Angry Protestors Demand the BBC INCREASE Their Climate Change Coverage

Extinction Rebellion, ‘swarming roadblocks’. DAVID HOLT [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Angry “Extinction Rebellion” protestors shut down the BBC headquarters, while demanding the BBC start covering climate change as if it was a major war.

BBC’s London HQ put on lockdown over climate change protest

Extinction Rebellion group calls for environment to be made ‘top editorial issue’

The BBC’s central London headquarters has been put on lockdown due to a protest by climate change campaigners who are demanding it uses its status as national broadcaster to declare a “climate and ecological emergency”.

Extinction Rebellion, a direct action group that has recently shut down key London roads, has demand the BBC makes the environment its “top editorial issue”.

Broadcasting House was locked down early on Friday afternoon, with BBCstaff and guests unable to enter or leave the building while security kept the peaceful but noisy protesters away from the entrance.

Extinction Rebellion activists, who are demanding a meeting with the BBC director general, Tony Hall, said the corporation had a duty to broadcast about climate change with “the level of urgency placed on informing the public about the second world war”.

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Imagine if the protestors had noticed that the BBC is ignoring the green divestment message, and has slid back into investing their pension pot into big oil (26% £26.6 million investment in BP), though to be fair their investment in Tesla is slightly larger.

Correction (EW): h/t Robert Pollock – the BBC investment in BP is £26.6 million, not 26%.

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  1. For fanatics such has these belief is not enough , 100% unquestioning belief and purity in the dogma is the ‘minim’ and still they will find ‘errors’ that require punishment.

    • Knr

      We can go a step farther and suggest that “acceptance” is enough, without having to rise to the level of “belief”.

      Fanatics are content with others accepting their stance even if it is not believed or believable. It is about power, after all, and if someone is willing to hand over their power to you, you can accept it on the condition of non-interference.

      Most people are too lazy or distracted to do the work needed to rise to the level of “belief”.

      • A lot of truth there but don’t forget, knr, that these protest groups with their big signs have funding sources. The worst part is that it is not all Soroslike funding but sadly re-channeled government money (read taxpayers) funding these protests.

        As the BBC is Government run, it is not a stretch here to suggest that this is government protesting itself under the guise of saving the planet for the express purpose of getting the average taxpayers to hand them more control over everyone’s lifestyle choices.

        For the organizers and sign makers this is a full time job. For many of the sign holding acolytes this is a part time gig for weekend beer money while they get their brains washed in the college classrooms.

        • Bill –

          Government loves signs.

          Our school district for years had rejected levy after levy to build 2 high school. They finally passed a levy to add on to the existing school. After the levy passed each school was adorned with 5’X10’ canvas signs that read “Thank you residents.”

      • The real question is what will these numbskulls be like when they hit their 60s? Or will they even be alive that long?

        Anyone I see now who says he was a protester in the 1960s also says reality struck hard when he needed a job to pay the bills and put food on the table. I guess Gaia had her ears stuffed with cotton balls.

        If these nitwits are getting paid to do this now, how long would it last if they didn’t get paid another cent? If this isn’t a waste of funds, what is it?

        • Sara, the organizers and sign makers will turn into bureaucrats, College Prof…indoctrinators, and TV celebrities like Bill “Nye on stupid” the not so sciency guy and Neil “deGrass fire” Tyson. The majority of the brainwashed acolytes will, as you suggest, be forced to get real jobs to get married and have families.
          Lets just hope this latter group teach their children well. Something tells me this propaganda hoax will only die if and when a new generation of doubting college students take over the classrooms and host sit ins for truth in the Deans Office because they can’t afford beer money due to the outrageous cost of fossil fuel.

        • Alex Epstein founder of the Center for Industrial Progress a pro fossil fuels think tank based in Wash, DC, likes to say “Nature doesn’t give mankind a safe climate that we make dangerous. Nature gives us a dangerous climate that we must make safe.” Mortality rates due to climate and weather have declined dramatically over the past century. Mankind has achieved this by improvements in scientific knowledge, technology, reliable, affordable and abundant energy, and understanding and appropriately pricing risk.

