Hilarious: Climate Advocates Trying to Harness Trump Derangement Syndrome for Profit

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Imagine if you could make a profit every time some green snowflake expresses a burst of irrational hatred towards President Trump.

One group of greens is trying to make that happen.

Here’s how to plant a tree every time Trump says something dumb about climate change

Imagine, for a second, that you had one of those stress balls that you could squish in your palm whenever Trump said something about the environment that really frustrated you.

Now imagine that a tree popped out whenever you used it.

Treespond, a campaign that allows users to sponsor the planting of a tree in response to Trump’s misleading commentary about climate change, launched earlier this week. Treepex, the nonprofit behind Treespond, hopes to harness your political frustration and turn it into carbon sequestering forests.

The idea for the campaign came when Bacho Khachidze, Treepex’s cofounder, noticed how frustrated people got about climate change deniers. “It’s normal to get angry when people with power spread false information about a problem that needs urgent attention, their words can do real damage,” he admitted, “But we wanted to provide people with something actionable they could do that wasn’t, like, screaming back.”

Each tree costs $9.99 to plant and comes with a certificate with your tree’s ID number, a photograph of the tree, and its geographical location. The idea recalls the now clichéd Star Registry, that allows people to name a star in someone’s name. Though stars, of course, do not come with biodegradable tags.

Though small in nature, the gesture of planting a tree holds symbolic weight: It can represent the voice of those listening to the Earth’s pain and working to heal it.

Read more: https://mashable.com/2018/07/29/trump-climate-change-treespond/

How do greens plan to survive the post renewable subsidy apocalypse without getting a real job? I guess we now have an answer.

154 thoughts on “Hilarious: Climate Advocates Trying to Harness Trump Derangement Syndrome for Profit

    • That’s the way it works. Loggers harvest trees. Tree planters plant new trees. It’s a lot like farming.

      Tree planters can make OK money but it’s grueling backbreaking work. On a per tree basis they get ten or twenty cents. A good planter can plant 3000 trees per day. link

      Seedlings are really cheap, as little as twenty cents.

      Given the above information we can see that the Treespond campaign is a major rip off. They want ten bucks to plant a tree and send you an email about it.

      • I can get a pic of a starving dark-skinned child someplace for just $2.50! Or was it $2.50/day? I’m sure it’s a bargain either way!

      • Let’s see. Twenty cents for the seedling, twenty cents for the planting labor. $9.59 for the scam artist? That’s about 96% going to administrative expenses, including the absurd “serial number” and the picture with geographical area (North America?)

        I suppose that they send the same “representative” picture to every sucker, er customer and have a script to increment the serial number in the email?

        At least this scam is paid for by CAGW believers rather than taxpayers. I’m reminded of Tammy Faye Bakker selling “family Bibles so big she can’t pick them up”. Let the gullible be fleeced. Less money for them to send to Bernie, Ocasio-Cortez, and Princess Fauxahontas.

        • You left out some significant expenses. Website costs. Getting the seedlings to wherever, transportation costs. What about site preparation?

          • Also, if someone’s tree falls over in a storm and squashes someone else’s car, is the owner of the tree liable for expenses?

            Could the tree owner turn around and sue Treepex for situating their tree in a dangerous area?

            It seems to me an opportunity for those of the ambulance-chasing demographic.

          • Website costs? Please. They need to write a script and can probably run it on a virtually free server. What stops them from making an agreement with somebody who is already planting trees to pay them a penny a tree to plant the trees on behalf of Treepex? So they could basically pocket virtually the entire $9.99. On top of that, they could probably get away with putting an additional $2.50 shipping and handling fee on there. Since there would be no actual shipping, they could claim that their shipping method is 100% carbon-free.

            (Not claiming that this is actually what they are doing, but what stops them from doing it?)

    • What would be funny is if Treepex is a name of a bunch of Trex Lumber Company employees who put together this scam during a lunch break and had their kids set up the website. Get paid twice to plant trees.

      • Exactly! That’s what I was thinking too. Didn’t see your post until after I just wrote that.

