Avoid Red Lipstick: the Latest tip for Saving the Planet

Author ookikioo, source Wikimedia

Author ookikioo, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Forbes tells us that the latest hot tip for saving the planet from climate change and unsustainable resource usage is to avoid red lipstick.

According to Forbes;

Want To Combat Climate Change? Give Up Red Lipstick, Drink Local, and Fly Direct (No Problem!)

As a climate change advisor at the United Nations, 35-year-old Cassie Flynn spends her days talking about hefty issues. There are rising sea levels wiping out entire countries, droughts impacting the food security of an entire region, and mega-storms like Superstorm Sandy becoming the norm. “It’s very hard not to feel overwhelmed by this,” she said. “You want to do nothing or leave it to the CEOs or world leaders or people having these large conversations.”

Deciding to show regular people how they can help, Flynn started an initiative called Climate Winners that officially launched last night in a private room of Sixty Soho, a trendy downtown Manhattan Hotel. The idea is to use short videos and tidbits on Twitter TWTR +0.00% and Instagram to spread the word about small, easy changes everyone can make in their lives to mitigate climate change.

Another video called “sustainable flirting” teaches you how to make better decisions when getting ready for a date. Both men and women use health and beauty products like makeup, deodorant, cologne, and hair products before leaving the house. These have chemicals that don’t break-up and accumulate in the ecosystem (“Talk about a shitty party,” says Flynn.) So it’s important to use products that are organic. “Ignore fancy words like ”natural’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ on the front and choose products with shorter lists of ingredients and avoid things that have synthetic fragrance,” she advises. Red lipsticks are particularly known for containing toxins like lead, so check if yours does!

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alysonkrueger/2015/11/18/want-to-combat-climate-change-give-up-red-lipstick-drink-local-and-fly-direct-no-problem/

Consumer products do occasionally contain bizarre and dangerous additives. The “Mercurochrome” antiseptic my Mum used to apply to scrapes and cuts, contained substantial quantities of hideously toxic organic Mercury compounds. China in 2007 got into a lot of trouble, because some Chinese companies were adding anti-freeze to Toothpaste. Similarly, some European companies got busted in 1985 because they were adding anti-freeze to wine.

Here is what the FDA has to say about Mercury Lead and Lipstick.

What did FDA’s expanded survey reveal about lipsticks on the market?

The expanded survey found that the average lead concentration in the 400 lipsticks tested was 1.11 ppm, very close to the average of 1.07 ppm obtained in our initial survey. The results ranged from the detection limit of 0.026 ppm to the highest value of 7.19 ppm. For a table of the results, see FDA Analyses of Lead in Lipsticks – Expanded Survey. The expanded survey will be published in the May/June, 2012, issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Is there a safety concern about the lead levels FDA found in lipsticks?

No. We have assessed the potential for harm to consumers from use of lipstick containing lead at the levels found in both rounds of testing. Lipstick, as a product intended for topical use with limited absorption, is ingested only in very small quantities. We do not consider the lead levels we found in the lipsticks to be a safety concern. The lead levels we found are within the limits recommended by other public health authorities for lead in cosmetics, including lipstick.

Read more: http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/ProductsIngredients/Products/ucm137224.htm

Obviously its possible that any cosmetic products you buy in a third world flea market while on holiday might not meet FDA standards, though I don’t know why anyone would think this reservation would particularly apply to red lipstick. Having said that, I think its safe to say that on this issue at least, provided you exercise a modicum of caution about your sources, Cassie Flyn is talking nonsense.

143 thoughts on “Avoid Red Lipstick: the Latest tip for Saving the Planet

  1. I love a sexy lady putting on lipstick. There’s some videos I can hook you up with. Pretty soft core but will get you off if into that kind of thing.