    • As I watch the expression on my Millennials, I notice their reaction is about the same as a devote individual hearing his/her beliefs challenged. Not an easy nut to crack.

    • Just like communists in the West in seventies. The USSR ‘was’ morally superior and technologically advanced, no unemployment, minimal criminal problems, only troublesome thing was fascist propaganda and sabotage, which would be dealt with by shooting anyone trying to sneak out under the iron curtain.

      The communists in the West tried and sometimes succeeded to get refugees sent back. Now they don’t want to send back even the worst perpetrators. Such is life, ideas change but gullibility is for ever.

    • They’re all wearing Winter Coats—so much for the CAGW, er Climate Change, er Climate Disruption, er Apocalypses, er (sarc).

    • A question for y’all. The protesters in the photo have a banner that reads “REBEL FOR LIFE”. Is rebel a verb or noun?



  2. Friday prime time Radio 2, the Jeremy Vine show had half a dozen of these morons in his studio bleating on about their kids and grandkids being subjected to “catastrophic” temperature rise.

    Most notably, none of them could recite any scientific data, it was all just hysterics and whining.

    However Jeremy Vine was lapping it all up, in his usual sycophantic manner.

  3. “… their investment in Tesla is slightly larger.”

    Are they really invested in TSLA? How many shares or how much money? (I follow the stock closely. Its prospects in 2019 are poor.)

  4. There was me thinking the ‘second world war’ finished in 1945!!!

    The local BBC Radio station usually has at least one item regarding the green blob on most hourly news.

  5. Slightly off topic but all part of the same lunacy, I see the Gatwick drone idiots might be eco-warriors apparently?

  6. whats the betting they or a group like Plane Stupid were behind teh recent drone shutdown of Gatwick?

  7. This is what happens when weak minded middle class people are subjected to relentless scare stories.

  8. The BBC is reaping what it sowed.
    For a many years now it has been broadcasting the most alarming stories about climate change and CAGW in almost every news item or documentary that it can and this is the result: a generation of brain washed children and young adults and older people who seem to have abandoned rational thought in the face of the most improbable propaganda.
    And improbable much of it is. Over at Paul Homewood’s site ( there are regular articles about BBC misinformation , which is reported back to the BBC , only to be fobbed off with more misinformation.
    One of the most disturbing aspects is the apparent disinterest shown by the police at these disruptive events. In one of the photos taken outside the Bristol studios a young baby is shown wedged against the iron railings by its mother – yet none of the police or security people in attendance (and studiously avoiding looking at the vulnerable infant) are doing anything to protect the child.
    It seems that where Green activities are concerned the authorities have abandoned any attempt at public order or the protection of the vulnerable. We know that no charges will be brought against these people no matter what disruption or injury they cause.
    That cannot be good for the future of public order in Britain.

    • MikeWaite,

      That horse has long since bolted.

      From what I hear, there is rumor of Roaming Gangs of Foreign perverts and their Offspring conducting themselves in a alleged criminal sexual manner with young women in the North of England.

      Although I am equally informed that mentioning this is against the PC rules, as is identify the culprits, and as is reporting on the outcomes of any related legal action.

      As Mr Tommy Robinson has found out, to his great detriment. More than once.

      Then there is the current Tourist problem in inner London, or the lack thereof, where the current Muslim Mayor denies that there is a problem.

      However, we are informed that contrary to daily eyewitness reports, the religion of peace is as peaceful as ever.

      Although Police Constable Keith Palmer might have an opinion to the contrary. However, sadly he isn’t here now to have one.
      Pity he wasn’t armed with the standard Service issue of the Local Australian or American Police officer

      Although the Coward in Chief, Sir Craig Mackey still reassures us, to this day, that this was a lone and disturbed individual who butchered one of his Constables, in front of him, for no discernible reason.

      Unfortunately, as has been recorded, Sir Craig Mackey was restrained in his vehicle at the time and was unable to render assistance, immediate or otherwise.

      Then we have Khalid Masood, who was clearly no more than a disaffected Protestant youth, or possibly one of those violent Catholics, or some radical Conservative of a similar cult, and who clearly was having just a bad day.

      As for Salih Khater, he was no more than a radical student dropout with an attitude problem, so nothing to see here.

