The New Green Threat: Extinction Rebellion

Translated from The Ilmastotiede blog

If you’ve seen news reports of this winter’s climate campaigns, you may have spotted logos and banners of Extinction Rebellion. Is it just another new climate movement? It didn’t really show up on my radar until after I started wondering why climate activism suddenly seems to be following very similar trajectories in many countries.

How did the Finnish school strikes start? What about the support campaign collecting signatories among the scientific community? Similar campaigns seem to have appeared almost simultaneously in other countries too. Is it only imitation, or is there some international coordination in play?

Extinction Rebellion in Finland

In Finland, the campaign to collect signatures from the scientific community was arranged by Extinction Rebellion activists. The movement arrived here in November. Over 1200 members of the scientific community signed the letter supporting climate school strikes. The most known climate scientists of them was probably Markku Kulmala,


The supporting letter has a link to the British counterpart which explicitly mentions Extinction Rebellion. The first signatory is one of its founders Alison Green, who resigned from her job as Pro-Vice Chancellor at Arden University to concentrate full-time on Extinction Rebellion activism.

Early members of the Finnish Facebook group of the movement include leftist and green electorates, core members of the Ilmastoveivi campaign, employees of the Finnish Environment Institute, the ministry of environment, Sitra, and universities.

It is possible that Extinction Rebellion had some influence in the recent wave of school climate strikes. Famous striker Greta Thunberg explains on Facebook it was originally an activist called Bo Thorén who came up with the idea, which was then further developed with his group of activists. Thorén has been a central member of XR Sweden, so there may be a relationship.


Thunberg participated in Extinction Rebellion’s Declaration of Rebellion which kick-started the movement’s public activity in London, October 2018.

The April revolution

But what kind of  movement seems to be behind much of the climate activist events reported in the Finnish and international media this winter?

Extinction Rebellion Finland sect has compiled a list of educational videos on YouTube. Those as well as other background material make it very clear what the goal of the movement is: no more and no less than a global revolution. This is not a figure of speech. A few examples follow.

clip_image004Click for more…

One of the founders, the main theorist Roger Hallam describes on a lecture video what he did after failing as an organic farmer:

I decided to come down to London to take out the system because I didn’t like it very much. That’s my plan. And I obviously wanted to study how to do it effectively so that’s why got myself into King’s College.

Another lecture recounts how Extinction Rebellion will save the world:

Name of the game: got to bring down all the regimes in the world, ideally simultaneously, and replace them …

The practical implementation happens by paralysing major cities with masses of people. According to Hallam, disabling traffic for a sufficiently long period of time would result in e.g. food shortages.

“Once that happens the regime will fall”.

On the Russian media RT as well, Hallam thoroughly explains the practical details of the planned toppling of governments. In two half-an-hour episodes the RT host repeats Extinction Rebellion’s message without any criticism and describes western democracies as corrupt and criminal.

On its web site the movement says it originally started as ”Rising Up!” The Rising Up!web site in turn mentions the Occupy movement as its origin.

Rising Up! describes its tactics:

Our tactics draw upon state of the art knowledge and experience gleaned from successful global, mass, grass-roots movements which have changed political landscapes and bought down regimes.

The plan is to replace the ”criminal” western political systems with a ”better democracy” designed by Extinction Rebellion in which e.g. voting is no longer needed (sortition is preferred instead). The practical post-revolution steps have also been thought out well in advance.

The Arab Spring was a model already for the Occupy movement. It’s mentioned in Extinction Rebellion’s background material too. Roger Hallam believes that if taking down the British government is successful ”in a few weeks”, then the aggressions would quickly spread to many other countries, as happened with Arab countries in 2010 to 2011.

The schedule of this western Arab Spring is also mentioned in these materials. The global revolution is to take place starting 15th April, 2019. Roger Hallam surmises the movement may fall apart soon after if it fails to take down governments. He estimates the possibility of success is 60%.

The founder of Extinction Rebellion doesn’t seem to worry about publicly speaking about the plan. On a lecture video he states that 99.999% of people aren’t interested in what he says. On the other hand, he thinks his method is so ingenious that governments will be powerless against it even if they know about it in advance.

History of the movement

While Extinction Rebellion usually describes climate change as an existential crisis requiring immediate massive societal changes, the importance of the issue diminishes more and more as you track the movement’s history back in time.

In the Rising Up! philosophy brief climate change is mentioned once, as one of the many grievances of modern society. Occupy movement in turn had no obvious connection to climate, but was borne as a criticism against economic inequality and the perceived societal unfairness.

At least two founding members, the aforementioned Roger Hallam and Gail Bradbrook have described in public sources how they ended up establishing Extinction Rebellion. Deep discontent toward the society and willingness to do something about it is apparent in both stories. In neither of them, however, climate change appears as an original motivator.

The same activists have been in the business of anti-capitalism for many years and demanded increasingly drastic societal changes – in the last few years the objective has become outright revolution. Only reasons used to justify the change have varied along the way.

The purely ”instrumental value” of climate panic is quite obvious in a blog post by one of the founders telling what the movement is actually about. The title says, ”Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate”.


Stuart Basden:

And I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back.

He goes on to say that the ultimate purpose of Extinction Rebellion is to dispel the delusions of the current system, problems ”deeper” than climate change, some of which he thinks are white supremacy, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, heteronormativity, and class hierarchy.

These ultimate problems don’t seem like something that could wipe the human race out of existence within a few years. The urgency of the climate crisis emphasized in the activism can probably be explained by Hallam’s theory that mass movements like this tend to last only for a few months.

The two Roger Hallam lectures published on YouTube this month [March], lasting for about four hours in total, don’t contain a climate change or science section. In fact, Hallam claims that climate change isn’t really happening yet. It’s mainly mentioned in passing, e.g. when he describes what the motor of the revolution is:

true believers… march out into the field of battle” and the backfiring effect when they get “hit on the head”.

Impossible demands, missing means

On the facade the movement has three demands: governments have to tell the truth about the eco-crisis, drop carbon emissions to zero by the year 2025, and adopt a Citizen’s (sic) Assembly in the governmental process.

The movement has been criticized not only for the completely unrealistic emissions demand, but also for not giving any kind of suggestion about how it could be reached.


All of this is, however, completely logical if you consider the actual goal of the movement. The demands aren’t meant to be viable but impossible. Reaching an agreement would mean the failure of the revolution plan. Even entering negotiations would be a serious threat for success, consuming the limited momentum of the movement.