      • Anthony —
        Actually — stevek — is quite funny — if you are into that type of humor. Think of the movie “The Producers” and “Springtime For Hitler” and the reaction of the audience. Then somebody yells out “Hey, that guy is funny!” and everybody starts laughing.
        I do “the mind boggling” statement myself every once in a while.
        But some of our national leaders have that type of humor down pat. Take Obama calling ISIS the JV Team and saying it was contained just before the Paris Massacre. And he will go to Paris and undoubtedly call “Climate Change” the greatest threat the world has ever known. And how about John Kerry, his every public statement is really that type of humor though few have caught on. And Hillary Clinton — her tongue in cheek lies flabbergast the nation! Wait until the public realizes what a joker she really is!!!!! She doesn’t want to be president! Really deep down in her heart all she really wants is the public to laugh at her!!!!!! Any day now she will do her act wearing a green fright wig!!! Unless they put up a fence this is the type of woman who will walk off the edge of the stage to get a laugh! She is “loose in the noodle” as I once heard one great comic described.
        Those crazy (got to love them) students at Missouri and Yale are heroically attempting to master this type of humor!
        Oh, well, enough said.
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • Anthony,
        I apolgize for my post. I had taken an ambien sleeping pill before going to bed and was reading article. People end up doing, saying very odd things when on this medication. Sorry !!

    • There is no link made between lead and global warming in the article. They are treated as two separate issues. The Forbes headline is misleading. The article describes a video showing how people can make small changes to reduce climate change. The it says in another video she talks about dating without harming the environment. Another case of headline writers getting it wrong. I would recomend not getting your information from headlines.

      • dating without harming the environment
        Surely this is the #1 criterion when seeking a mate these days.

      • Surely it will lead to even more porkies?
        Red Lipstick presumably contains red lead. Does white lipstick contain white lead? We used to use both red and white lead paints as first and second coats – makes it easier to see “holidays”.

  2. And what exactly qualifies one to become a “Climate Change Consultant at the United Nations”? Is this an advocacy position or a contract position (i.e. public relations for the U.N.).
    “…small, easy changes that everyone can make in their lives to mitigate climate change.” reminds me of the naivety of the young bunch of film-making white water kayakers I met who were so proud of the fact that their camera equipment was powered by solar cells while not grasping that the amount of energy involved there was many orders of magnitude less than that consumed by their global gallivanting by jet and automobile.

      • Nope. However, my Chinese sister-in-law and a lot of her girlfriends are way ahead on this curve. She tattooed her lips red about four years ago. Problem solved.

    • You just have to be informed better than anybody else. Rising sea levels wiping out entire countries – yes, she is a citizen of Atlantis! Or a Minoan?

    • That’s what I don’t get. People demand that climate change is a huge deal and then underestimate the costs of actually doing things by multiple orders of magnitude. The actions taken are at complete odds with the rhetoric that they expouse. Even as a child, I could see that if fire was the problem and the problem was irreversible then we would have to ban fire to stop climate change, which was nonsensical to me even in grade school.
      I wonder sometimes, are they hypocrites or just stupid?

  3. In Northern Nigeria, it is common to use ground galena, a lead ore that contains about 80% lead, as a powdered cosmetic for making blue-gray, finely sparkled eye shadow and other face markings. These healthy-looking young ladies didn’t seem to be suffering, so I feel safe kissing a women wearing red lipstick (and I’m looking forward to it!)

  4. I made the mistake of going to Cassie’s website.
    She can’t understand why anyone would wrap coconuts in plastic wrap….
    “I picked one up like it was an alien. I remembered holding the heavy coconut in my hand in Tuvalu. I was confused – why would you wrap a coconut in plastic? The fruit had a shell that didn’t need any help. It’s not spikey or dangerous or needed in any recipe I could think of. We don’t wrap oranges or bananas in plastic wrap. Why in the world would we do it for a coconut? I stood there for a long while just staring at this pile of shiny coconuts in front of me.”
    She didn’t bother to investigate WHY some coconuts need to be wrapped… (to pass through customs if they aren’t domestic, if they’ve been hulled before export it serves to buffer the shells from cracking when they bang into each other, it preserves the freshness and amount of the coconut milk inside from dehydration, to prevent infestation of bugs once hulls are removed etc)…nope. She assumed it was merely a wasteful function….(because ALL produce growers and importers/exporters LOVE to spend additional money and labor putting things in shiny plastic wrap) Idiot.
    And the article states that if more people would take direct flights instead of connecting flights…airlines would offer more of them and that means less emissions on take off and landing. (forehead smack) Does someone really need to explain to these people that “connecting flights” are simply DIRECT FLIGHTS between cities that are closer together that were going to happen anyway…and that demanding that airlines create more “direct flights” over longer distances means they will create those longer flights IN ADDITION TO the shorter ones?
    I want my 5 minutes back. Seriously.

