Ebola Nurse Accuses Britain of Lax Biosecurity


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

What happens when climate obsessed politicians neglect real risks to public safety? A nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola after returning to Britain has accused British authorities of being negligent about biosecurity. My personal experience returning from an outbreak zone, in my opinion corroborates the nurse’s accusation of lax British biosecurity.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey says screening at Heathrow was chaotic

Nurse says Public Health England put public lives at risk by allowing her to fly back to Scotland without being examined.

Pauline Cafferkey, the Scottish nurse who nearly died twice from Ebola, has said government health watchdogs were entirely responsible for the “catalogue of errors” that led to her being accused of putting the public at risk.

Just days after she was cleared of bringing the nursing profession into disrepute, she said the screening for potential Ebola infection at Heathrow airport was chaotic. Officials manning the special screening room could not cope with the numbers of NHS volunteers returning from lifesaving work in Sierra Leone and ran out of kits.

Public Health England breached its own rules when it allowed returning medics to take each other’s temperature, she said. When she alerted them to her elevated temperature, Cafferkey was unable to contact the infectious disease expert on call because it had the wrong number.

“I went out there to help save lives but I came back to a system that failed. I was made a scapegoat for a catalogue of errors. PHE were entirely responsible,” she told the Mail on Sunday. “They – not me – put public lives at risk by allowing me to fly [back to Scotland] before they had an opinion from an infectious diseases official,” she added.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/18/ebola-nurse-pauline-cafferkey-heathrow-public-health-england-scotland

I support Pauline’s assertion that British authorities are grossly negligent of biosecurity risks.

In December 2003 I travelled from Britain to Taipei on business, during the middle of a deadly SARS scare.

Taiwan was taking the risk to public health very seriously – every morning a doctor in the Foyer checked the body temperature of all the hotel guests. The airport, both incoming and departing, was bristling with thermal imaging cameras and medical people.

On my return trip on the 24th December, in Taiwan I ran the full gamut of the medical screening process. In Hong Kong there was a handful of orderlies taking people’s temperature, but they didn’t disturb anyone who seemed to be asleep. In my Amsterdam stopover (I flew KLM), nothing. In London Gatwick, there was a single customs guy reading a newspaper – they weren’t even checking passports, let alone the health of arriving passengers.

From memory the trip took 13 hours – if I had been infected before leaving Taipei, during the very early stages of infection I would have passed even the Taiwanese screening process. But I could easily have become contagious without realising, albeit with a detectable mild fever, by the time I reached Amsterdam, let alone Britain.

Britain has been very lucky with Ebola and SARS, and who knows how many other near misses. Sooner or later that blind luck will run out.

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September 25, 2016 5:42 am

Good enough for government work.

Tom Halla
September 25, 2016 5:55 am

This should draw a fair number of Brits to comment on the NHS and their government in general.

Patrick MJD
September 25, 2016 6:00 am

This is nothing new. British border controls don’t do much at all, however they have managed to prevent rabies from entering Britain, so far!
Now, in Australia or New Zealand, try getting an apple in to the country. Mortars, bombs and guns no worries!

David in Michigan
Reply to  Patrick MJD
September 25, 2016 6:23 am

Oh dear. Such an ignorant comment. The plant world is not less threatened by global travel than the animal world. It is all about risk management. True, your apple is probably not infected or does not carry an exotic plant pest. The risk is low. But if it does, the consequences are serious. And did you really need to carry that apple half way around the world in the first place?
What struck me most about the article was this line: “Officials manning the special screening room could not cope with the numbers of NHS volunteers returning……” Talk about risk management!! These are high risk people for infection and the consequences of their carrying the virus is high as well.
That’s just about the worst risk management I have ever heard about.

Patrick MJD
Reply to  David in Michigan
September 25, 2016 6:46 am

I guess you have never been to or lived in the UK, Australia or New Zealand, or even been to and lived in Africa. So she goes to a country in Africa, to help (Admirable), that is experiencing an outbreak of ebola? And she returns and complains about bio hazard controls at borders in Britain? How about NOT going to bio hazard regions in the first place?