The FAQ states that the movement doesn’t want to put forwards specific solutions – ”it is down to the Citizens Assembly to come up with solutions, having first heard from various experts.” In a video lecture Hallam considers this ”fundamental ambiguity” a game changer. Each participant can keep their own vision. Nobody wants to oppose the utopian better democracy and probably expects their own position to prevail when the solutions are considered post-revolution. This way, the support for the movement can be maximized and tearing differences about the practicalities avoided.

Get high, save the world


One of the founders of Extinction Rebellion Gail Bradbrook recounts the genesis on her behalf in the Emerge podcast (6:00). She had been interested in social change for years. After having her first child in 2008 she became conscious of the deep injustice of the world and decided that mass civil disobedience is the way to fix it.

Bradbrook then says she experimented with many societal movements and campaigns without much success. As a starting point for the rebellion which seems to have been a central part of her adult life, she doesn’t mention climate change at all. The problem seems to have rather been related to economic inequality.

Next, the Extinction Rebellion genesis takes a mystical, if not a supernatural turn. Bradbrook, identifying as a neo-pagan, says that after the Occupy movement faded out she was so lost that the only way forward was to take a flight to Costa Rica and pray the Universe for help. As a part of the ritual, she says, she used the Iboga and Ayahuasca psychedelics.

With the help of the latter Bradbrook prayed to gain enlightenment about the ”codes of social change”. Even though the substances helped in rewiring her brain, the next attempt of activism back in Britain was another flop, though the tax disobedience endeavour resulted in meeting with Roger Hallam.

And lo and behold, in the four-hour meeting Hallam explained his own theses of implementing a revolution speaking thusly: ”here you have the codes of social change”. On hearing him repeat the exact words from the Ayahuasca ceremony, Bradbrook knew her prayers had been answered.

This miracle led to founding of Rising Up!, the precursor of Extinction Rebellion.

Bradbrook goes on to say (from about 20:00 onward) how psychedelics-aided magical ceremonies have been utilized later as well for advancing the movement. If I understood right, on one moment of despair the female members of Extinction Rebellion gathered to pray with the help of an ancient Celtic herb. And behold, only two days later a new important figure, Jem Bendell, joined the movement.

I don’t know how official the role of narcotics use is in Extinction Rebellion, but some background materials emphasize the importance of a spiritual aspect to the activism.

Events ”preparing for the rebellion” have been arranged in co-operation with The Psychedelic Society.

One interview reveals that Extinction Rebellion gatherings involve spiritual ceremonies and many of the activist have a background in spiritual movements. In this context the term probably means something like neo-paganism or shamanism, probably involving appropriate drugs.

The movement portraying as academic and science-based actually rather resembles a religious cult. Mystics and spiritualism are a well tried way to control the masses. Sacrifice, ”ultimately dying for the cause”, is one of the key building blocks of Extinction Rebellion. As we know, the same outcome has historically been often achieved in the religious context.

Does Russia have a finger in this pie too?


In the recent years, Russia has been suspected of involvement in everything under the sun. The Finnish media hasn’t paid attention to the claims of Putin’s environmental and climate propaganda – perhaps because in this field it’s difficult to find a difference between our mainstream media and Russia Today.

A House of Representatives report from last year claims Kremlin is investing heavily to influence opinions via e.g. the social media to advance its energy-political interests. The report says both republicans and democrats agree that Russia is manipulating environmental activists. It cites Hillary Clinton according to whom anti-fracking activist groups have received substantial financial support from Russia.

This year some European politicians, most importantly Merkel, have claimed Russia is behind the school strikes.

If hybrid operations like this are in progress, then Extinction Rebellion might be one of the most probable channels for it. One of the father figures of the movement and a founder of Occupy, Micah White, claims in The Guardian that he was contacted by a Russian disinformation agent in 2016.

He also says Occupy got substantial support from Russia. According to him, RT (Russia Today) ”aggressively” supported the movement. US intelligence authorities also say RT is one of the channels for Kremlin’s environmental propaganda. White claims one of the Occupy activists got his own TV show aired on RT called Redacted Tonight as a reward for his activism.

RT has given a lot of airtime to Extinction Rebellion this year. In addition to the aforementioned Redacted Tonight, a show called On Contact (linked above) dedicated two 30-minute episodes for showcasing the ideology and goals of the movement.

Extinction Rebellion operates almost everywhere in the world – except Russia and China. The RT segments never mention any need for revolution in Russia but concentrate on western countries.


Representatives of Extinction Rebellion have to some degree slipped from the strategy of ”fundamental ambiguity” as laid out by Hallam. Certain positions regarding the emission reduction solutions have been taken.

Professor Gary L. Francione wonders about the movement’s negative stance on veganism. A representative of the movement argues that ”climate deeds” by ordinary people would just distract from achieving political change.

The movement seems to oppose  geoengineering as well. I haven’t seen an official position on nuclear power but one of the founders, the aforementioned Gail Bradbrook has given comments critical of nuclear power.

It has also been made clear that reducing emissions by replacing coal or imported gas with domestic shale is out of question. In fact the movement has actively  opposed(e.g. with a distributed denial of service attack) fracking.

An explanation for opposing everything could be that any credible solutions to reduce emissions would be a threat to the goal of revolution. On the other hand, these stances seem to be pretty well compatible with the interests of Kremlin.

Mode of operation

Roger Hallam’s vision for regime change is based on paralysing the society by masses. He explains on RT (14:20) that the two main mechanisms of toppling a government are 1) disruption, 2) sacrifice. Hallam says the activists have to be ready to ultimately even die for the cause.

In addition to blocking traffic routes, disruption includes property damage (Hallam: ”property damage in particular is good stuff”).

A central concept is backfiring effect which means the counter reaction among the public when the government tries to remove the activists from the streets in order to maintain its functions. Central to Hallam’s plan is the use of vulnerable groups of people and upping the ”level of illegality” until the government has no choice but to react.


The backfiring effect, according to Hallam, is essential to success. It’s a leverage effect using which a relatively small core group of activists can mobilize thousands or hundreds of thousands of people to get behind the movement.

”People will see in the 6 o’clock news ten-year-olds and grannies getting dragged off by the police.”