  1. Couldn’t we find a way to connect them to the grid to harness the energy of the tantrums?

    • Unfortunately, it is not possible.
      Thermodynamically, useful work can be done when energy flows from a more ordered (lower entropy) state to a more disordered state with higher entropy.
      The problem with moonbats is that they exist in an extremely disordered state with near maximum entropy to start with. this, of course, includes both their actions and their thoughts. Therefor, utilizing them to do useful work is impossible, even at a theoretical level.

      • TonyL,

        I’m sorry I took the time to answer you when you spoke of “engaging” me in another thread. I have since seen the way you insult people – I should have remembered that before I wrote. I don’t think you cared at all what I thought, you just wanted to tell me how skeptics think, as if I didn’t know.

        • Kristi Silber:

          Sorry I did not get back to you. I did see what you wrote, and bookmarked it for future reference. By then the thread was getting old, and I thought you might not be watching any longer.
          My apologies for the misunderstanding.
          Perhaps we can consider that a mutual introduction, and engage more directly going forward, as topics and circumstances allow.

          Occasionally we get an “Open Thread” discussion, where any reasonable topic is allowed, so long as we all behave ourselves. Check in with the next one and we can discuss many topics without running afoul of “Off Topic” rules.

        • Isn’t Kristi cute, the way she pouts when she isn’t treated the way she believes she is entitled to be treated?

          Actually Kristi, you don’t know how skeptics think, because all you ever do is recite trite stereotypes that you have been taught to believe.

          • Then turns right around and takes offense at anyone making assumptions about how SHE thinks, sometimes in the same breath. 🙁

  2. Every bottle of Laphroaig comes with an offer of a square foot of Islay peat bog. A much better way to find inner peace and absorb CO2.

    • I’ve been collecting mine. I think i have enough to erect a small shed, but I doubt they’d grant an easement. 🙂

    • Nigel,
      The Laphroiag ad promises an “honorary life time lease on a plot”of peat bog but, yes you can visit the site of your one square foot of peat bog close to their all important water source, the Kilbride Stream.
      So I’m up for a wee dram or two.

    • Peat bogs absorb very little CO2, growth being quite slow. But on the other hand they do emit CH4, so in a way you are ahead whether you are a climate skeptic or a true believer.

      • If you DYOH you’ll find entirely the opposite to be the case.
        Look for words along the lines of ‘soil or topsoil creation’ and you should find that Scottish bogs and heather moorland are THE most productive places for topsoil creation.
        (Yes, those places where well-heeled city types, not least Mr Trump, spend their recreation time & money.)

        Scottish heather moorland (Grouse moors) create high-organic topsoil at a rate of about one inch per 160 years and are about the only places left on this Earth where topsoil is actually being created.

        Compare to (normal) agriculture and tree-logging forestry, generally accepted to be consuming topsoil at one inch every decade.
        Where I assert that the vast majority of extra atmospheric carbon dioxide has come from, released through the actions of ploughing, paddy-fielding and nitrogenous fertiliser.
        Look for graphs showing the start of the increase of CO2 with the sudden large scale agricultural use of nitrogen immediately following World War 2 – they run exactly parallel and naught to do with the supposed ‘industrial revolution’ starting in 1850 or thereabouts.

        Trump Derangement Syndrome is jealousy – pure and simple.
        (Green was/is the clue, the Green Eyed Monster is written all over it)

        • This was/is where I used to get my baby trees:
          The guy on the home page (under where it says ‘View Retail Products) with the tree in the background is the permanently flustered owner/manager and chief office dogsbody. It is a small outfit.

          Monckton may know him, he is also a bona-fide ‘Lord’

  3. Not to give them any more daffy ideas, but why not sell a square foot at the lower low mean tidal line of Florida or some Pacific island, so they can eventually claim climate refugee status?

  4. Remember “non-profit” (401-C3) means not returning a profit to investors. They can, however, have paid management and workers. Ergo, these guys are paying themselves a salary with this idea. Since this is much less harmful than some of the other uses Greens put their money to I am actually in favor of this. I’m also remembering something about P.T. Barnum and fools….I almost have it…..

