enough to be lied to repeatedly about CO2, an important trace gas that does not cause runaway warming, but now to be taxed for a gas we all exhale, we all consume in beer and carbonated drinks.

        • Cmon Al its not CO2 its pollution. Havent you listened to climate czar Catherine M ckinna.. She vilifies it every chance she gets.Pollution , polluters, pollution are words liberally used by her in every t.v. interview. I predicted when this bunch got elected that it would turn out looking like amateur hour and Ithink Iwas right.

    • This happens when you let children (and others with a not fully developed frontal cortex) rule the country.

        • Yes, I learned that in 1976: we had just changed over to metric, and also had moved into a new house. There was a delay of a few days and we basically ran out of fuel oil at the old house.

          I learned about the -40 = -40 the hard way due to the brand new dual-scale thermometer.

          Also, that frost can accumulate on the inside of a wall.

    • Coincidence.
      I noticed a report out of CC friendly BC this morning that the Canadian CC is 4 times that of other countries.
      I cannot fathom how CC can be so geographically bounded at just the time and place that a BS tax based upon a science hoax (AGW) can so propitiously occur.

    • A previous Canadian Environment Minister said “Even if all of the science of global warming is phony ,it still gives us the best opportunity to bring about Justice and Equality in the world”———-So here you have the progressive mindset. Whether the climate is changing or not (because of human activities), the policies will be the same progressive ones of Justice and Equality , wealth redistribution etc etc. ——–To progressives, the climate issue is just another good excuse for implementing policies they would want to put in place anyway.——The issue therefore is not the issue.

  2. I hate the idea of carbon taxes (simply because they don’t accomplish anything) but Canadian (and American) fuel is very cheap compared to even Australian fuel and UK fuel prices are around double Australian fuel prices. Seriously wish my fuel was 107c/l (our local 91 octane unleaded is 149AU which is about 140CAD).
    Side note, has anyone noticed a carbon tax on softdrinks and soda streams? Pretty sure there is a fair bit of CO2 in them.

        • The entire cannabis legalization movement is all about taxation and has nothing to do with politicians being hip and “progressive”.

    • our local 91 octane unleaded
      The advertised price in Canada is for 87 octane. 89 and 91 are higher priced.

      The price depends on where you live. 87 octane in Vancouver is $1.50 liter, about $6 a gallon.

      Last week someone held up an armoured car. Siphoned the gas and left the cash.

      • ferd berple: “Last week someone held up an armoured car. Siphoned the gas and left the cash.”

        Start doing that on a large scale and it’s an even better protest statement than the yellow vests. I’d include vehicles with government plates, too. “It’s our gas. We paid for it.”

      • Confusion here is that Australia follows Europe and uses RON (research octane number). North America uses EON (engine octane number). These are sufficiently different that RON or EON should be specified when talking about fuel octane. 91 RON is roughly equivalent to 87 EON.

    • Of course they accomplish a lot. They provide the government a great deception to impose an increase in government tax revenue they peddle as “saving the planet”. No unpopular income tax hike, no unpopular VAT tax, etc., just a “pure” tax forced upon government. The greatest deception and fraud in the history of governments.

      And, in the West, Trudeau will use the revenue to pay off his BFF, donors and to buy votes to keep him in office. What could go wrong?

    • I would have thought they would have jumped on Soda Stream really fast as it refutes many of the dire predictions of CAGW. Soda Stream instructs you – and it is easily tested using their machine – that colder water can hold more CO2 than warm water. Thus, as the oceans warm, they are unlikely to absorb more CO2, but rather the opposite. If the acidity goes up, then something else (besides CO2 absorption) is probably happening.
      Once this huge error is exposed, people are too likely to start wondering about other studies that say higher CO2 will make plants less productive, or that cooler temperatures make plants more productive.
      Then again, who reads instructions?