In the initial phase, of course, a sufficient number of ”true believers” prepared to sacrifice themselves (go to jail or even get killed) is required. According to Hallam, the way to motivate this self-destructiveness is to get the activists emotionally engaged – in this case through ”climate grief”.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the campaigns this winter have concentrated on school kids. Hallam explains that the most important groups are children, young people, old people, and women. Key ideas are the vulnerability of the activists, the violence resulting sooner or later from the illegal activity, and the public’s sympathy gained from this.

Children and other vulnerable groups agitated by climate fear are to be used as a weapon against the society but also as a kind of human shields. The plan from the beginning has been that a part of them will get hurt or even die in order to gather support and more people on the streets – that’s some climate parenthood for you.

TV interview of the chairman of Finland’s ”climate parenthood” association, Sampo Koistinen, wearing an XR badge

In one of his lectures Hallam says: ”this theory is based on young people and old people taking the forefront”. Most of the people pushed in the front line won’t know the actual goal of the protests and don’t even care. Approximate translation from one of the videos:

”Most people don’t really care. Nerdy intellectual people care, which is why nerdy intellectual people are never on the front line.  … It’s mainly people who are excitable, who want something interesting to go on.”

The inevitable violence and deaths would let the activists to be portrayed as victims, and the police as oppressors. The tipping point is reached when new people arrive on the streets faster than they can be removed – jails getting filled up and police resources running low. The RT host says that part of the police force is also expected to defect and take the activists’ side.

Extinction Rebellion emphasizes it’s a ”non-violent” movement. The term isn’t very apt when ”passive agitation” of police violence is a key part of the plan. Paralyzing societal functions with traffic blocks would of course mean e.g. preventing medical care and harming innocent outsiders.

The Occupy movement was also touted as a non-violent movement. According to Wikipedia the death count rose to 32 and over 400 suffered injuries.  According to Reuters the activists used at least scissors as a weapon.


The first demand of Extinction Rebellion is that governments will have to tell the truth about climate change. The clear implication is that they currently don’t. This would mean the movement’s position is that e.g. the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is lying about climate change.

Roger Hallam claims human extinction is imminent within one to two generations. In the RT segment he justifies the claim just verbally with an original calculation of his own. ”Climate change is just simple mathematics”. On RT he uses the already worn-out doctor allegory (”no use to deny if the doctor tells you”) at least five times.

The main theorist of Extinction Rebellion doesn’t clearly know physics or climate science very well, and admits in the lecture videos he’s bad with numbers.

Even though the main argument remains that from authority, the message at the same time is that experts aren’t telling the truth. In the centre of the movement is therefore an assumption of some kind of a conspiracy between governments (the rich elite) and scientists.

Hallam claims that already two degrees of warming would make agriculture globally infeasible. As far as I know scientific studies don’t support the claim. Some recent studies, based on  newer model runs have estimated that even a bigger warming could benefit global agricultural production compared to the current situation.

The studies considered by the latest IPCC assessment report estimate that a couple of degrees of warming in this century might result in net benefit in the global well-being, and the impact of three degrees would be in the order of a couple of percent of the economic growth (AR5 wg2 10.9.2). The views of the scientific community are far from Extinction Rebellion’s claim that humanity would go extinct in the next few decades.



Extinction Rebellion is not about climate change but some kind of world revolution. The climate panic agitation taken to the extreme is just the latest tool in the box of a group which has pursued the same goal for a long time.

School strikes have been welcomed in Finland too as a way of participating in the public debate, but it’s clear Extinction Rebellion doesn’t want to participate in the democratic process but to take it down.

Recruiting children and young people to be used as cannon fodder in a plan based on violence and self-destructiveness isn’t activity that one would hope Finnish politicians and the scientific community to support.


These two twitter threads were the basis for this article. The may contain links, images, etc. which weren’t mentioned here:



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Coeur de Lion
April 2, 2019 6:26 am

The trouble is for these people is that when their revolution arrives,unpleasant and ruthless power-using people like me will come round with the three ton truck and they will never be heard of again. That’s what happens with revolutions.

Samuel C Cogar
Reply to  Coeur de Lion
April 2, 2019 7:53 am

The purely ”instrumental value” of climate panic is quite obvious in a blog post by one of the founders telling what the movement is actually about. The title says, ”Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate”.

Someone didn’t get the memo.

Last Update 1 hour ago:

More than a dozen protesters stripped down to their underwear in the public gallery at Britain’s House of Commons amid ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The demonstrators – aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change – had slogans including “SOS” and “stop wasting time” painted on their bodies. Two of the activists wore full grey body paint and elephant masks.

The group Extinction Rebellion said the protest was an attempt to “draw politicians’ attention to the climate and ecological crisis.”

See a picture of the strippers here

Reply to  Samuel C Cogar
April 2, 2019 9:28 am

Lame strippers, they cannot compete against GOT, or any Netflix or HBO tv series for that matter.

Craig from Oz
Reply to  Urederra
April 2, 2019 7:38 pm

If you need boobies to sell your story then your story is probably already pretty boring.

Works for everything. Movies. Television. Print. Climate Change. If the story is rubbish we are going to switch off.

Reply to  Samuel C Cogar
April 2, 2019 9:42 am

They stripped off completely and glued their bare bottoms to the glass of the public gallery – I don’t know what that has got to do with climate change but it was fair comment on the Bexit fiasco!

Reply to  Samuel C Cogar
April 2, 2019 9:43 am

Haven’t heard from Griffie in a while. Wonder if he was one of the strippers.

Reply to  Coeur de Lion
April 2, 2019 8:27 am

The Neo-Luddites are attempting to rally support for their “cause” which can only lead to anarchy.
It takes considerable effort to make societies, and very little effort to kick them down.
These people do not know how to make things, but only break things.

Reply to  Rocketscientist
April 2, 2019 9:17 am

Rocketscientist, you practically quoted word-for-word what I told an acquaintance who was dancing around my yard a few years back touting “the Movement!” that was Occupy Wall Street. I told her I hoped she and her fellow moonbats and malcontents had a plan to govern if they won the “Revolution;” because lighting cars on fire and making juvenile signs is easy, but governance is hard. She didn’t have an answer for that.

Personally, I believe the darker forces of the UN are behind all these “movements,” including the mass migrations someone is paying for, and enlist the mentally unstable, the disenfranchised, or the just plain maladjusted as their useful idiots. While they make a great deal of noise, and are great for media clicks, I find money has always talked in the end. The US has just hit the point of energy independence and net exports–you really think we’re going to “leave it in the ground” and return to being the vassals of OPEC to placate some crunchy-freaks? I don’t! Neither does Forbes. Watch what the smart money DOES as opposed to what they SAY, and ignore the painted faces ranting in the street.