    • How ’bout STAY HOME? Telecommute? Stay-cation? Grow your veggies in your own garden, fertilized with your own chicken manure, burn wood in an EPA-approved stove and go to bed at dusk. Now THOSE would be some suggestions for more “sustainable” living. The very idea that someone actually pays a SALARY to this kid to come up with bubble-headed garbage like this is what’s truly disturbing.

      • Burning wood is about 100 times more polluting than using the most retrograde coal fired power station. All the PM2.5 is extremely carcinogenic.

      • How about changing that to “fertilized with your own manure”, and leave off the exploitation of the poor chickens?
        The world gone mad!
        Space travel viable yet? I’m ready for life on another planet…

    • I stopped buying plastic wrapped coconuts as every one I purchased had gone sour, meat and milk.
      Now my coconut cream comes from cans unsweetened and un-thickened.

    • @Aphan. That and at least in the US of A most airline operate a Hub System. Typically you board a flight go the Hub to get “concentrated” then board a very full flight to your destination. I used to live in Florida and worked for AT&T and flew to New Jersey quite often. I almost always flew Delta. That means going through Atlanta then on to Newark. My colleagues used to joke that even when you die, you go through Atlanta.

    • She has a point actually. Many UK supermarkets still sell coconuts, pineapples etc loose without any plastic wrapping. Frankly I would far sooner buy my fruit and vegetables from someone who lets me see and touch them first. Of course in today’s world fit for morons they have to stick a ‘best before’ label on them.

      • so far..Ive not seen plastic wrapped coconuts
        but as the eyes are the weak areas for mould etc
        wrapping would seem to be asking for them to go off faster surely?
        if bugs are a problem then sulphur fume em
        if knocking together cracks them? huh? how many bashes with a hammer does it take to crack one..have to be super rough handling to crack them??
        pack em tight in a cardboard box with card separators. all biodegradeable too.

      • Keith, I have no idea why the coconuts were wrapped, and many stores here in the US sell them loose and unwrapped as well. My point was that instead of finding out WHY the ones she saw 10 years ago were wrapped, she chose to view it as a metaphore (her word) about waste and damaging the environment.
        My logical brain immediately came up with a number of reasons why they might have been wrapped, and I rejected her conclusion based on the zero evidence she presented to back it up. But I’m weird that way.

    • Don’t try and see her world through your framework of sense and reason. It just doesn’t work. You can not explain the attitudes and beliefs of these people using your brain, because they don’t use theirs. They “emote”, rather than think. Everything is one big mix of emotions for them. The best solution is to turn their emotions against themselves by pointing out they really are incredibly bad people by wanting to deny the poor cheap reliable sources of energy.

    • If I remember correctly, back in the mid 50’s they wrapped fruit such as apples, pears, etc individually in tissue like paper and the fruit came in little wooden boxes. I always loved it when my mom came home with one of these fruit boxes. That meant that for the next few days we could enjoy looking through the stacks of catalogs stacked in the out house, rather than using them.

  5. I usually use a bit of salt, pepper and caraway followed by slow heat. The pig is normally in a post-mortem, parted-out state when I do this.

    • Ah – Merthiolate has thiomersal, the preservative in some vaccines and once considered as a cause of autism. (And still is by some people who don’t understand science.)

      • I understand enough science to know that injecting mercury into the flesh n doing that for some 38vaccines+ now pushed on babies from birth ie HepB for newborns who do not have any full immune system defence..with often unlisted adjuvants traces of pig/monkey/dog kidney etc tissue and other crap
        is NOT something that anyone should have the power to enforce on those who choose to opt out for themselves or their kids.
        Cumulative total becomes rather nasty if you add it all up.

      • OZ, there’s a problem of public health. If you want to let your child get whooping cough, that’s your problem. However, if that kid is near my daughter, I’m going to be upset. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective, and you can only give the whooping cough vaccine so early. Infants die because of that disease, and every person who refused vaccines out of irrational fears is complicit in spreading it.
        Also, every one of those vaccines, both separately and in conjuction, have been tested with well documented and small side-effects. This is necessary to stop plagues, and is the primary reason that we have seen a huge drop in child mortality this past century.