      • Yes, but don’t forget: most of the True Climate Apocalypse Believers are also, due to left-wing “intersectionality”, also boycotting Soda Stream due to BDS (which in this case doesn’t mean Bush Derangement Syndrome – pre-cursor to Trump Derangement Syndrome – but Boycott, Divest, Sanctions, i.e., Israel.

        And you know they didn’t take any science in the 10 years they spend in university.

    • Canada’s yellow vests are inside staying warm. Winter in Canada doesn’t officially end until July 1, which we nicknamed as Canada day. The day Canadians first step outside after 10 months of winter. If we see our shadows it means another 2 months of winter.

    • Oh, we have them:


      I can imagine there might be a few more this week and in coming weeks. My dad (not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination) kept saying that he didn’t believe the carbon tax had gone through yet (the government didn’t exactly scream it from the roof tops).

      I’m old enough now to remind him that this is what you get when you elect non-conservatives.

  3. I am so proud of this, I can’t tell you how much. I, personally, am saving the planet!

    Of course, the Uniparty oppposition Federal Conservatives, being Liberals in blue suits, are all in favor of this nonsense policy; they would just do it differently.

    The only choice for Canadians this October is to vote for the politician who publicly states that CO2 is NOT pollution – Mad Max and his People’s Party!

    • Stop trying to split the vote. Max doesn’t stand a chance, all he’s doing is strengthening Trudeau’s chances at reelection.

      • Split the vote? There are two establishment liberal parties offering the same policies (only different wink, wink). One wears a blue suit and drinks milk.

        • Yes, if the Conservatives are smart (not always a sure bet), they will pump up the NDP (and Green?) in ridings they can’t possibly win anyway.

          Some of are old enough to remember the last time the right-wing split, and it led to Liberal majorities. That is, until it got its act together, got all the wingnuts in one place and moved to Conservative majorities (after Martin’s minority – a scenario we might have to go through again).

          BTW, all this would have changed if Zoolander had kept his promise to look at getting rid of the ridiculous “first past the post” counting.

    • Fully agree, Robert. Max and his PPC have my vote, too. The only party in Canada that is right on CO2 and AGW. Moreover, he’s not so freaky socially conservative as many in the CPC.

  4. I guess there is no such thing as equal-protection in Canadian legal and legislative systems.

    • If your name is SNC Lavalin you are protected. If you are an Indian band dying of mercury poisoning, you get to pay $1500 a head to get kicked out on your ass for complaining. Trudope thanks you for you donation while a room full of rich Liberals laugh at you.

      Justice a la Justine.

  5. Did the people of Canada demand this tax burden, or was it imposed by a sadistic government?

    It seems odd that if people were truly concerned about “Carbon”, that not only would they self sanction China, India and other countries, but that they would self-regulate their own behavior. As for me, it isn’t like I’m trying to drive up my energy costs; most people have already made significant changes to their lifestyle in response to increasing energy costs but to demand that they want the government to lord over them in this way…

    I’m not sure how to process the “rebellious” part of the headline. Is that supposed to be a trigger word, or are we expecting to see an equivalent of the Confederate flag flying over a number of Canadian provinces soon?

  6. The April 1 date for the carbon tax is historic. We will fondly remember Justin Trudeau as Canada’s April Fool.

  7. The only effect of carbon taxes is to relocate industry, jobs, economic growth in China and India and thus to impoverish Canadians and increase CO2 emissions since all those goods must then be transported back again in Canada (which increase their cost).

    This rules in any country where climatistas have been elected.

  8. Canada is the second coldest country on the planet. Our average annual temperature is 0C / 32F.

    So please explain why any Canadian in their right mind would be against global warning.

    • And Canada has the third largest oil reserve in the world, hydrocarbon sales makes up 18% of their GDP, and Canada’s largest trade deficit is for tourism, as Canadians go south for a break from winter.