Reply to  Goldrider
April 2, 2019 10:06 am

“and enlist the mentally unstable, the disenfranchised, or the just plain maladjusted as their useful idiots. ”

You forgot the abused children.

Whatever, it shows how society has descended. It used to be educated people with zero common sense who were enlisted as useful idiots.

April 2, 2019 6:29 am

The libero-extremists know no bounds.

Joel Snider
Reply to  MattS
April 2, 2019 7:46 am

Nor conscience – they have a higher morality.

Reply to  MattS
April 2, 2019 8:58 am

“The same activists have been in the business of anti-capitalism for many years and demanded increasingly drastic societal changes”. – Article.

They want to destroy the very thing that they depend on to get this “revolution” of theirs to the front.

Everything costs money. Capitalism provides money. They want to destroy capitalism.

Anyone besides me see the idiocy in this concept? Anyone? Bueller?

Unfortunately for this bunch of sociopaths, what they really despise but will never admit to it is being part of the human species. They aren’t superior to anyone or anything. They are destructive, not creative, and they know it. They really do want to follow the path of those poor, benighted fools who followed Jim Jones to his bit of paradise in Central America. I certainly will not stand in their way if they really do want to self-destruct, as long as they don’t get any of it on me.

Normally, I would suggest removing their access to the internet, but then, we wouldn’t know what they’re up to, would we? They’re nutz. All of them. And they are dangerous nutz. Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Joel Snider
Reply to  Sara
April 2, 2019 12:44 pm

‘They want to destroy the very thing that they depend on to get this “revolution” of theirs to the front.’

Hence the parasitical nature of socialism – it kills its host.

And you’re right – really does boil down to creation versus destruction.
You can see religious parables in that if you want to.

Reply to  Sara
April 2, 2019 12:53 pm

Sara, while there are front people in this movement that might seem crazy the folks behind the curtain are quite sane. The “wizards” want power and are again trying to use useful idiots and fellow travelers to get it.

I dealt with some of the early players in this bizarre game back in the 1980s. They are devout radical socialists. During the late 1970s or early 1980s the socioeconomic leftist politicos discovered the environmental organizations. They discovered they could get the greens on board by painting their enemies with two different brushes, the environmental green brush and the socialist red brush. After all capitalism was in all their minds the root of all evils in the world and the USA was at the evil center.

We cannot ignore Putin’s role in this game. He has stated the the worse thing that happened in history was the splitting up of the Soviet Union. He blames the USA. He is an “ex-KGB” colonel raised on the technics and strategies of developed over the decades.

Reply to  MattS
April 2, 2019 1:02 pm

How is this group not listed as an eco-terrorist organization. Their purported tactics are illegal activities. They are advocating illegal activities, and not merely civil disobedience.
The founders of this organization advocate disrupting and creating safety hazards at airports and other nodes of transportation.
It’s not a far cry from the “Monkey Wrenchers” a group who actively sought to dismantle and destroy critical infrastructure such as large electrical grid transmission towers.

mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 6:30 am

I’m amazed that these 16 year olds can know so much, after all, I got my PhD about 30 years ago, and every day I find out more and more about what I don’t know

Reply to  mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 6:44 am

They are just like the rest of the commie libs, they already know all there is to be known.
A good example, try teaching leftists gun safety.

Bill Powers
Reply to  AWM
April 2, 2019 8:56 am

Most are lemmings. if you get the chance make sure to instruct them that the pointy end with the hole in the center is a mouthpiece.

Reply to  AWM
April 2, 2019 1:42 pm

Interestingly enough there was a study done regarding gun safety. The test subjects came from both political camps anti and pro gun. They placed individuals into gun safety simulations that mimicked real life, via sophisticated video and firearm simulation. The tests were active shooter situations where they had to make split second decisions as to fire or not fire.
To a person the anti-gun individuals were the most trigger happy with ill-considered thinking as to field of fire or bystanders.
No wonder these idiots want guns banned! Given their frame of reference they must think that everyone else is as utterly ignorant and stupid as they are.

Climate Heretic
Reply to  mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 6:49 am

The more I know, the less I know.

Climate Heretic

Reply to  mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 7:35 am

every day I find out more and more about what I don’t know

Most open minded people do.

Reply to  mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 3:40 pm

mark from the midwest
April 2, 2019 at 6:30 am

I agree.
I passed my exams to become a Master Mariner some thirty five years ago, ending with an oral exam.
The examiner congratulated me, shook my hand, and said something like, “Now you have a licence to learn about the sea for the rest of your career”.
I, too, am still learning.
And some things I learn about people and power are unpleasant – using the very young and very old as ‘human shields’, ultimately disposable ones, too! Just so the puppet-masters [Putin the Poisoner and others?] can be protected.


April 2, 2019 6:42 am

The ultimate end game for eternally restless narcissistic lefties. Stuff the revolution and any aims we’re all about perpetual struggle. On or off the psychedelic stuff does it make any difference?

Flavio Capelli
April 2, 2019 6:45 am

” A central concept is backfiring effect which means the counter reaction among the public when the government tries to remove the activists from the streets in order to maintain its functions. Central to Hallam’s plan is the use of vulnerable groups of people and upping the ”level of illegality” until the government has no choice but to react. ”

Nothing new here, it is a core principle of terrorist doctrines.

michael hart
April 2, 2019 6:46 am

And then he woke up.

John Bell
April 2, 2019 6:48 am

If the system were Socialism then they would also want to take it down, these people are never happy, they always feel oppressed in some way, because they are not at the very top of the pyramid.

Reply to  John Bell
April 2, 2019 7:38 am

Like Jean Jaques Rousseau, they believe that any society is evil:

“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said ‘This is mine’, and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”

It’s an eternal struggle between wild utopias and civilization. So far, civilization is winning.

Reply to  Michael
April 2, 2019 4:10 pm

” …you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”

If nobody owns it, nobody takes care of it.

Such a Utopia must have the ‘fruits of the earth’ uniformly distributed because while the fruits may be free, nobody is going to pick them and deliver them to you for free.
It had better have uniformity of capability among its inhabitants as well, or some will be able to pick faster while some cannot pick fruit at all.