      • 1) The form of mercury in thiomersal is not bio-active.
        2) There isn’t enough of it to cause a problem anyway.

      • No, decrease of infectious diseases occurred before the vaccines were available.
        Nice try with the vaxxers propaganda.

      • “simple-touriste…
        Vaccines aren’t tested like normal drugs.
        There is no proof of efficacy for many vaccines.
        We see epidemics of diseases among vaccinated people…”

        You’re in some fantasy land there simple.
        I am old enough to remember some of the terrors that were extremely real; e.g. polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, smallpox, chickenpox, and TB.
        Mass use of those vaccines changed the health issues literally overnight.
        Any arguments that anti-vaccine claim are all anti-science. Avoid vaccines if you are so inclined, just don’t be surprised when you find out that those infectious diseases are deadly serious and not jokes. Just check out the third world issues with diseases whose vaccines are passed over; e.g. measles.
        When a number of these major leaps in vaccines became available, thousands were lined up and vaccinated. Only a very small number had reactions to the vaccination with the majority of the reactions being an allergy.
        A vaccination is an inoculation with a non-infectious version of the actual disease that induces a person’s own immunity system.
        A vaccination is not a drug!
        Vaccinations still undergo serious testing, validation and verification procedures.
        Any decreases in infections you pretend exist as ‘proof against’ vaccination are due to the anti-mosquito, quarantine measures or improved sanitation that may have reduced but did not eliminate infections.
        There are many causes for vaccines not properly initiating immunity including mishandling the vaccine, improper vaccination or even resistance to the vaccine. All of which prove vaccination benefits not weaknesses. Any allegations of actual epidemics among vaccinated people you will have to prove by science. e.g. Twenty seven, which is not an epidemic, measles cases in Russia 2000-2005.

      • ozspeaksup:
        I like tincture of iodine mixtures too.
        One can always tell the efficacy level by the iodine stain as iodine evaporates over time.
        Hard to find the tincture anymore here. It has become one of the ‘ask the pharmacist’ products.

  6. Lead and mercury (the element, not the planet) in lipstick!!!!!
    We’re DOOMED!
    They’ll both kill us and neither would exist if it wasn’t for LIPSTICK!!!!!
    Ban lipstick!!!!!!!!
    Oh…. wait a minute.
    Lead and mercury both came from the Earth.
    BAN THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!

  7. As much as I wish I could travel to Fiji, or Paris (or any number of touristy destinations that average people would never be paid to travel to), to inform Cassie Flynn that my sister, my older sister, doesn’t use red lipstick for altruistic reasons, I can’t. It’s true, however, that she doesn’t wear red lipstick, but not for any reason Cassie Flynn may hope for. You see, my sister, my older sister is a vampire. She doesn’t wear lipstick because her lips are already red from blood.
    Is what I just wrote pretty silly? Not if you’ve had the blood sucked out of you by busybodies.

    • Only the women who also refuse to wear deodorant, shave their legs, wash their hair regularly, etc. They aren’t even a blip on the cosmetic industry’s radar.

      • My wife was at one of those cosmetic consumer consultation events which are basically sales pitches for their products, she somewhat upset them when answering the question “what do you use on your face to keep your clear complexion” . She said “soap, water and a flannel” . When we married she used no make up at all and was the most beautiful woman on the planet (of course that is only my opinion even though the rose tinted classes have made way for more regular glasses)
        James Bull

      • “James Bull
        November 18, 2015 at 11:20 pm”
        Same was true for my, now, former wife. Maybe a little lippy. She is Ethiopian.

  8. “though I don’t know why anyone would think this reservation would particularly apply to red lipstick”
    Lead oxides were used for “natural” red pigment (minium) as well as a mercury mineral, cinnabar,

  9. “sustainable flirting” ???
    that’s contrary to my primary objective – biological diversity (only in safe spaces to be PC)

    • Hi Bubba! Actually, I rather like the idea of sustainable flirting. Flirting is an activity to be engaged in throughout the entirety of one’s life. I’ve seen boys and girls, barely out of diapers, flirting. After my recent endoscopy (every goddam year) I managed to muster the wherewithal to flirt with the cute nurse. I’ve found, however, that the sudden release of methane cannot coexist with sustainable flirting.
      Best wishes, always.