    • I think more apropos is let them do this, it keeps them from engaging in any damaging mischief. Such as inducing their local legislature to mandate feed-in tariffs. Or compelling a Renewables Portfolio Standard! Or something even more damaging.

    • There is no non-profit status required here. Treepex is in the city of Tbilisi in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. They claim to use a contractor for planting in only one location in California (naturally) and others in Georgia, Argentina and Kenya – entrepreneurial exploiters of socialist sentiment.

      • A lot of the trees I have were started just that way, along with the asparagus growing in with the trees. I’ve also gotten trees from the seeds falling and by deliberately planting them. Of course, this “plant a tree as a protest” is not about tree planting but instead money making, so that’s the difference.

      • And the way birds distribute the seeds seemingly so randomly there ends up being biodiversity. I wonder if this non-profit bought their seeds in bulk or a mix of seeds.

    • Yes, tree seedlings are a damn nuisance. I pull up hundreds of tree seedlings every year. I wonder if the Earth feels the pain every time I pull one up?

    • Some can even sprout new saplings directly from their roots ala legumes, in addition to seeding.

    • Yes, I know that only too well. Every spring my backyard looks like a freak’n maple tree nursery. It takes a couple of mowings to discourage the little beggars.

  5. Actually, turning TDS and moonbattery into money is a good idea. The problem is how to actually monetize the situation.
    Also note that even if your conversion efficiency is low, it could still be profitable because your raw material is present in huge abundance.

  6. Why is every second post about Trump? WUWT used to be about science but now it seems be turning into just another politcal mouthpiece. Leave the politicking to Breitbart and Fox and stick to the evidence.

        • God dammit, this post has to be about the Don now,……..

          So here goes, i think he is Right, he probably could have nailed lady Diana, she wasnt much of a ”lady”.

    • A better question would be; Why do the Climate Faithful seem to need to bring Trump up in everything they do?

      After all, it wasn’t WUWT that decided to make a buck off of deranged ‘Not My President’ types, and link it to Climate Change.


      • “After all, it wasn’t WUWT that decided to make a buck off of deranged ‘Not My President’ types, and link it to Climate Change.”

        A pretty good example of evidence of their dislike of democracy, me thinks! 🙂

    • I just went to the front page, there’s this one, then I had to go back almost 20 posts before there was another that only tangentially referenced Trump.
      If I told you once, I told you a million times, don’t exagerate.

      To be brutally honest, which you should try sometime, this post isn’t about Trump, it’s about a bunch of Greens who are using the derangement that Trump has brought out in other greens as a way to make money.

    • “…Leave the politicking to Breitbart and Fox and stick to the evidence…”

      Because it has been proven many times over, the Global Warming Scam was never about the evidence, it has always been pure politics.

    • If you are a CAGW sceptic, you must decide which side of the fence you sit on. A hero has emerged to champion sceptics’ concerns. Just because he does not come in the guise of the usual Kennedy-esque hero, just because he appears awkward at times on stage, just because the mantle of power does not sit easily on his shoulders as he is acutely aware of the responsibility, just because he is mocked and denigrated by the minions of the rich and the powerful, just because they can excite a mob to strike fear in those who would give him their ear, it does not mean you forsake what you believe in.

      In other words, suck it up and grow a pair.

      • A hero has emerged to champion sceptics’ concerns.

        Who would that be?
        Not Trump.
        His actions are best explained by the phrase “Make America Great Again” that often coincide with the view that AGW is not a serious threat to Earth.

        • It isn’t because it doesn’t exist,….hth.

          A serious threat to earth,……….. you people are soft-in–the-head stupid its as if you are a different species,…….

          Asteroids meteorites, ice ages and 2 kilometers of thick ice etc,.
          And you think an extra molecule of co2 in every 10,000 molecules of air is a freakin danger,………….you should be institutionalised.

    • climate change departed science with AR4 and the ClimateGate emails.
      It is all a political hustle now.

      • Actually with the AR2 in 1995, Joel, when Ben Santer changed the text with his “discernible human influence on global climate” lie.