To those in Dreamland…wake the hell up, or shut the hell up.

Reply to  John Bell
April 2, 2019 7:53 am

“If the system were Socialism then they would also want to take it down”

This is why, after the Revolution, the Revolutionaries are the first ones executed. Far too dangerous for The Great Leader to keep them around.

John Turn
Reply to  John Bell
April 2, 2019 8:37 am

I agree they are never happy, unless they are agitating something. I’ve come to believe their motivation for agitation simply comes from the (biochemical – I’m linking to the source of this revelation) rewards they get in being part of a group (I could have used “cult” – you get the idea).

John Turn
Reply to  John Turn
April 2, 2019 8:40 am

… for agitation simply comes from …
That would be better worded … for agitation fundamentally comes from …

April 2, 2019 6:49 am

Really reminds me of the Utopia TV series.

Michael Schaefer
April 2, 2019 6:49 am

Because Finland, of all places, is suffering sooooo much from a somewhat warmer (if compared to the LIA) climate, right? But they do know that Finland is to alarge part an arctic country covered by large swathes of hostile-to-life, absolutely nonarable arctic Tundra, right? So what do these people want to achieve by their well-funded, yet ill-advised initiative? What’s their aim, their endgame? The sheer ignorance and stupidity of these people leaves me speechless!

Reply to  Michael Schaefer
April 2, 2019 8:37 am

Anarchy. They don’t care what happens as long as there is anarchy.

Reply to  Michael Schaefer
April 2, 2019 9:20 am

Michael Schaefer

You are so right, we really would like to feel some of this climate catastrophy. But we are still waiting.

This is very well hiding catastrophy, and also very dangerous because it can´t be feeled by any senses.

Looks like Finnish students have too much time to play el Savior. Sad news…

April 2, 2019 7:05 am

The rabid left scare the hell out of me. They have control of the media and the universities and the right simply have no voice these days.

April 2, 2019 7:11 am

Odd isn’t it? These groups never try this nonsense on with China or Russia?

Reply to  Graemethecat
April 2, 2019 8:38 am

Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

william matlack
Reply to  Graemethecat
April 2, 2019 8:40 am

Well said.

James R Clarke
Reply to  Graemethecat
April 2, 2019 8:59 am

Even animals know not to bite the hand that feeds them, especially if that hand would just as quickly kill you.

Andrew Wilkins
Reply to  Graemethecat
April 3, 2019 7:05 am

On twitter, I often ask these “revolutionaries” why they are demonstrating outside the UK Houses of Parliament, when they should be stood in Tianemin Square as the Chinese are the biggest polluters. It’s easy to stand on a street in London and shout at passers-by about how evil the government is, but if you try that in China you’ll find yourself chucked in jail fairly quickly. The “revolutionaries” go rather quiet once I’ve asked them that…

Reply to  Andrew Wilkins
April 4, 2019 5:33 am

Or how today’s feminists never go to islamist countries to protest womens treatment in there. Apparently the issue whether women should cover their boobs or not is way more important to womens rights, than women getting stoned in some islamist country.

It’s almost as it isn’t actually about women’s rights, or the climate or “social justice”, but just empty virtue signaling and trying to look “good” and “moral”.

Brooks Hurd
April 2, 2019 7:17 am

Extinction Revolution seems to be a new incarnation of the far left. This has new reasons for what they want, however the goal of XR seems to be anarchy. Voting will not be necessary because “citizens assemblies” will run everything. This reminds me of the French Revolution with its use of the guillotine to maintain adherence to the whims of a group of citizens.

The XR goal of zero carbon admissions by 2025 brings to mind the theme of Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six” with an international group planning to wipe out most of the world’s population to save the planet. This is the only way that can imagine which would reduce carbon emissions to near zero in 6 years.

The map showing XR groups everywhere but in Russia and the PRC is telling from the standpoint that these countries might possibly be backing XR. However I find it hard to believe that the leaders of these countries would want the rest of the planet to fall into the black pit of anarchy. The Chinese economy would be devastated by the collapse of their global markets.

After reading this article, I am left with feeling that success of XR would lead to a contraction of the west into a much larger version of Venezuela.

Reply to  Brooks Hurd
April 2, 2019 8:07 am

The simplest, least conspiratory explanation would be that these countries simply ban such organizations as they’d ban any other terrorists. As you might have noticed, other authoritarian countries (say, in the Muslim world) don’t have established XR cells either. And China indeed has nothing to gain from the developed world descending into anarchy.
Russia however has a lot to gain from the collapse of the West, and whatever might be lost is deemed unimportant, as military geopolitical objectives are put way ahead of concerns about economy, trade, and welfare. For years Kremlin has been supporting all kinds of radical groups, from far right neo-nazis to far left anti-fascists, in their attempts to destabilize the US and its allies from within, so it really isn’t surprising that they are using their propaganda wing RT to promote yet another dangerous destructive group that seeks to end human civilization (but only while they operate in the enemy territory of course).

Reply to  Sobaken
April 2, 2019 9:11 am

Nazi’s are left wingers.

Reply to  MarkW
April 2, 2019 11:19 am

Actual Nazi’s were definitely Left-Wing, but many modern Neo-Nazi’s are Right-Wing.

Ironically this appears to be because the Left has been so successful at convincing the masses that the Nazi’s were Right-Wing. So many Far Right groups have embraced Nazism without actually understanding anything about true Fascism.


Reply to  Schitzree
April 2, 2019 1:11 pm

That’s only true if you define racism as being a right wing attribute.
By far the most racist people I’ve ever met have been left wingers.

Smart Rock
Reply to  Schitzree
April 14, 2019 5:53 pm

Left wingers are defined as people MarkW doesn’t like.

Reply to  Brooks Hurd
April 2, 2019 11:02 am

At that point, China and/or Russia would have no fear or deterrence. It is difficult to walk softly if you don’t have a big stick.

April 2, 2019 7:19 am

This is hilarious. Once the “Extinction Rebellion” organizers discover that their college student cohorts will revolt when they find out their efforts would actually make their smartphones extinct, the rebellion will be over with a whimper.

Joel Snider
Reply to  Gandhi
April 2, 2019 7:48 am

They don’t have that connectablity. They’ll blame skeptics for blocking the ‘renewables’ that SHOULD be powering their cell-phone.

April 2, 2019 7:29 am

Roger Hallam < this is someone they actually listen to?
…that gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror….and makes himself look like that?…and approves!