      Sadly, MikeWaite, my friend, the downhill run has already started. The backlash, however, has yet to begin.
      As Mr Tommy Robinson has already found out, to his great detriment, it’s not going to end well, or peacefully.

      But as history has shown, it never has, and never will, once those trusted to Administrator the affairs of the realm betray it’s citizens.
      Regardless whether the cause is through incompetence, corruption, or misplaced ideology, or all of these things.

      Sadly, if history is also any guide, it’s going to get quite bad over the next thousand years.

      Although over the next few decades, if history is also any guide, it’s going to make both the Inquisition and the French Revolution look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.

        • why?
          its the truth
          its the silencing of the subject that allowed the rape gangs to keep doing what they were for so damned long!!!!!!

          • The subject may have been hushed up in the past but it’s all over the mainstream media now. What that idiot who calls himself Tommy Robinson was doing was acting in a way that risked compromising a trial in progress. Sex abusers exist in all cultures.

          • Tommy Robinson was trying to get the paedophiles acquitted by a mistrial. The law is clear. All media are blacked out during the trial to ensure that the jury are swayed only by the court proceedings. That’s for all trials in English Law.
            He was not trying to help the victims.

        • Actually, Ed, this is what you get with government-run media. There are no other effective news outlets and you get the pot boiling over.

      • Mackay is actually correct about the Westminster attacker. The liberal elite like the idea of an islamic terror network as it gives them an excuse to spend taxpayer cash and force rules on the people. But as Peter Hitchens has shown repeatedly, the perpetrators are disturbed people using drugs – legal or otherwise. The same with most massacres. And that causes a problem for the pro-drug liberal elite and big pharma selling anti-depressants and steroids.

  9. Climate change is taking place so slowly that it takes networks of very sophisticated sensors, decades to even detect it. One must not mix up true climate change with weather cycles that are part of the current climate. The reality is that the climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. So on a day by day bases there is virtually nothing to report that has not already been reported.

    • The BBC’s problem is that they did not lie enough . As a young boy saying “I lied, but I did not lie enough, and I got a spanking”.

  10. In all honesty, it would be difficult for the BBC to increase its coverage of climate change, plastic pollution & other similar eco-fear topics. Their bias in favour of all the hysteria is a joke for a national broadcaster especially when these people’s inflated salaries are paid for by the public they are meant to keep objectively informed. The BBC looks more and more like a cross between the Grauniad & Some racy magazine for women , these days! No news…..just innuendo and catastrophe!

    • One of the demand was that no ‘deniers’ should be allowed to speak. Do they not know where that approach leads?

  11. If all the ‘greenies’ in the world purchased a solar powerd deep freezer and they left the lid open. How much colder would the global temperature be?

  12. If all the greenies in the world purchase a solar powerd deep freezer and they left the lid open. How much colder would the global temperature be?

  13. A new line of work for the “the end is nigh” sandwich board deranged who used to march up and down Oxford Street?

    The end is still nigh. Same shit, different century, new delusionals.

  14. Are the politicians and social engineers who dreamed up the global warming scare astonished at the mind-numbing success of their psychological trickery? Or did they expect there’d be countless gullible prats protesting in the streets.

  15. Please stop calling them ‘ greenies ‘.
    This gives the impression they are naughty children.
    Call them ‘ green ‘ or ‘ green blob ‘ etc.

  16. This is the modus operandi of governments and the organisations they fund. When they want to do something that they know will be disliked by the majority of the people who put them in power, first they get a supportive group who claim to represent the public to campaign for it. Then they say that, ‘since the public are demanding it, they must accede to their wishes’. Job done.

  17. Dear angry protestors,

    The night before your rally, how did you communicate with your fellow protestors? — mobile phones?, computers? — all enabled by fossil fuels.

    How did you arrive at the protest site? — motor cars? … buses? … heck, even bikes? — in one way or another, all enabled by fossil fuels.

    What did you eat for breakfast? — whatever it might have been, modern agriculture, manufacture, and distribution to get it to you was enabled by fossil fuel.

    And let’s not forget those comfy cloths and comfy heated dwellings you require to keep you fit enough to bite the hands that feed you.