  9. In Canada there is only 1 thing dumber than our politicians. The people that elect them.

  10. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but the government scientists at Environment Canada released a new ‘scientific report’ yesterday, the same day as the new tax imposition. The report claims that Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. News of this report has of course taken the headlines away somewhat from the new tax.

    • fred berple above says the avgis zero
      so warming would be a GOOD thing..
      to anyone but a braindead pollie anyway

    • Greg61: “The report claims that Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.”

      That is good news!

      Break out the swimsuits and frou-frou drinks with little umbrellas and we’ll all meet at the swimming pool. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

    • Yes Greg61,.. That is how the Deep State runs things using the Main Stream Media and Government Financed ‘Science’. It is a type of “False Flag” or magic trick which fools most people as they go about their hectic lives just trying to make ends meet.

      Let’s face it,.. here on WUWT most people have experience following the evidence, as opposed to “The Drama”. Keep observing and you will find this same pattern everywhere in government. The overall effect is to rob the population of the value that they have contributed through work and commitment, inflate their currency and enslave their lives to those who really do not bring anything to the table.

      The more you look, the more you will see. Happy Hunting.

    • Due to the Lavalin scandal, I can only imagine that he will be gone this coming October, or sooner, which is not soon enough. Trudeau is in a controversy where his office tried to defer prosecution of a crime and put pressure on his AG.

      • Worse for Zoolander (a dedicated “male feminist”), the AG is a woman.

        Doubly-worse, she’s a “vizmin”, i.e., Visible Minority.

        Triply-worse, she’s from a First Nation (i.e., what Americans called an “Indian”).

        I mean, if you buy into this intersectionality BS, you truly look like a hypocrite when it comes around to bite you.

  11. If the opposition would call it a “Zamboni” tax most Canadians would fight hard against it.

  12. What a scam. It takes 7.8Gt of CO2 to raise atmospheric CO2 by 1ppm. It takes 3.15 barrels of oil to produce 1 ton of CO2. If we burned all of the known oil reserves in the world today, CO2 would go up by less than 60ppm.

    • To run a Socialist state you needs lots of dollars which can only be provided in a capitalist system.
      But if you kill The Goose you eventually run out of Golden Eggs.

  13. Man, Trudeau must really hate trees and Canadians living outside of urban centers.

    • Rural Canadians mostly vote Conservative. So, yes, he hates them.

      If he gets re-elected, Canada is done. Alberta is already making noises about secession, and I suspect the other Prairie provinces will join them if it happens.

  14. Justin, the spoiled man boy, lives in his own world, and what he wants he demands. As Wernick, his disgraced former Clerk of the Privy Council, said, “He is in a mood, and will get it done one way or another.”
    ‘Privy’, by the way, is a polite term for latrine or outhouse, which clearly shows how Ottawa processes our taxes.

    • The federal carbon taxe is for the provinces that did not already enforced a local carbon taxe. Don’t worry, Kebekistan have already implemented a carbon taxe. Kebekistan, one of the poorest CacaNadian province but pretending to emulate CacaLifornia with style…

  15. Trudeau says he will refund most of the carbon tax revenue back to the taxpayers so the tax will be neutral on their total income.

    Is Trudeau also going to compensate the taxpayers for the increased costs of every good and service caused by the carbon tax?

    I have a feeling the Canadian taxpayers are going to come out on the short end of this deal. And to add insult to injury, any carbon dioxide reductions will be so small they will have no effect on the atmosphere.

    This is the kind of joke you don’t laugh at.

  16. The intention is to change my behaviour. It has no real prospect of reducing CO2 emissions from the vehicle sources because transport is a pretty inelastic energy requirement in Canada.

    It will change my behaviour, however. I will not vote for advocating such a stupid avenue to “clean green and mean” economies. Promising me my own money back at income tax time helps he how? Without any overheads paid for by invisible channels?

    A First nations man had it correct when he commented on the imposition of the equally stupid “Daylight Savings Time”. He said only a White man could think that cutting 1 foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it onto the bottom will make it longer.