April 2, 2019 7:33 am

All those “sacred activists” and wrench throwers will achieve at the most, is to set back humanity for a while, and when humanity has gotten rid of them, then it will rebuild and go on. Hopefully, the damage on people and on infrastructure will stay very little.

Robert W Turner
April 2, 2019 7:38 am

So they are a terrorist group and we should encourage the proper authorities to add them to the list.

April 2, 2019 7:40 am

Has Extinction Rebellion been influenced by Cheech and Chong?

psychedelics-aided magical ceremonies have been utilized later as well for advancing the movement. – Alison Green

I played Black Sabbath at 78 speed and I saw god… – Thomas Chong

April 2, 2019 7:41 am

Preppers have got it right, everyone should store a month or two of tinned and dry food, in case of inadvertent and man-made emergencies. This is not only a selfish act, it will make life easier for those who don’t prepare, as fewer people will start panic buying. Works also for power outages.

Prepare to live out a zombie apocalypse movie.

Joe Crawford
April 2, 2019 7:46 am

Ahhh… The Cloward–Piven strategy strikes again (re – Yea, I know but the wiki seems pretty descriptive on this one).

Reply to  Joe Crawford
April 2, 2019 11:12 am

Virtually every action taken by the new-left can be identified in the Cloward-Piven strategy, using Alinsky tactics. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Someone is paying for the masses at the Mexican border. Someone paid for the mass migration into the EU. This is one way to overload the system.

April 2, 2019 7:57 am

Chicken little comes to mind.

April 2, 2019 7:59 am

The only difference a few hundred people standing in traffic is going to make, is to the occupancy rates of various ER’s and morgues.

April 2, 2019 8:01 am

I propose a counter-revolution called …

Survival Rebellion

… or perhaps more specifically,

Surviving Stupidity Rebellion

We could create local Surviving-Stupidity-Rebellion cells. The battle cry would be, Vive les combustibles fossiles!</b.

… just thinking outside the box heads here.

April 2, 2019 8:08 am

Sortition, lol. The only thing that will accomplish is the extinction of democracy, which is no surprise because these people despise democracy.

April 2, 2019 8:16 am

It seems to me that those ultra left extremists are themselves the useful idiots of way more dangerous movements such as Neo-Malthusianism.

Paul R. Ehrlich – The population bomb – and his disciple John Holdren who has been Obama’s science advisor come to mind.
And last but not least, Ted Turner (founder of CNN, Turner Broadcasting System, etc.), e.g :

April 2, 2019 8:17 am

Ever hear of Gene Sharp of Oxford University Colour Revolutions fame, or the NED (Nat. Endow, for Democracy)? All referred at their website “how-to”.
Big money there.
Interestingly one of the founders mentioned here praises also Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger’s lover.

Even more interesting is a direct connection to an outfit called CANVAS which produced the Guaido Venezeulan Maidan-in-preparation in Caracas, so loved by Bolton, Pence et. al.

A well known British veteran of Maidan produced the fake dossier that started Russiagate, now a nothing-burger.

Its a small world, ain’t it?

Reply to  bonbon
April 2, 2019 8:24 am

Even Robert Redford’s movie The Company you Keep, about 1960’s SDS/Weathermen veterans, lets the cat out of the bag – the Prof. shows his favorite book The Wretched of the Earth by Fanon.

Fittingly these “climate” radicals are a worse remake of the “Weathermen”.

Reply to  bonbon
April 2, 2019 9:13 am

No matter what the conspiracy, Bolton is always at the center of it.

Reply to  MarkW
April 2, 2019 10:37 am

With Rubio playing center field reading the Bible – guess he thinks Moses would vote for Guaido.
Not sure if Gene Sharp used the Old Testament or the New.

Reply to  bonbon
April 2, 2019 1:12 pm

It really is sad what paranoia does to the mind.

John K. Sutherland.
April 2, 2019 8:20 am

This kind of stupidity, like environmentalism, and the parasitism that socialism is, can only get a toehold in wealthy, prosperous societies.

Dave Ward
April 2, 2019 8:21 am

Wasn’t there a claim recently that the kids climate rebellion was planned in closed door meetings several years ago – and with financial backing from the Rockefellers? Predictably, I can’t remember where I saw this story…

“Climate change is mentioned once, as one of the many grievances of modern society”

Many opinion polls have shown it to be well down the list of public concerns.

“Having first heard from various experts”

And we can guess who they will be!

“Extinction Rebellion operates almost everywhere in the world – except Russia and China”

As others have observed above, this is hardly surprising.

“The first demand of Extinction Rebellion is that governments will have to tell the truth about climate change. The clear implication is that they currently don’t”

About the only true words in this sorry tale…

Dave Ward
Reply to  Dave Ward
April 2, 2019 10:01 am

I still can’t find the exact quote, but I do remember looking at this site:

If you use Ctrl+F and Extinction Rebellion within the page, there are numerous instances, and Greta Thunberg has five sections all to herself!

I find the whole matter very depressing – there is so much of this c**p deeply entrenched in local/national government that it’s hard to see it ever being ousted…

Dave Ward
Reply to  Dave Ward
April 2, 2019 11:12 am

Found it!

“That La Jolla gathering gathering, organized by a coalition of Rockefeller Foundation–supported groups, produced a blueprint for what has become a litigation industry dedicated to obtaining a settlement in the hundreds of billions of dollars from energy interests. It also laid out the plan to impose what we know as the Green New Deal — by court order”

Tom Abbott
April 2, 2019 8:32 am

From the article: “I decided to come down to London to take out the system because I didn’t like it very much. That’s my plan. And I obviously wanted to study how to do it effectively so that’s why got myself into King’s College.

I didn’t know King’s College taught a “take out the system” course.

From the article: “The practical implementation happens by paralysing major cities with masses of people. According to Hallam, disabling traffic for a sufficiently long period of time would result in e.g. food shortages. “Once that happens the regime will fall”.”