Reply to  David in Michigan
September 26, 2016 4:41 am

and you have the chunnel no border checks and a whole lot of unwanted and unscreeneds pressing to get in anyway they can..
resistant Tb and god knows what else incoming…

Dodgy Geezer
September 25, 2016 6:31 am

Nonsense! We’re British! We’re not frightened of any damn foreign diseases!
Al we need for travelling round the world is a tightly-furled umbrella and a solar topee. That was fine for my great-grandfather….

Reply to  Dodgy Geezer
September 25, 2016 12:15 pm

Don’t forget the G&T. For the malaria of course.

Mr GrimNasty
September 25, 2016 6:34 am

It is crazy bringing cases of dangerous infectious diseases back to the UK when you have the option of containment on a medical ship.
The traveler checking routine may have been inconsistent/chaotic but the whole management plan is/was reckless.
Bio-security in the UK is a joke, it’s not only people, it’s probably animals, and certainly plant imports.
It seems free travel/commerce is more important.
But you can bet the next outbreak of whatever will be blamed on climate change.

Reply to  Mr GrimNasty
September 25, 2016 10:24 am

Quarantining people just because they’ve been exposed to a virulent and lethal disease would violate their human rights.
Or something.
The big problem is that most Western countries are run by children who never grew up, and have never had to deal with a serious threat in their lives. They simply can’t comprehend the danger they’re putting people in.
Besides which, if Ebola had taken off in the UK and killed vast numbers of people, the politicians responsible would have had an air force at their beck and call to fly them to safety.

Gentle Tramp
September 25, 2016 6:41 am

This is somewhat off topic, but today there are also very good news from Europe:
Once again the Swiss voters destroyed extreme green demands for cutting down energy use and CO2 emissions in a national referendum by a majority of about 63 percent:
This result is quite remarkable because Switzerland is the host of the IPCC headquarters and its public authorities; universities, schools and nearly all MSM (especially public radio and TV) are heavily infiltrated and ruled by green eco-zealots.
So we see, despite all this powerful and daily propaganda, the majority of Swiss people are still not fooled into accepting the new totalitarian eco-religion.

Gentle Tramp
September 25, 2016 6:48 am

Oops – Where is my comment? Is the term “off topic” on the wuwt black list as well? But how then can one deliver the wuwt community a quite interesting news item?
[Be patient. Comments go to the Moderation Queue based on a list of words and topics. .mod]

Gentle Tramp
Reply to  Gentle Tramp
September 25, 2016 11:59 am

OK – Thank you for the explanation and the release of my first comment.

Reply to  Gentle Tramp
September 25, 2016 4:28 pm

Umm, why are you posting off-topic (not “somewhat”), and why did the mods allow it through after obviously seeing it?
“But how then can one deliver the wuwt community a quite interesting news item?”
Tips and notes, not in any thread you like.

Gentle Tramp
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
September 26, 2016 2:14 am

@Jeff Alberts
Thank you for the advice, but the section “Tips and notes” is obviously not very often used and taken notice by the wuwt readership, and my goal was to release this encouraging and current news for the wuwt community immediately.
So maybe it could be a useful supplement for the wuwt website to add a new feature to its service with the title:
How about that?
[The mods (politely) point out that “Tips and Notes” is intended to be a single spot where READERS can bring up links and stories and events up TO Anthony’s attention on the side of other conversations in other threads, specifically WITHOUT distracting a reader’s concentration elesewhere. As such, Tips & Notes performs its function as well as can be expected, given we received many thousands replies daily. .mod]

Gentle Tramp
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
September 26, 2016 1:47 pm

Thank you for clarification. I did not mean to criticize the present use of the “Tips and notes” feature, which is quite OK for me. I only said (as an answer of the proposal of Jeff Alberts) that it is not a suitable tool as an exchange medium for current short news within the wuwt community.
So, in order to avoid further irritation of wuwt readers who don’t like “off topic” comments, I suggest to add a permanent discussion thread into the wuwt features, where every wuwt user may deposit interesting news items for the wuwt community, which are to short for releasing them as full-blown blog articles.
A good working title for such a permanent discussion thread for news exchange between wuwt users could be:
Thank you for considering this suggestion. Best regards, GT

September 25, 2016 6:56 am

…now….just try to import a goldfish

September 25, 2016 7:01 am

Nurse Pauline Cafferkey is clearly a brave and selfless individual who deserves our admiration for helping to bring the ebola outbreak under control. Her subsequent treatment by the English health authorities was a disgrace. It is noticeable that the head of the nursing council in England, Jackie Smith, who brought the charges against this nurse, was previously a prosecution lawyer; in my opinion it is Jackie Smith, not Pauline Cafferkey, who has brought the nursing profession into disrepute.