    Now what are you protesting again? And why are you so damn angry again?

    Please wake up and get a real life.

    Yours truly,

    A former contributor to all environmental causes, who himself finally woke up to the big CO2 scam, thanks to smart people who put him (me) onto some REAL facts.

  18. From the article: “Angry “Extinction Rebellion” protestors shut down the BBC headquarters, while demanding the BBC start covering climate change as if it was a major war.”

    These people would be demonstrating in China and India if they were really serious.

    They want to claim we are in a crisis but don’t want to acknowledge the cause of the problem: China and India; and don’t want to acknowledge that there is a simple solution to reduce CO2: nuclear powerplants.

    I predict they won’t make much progress on their war. They don’t know which target to attack and they don’t have a solution for the problem (No, windmills and solar are *not* a solution).

    • @Tom Abbott:
      “I predict they won’t make much progress on their war…..”

      Tom, I keep getting the impression that the protesters do not REALLY understand that they are fighting their “war” against an “enemy” which we all depend on to maintain our standard of living and way of life. The “Extinction Rebellion” protesters have as their enemy the very same fossil fuels (and the companies that produce them) that the rest of us do, and they are probably just as dependent on them as the rest of us.

      Trying to fight a war against an “enemy” that you and everyone around you are dependent on reflects an I.Q. level for which there is a lot of room for improvement. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

      As I have said here many times before, the only way fossil fuels will ever go away someday is with the energy generating technological alternatives that are commercially viable and scale up successfully against them. Nuclear and hydro are currently the only ones. Wind and solar energy currently don’t cut it and neither will a climate alarmist narrative that can be poked full of enough holes scientifically to make it look like a block of Swiss cheese.

      Wisdom comes with age, and these protesters obviously have a lot of maturing to do. It may be a very long time yet before they develop the wisdom to understand they are fighting a pointless “war.”

      • Equating a “possible” tenth or two of temperature change per decade, which may or may not be related to the use of fossil fuels, to bombs falling out of the sky, and devastating your community, is NOT a rational position.
        There is a difference between a little mixed up, about complex issues, and completely detached from reality.
        The BBC has been promoting “detached from reality” for decades. And it finally showed up on their doorstep, complete with winter jackets appropriate for “unprecedented warming”, 0.8*C above what someone thinks the average should be.
        Complaining about impending “extinction events”.
        The accurate term for this behavior is “Paranoid schizophrenia”, but that might hurt someones feelings. Best to humor them. They will get tired and go back to the shelter of a peaceful world, where war is what happens when mommy forgot to get your favorite pudding.

  19. There seems to be a paucity of Demonstrations, for global warming.
    The sceptics spout that its not a problem.
    But where are the demonstrations for global warming?
    Obviously that warmer is better and that colder kills.
    I did have a number plate with that on but some how it was disappeared.
    WARM better COLD kills.
    People need to know.
    Just Conflating.

    • “But where are the demonstrations for global warming?”

      There once was a group called Minnesotans for Global Warming.

  20. From the article: “he BBC’s central London headquarters has been put on lockdown due to a protest by climate change campaigners who are demanding it uses its status as national broadcaster to declare a “climate and ecological emergency”.”

    I thought that was what the BBC *was* doing. You mean to say you don’t think they have been extreme enough in their rhetoric about CO2?

    What the protestors are really complaining about is a lack of progress on doing away with fossil fuels (from their point of view).

    It seems to me like the BBC has been pushing its share of CAGW propaganda and lies. What more can they do?

    The Alarmists are losing this battle, it seems to me, and they are feeling it, which is why they are out in the streets (bolstered of course, by the latest IPCC scaremongering).

    CO2 is increasing. The temperatures are not. That’s the reality that is going to blow up their fantasy world where CO2 destroys the world. It will just take a while.