Those masses of people blocking things have to eat, too. How’s that going to work if they stay in the streets long enough to make others starve? Won’t they be starving, too? I don’t think you have thought things through.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
April 2, 2019 9:52 am

There’s a saying which is fitting here: The stupid, it hurts

Clare Swift
April 2, 2019 8:37 am

My husband accepted an invitation by our new neighbours that we’d go to a ‘local film night’ but he didn’t bother asking what the film was about. Turned out to be a filmed speech by Bradbrook. I can’t give a synopsis of the entire film because we walked out half-way through. However, from what we saw they are peddling that M Mann is a God; excluding those in their group, all other white-men are evil; Brexit voters are racists (Yes, Brexit really came up in the film) Despite spending almost six-months of the year in darkness, the albedo affect of the arctic region will cause huge temperature rises and if you don’t all get out there agitate and break the law, we’re all about to become extinct. From the comfort of a building she can leave at any time, she urged others to be prepared to go to prison – she is dangerous. And, what worried & saddened me was it appeared that the entire audience lapped it all up.

Gary Pearse
April 2, 2019 8:37 am

I, and others have commented a number of times on mental health aspects of climate alarmism that emerge, not just among scientists as in the well publicized “Climate Blues” epidemic of half a dozen years ago that permanently terminated careers, but also among the much larger contingent of scientifically illiterate activists who have displayed ‘weepiness’ and unabashed discussions of their psyche depressions.

I haven’t commented in a dismissive way, but rather out of concern of where this will all end up. It’s well known that ‘spiritual’ cults tend to attract those with somewhat fragile mental constitutions (the “easily-led” might be a good synonym). Activist movements in general also attract those needing some form of fulfilment, or a focus for their personal anger or discontentment with their lives.

That there is a certain percentage of malcontents in the population is one thing, but that our education system over a couple of generations has actively cultivated them, scaring them and inculcating guilt about CA Global Warming, species extinction, etc. is is especially worrying. That it was all planned is something else.

Flavio Capelli
Reply to  Gary Pearse
April 3, 2019 8:24 pm

It is all already described in Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements”. Great book, I highly recommend it.

Jon Scott
April 2, 2019 8:38 am

Just marxism running out of enemies so it starts to attack and eat it’s self

Flight Level
April 2, 2019 8:38 am

“Name of the game: got to bring down all the regimes in the world, ideally simultaneously, and replace them …”

Aw c’mon Fin’ Boyz, get out of that pastry shop headquarter of yours, walk a bit to the East and state your intentions loud and clear.

You’ll be given an opportunity you can’t refuse, 15 years or educative oil prospection work in Siberia.

Steve O
April 2, 2019 8:48 am

There are quite a few pieces on the board.

Russia’s interest today is financial. They want higher oil prices, which is why many Americans are mind-bogglingly stupid to think that Russia would favor Republicans in office when Democrats are the party in thrall to greenies. But years ago, Russia planted the seeds of global communism and those weeds are found all over the world. I don’t see them having any interest in that today, but they may favor disruption in the world wherever they can create it.

In this attempt at revolution, everyone seems to think that they’re the one in charge and is using the other pieces to advance their agenda. Everything has to be a little bit ambiguous so that everyone pulls their weight. (Later, some idiots will be surprised that the whole revolution wasn’t about gender equality, while other idiots will be shocked that it had nothing to do with climate change.)

It all seems to start with a dogma to oppose capitalism as fervent and unscientific as the flat earth society.

Sweet Old Bob
April 2, 2019 9:00 am

Maybe someone should supply them a few more tons of drugs and then convince them that their revolution has already succeeded and their work is done ?
And their world is now perfect ?

Mark - Helsinki
April 2, 2019 9:00 am

lol at the facebook post allegedly written by the girl 😀 She’s not writing those posts.

Another prop like that “Syrian child” on twitter

The child has no idea that she is being used as a mere prop, none at all. She believes she is actually doing something, being flown around the world and having managed social media accounts.

I swear this is a form of child abuse, and worse, of a kid with Asperger syndrome

Melbourne Resident
Reply to  Mark - Helsinki
April 2, 2019 1:29 pm

Agreed, that was my first thought. The English is just too good for a young Finnish girl. It was either written for her or translated by someone else and the phrasing improved by someone with good level of English education.

Dave O.
April 2, 2019 9:13 am

Crazy people in charge. What could go wrong.

April 2, 2019 9:26 am

When it comes to world class nut-jobbery awards the Greenies are unsurpassable.

Rod Evans
April 2, 2019 9:27 am

As their chant echoes round the central squares of major cities…. “Reach Higher!” Reach Higher!”
“Reach Higher” just remember what it took to stop the last madman, who captured the minds of the masses.

April 2, 2019 9:31 am

” If it rains the Revolution will take place indoors “. Must be frustrating for these die-hard revolutionists to see their movement fades away every time they try to turn status quo on its head. Almost no one is ready to die for the cause and that is only a good thing.

Richard Patton
April 2, 2019 9:48 am

Charles: I hate to nit-pick, but it isn’t clear what are quotes in your article and what are your comments. Could you please throw some quote marks or block indent so we can figure it out?

April 2, 2019 10:03 am

No it isn’t a conspiracy, it is a cult, a memetic end-of-the-world infection.

Doc Chuck
April 2, 2019 10:23 am

Simple. I’m too dumb to work all that well myself, so we’ll have us a revolution so I can rule — you.

Meanwhile pass that bong and the admiring babe.

What? Somebody else is pulling my strings who’ll do the actual ruling part?

And all I’m getting out of this is emphysema, 3 STDs, and an arrest record? Dang!

April 2, 2019 11:07 am

Extinction Rebellion has a xenophobic sound to it.

Walter Sobchak
April 2, 2019 1:17 pm

There is nothing new here. The idea of a General strike leading to revolution and a new order has been kicking around for years. A French radical theorist, Georges Sorel, is the most articulate theorist of the idea.

Sorel was the true source of the ideologies of all modern fascist and communist movements lived untill 1922 and supported both Lenin and Mussolini.

Walter Sobchak
April 2, 2019 1:21 pm

Here is a rule of all politics in all eras. A regime that can pay its soldiers will not be overthrown. Its corollary, a regime that cannot pay its soldiers is defunct, is also universal.

These idiots have no chance of doing anything other than getting arrested.

Chris Hanley
April 2, 2019 1:25 pm

Will life on Earth survive the next major glaciation or the one after that?
It is estimated that there are 300 sextillion (3 × 10^23) stars in the observable universe (I’m not sure that “stars” also includes distant nebulae) and it is a somewhat teleological belief to assume that is all there is.
On that basis there must be at least billions if not zillions of ‘doppelgänger’ Earths out there so if life on our planet goes extinct, who cares?
Quoting the economist Keynes: “In the long run we are all dead”.