    This plan is taking “one foot” of our income and “reattaching it in April” in order to “save the environment”. from…what, exactly?

    I will support an “energy use tax” that is directed towards research into clean and green atomic energy because at least there is a future in that.

    BTW I saw yesterday on a trip from Mississauga to Waterloo a sign on the 401 highway indicating that at the next exit there is an emergency E-vehicle charging station. And in other news a friend of mine brought a Tesla Model 3 from Florida to Toronto in about 3 days (maybe 2.5?). The Dodge van also took 3. It is progress, but not in the way the carbon tax intends.

    • A First nations man had it correct when he commented on the imposition of the equally stupid “Daylight Savings Time”. He said only a White man could think that cutting 1 foot off the top of a blanket and sewing it onto the bottom will make it longer.

      Nitpick: It’s call Daylight Saving Time (there’s no “s” on the end of saving)

      The idea behind Daylight saving isn’t to make the day “longer” (so “first nations man” is building himself a nice little strawman there), the day remains 24 hours long regardless of how you set your clock. The idea is to better utilize the time of the day when the sun is shining. Rather than spending that hour of sunlight asleep at the beginning of the day, you can spend it awake where you can make best use of it. Which in olden times meant more daylight for doing farm work and less time at night spent using candles or lamp oil.

        • Getting up an hour earlier by itself doesn’t do much good if the rest of your schedule isn’t adjusted as well (some of your daily commitments, like the business hours of your job, require you to be at certain places at certain times). The point of Daylight saving Time is that you get up a hour earlier *AND* your entire day’s schedule is adjusted earlier by an hour to match, so that you can take maximum advantage of the daylight. Whether or not it’s worth it is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

          • I’m sure that forcing everyone to get up and go to work earlier because the earlier sunrise gave you more daylight in summer made at least a little sense back before the invention of the electric light.

            Personally, I leave for work at 4:30am. Just like everyone else that works the morning shift where I work. For me DST means that even in summer I get to drive in the dark.

            So, thanks for that. ~¿~

    • Agree entirely with your penultimate paragraph, Crispin. The danger of carbon dioxide taxes is that they disappear into general government funds. The only scenario in which they are tolerable is if every penny, or cent, goes to research and development of low or zero emission energy generation or high efficiency storage and re-release of electricity generated by renewables.

      • THREE DAYS??? Where you hitch hiking?

        How long do you think it takes to drive from Florida to Toronto? (keep in mind, Florida is a big state, depending on where you start, you could be in Florida for many hours)

        It’s 1,278 miles between Toronto, Canada to Orlando, FL assuming the most efficient straight line route. if manage to drive, non-stop, in a straight line at an average of 60 miles an hour, you’d make it in a little over 21 hours (1 day). However:
        1) Obviously there is no perfectly straight line route, so there’s time to add for the twists and turns of the highways.
        2) Hit some bad traffic (for the distance, you are bound to have patched of bad traffic, possibly even a traffic jam or three) or run into an unplanned detour and you can easily add many more hours to that. Nothing kills you MPH average more than sitting in a traffic jam for several hours
        3) Not to mention most people aren’t willing to drive that many hours in a vehicle without rest and/or prefer to travel mostly in daylight hours, so add in at least 8 hours+ per travel day stopping some place to sleep and a few more hours for refueling , food (breakfast, lunch & dinner can easily add a few hours if you are eating with family), and bathroom stops along the way (if travelling with kids or pets, expect numerous such stops – there’s nothing like having just left a rest area and hearing one of the little ones tell you they need to go to the bathroom).

        add those up and you can easily be looking at over 2 days (ie 21 hours base travel time, 16 hours+ sleep/rest, 11 hours for food , bathroom, refueling, traffic, detours, etc) minimum. Poster said possibly as low as 2.5, so that’s not too far off.