  7. Are they going to cut down a tree every time a stupid comment is made by the climate Mafia?…or at least a comment that frustrates us with it’s lack of rationality?

  8. They won’t be anywhere near as successful as the profiteering done through Obama Derangement Syndrome

    • ?!?
      Please elaborate.
      The operative word is “derangement” not “disagreement”.

      Plenty of folks disagreed with BHO’s policies, but it would help to clarify your comment if you could give examples of prominent opposition politicians on the right who urged constituents to harass the followers and members of the administration of BHO, and promised to impeach him if they took over the House of Representatives. (Which the GOP did, but of course didn’t even threaten impeachment.)

      My memory is faulty so I must have missed all the late night comedians calling BHO vulgar, profane names and parading around with his severed head with no apparent rationale; other than he won and their candidate didn’t.

      So, just what profits do you think were made by disagreeing with Obama’s ideology?
      (Supporting DJT’s economic policies that resulted in a 4.1 GDP doesn’t count as “profiteering”.)

      • Obama Derangement Syndrome wasn’t nearly as prevalent as TDS, but there were some examples. Most of it could be better described as ‘Black President’ Derangement Syndrome. There really were some racists who flipped their lid over it.

        Of course, what counts as ODS really depends on whether you believe Obama was a secret Muslim or was born in Kenya or not.

        As to whether he was trying to sell out the US to the Socialists or Globalists, welllll, he didn’t really try to hide that. 😉

        • Oh, for Pete’s sake! You’re still trying to play the Race Card? Give it a f***ing REST!!! Now, to save time and energy, sure, I’ll stipulate I’m a racist. There, happy now? You don’t need to ever bring it up again! Now, you got anything factual to add to this discussion?

    • I don’t remember much actual OBS. I do remember a bunch of leftists declaring that anyone who disagreed with Obama must be deranged.

      • Not just deranged, but racist! That was the ONLY possible reason anyone could have for disagreeing with the One They Were Always Waiting For™!!!

        • One of the primary rules of the left, especially here in the UK, is to play the “Race-Card” at the earliest opportunity, in an attempt to discerdit & silence opponents. The classic here is to discredit as much as possible, anyone who asks for a sensible debate on immigration policy! I dare say it’s similar in the US where Mexican immigrants are concerened if entering the US illegally!

  9. A more reasonable approach and one that works for all such angst producing events is to crack a cold one. The benefit is right there in front of you and feels real good going down. And in this case it adds just a little bit more CO2 to the atmosphere to fuel one’s personal outrage. What could be better.

    • There’s not enough time in the day to consume that many cold one! And it wouldn’t do to have more than one open at a time. They go flat.

    • Half Price “Fighting-Back” Sale:

      Every time a leftist utters a really stupid falsehood about global warming, send just $4.99 to Beerspond and to ease your pain, they will drain a cold one for you.

      “Each beer costs $4.99 to drain and comes with a certificate with your beer’s ID number, a photograph of the empty (fully recycled), and its geographical location.”


      • Are you going to give the geographic coordinates and a picture of the place where the contents of the mug ended up being recycled?
        Picture of the actual recycling won’t be necessary.

        • Thank you Pat – it’s my new retirement plan – I will die happy!

          Hi Mark.

          I am a modest guy, so no, I will not show the actual recycling of the spent beer.

          I am reminded of Winston Churchill, who entered the men’s room at the House of Commons one day. He walked past his nemesis, Clement Attlee of the Labour Party, and unzipped at the distant end of a long line of urinals.

          Attlee remarked “Feeling standoffish, are we Winston?”

          Churchill growled back, “Well Clement, every time you Socialists see something big, you want to nationalize it!”

  10. What is the procedure where there are too many trees, as we have in California. (sarcastic and not funny) The excess of trees do make nice bonfires.

  11. Back in the day, when I was young and had a heart, I organized several tree planting parties. We planted hundreds of little saplings over a couple of year period, and had volunteers organized to take care of them through their first year. We also started paper and aluminum recycling programs, and used the money to fund parties and give-aways such as coffee mugs with our company’s logo.