Reply to  Guirme
September 25, 2016 7:05 pm

Now hang on a sec – noone is saying she is not a brave soul for going out to such a high risk area to help. and noone would deny that immigration being unable to cope with a known number of passengers from the area is well below par either. However she is an Ebola nurse – she knows the risks, she knows that she has a raised temperature, she seeks the advice of the expert and fails to get it and then fully knowing the risk lets herself travel on another plane to Scotland – totally irresponsible – just didnt want to miss her flight I dare say and in the process risks the lives of all her fellow passengers. She does not deserve to pass the buck at all just point out the failings of the staff at Heathrow – but no way is she a saint either she could have started a serious outbreak by her own inaction

richard verney
Reply to  mwh
September 25, 2016 8:17 pm

I tend to agree with both you and Guirme.
I consider that you are correct to point out that Ms Cafferkey was reckless. She knew that she had a high temperature. She knew that she had been exposed to a bio hazard and she knew that one symptom of the disease was a high temperature. With this knowledge she ought not to have onward traveled without receiving a fuller check and the all clear. That said, given the systemic failures at Heathrow, I consider the charge a bit harsh.
Perhaps I am being too compassionate to someone who paid a hefty price and became seriously ill. I consider that some informal reprimand short of the charges would have been more appropriate, and for the government/health authorities to tighten up procedures which would involve issuing standing instructions to nurses/doctors etc not to travel when they have one or more known symptom without being given the all clear.
The UK has little control over its boarders. My understanding is that for many countries (eg Australia) each passenger has to fill out a card declaring what goods they are bringing in/confirming that they are not bringing in goods on a prohibited class/list. The UK has no such equivalent. For practical purposes there is no boarder controls across the entirety of Europe.

Tom in Florida
September 25, 2016 7:02 am

Perhaps the threat is not as high as declared and apparently it is not.
Take the threat of vibrio vulnificus. This is a nasty little bacteria that inhabits warm, salty waters in the tropics and it is so prevalent that they do not bother to test for it. It can be deadly in 48 hours and there are several deaths each year from this. Most people ingest it by eating raw oysters. To almost everyone with a healthy immune system it will be no trouble at all. It can also invade the body through an open cut or scratch. Not going into the water with a cut or scratch along with good wound care and a healthy immune system will keep you safe. But even so, the chance of having a problem is so low that it is not even considered when diagnosing someone with symptoms unless you specifically tell the doctor you have reason to suspect it. As a doctor told once told me when I suspected a non healing cut could be it, “if it was vibrio you would already be dead by now.”. Very comforting.

September 25, 2016 7:04 am

I travel frequently between UK and Australia. Whenever I enter UK I’m amazed at the laissez-faire attitude of the people on duty at the customs/quarantine barriers. They’re barely awake! There is just a wide-open tunnel that you (+ luggage) walk through while some bored-looking officer might glance at you (but they are usually too engrossed in conversation with each other to do even that).
The contrast between their hyper-active counter-parts and the ‘none-shall-pass’ barriers in Australia is amazing.
Border security, customs, and quarantine departments at Gatwick & Heathrow seem to be used as an employment-sink for the local town/suburb (Crawley & Southall to name names!).

Billy Liar
Reply to  JCalvertN(UK)
September 25, 2016 2:21 pm

You wait till next time. They spend their breaks reading WUWT!

Bill Illis
September 25, 2016 7:27 am

Ebola has traditionally been kept in a Level 4 biosafety lab – the same that smallpox might be kept in.
But it does appear that Ebola is not as easy to spread as was once thought. Yes bodily fluids, even weeks after can result in an infection but it does not spread as easy an airborne virus.
And there appears to be severe complications for many of those that are declared virus-free and health issues appear long, long after being declared virus-free. The virus does lots of damage.
It is terrible that the Ebola Nurse will probably have to take truly significant precautions for the rest of her life so as not to spread it to someone else – she is now a carrier or more accurately potentially a carrier – the virus is not guaranteed to be completely eradicated in the body. It appears to survive in some parts of the body in some people for long after. We don’t know everything about this yet.