  17. As the carbon tax came in for these provinces, we got hit by a barrage of media coverage about…


    A report done by Climate Change Canada. As if it doesn’t sound biased already.

    Canada warming twice as fast as everywhere else. I find this hard to believe when other reports say North American temperatures have been declining since 1998. These 4 lucky provinces will at least get a rebate cheque. We are not so lucky in other provinces where we just get a kick in the head.

    • Yes, the helpful map the Toronto Star put online shows how the FORTY experts came up with this.

      Hint: most of the “warming” is in the arctic.

      I don’t think regular WUWT readers would have any difficulty showing how the data was torqued.

  18. Ex-PH2
    The election will be held on October 21st, when the boy-child and his socialists will lose.
    The movement to get rid of in-your-face and in-your-wallet government is spreading.
    And the carbon tax is stupid economically–and politically.

  19. You would think that Canada would want it to be a little warmer, as cold as they’ are already. Trudeau is penalizing something that would be good for his country if it was actually happening, but the fact that the CO2 induced warming he fears is so small as to be negligible, he’s causing economic pain to Canadians for no good reason. Perhaps they will follow the French example and fight back against this kind of tyranny.

  20. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, China is opening a new coal fired power station every week. So anything Canada does, is no better that peeeing into the wind….


    • I very much doubt that it is legal for the federal government to place a tax on some provinces and not others.

      Otherwise Quebec could implement its own gst and tell the feds to get lost.

      If the supreme court sides with the feds a new round of separatism is likely with provinces graving federal taxation powers.

  21. I’m still amazed that the lie has got so big that you can implement an increase by a month in the time that snow tires have to be used in BC due to the increased expectation for snow, and a carbon tax to fight warming, on the same day–and it attracts no ‘Hey, wait a damn minute here’ reaction in the media, only useful-idiot compliance. That’s just the wildest April Fool’s joke I can imagine, and look at how many fools there now are.

    • Fully agree, Robert. Max and his PPC have my vote, too. The only party in Canada that is right on CO2 and AGW. Moreover, he’s not so freaky socially conservative as many in the CPC.

  22. The idea with this kind of tax is to encourage people to use less fuel. This assumes that most people currently have excess/luxury usage that they can cut, but has someone here already noted, that is not the case. The vast majority of energy use is required and can’t be reduced. The other problem with this tax scheme is that they claim they are going to rebate it back to the tax payers. Putting aside the problem that some will get more back than they paid and other less, this lessens the net cost of the tax on the consumer and thus reduces their incentive to curb their energy use. As far as I can tell, the entire exercise is one of virtue signaling on a grand scale, which also happens to enlarge and enrich the government. All at the Canadian people’s expense. Doh!

    • Almost everything people eat, wear, buy or own spends some of its time on a truck.

      Rise the price of moving that truck, and almost everything people eat, wear, buy or own will rise in price.

      Socialism 101…

  23. Report on climate change shows Canada warming at twice the rate of rest of world

    Marjorie Shepherd, director of the climate-research division at Environment Canada, said that warming is not uniform and some regions are warming more than others, and that on average, since records became available in 1948, temperatures in Canada have increased by 1.7 degrees. Annual average temperature over Northern Canada increased by 2.3 C since 1948.
    Meanwhile. Calgary and Edmonton had their coldest Februarys since the Great Depression and Banff had its coldest February on record based on 131 years of temperature data.

  24. A few years ago Canada began a gun registration/confiscation program to reduce gun violence, which was less than a weekend in Chicago. Now to stop glow-bull warming the Canadians are going to be taxed into poverty to save the planet from CO2, although their contribution is minimal.

    • We got rid of the long gun registry, we’ll get rid of the carbon tax too. Just remember to vote Conservative.

      • Yeah, but Trudeau is reintroducing the registry by the back door, with all future sales and transfers being registered if the bill passes before the election. The Conservatives, I believe, have said they’ll repeal the law as soon as they’re elected, but it will stay if Trudeau wins again; and, once he has a few years of backdoor registration, you can be sure he’ll start confiscation.