Gary Pearse
Reply to  Chris Hanley
April 2, 2019 2:03 pm

Who cares about their life! Chris H. You are a candidate for the leadership of this XR nut game.

Chris Hanley
Reply to  Gary Pearse
April 2, 2019 2:12 pm

Hmmm, a bit too ‘Socratic’ for you Gary?

April 2, 2019 1:27 pm

“The practical post-revolution steps have also been thought out well in advance.”

‘We’ve got a little (a long) list
of those who never shall be missed…’
[with apologies to Peter Lilley, Gilbert and Sullivan]

April 2, 2019 1:47 pm

Have Extinction Rebellion been active in Venezuela?

Robert B
April 2, 2019 2:12 pm

I can’t believe that such a juvenile message resonates with adults. Surely making bigger claims of a looming crisis is going to lead to demands for stronger evidence. The kiddies may have forgotten how bad authorities have been in their predictions but adults are surely more worldly?

April 2, 2019 4:16 pm

Hallam looks like an alcoholic bum I gave a fiver to downtown. So what do we already know that is re-enforced by this story. People lose their bearings under the unbearable weight of the realization that they are unimportant. Nobody gives a crap so they stage a mindless rebellion.

Their tactics and goals are glaringly un-democratic. The response should be calibrated accordingly grannies and all. Use the laws making it illegal to use children in furtherance of a crime.

April 2, 2019 4:25 pm

What a waste of psychedelics!
I was a head for many years and saw this kind of fantasy eco-activism up close. It is a natural expansion of ideas that were current in the ’80s, e.g. the late Terence McKenna, as well as the US West Coast’s history of eco-activism that goes back to John Muir.
I don’t know how much more dangerous these folks are, and I’d like to know who is funding them, but this sort of highly visible, but highly impractical crusade is much easier and cheaper to organize internationally with social media. Whether it will get meaningful political traction or get shot down quickly like the Green New Deal (which also has deep roots in the same movement) remains to be seen.
In the meanwhile, anyone here have ideas on how to counter this? Apart from ridicule?

Reply to  Gracie
April 3, 2019 2:28 am

No need , ‘concern ‘ fashion moves on and ’causes’ become yesterdays news quickly enough for their time in the sun to be short.

John Robertson
April 2, 2019 4:41 pm

Just another face of Gang Green.

April 2, 2019 9:01 pm

“It cites Hillary Clinton according to whom anti-fracking activist groups have received substantial financial support from Russia.”

And they also donated money to Clinton’s election campaign. So technically, she openly and knowingly accepted money from the Russian government whose intention is to destabilise the US economy. No mention of such in the msm on the TV screens week after week. Funny that.

bit chilly
April 3, 2019 1:49 am

As soon as i first saw Greta Thunberg on the news i did some digging, this is an excellent article on just what is involved behind the scenes.I have to say, looking at Hallam and the other streaks of useless piss (apologies for the profanity, i can’t think of a more apt description) he associates with, i personally don’t feel i have anything to worry about.

April 3, 2019 2:26 am

‘gleaned from successful global, mass, grass-roots movements which have changed political landscapes and bought down regimes.’
The odd thing is those ‘regimes’ and more often been the type of ‘socialists or workers paradises ‘ I have no doubt the Extinction Rebellion support. While the ‘Occupy’ ganged achieved NOTHING AT ALL. Such groups such has this have had no success in creating regime or any serious change at any level. Lots of press coverage , lots of virtue signalling , but no actual positive result .

April 3, 2019 6:14 am

Eventually these tyrants are going to have to be put down. And put down hard.

April 3, 2019 6:21 am
Andrew Wilkins
April 3, 2019 7:36 am

I once attended an XR event in London, just to see what the numpties were up to. They held a demo outside the Ministry for Education to demand the UK school curriculum contained multiple messages telling schoolchildren that we were all going to die in 12 years if we didn’t embrace the CAGW message. I noticed that a lot of banners made by Socialist Worker (a hard-left UK political publication) were being waved around.

Watching the demo gave me a mixture of amusement and sadness: it was amusing to see a bunch of about 40 scruffy teachers (why are so many teachers so damn scruffy?) make fools of themselves. However, it was sad to see the awful influence they had over the kids they’d brought along for the demo.

One teacher stood up and announced she was a “poet” and proceeded to recite a poem she had written that was like something a 14 year old would have written: “The polar bears will die/If we don’t really try/All the seas will boil/So we must not use oil”.

They got a poor little 8 year old girl to stand up and make a fact-free speech about how all the nasty adults were killing the planet and her future. It was disgusting that these idiots had influenced this kid with their hard-left junk science that caused her to worry so much.

One of the adults who was leading the demo gave me a leaflet telling me that we only had 12 years left to save the Earth. For a laugh, I asked her what her views were with regards to the logarithmic absorption abilities of CO2. Needless to say, I got a blank look – this demo was a science-free zone.

The demo ended up with the whole mob chanting, “Teach the truth!” repeatedly, while one idiotic teacher sprayed graffiti across the wall of the Ministry building. The idiot then sat down with a gag tied across his mouth (despite the fact that the police stood nearby had not made any attempt to stop him shouting his daft statements to all and sundry). As I say, both laughable and sad.

April 3, 2019 11:03 am

I guess climate choreographers of ten-year olds and grannies is the new consultant gig.

Tony from Tasmania
April 3, 2019 7:24 pm

Many years ago when I was campaigning against Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War (as an Anarchist) I joined a group called Provo. Their intent was exactly the same as these idiots. Escalate violence forcing a reaction and over reaction process until you create a civil war. (Please forgive me I was 17, now I’m a Libertarian and cringe when I look back). I soon left as I got a clear vision of the organization. I noticed that the top end never risked themselves n the street. I brought this up and was told to mind my own business. I did and left.

FB Brown
April 4, 2019 2:11 am

The map “find an extinction rebellion group” makes it appear like the next major extinction be that of the western civilisation (read: the cradle of human rights, free speech and all kinds of freedom).
Rest of world watches while we permit the far left to gut us from within.
Paradox of tolerance.

April 15, 2019 5:19 pm

These idiots have no idea about Islam or what Muslims have already planned for. Of course they are massive racists that think a 1400 year old death cult is merely just a bunch of brown people that will simply go along with training.

But hey, they are accelerationists. The sooner we get a collapse, the sooner a correction can happen.

I don’t expect any of these people to survive what’s coming

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