    Now I’m a bit more mercenary: I still plant trees, but they are hardwoods for my kids to harvest in 30 year’s time.

  12. What? They want to charge $9.99 to plant a tree seedling? Bulk seedlings can be purchased for a fraction of that price from many online merchants. I guess there was never any question about the “green” that the Green Blob wants.

  13. Re: “…the voice of those listening to the Earth’s pain and working to heal it.”
    The Earth is in pain. I heard it’s cry of pain. It told me it needs more CO2 in the air.
    His exact words were “Feed Me! More CO2!! Now!!!”

    My job as a healer of the planet is clear, on this 90F day….
    Have a swim, crack open another carbonated beverage, and fire up the barbeque!

  14. “Mashable” applies as a tree planting company:

    “mashable tree planting company

    https://www.google.at/search?q=mashable+tree+planting+company&oq=mashable+tree+planting+comp&aqs=chrome. ”

    So Mashable can earn double –

    – First, Mashable is paid by the customer when “Mashable trees are planted” on the customer’s land.

    – Mashable then again collects $ 9.99 to plant and comes with a certificate of tree ID number, a photograph of the tree, and its geographical location.

    Clever, smart!

    Such contracts offer the opportunity of money laundering and tax evasion.

      • I can’t help but wonder how many times the same photo of a seedling is going to be used.

        Why plant a tree when all you’ve got to do is send a photo of a tree? How many people are ever going to check that their tree got planted? Zero is my bet.

        • Maybe if you pitch in another dollar they’ll tie a ribbon on with your name on it. 😀

        • You could be surprised what IG Junkies are capable of. For a post with your planted tree sure somebody can’t resist to fly 1000s of miles and take a selfie with their seebling.

    • What leads you think your information provided has any greater chance of money laundering and tax evasion than anything else?

  15. I haven’t filed for my square foot on the Isle of Islay but I am waiting only for a cool day to open my bottle of Laphraoig. Its’ a bit heavy for 85 plus. As for the tree planting remember the difference between a field of corn and a forest is frequency of harvest. This comes from someone who grew up among many men who made their living with chain saws. An old forest is a dying forest. We need to cut trees to have young healthy forests.

  16. I’m reading Trump’s book, Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America.

    In it he tells us he deliberately makes provocative statements to disarm his opponent. He’s intentionally unpredictable to ensure they are on the back foot, not him.

    He succeeds by getting the upper hand when his opponent expects him to conform to the rules, and he doesn’t.

    So far, I think those tactics have served him well both commercially and politically.

    • Before he won the presidency it was suggested that he knew exactly what he was doing. “The art of the deal” was the common war cry of his supporters.

      And when you see the reaction that he generates, it’s obvious that it’s a tactic to flush out the vermin. They can’t help themselves but to squawk.

    • Dennis Rodman supposedly gave Kim Jung Un Trump’s “Art of the Deal” book prior to the Trump/Kim meeting.

  17. If you want to plant a tree, you can plant a tree in Israel by making a tax deductible contribution to the Jewish National Fund. https://www.jnf.org/

    They have been doing it since 1901, and have planted more than 250 million trees. Each tree can be dedicated to a person or event, and comes with a certificate showing that dedication.

    • I am not sure what to make of 250,000,000 trees in over 100 years. BC plants that many trees each year. If there was some end goal for tree planting in Israel, they should have been there quite some time ago. The Jewish National Fund tree planting scheme sounds like it could be the model for the program described above.

  18. When I see “,like,” I cringe. This is almost as bad as “do you know what I mean?” at the end of every sentence.

  19. Why don’t they come to Redding and replant the burned area. Actually do some good instead of just being stupid and annoying.

    • Now that all the excess fuel has been burned up, they need to start a program to do control burns regularly to keep the brush down while the new trees get established.

  20. Go Crazies! Planting trees is good — any excuse to plant a tree and you’ve at least done something good, even if for a really really stupid reason! Plant On!