  25. “Proponents say carbon tax payments for many families will actually outweigh energy price increases”

    So, they agree that energy prices will increase. And who actually believes that the revenue will be returned to people? After it goes through the labyrinth of big government bureaucracy, the return will be pennies on the dollar.

  26. Dancing Justin has just introduced where socialist governments always go; to a tyrannical despotic central government.

    The Provinces should secede and immediately deny tax incomes to Canada’s new premier despot, Trudeau.

    • As much as I hate Quebec, the rest of Canada just being a vassal to Quebec, I am quite fascinated in hoping they pass their secularism bill, as the average Quebec citizens don’t take **** from anyone else, get the popcorn, this will be a good show.

      As for BC, it can fall into the Pacific with all the other left coast left wing nuts to their south.

      • And Kebekistan kindly show you a finger that you can stuff in your talking back orifice…

    • Good, because we in Québec NEVER EVER want to be part of the USA. So even if you beg us you can go f*** yourself. As per the Rest of Canada (RoC), there’s no difference between them and the U.S. anyway, same language same culture. Some might ask, why Canada does still exist?

      • Good, because we in Québec NEVER EVER want to be part of the USA

        Perfect, because we in the USA NEVER EVER want you to be a part of us, so all is good.

  27. Global warming caused 2018 record cold temperatures in Regina, Saskatchewan but, but,….
    February, 2018
    • Just 9 days into the month, Regina has already doubled the average number of frigid February days
    April, 2019
    Canada warming two times faster than the rest of the world: report. … Between 1948 and 2016, there has been a mean annual temperature increase of 1.7°C for the country as a whole and 2.3°C for northern Canada.17 hours ago

  28. I copy pasted a table for converting compressed natural gas, natural gas, diesel and electricity to gallons of gasoline equivalent. It didn’t paste very well so here’s a 2nd (and final attempt).

    CNG @ 3000 psi Gallons @ 3000 psi 0.239 GGE = CNG gal @ 3000 psi x 0.239
    CNG Hundred cubic feet 0.877 GGE = CNG ccf x 0.877
    Diesel Gallons 1.155 GGE = Diesel gal x 1.155
    Electricity kWh 0.031 GGE = Electricity kWh x 0.031
    Gasoline Gallons No conversion needed GGE = Gasoline gal

  29. True Dough and Climate Barbie want Canadians to be climate taxed to change their ways. Their stated intent is to force us into smaller vehicles and change our vacation habits. Translation – They need more taxpayer money for flying to Florida for the weekends at taxpayer expense.

    Also ironic since the True Dough fortune was made by Grandpa and his chain of gas stations in Quebec……..

  30. The real deal on carbon taxes is that they are deadly to economies. The “revenue neutral” idea is a sop, to lull people into thinking they really aren’t so bad, and the thought that many folks might actually come out ahead on the deal is also a ploy, again to trick people, or should I say sheeple. Because they are getting fleeced.

    • It’s a way to bribe young urban voters to vote for Trudeau, because those kids will be ‘refunded’ far more tax than they pay, and that ‘refund’ will go away if the tax is eliminated.

      So it’s another wealth transfer from the people who do the real work that keeps the country going, to the Millenials working at Starbucks.

    • In short, it’s something like this: in a majority government, the PM can do anything he wants. And Canadians don’t even get to vote for him, they can only vote for their local MPs, who then work for the PM instead of for their constituencies. Those in the governing party. The others don’t count.

    • In case you don’t believe me:

      Traditional political theory teaches that the executive branch of government is responsible to the legislative. It is now clearer than ever that the reverse more nearly applies: members of the Liberal caucus plainly see it as their role, not to hold the government to account, but rather their fellow MPs — on behalf of the government. When wrongdoing by those high in government is alleged by a pair of whistleblowers, their first thought is to root out the whistleblowers.