  10. The fact that people are paid to come up with this nonsense is telling. I wonder who is really behind the scenes paying for all of this? It’s fairly obvious why the UN is spearheading the AGW meme but there are just too many making money from it.

    • I don’t know for sure, but there is probably some form of petroleum jelly used in lipstick so it can’t be Big Oil.
      Hmmm … The Commies are often referred to as “Reds” so it can’t be them. (That also rules out any Cincinnati Reds fans.)
      Do the people that make Crayola Crayons make more money from green crayons than red ones?
      Is it time for another RICO investigation?

  11. I’m already 2 for 3, but I’m not giving up on the ladies who wear red lipstick, not even the mercurial ones.

  12. I can’t wait to get into an argument with a female enviro freak !!! I’ll just point at her and scream ” You’re wearing red lipstick, you’re destroying the world ” !

  13. Fly Direct?
    Yeah like most people really prefer to make multiple layovers, increasing their travel time, increasing the risk of missing connections and suitcases.
    I wonder if climate change adviser Cassie Flynn would prefer to get a real job, you know something actually productive, providing a real service or product, but the issue is climate advising probably pays embarrassingly well.

  14. Among the many ingredients of lipstick are mineral oil and petrolatum, so when we phase out fossil fuels, these by-products of petroleum refining will no longer be available. Then we’ll have to go back to killing whales to get our cosmetics raw materials.
    Makes sense to me.
    Oh wait! I forgot! We’re supposed to protect whales..

    • Tom, a woman who wears bright red lipstick ain’t gonna kiss you in public and ruin her perfect look? You want a woman who is smart enough to wear something that can take some lip action without looking like she just zombie fed. (Unless that’s what you like…)

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that right before the Roman Empire fell, the red lip colorings of the time were being dissed by ‘right-thinking’ Roman women.
    I fear Flynn is the canary in the coal mine, so to speak.

    • “right thinking” Roman women?
      It is my understanding that red lipstick was a marker for a street woman of hire for certain kinds of work.
      Right thinking Roman women will likely be insulted; at least until Caligula’s time.

      • I thought towards the end, the Roman morals and values were all topsy-turvy, ATheoK. The single quotes were my indication that ‘right-thinking’ women were much the opposite of what they were in the past.
        With that in mind, I was reading Cassie Flynn’s pronouncements as someone who perceives herself as being a ‘right-thinking’ woman in today’s times, in which case we are all in deep doo-doo.

      • My apologies H.R.:
        That remark of hers flew past me, as I perceive Cassie as borderline psychotic and incapable of determining right or wrong.
        I should have connected the dots better.
        I agree with your last statement completely.

  16. Reading through the FDA list of analyzed lipsticks, the color red is found from those lipsticks with lead traces below the detectable limits throughout the list.
    Not only is red lipstick not a metric for lead content, there is no rationale listed for why she believes red lipstick affects climate change…

  17. Looks like someone should tell Cassie (and maybe the UN) about Snopes. Dangerous levels of lead in red lipstick? Snopes: Mostly False.
    Reading the discussion there about lead levels and FDA oversight, the claim is completely false.

  18. I have always been against ladies using red lipstick because most of them are unaware that it has been used through the ages to draw atttention to ………….! (In a similar way to having bees sting their lips!).

  19. As a man (there I go hoping again!), I believe that the most natural and alluring sight in the world is a lady au naturale (i.e, nothing false but just as Nature meant her to be)

  20. There was a young man from Poole
    Who complained of red rings on his ****.
    Said the doctor, a cynic
    “Get out of my clinic!
    Just wipe off the lipstick, you fool.”

  21. Sindoor, the red material applied by indian women to their hair parting, was traditionally made from red mercury sulphide. This mercury sindoor was being used quite recently.
    Probably hundreds of millions of women have been chronically poisoned in this way over the centuries.
    Ras Sindoor is still being produced as an Ayurvedic Medicine in India. It contains almost wholly mercury sulphide. Several cases of severe poisoning have come to the attention of western hospitals when people obtained such medicines in the west, or returned from india with mercury poisoning.
    Such mercury containing medicines are listed on eBay here in the UK, even now.
    If the following article is to be believed then sindoor manafacturers in the modern age seem to have shifted over to the use of red lead oxide.
    Which has the advantage of being cheaper than mercury sulphide.
    So, if anyone wants to slowly poison themselves, then why not do it at a low low prices.