  21. As the BBC and its sister organisation the Guardian have already declared their position, it seems an odd place to demand even more biased reporting of a non problem.
    Than again when have the Green Blobs ever used logic. Remember it was the Greens advocating Diesel cars should replace Petrol engined vehicles in our cities that caused the asthma and respiratory problems they now demand only banning diesel engines will solve….
    I just look forward to the trial of the two warriors that shut down Gatwick with a drone, these past three days to report, (if they are allowed to) the Greenpiece activists, only wanted to show how beneficial their no fly world would be.
    No doubt the Green warriors will get off with just a small fine and a permanent slot on the BBC to cover the dangers of capitalism.
    I can see Hugh Edwards turning to camera on his 10.00 pm news stint, saying Janice and John there our eco warrior corespondents, more from them tomorrow.

    • As the BBC and its sister organisation the Guardian have already declared their position, it seems an odd place to demand even more biased reporting of a non problem.

      Indeed, it’s kind of hard to increase when you are already at Max volume.

  22. One dozen deluded alarmists with a sign funded by a rich activist, or worse funded by the British Government, somehow manage to shut a road?

    A couple of motorists laying on their horns a few feet away from the alarmists should convince them that there are better places to be.

    Or a few pedestrians who insist on their right of way and respond to aggressive blocking by pepper spraying the offenders.

    BBC must be fully complicit with this stunt.
    BBC subscribers should insist on refunds for any day BBC pretends to be shut down.

  23. The image I get from the BBC(though I’m canadain with our own CBC) is that they are full on board, and hammering on like soothsayers of doom.

    How much more climate coverage is needed? Climate change(GW, CC,GC,CW) is used in ALL disasters, ALL bad weather, ALL future planning, All economic analyses, ALL politics, ALL reductions in the biosphere, ALL predicted extinctions, …..ALL ALL ALL!!!
    The list is endless, maybe we’ve hit the saturation point of absorption and once reaching that slippery slope of over saturation people just stop listening and start questioning all this extremism? MAYBE?
    I grew up as the first gen-x brought up by my grandparents(the greatest generation) who lived through poverty, wars, premature death, heavy sheet. My parents (Babybooms), dad(didnt know him, he left when I was young and never tried to stay in touch or did that side of the family) was a absolute self-centred criminal loser and my mom was a single parent worked her ass off but did know how to show love(married two more alcoholic man), always trying to find herself( the me generation). She was always looking and taking on causes my whole life and I was a big volunteer at a young age for the democratic party(we hated the rights), the poor and taking in/sponsoring African refugees, most with hidden mental or drug problems.
    I was a member of Greenpeace, WWF, Sierra club before global warming(it was global cooling). Small organizations with a noble cause and believed it all. I was a young fool, I found out one lie from the NDP I had been campaigning/ door knocking and working at the polling station as a counter at the after party( we won). They had campaigned against free trade( the other EVIL party was for it) and I asked why free trade was so bad? Their answer was because the SC wanted it so it must be wrong, I badgered them and they admitted that they agreed with free trade. WTF?
    That was a red pilled moment, I started questioned and researching everything from both sides. My party and ALL the enviro groups I was a member of have become extremists today.

    Gen-Z is coming up and they have All knowledge of this crap at their finger tips, they don’t believe it and are more conservative. I’ve never been a conservative and fought against it, but paradigms have changed and has gone beyond party’s.

  24. This is the first time I’ve heard of this moronic group, “Extinction Rebellion”. I wonder who funds it? It’s all about theater with these Loony Lefty groups. Often, they have to bring in paid performers to bolster their numbers, in hopes of garnering publicity, and especially, money.

    • look behind n see soros or one of his “affilaiteds” Id hazard
      hilariously low turnout had the greenshaded BBC staff scared?
      the irony

    • They brought central London to a standstill a few weeks ago, with rolling street demos that blocked major roads for 10-15 minutes at a time – the police of course did nothing

  25. The BBC could expand coverage of climate change issues by actually telling some truth about it. Just sayin’.

    • It doesn’t take much counterfeit money to ruin a currency. It doesn’t take many vigilantes to disrupt a civil society. It doesn’t take many very wealthy activists to sponsor political dissidents. It doesn’t take many media groups to spread propaganda. A few social media giants can easily restrict freedom of speech. Just saying!

  26. In former times this group would have been treated for the severe paranoia and anxiety fears they have developed, which are so irrational it is sad to witness. Protesting outside the BBC is just running home to mother on their part.