      Or rather no: I suspect what truly outrages them is the sight of a person of conscience, unwilling to sacrifice her principles so readily on the altar of partisanship. For those who can still remember what that was like, it must be deeply shaming. For the rest, there is only one principle — blind loyalty to the leader — in which cause they are prepared to sacrifice any number of colleagues.

      We should understand, not only how noxious this is, but how unusual. Only in Canada can you be kicked out of the party for disobeying the leader — because only in Canada has the party been so wholly subsumed by the leader, to the point that it exists more or less as an extension of his persona. The prime minister of Great Britain has suffered multiple coup attempts, without any such purges. Because in Britain it is understood that the leader serves the party, rather than the other way around.


  31. Goebbels would smirk at the way the CBC has zoomed in on the doom and gloom like we have never seen it and the bigger the lie the more we’ll believe it.

  32. I’m so happy they’ve got Trudeau and we’ve got Trump.
    If we’re not careful, though, we could end up with AOC. She’s fun to listen to – makes dumb blonde jokes obsolete all by herself. But there are people dumber than her who would vote for her. Hopefully Soros doesn’t have that much money.

  33. Ha! I’m not the only one who suspects it was no coincidence that the Canada’s Climate Change Report 2019 was leaked the same the day carbon tax started.

    Why Canadian ‘climate porn’ is ineffective

    If you’re gullible enough to believe it was pure coincidence that a doomsday report by federal climate scientists on global warming was released on the same day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed his carbon tax on four provinces, I have a proposition for you.

    I would like to sell you some oceanfront property in Alberta caused by rising ocean levels due to global warming.


  34. A really disgusting hypocrite way of taxing and tacking the so-called global warming/climate change bs. If he believes in AGW and the effectiveness of counterbalancing it with this carbon tax, why did he cut last year in tax deductions for public transport costs? A deduction that Conservatives put in place some decade ago. What message does it sends? Leave the subway, buy a car! And now this. For whom is this carbon tax going to be most costly? Of course for the people/families with low incomes.

  35. On april fool’s day, we were “blessed” to see climate barby and the archbishop of warming cult guilbeauld (a failed theology student) trying to justify the carbon taxe on the french channel CacaNadian Bullshit Corporation (CBC). OMG CacaNada is, according to a study from EnviroBS CacaNada, is warming twice as much as the rest of the planet. Just looser militant activist and BS polico to tell us what to think, no one with a shred of a beginning of scientific credential…

    Did you know that archbishop guilbeauld have once proposed that electric bus could recharge “on-the-go” at each couples street corners. Hard to understand that such imbecile is given airtime on the national network, but this is Kebecistan…

  36. This is nothing but wealth redistribution. The plan will give some people more money back than the increase cost them and others will get nothing back costing them more. But will do very little reduce CO2 emissions as the people who get more back than they spent on the carbon tax will end up emitting more CO2 with the extra money they now get.

  37. Come the November federal election the SNC Lavalin scandal will have drifted off to no where . Anyone inside
    Quebec or who has worked their knows this is business as usual . Remember the Olympic stadium debacle that the people of Quebec paid for over decades ? Maybe still are .
    Mr. Dress up will be remembered for the apology tour , the imposition of a carbon tax claimed necessary to set the earth’s temperature , legalized dope , and the really big whopper a balanced budget that has turned into $18 billion in more debt . Millenniums will need to be stoned when they realized how this PC drama teacher has sold them out . But never mind that , his chances of getting reelected…extremely high . Canada likes cute , stupid politicians and after all he claims budgets balance themselves .

  38. “economists don’t expect the carbon tax to affect economic growth much in the near-term.”

    It’s just some more money running to and fro the channels heating them up by friction and: silently building up inflation. Venezuela already caught some. Influence.

    Name it “the Venezuelan ‘flue.'”

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