Reply to  Bill Illis
September 27, 2016 11:23 am

Of course you don’t know anything about it. It has never been isolated as Viruses should be isolated using the methodology outlined by the Pasteur Institute in 1973.
The rules for isolation of a retrovirus were thoroughly discussed at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, in 1973, and are the logical minimum requirements for establishing the independent existence of HIV. They are:
1.Culture of putatively infected tissue.
2. Purification of specimens by density gradient ultracentrifugation.
3. Electron micrographs of particles exhibiting the morphological characteristics and dimensions (100-120 nm) of retroviral particles at the sucrose (or percoll) density of 1.16 gm/ml and containing nothing else, not even particles of other morphologies or dimensions.
4. Proof that the particles contain reverse transcriptase.
5. Analysis of the particles’ proteins and RNA and proof that these are unique.
6. Proof that 1-5 are a property only of putatively infected tissues and can not be induced in control cultures. These are identical cultures, that is, tissues obtained from matched, unhealthy subjects and cultured under identical conditions differing only in that they are not putatively infected with a retrovirus.
7. Proof that the particles are infectious, that is when PURE particles are introduced into an uninfected culture or animal, the identical particle is obtained as shown by repeating steps 1-5.
If you do find a paper that refers to ‘isolation’ you will find the mention of PCR in the same sentence……Kary Mullis, the inventor of this procedure, will tell you this technique is entirely unsuitable for detecting viruses. You will also discover neither Ebola nor HIV have ever been discovered in the blood of a supposed infected host.

September 25, 2016 7:27 am

One of the major aid priorities of the UK government is the international elimination of TB, a programme that it supports with many millions of pounds each year.
Meanwhile at home the public health authorties cancelled the domestic vaccination program in 2002 so the UK population is increasingly defenceless.
Is our goverment trying to kill us all ?

Jane Davies
Reply to  Martin
September 25, 2016 7:44 am

If memory serves me right TB was eradicated in the UK but people from countries where it is rife are not screened on entry to the UK and now it is back again. I didn’t realise domestic vaccination had been stopped, I now live in Canada, so yes one has to ask why people are not now receiving protection. Crazy!

Reply to  Jane Davies
September 25, 2016 10:15 am

Screening for TB would be RACIST.
Besides, the more sick people there are in the UK, the more funding the NHS will get. So it’s a win for the left either way.
And I entirely agree: it won’t be too long before Britain has a massive outbreak of some horrible disease imported from thousands of miles away because the government are too tied to ‘open borders’ to actually protect their people.
On the plus side, the first time this happens in a major Western nation, borders will slam closed all over. As VR matures, there’ll be less and less need for anyone to travel, and it’s going to become too dangerous for us to allow; one anti-Western fanatic infected with a genetically-engineered disease flying into Heathrow could kill millions.

Ex-expat Colin
Reply to  Jane Davies
September 26, 2016 1:20 am

The NHS Jane: “Who should have the BCG vaccine?”
The BCG vaccine (which stands for Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine) is not given as part of the routine NHS vaccination schedule. It’s given on the NHS only when a child or adult is thought to have an increased risk of coming into contact with TB. Yeah…that risk has seriously ramped up and not just for TB!
I was wondering having seen last nights episode of Doc Martin (supposed to be a medical comedy) what Bovine TB has to do with humans. In that a domestic cat infected both a female at 80 and a boy at 10 – ish with what was stated as TB in that program. The cat was linked to a dead badger.
I only need to look at the farce as regards identifying the source of animal TB to know that the UK is fast tracking to a sickly end. I’d be surprised if in an NHS hospital I’d actually be able to understand the lingo as I snuffed it due to some disease related to the current invasion. I had difficulty understanding many of the hospital staff when my mother was in one and on the way off the planet.
There are a number of vids on UK TV that show exactly how tough both Oz and NZ border agencies are. There are a few on UK…very few in fact and most of it is about being understaffed.

Reply to  Jane Davies
September 26, 2016 5:16 am

But how are you going to screen? Anyone who has been vaccinated shows positive! So in order to screen you need chest X-ray. I went through this when going through the US immigration medical, the Dr said “you’re British so you’ll show positive because you’ve been vaccinated, then we’ll have to do a chest X-ray. He told me that the the US does not do mandatory TB vaccination so that they can simply test for it instead.