    What they should do is find a good lawyer in the USA and sue the BBC for creating their illness with its ever more absurd climate hysteria; a corporation that likes to feed its trusting environmentalist children with food laced with high salt content.

  27. Somewhere at sometime, someone should fund a site that has pictures of each if these individuals along with doxing them. It would be interesting to find who is feeding this virus of disaster, I’m still waiting on who paid for the caravans.

  28. Even a day of study and deep, rational thought on the subject would be too much to ask of those uncritical people who are so desperately in need of a ‘cause’. These cognitively controlled sleepwalkers are a product of the media and its weaponised narrative – forced on us for 30 years.

    Time to grow up and do some serious research like many of us have had to do.

  29. What’s the going rate for paid protesting? I doubt such monetizing stopped with the demise of ACORN.

  30. But I will say this in favour of the BBC.
    Tonight on BBC1, 7pm gmt, they are showing the new BBC-Netflix adaptation of Watership Down. One of our girls’ (and my) favourite stories. Must-see.

  31. Recently there was an inquiry into BBC quizzes and game shows that found that, almost without exception, the winner of these competitions was either a member of the production team, or someone closely connected to one. Winners received significant prizes.

    It’s probably moral licensing. They’re on such a moral high from all the good causes they promote, that they look down on mere honesty as out-dated and judeo-christian.

    • Do have a reference? When watching quizzes my wice and I try to identify the “chosdn winner” before the halfway point.

    • I heard this on the radio a few years ago.
      But I couldn’t find it from a cursory search of the internet, I’ll keep trying.


    I note from the pictures, the vast amount of oil derived products being used by the protesters – Phones, cameras, glasses, hats, clothes, signs, bicycles, shoes, megaphones, backpacks, polyester animal suits, plastic bags, pushchairs, (*I love the plastic breathing tube @1:12*), zip fasteners, neoprene cushions, plastic ties for signs, acrylic paints, even their bra & knicker elastic is made from oil….

    Then they went home, mainly by fossil fuelled transport, to homes built & powered by fossil fuels. What hypocrites , a population that has no understanding of science or the world around them.

  33. The bbc are not controlled. That is the problem and their unbalanced reporting by overpaid employees is ground for. Public action.
    Useless politicians of every hue.

  34. Simple… these stupids already, by their own admission, and their own acts, have already labeled themself as “rebels”…
    Good…or maybe not so good…but still it remains to be seen.

    Maybe BBC will let it be itself a platform of “rebels”, aiding, abetting and feverishly supporting the rebellion of monkeys and apes, against civility and civilization… it remains to be seen!

    “Rebels”, what the fricking fracking frack! (a thing that monkeys and apes can not ever do, no matter what)
    Stupidity in steroids…Bleating stupids all over…gosh!


  35. Certainly it’s factual to report that these people have organized to protest. Unaddressed is the fact that the rationale for their protest is scientifically unsupportable — therein lies the reportorial dereliction!

  36. Have the winds shifted? Will there be a political climate change? Uncertainty is a multifaceted measure in theory (e.g. models), practice (e.g. observation and forecasts in the near-space and time), and prophecy (i.e. predictions).

  37. All the BBC Climate Change articles have disapeared off their ”’science”’ page.

    It was inundated now theres none.

    Something is going down.

  38. “…climate change campaigners who are demanding it (BBC) uses its status as national broadcaster to declare a “climate and ecological emergency..”

    This is the perfect recipe for Fake News. They dont ask for investigative journalism they just ask them to take dictation or make it up.

  39. The is only one thing which may bring the Greens to their senses. That’s when the power system ceases to function as a result of the renewables.
    Then we may see the two day working week and many businesses to survive , will leave the country. In plain English, when the SHIT finally hits the Fan. Not before.

    Up till then we will see all sorts of excuses as to why this or that has happened.


    • Nah they’ll just blame the “deniers” as they come out with any excuse in the book to claim it wasn’t their nonsense that cause it and insist that even more useless green idea need to be implemented to fix all the problem that the previous green idea caused (like the power system collapse and business exodus). In short they’ll never come to their senses because they’re the “virtuous” ones who are trying to “save the planet” so no matter what the negative consequences are their actions are right and just and it’s everyone else’s fault when things don’t work out.

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