  21. Actually I think this is a remarkably good idea. There is absolutely no doubt that the removal of trees by humanity has caused localised and yes probably global damage to habitats, species and atmospheric conditions. I do not attempt to quantify or qualify this statement but we all know it to be true. If this benevolent reaction to the words of President Trump actually occurs in real life then indeed the world will become a better place. They should be encouraged and congratulated on their positive response rather than being spurned for their lack of understanding and thought. I would love to know how many actually get planted…

  22. Never miss a chance to bilk people out of money and increase your own personal wealth. And they say environmentalism isn’t about money. Ha!

  23. The funniest part about this is that we are nearly at a the point of net afforestation – caused in part by the wealth that flows from the application of cheap fossil fuel energy AND the greening of the planet from additional CO2 in the atmosphere.

  24. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
    I see no problem with these enterprising businesspersons.
    We should be copying their lead,for every dollar extracted from the faithful is a dollar less and some leisure time they will not have to engage in their pet idiocy.
    We are to blame for Gang Green,if we had recognized their real nature we could have exploited their gullibility leaving them penniless and feeling real stupid.
    Because they never got these life lessons,they have indulged themselves in near 3 decades of public stupidity, at huge cost to the rest of us.
    Fleecing people of this nature is our civic duty.
    Fools names and fools faces are always found in public places..
    Just imagine how much richer our communities would have been, if we had overridden our parents ethics,ignored our lessons about robbing the unfortunate and if we had had the foresight to pre-empt this madness ..

    However it is never too late to learn.

  25. Imagine if you could make a profit every time some green snowflake expresses a burst of irrational hatred towards President Trump. “

    If that were to come to pass, I could hire Jeff Bezos as my house servant and Bill Gates as my chauffeur.

  26. I thought for $ 9.99 they were going to send you a plant (young tree), or at least a seed to plant yourselves. What a rip-off…
    Reminds me of the time Quaker Puffed Rice, (or Quaker Puffed Wheat) had a promotion, and I have a deed that I own one square inch of land somewhere in the Yukon…They never sent me the coordinates…it’s probably in the middle of some tree somewhere in the Yukon…this was back in the 1950’s.

  27. Without subsidies, government grants, or corporate funding they would all dry up. The corporate media doesn’t focus on it anymore because it hurts their ratings, governments are in the process of eliminating grants and subsidies – or will be with populist governments being elected all theigh the West. So I don’t see much of a future for the greens.

    It will take some years, but the more work exposing them done by websites like this will only hasten the process.

  28. “the Earth’s pain”. Is that what it gets from volcanoes and earthquakes? Greenblob nutters after more money from the useful idiots.

  29. The trees will be ground into wood pellets and fed to the UK Drax power plant. And they will say: look how green and righteous we are.

      • “ignorant of the concept of energy density”

        Wondering how much bunker oil is used to transport a pellet load to Drax?

  30. Rats, wish I had thought of this one! Most state forestry departments sell bundles of seedlings of different types of plantation pines really cheap, cents per stem. They probably use volunteers to do the planting too, so a lot of profit to be made.

    Yep, checked the site, they are planting baby timber trees…wonder if they also own the land on which these trees are being planted as down the road there is another potential profit from harvesting them at maturity….

  31. This is doubly ironic, given that carbon dioxide isn’t the actual cause of global warming.

  32. Each tree costs $9.99 to plant and comes with a certificate with your tree’s ID number, a photograph of the tree, and its geographical location. The idea recalls the now clichéd Star Registry, that allows people to name a star in someone’s name. Though stars, of course, do not come with biodegradable tags.

    Reminds me of the Save the Children ads

    Your monthly gift of $32 will give your sponsored child access to life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and job training before graduation. That’s just a dollar per day. As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child in need.

    At least the children won’t be harvested in 10 years to turn into biofuel pellets.

  33. Though small in nature, the gesture of planting a tree holds symbolic weight: It can represent the voice of those listening to the Earth’s pain and working to heal it.

    Ahh that’s nice, mother earth will weep.

  34. Just plant out a patch of trees. Photograph the trees. Digitally attach a number to each tree in the image. Sell the trees. Digitally over write the numbers with new numbers. Sell the same trees etc. Seems like a good earner to me. Wish I had thought of it first.

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