Reply to  Jane Davies
September 26, 2016 5:43 am

Ex-expat Colin September 26, 2016 at 1:20 am
I was wondering having seen last nights episode of Doc Martin (supposed to be a medical comedy) what Bovine TB has to do with humans.

Well they’re closely related, the BCG vaccine was developed from Mycobacterium bovis which is found in cows.
There used to be many cases of TB in humans caused by infection from milk consumption, that was greatly reduced by the introduction of routine pasteurization and testing of milk.

richard verney
Reply to  Martin
September 25, 2016 8:24 pm

Many diseases had been eradicated in the UK but are now coming back again because of migration. As Mark g observes, to screen or to have a proactive vacination system would be viewed as racist. This is why we cannot have positive screening at airports for terr0rists.
Unfortunately, in life one can rarely address problems and get to the issue at hand without confronting some inconvenient home truths. That is why political correctness is so very dangerous.

Reply to  richard verney
September 26, 2016 5:30 am

British immigration policy is to screen anyone applying for a visa to enter the country for more than 6 months from certain listed countries. An X-ray (and sputum test if necessary) are required.

September 25, 2016 7:39 am

When your national priority is preventing immeasurable heating from minuscule CO2 concentrations against a background diurnal variation of up to 40C, it’s not surprising that 5something important slips while authorities chase unicorns and fairies in the garden.

September 25, 2016 7:58 am

Welcome to the global community where everyone is to become immune to everyone else’s pathogens. Only the survival of the fittest are allowed in the future.

Barry Sheridan
September 25, 2016 7:59 am

I have no knowledge of how any country screens for the various diseases that can cause widespread public harm, but I doubt Britain is somehow worse than others. Millions of people are travelling globally every day and despite the worries not much seems to happen. Surely of greater immediate concern are the refugees who may harbour and then spread contagious diseases like tuberculosis to a host nation where it has been eradicated.

Paul of Alexandria
Reply to  Barry Sheridan
September 25, 2016 9:29 am

A lot of it is simply tracking where people come from, observing if they appear ill or are running a temperature (note the Tiawanese use of thermal cameras), and careful interrogation by customs.

Keith Enright
September 25, 2016 9:43 am

That woman is a disgrace. She knew damned well she should have reported her symptoms. She is a health professional ffs, returning from a country where she worked with people who had one of the most life-threatening contagious diseases the world has seen since, well, you tell me. A trip out there would look good on anyone’s C.V. Unfortunately it back-fired on the saintly Ms. Cafferkey.

Reply to  Keith Enright
September 25, 2016 11:14 am

Jebuz, did you read the story or not? She tried to report her symptoms but the chaos at the airport and lack of organisation meant that she couldn’t. She did what she could with a broken system. By the way, do you work for PHE?

Reply to  sadbutmadlad
September 25, 2016 3:36 pm

This nurse isn’t completely blameless. They allowed her to fly to Scotland without sufficient checks, but she was the one who boarded the plane, despite her own concerns about the lack of a proper screening process and her elevated temperature. As a medical person who had been in Ebola infected areas, she should have had a better idea than most how to proceed safely until she could get a proper diagnosis.
The system may be broken, and there is no possible good excuse for that. It needs fixing. But the moment she made the decision to fly, she became equally guilty. Just because they recklessly gave her the go ahead didn’t mean she had to take them up on it.
Still, I hope that Cafferkey publically hitting out at the PHE means something gets done about the inadequate biosecurity measures before something like this happens again with worse results.

Reply to  sadbutmadlad
September 25, 2016 8:01 pm

This nurse isn’t completely blameless.
put yourself in her shoes. you have a temperature. maybe it is ebola. do you sit in customs with a bunch of nit-wits or head home to Scotland where you know the people that might just be able to save your life?
Had she stayed in England she could have easily died before effective treatment, because no one knew her and that is a huge difference when seeking treatment. Does the doctor know the patient? How serious do you take their reported symptoms?
Had she stayed at the airport of course the problem would have been solved. At least for the government. And we would never have heard about the mess at customs. All we would have heard was a small footnote, another ebola casualty.

Reply to  sadbutmadlad
September 26, 2016 5:16 am

“or head home to Scotland where you know the people that might just be able to save your life?”
“Had she stayed in England she could have easily died before effective treatment”
Unfortunately you have this 100% wrong. When she was diagnosed, in Glasgow (340 miles from Heathrow), she was transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in London (13miles from Heathrow).

Nigel S
Reply to  sadbutmadlad
September 26, 2016 5:19 am

Except that when she got to Scotland and started showing signs of Ebola she had to be brought very expensively all the way back to London for treatment that was not available in Scotland.

Reply to  Keith Enright
September 26, 2016 1:51 am

Hi Keith,
I suspect you’ve probably never been on a plane, sat through a long flight, and landed in an airport like Heathrow. Even under normal circumstances you want to get out of that madhouse as quickly as possible.
If you were also stressed out, with a high temperature, and were worried you had an acute terminal disease, don’t you think the desire to find a functioning hospital staffed by someone who cared would have been pretty high on the priority list?
However, if there was a functioning system in place in the airport which not only assessed incoming passengers, but also had in place a protocol to place them securely, transport them to a secure, well equipped hospital, then I’m sure you, me and her would all have been willing to try that approach to dealing with the problem.
I wonder what you would have had her do? Sit at a spare desk in a nearby office while someone drafted up a plan?

Keith Enright
Reply to  markx
September 26, 2016 8:45 am

Of course I’ve been on a plane, on a long flight, felt really pissed off at the airport (who doesn’t). This woman knew she should have fessed up, but didn’t. She got on another plane to Glasgow, the hospital there wasn’t able to treat her, so they shipped her back down to London. How the hell she has kept her job is beyond me.

September 25, 2016 9:51 am

That UK bio security is lax I can well believe.
But that this has any connection with UK climate policy is frankly incredible.
This is stretching things beyond reason – it is in effect saying ‘something bad happens in the UK – it must be because they are obsessed with climate!’
an unworthy article – ‘see me after class: must do better’

Reply to  Griff
September 25, 2016 10:28 am

“But that this has any connection with UK climate policy is frankly incredible.”
It’s a symptom of the same disease. The British government have no sense of reality, and will blow hundreds of billions of pounds fighting a non-existent problem while ignoring the real ones, which would be much cheaper and easier to deal with.
Billions and billions of pounds for wind farms, but not a penny for protecting the borders.

Reply to  Griff
September 25, 2016 11:54 am

The answer , Griff, lies in the identity of “they”. If by “they ” you mean the British people en masse then I can assure you that “they ” are not obsessed by climate. However the “they” that is most relevant is the collection of MPs, media (mainly BBC and Guardian) managers and a weird assortment of entertainers and mummers.
It is the latter however who have the power and they have systematically forced the withdrawal of money from fire services (a current scandal here in the NorthWest), closed hospitals , reduced coastguard surveillance and drastically cut support for all types of cultural activities ranging from libraries to archaeological services and colleges.
The money is instead given to grand development projects , some of which certainly have a climate change connection like the Tidal lagoon power station which will cost far more than a conventional CCGT and already has more than a whiff of corruption about it . Like Hinckley point – a total idiocy.
Parallel to these grandiose projects are those like HS2 which now costs x2 the original estimate , will devastate the environment (natural and historic) and will provide 20 mins better running time for business men and women travelling from London to Birmingham (100 miles by road) in about 15 years time , if that.
The problem with “Climate” is that it has become a convenient excuse for self important politicians and media people to pursue all sorts of useless and costly schemes for their own self aggrandisement. It is not appreciated by the poor devils that have to pay for all this that you should encourage those smug idiots .

Reply to  mikewaite
September 25, 2016 1:26 pm

Personally I am of the opinion that if someone wants to get to Birmingham 20 minutes earlier then they merely need to catch one of the very frequent trains 20 minutes earlier than originally intended.
If capacity is a problem then run double docker carriages. It’s much cheaper And quicker and environmentally friendly to raise a few bridges to accommodate them than to lay completely new track over some very beautiful countryside.

Reply to  mikewaite
September 25, 2016 5:49 pm

HS2 was designed to be part of the EU high-speed rail network so the Eurocrats could reach their dachas in the country from Brussels much faster.
This is why it’s an expensive boondoggle that serves no purpose for the common people who are paying for it. It was never meant to be anything else.

Reply to  Griff
September 25, 2016 7:15 pm

from the WUWT about page ‘About Watts Up With That? News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news by Anthony Watts’.
so not all about climate Griff, checking facts not your strong point is it?

son of mulder
September 25, 2016 11:29 am

Interesting, how many other returning health professionals reported the process at Heathrow was chaotic at the time? How many would have been aware of the potential danger of such a chaotic system? Who made the decisions about what was allowed to happen in such a chaotic situation?
I bet these questions don’t get answered.

John in Oz
September 25, 2016 2:43 pm

I have also entered the UK (from the US) and stated on my entry form that I had items to declare. “Move to the right of the screen” I was told, only to find that I met the non-declaring passengers on the other side of the screen them walked out of the airport inspection free.
Contrast this to my not being able to donate blood in Australia for the past 35 years because I was in the UK during the ‘Mad Cow Disease’ period (1980-81).

September 25, 2016 2:55 pm

So far everything published in Gruniad was the exact opposite of what actually happened. I’d wait a day or two before judging anything of this story.

September 26, 2016 3:06 am

there was a single customs guy reading a newspaper – they weren’t even checking passports, let alone the health of arriving passengers

Having flown in and out of the UK 100’s of times over the last 35 years, I think this statement is either someone’s poor memory, or more likely outright fibbing.
Passport checks are always performed, by immigration. Someone in customs reading a newspaper is nothing to do with immigration. Different department.

September 26, 2016 4:55 am

and yet in spite of AQUIS in Aus we still got asian bees n verroa risk and they keep trying to CUT inspectors
and fireants got in from american imports via shipping containers they think
and then the charnel house they made of UK over foot n mouth AGAINST VETS advice to NOT slaughter but confine n control
millions of rare and loved animals slaughtered for stupid pollies aggrandisement.

Nigel S
September 26, 2016 5:22 am

JBDiG, sorry, typing at same time, my comment for ferdberple of course.

September 26, 2016 5:43 am

Pauline Cafferkey; that’s the terminally-moronic woman who flew back on a commercial flight from Sierra Leone, and onwards to Glasgow after ‘doing good’ in amongst the Ebola-spattered residents of Freetown. As you may recall, she swanned around the tv and radio studios, doing the ‘I’m a heroine, but modest with it’ routine, but felt ‘really poorly’ before being flown down to London courtesy of the RAF in a mobile isolation bed, as the silly cow had in fact contracted Ebola. She was held in the London Free Hospital at no doubt enormous cost, before being discharged and sent home. She was returned to hospital twice more, and now is suffering from the effects of meningitis, contracted as a result of the Ebola. In amongst the hospitalisation, this bloody disgrace visited schools around Scotland, telling how she was so brave, and caring, and all the other bullshit!
We now learn that she was not only terminally-stupid; she lied when she arrived back on the plane from Sierra Leone, as she did not tell the Heathrow Arrivals Health Screening staff that she had taken paracetamol, which subdued or masked her actual temperature, thus lying and evading the protection steps which had been introduced by a worried British Government. She then skipped aboard the bloody BA jet, and flew up to Glasgow, with the ever-increasing chance of infecting everyone she came in contact with, BECAUSE SHE KNEW BETTER THAN THE ‘EFFING EXPERTS!

Reply to  mike cunningham
September 26, 2016 6:21 am

Thanks, most people did not get the full story like this.

September 26, 2016 1:31 pm

A big outbreak of a tropical disease could be used as:
1) Proof of global warming
2) Proof that Public Health needed more money

September 27, 2016 11:17 am

She had an undiagnosed case of meningitis.
Before accepting without question the fact that Ebola exists and is a deadly virus – strange that people who question climate change don’t seem to realise that medical science is even more corrupt – you should begin to question when the supposed Ebola virus was purified and isolated. You should also ask the question why is it that Ebola and Marburg outbreaks occur almost exclusively in Africa, in much the same way the supposed HIV retrovirus has being doing so for over the last 30 years, although strangely enough over this period the population of Africa has more than doubled from 500 million to 1 billion. Considering HIV is supposedly a deadly sexually transmitted disease this is a very strange anomaly that not even Robert Gallo can easily explain rationally. And no it ain’t the ARTs, they don’t have them there. Also curiously none of the well-off middle class whites ever contract it.

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