    • On the other hand, if you mark your hair parting with red mercury sulphide, there is a good chance that any lice, nits or other bugs will be killed off before you are harmed.

  22. “… rising sea levels wiping out entire countries…” Name just one country that has been wiped out.
    “…mega-storms like Superstorm Sandy becoming the norm…” Evidence of increased frequency please.
    BS from beginning to end. Think I may visit and to some stirring…

  23. Has anyone ever counted the number of nutters employed by us at the UN.
    Can’t we defund the UN? Close it down and start again you know , like the League of Nations

      • MarkW commented: “…number of nutters employed by us at the UN….find out how many people work for the UN….”
        I don’t understand why the UN has been allowed to stray so far from it’s original intent. Here is a group of people hired, or appointed, and handsomely salaried like any business that has inserted itself into making decisions of governance and law into the world. Make no mistake despite the UN claim that “it only makes suggestions” what their intent is. Read their documents carefully and you will find numerous “suggestions” that only the UN is capable of governing the world and what needs to be done to make that happen. Only suggestions mind you until countries one by one surrender their sovereignty and we have an EU on steroids.

  24. “Consumer products do occasionally contain bizarre and dangerous additives”
    Its not a joke…BBC Fake Britain last week is a case in point.
    Every now and again the BBC gets to be useful because it reported suspect goods seized at one of our dwindling and vastly over loaded ports. A good few tonnes of stuff including lipstick that contained amongst other things…paint stripper. Piles of counterfeit handbags and the like also.
    Anybody hear the BBC World Service from their huge central offices in Lagos last night. A special program for the run up to Paris COP and advertised as exactly that. Climate change and how it’s literally washing away Nigeria. Well, it likely would do if you de-forest the place. Children singing climate change songs? Message – please remit huge cheques/checks asap!

  25. Many moons ago I worked as an electronics design/prototype and test engineer. The small team of us would be tasked with building and testing little bits of circuitry and obviously involved a fair bit of soldering.
    At the time I smoked (it was still OK to smoke indoors then) but a good friend and colleague didn’t care for nicotine and he actually used lengths of solder wire to relieve stress & tedium or as a source of inspiration.
    He fiddled with the stuff endlessly and sucked on it the same as me or you might suck on or chew up a pencil.
    This was when solder contained 40, 50 or 60% lead.
    30 years later he’s still alive and very well.
    (As I understand it, Lead metal itself is pretty harmless, it’s when it becomes or is Lead Oxide that it turns into a killer)

  26. How many cuts and scrapes does one have to have for mercurochrome to be toxic? I know mercury can be additive, but really? In my case, there’s more concern over lipstick because I like the taste and chew it off my lips. I gave up wearing it years ago.
    These nonsensical “little things” you can do to help the planet fly directly in the face of the “serious threat” of global warming. If little things will fix it, it’s not that serious. Mostly, these are just silly ways to make people feel better about their “environmental quotients”. They do virtually nothing to help the planet or anything else.

  27. Just as quick observation. There is a difference between non stop flights and direct flights. Non stop is just that. Direct means that you don’t need to change planes when they land at an intermediate airport. The alarmists don’t seem to get anything right sometimes.

  28. Ahhhhh. Since I never wore red lipstick or any lipstick . . . . .
    But, I do appreciate red lipstick as a highlighter of a woman’s charms. I will endeavor to complement a woman who has done so.
    Seriously, the UN is stupid.

  29. Praise the avancements in equipment. Every year you can detect more and more stuff that you have never seen before in the products. And when you detect something you have never detected before, it must be dangerous. The most scary substance is the one you have never seen. But just wait a few years.

  30. It just hit me… POKEBERRIES!
    Really, it did. While walking my labrador in the woods.
    Use Pokeberry juice for long lasting lip color.
    Just like Ellie May.

  31. Lipstick is the easy way out. The best way to keep a woman’s lips red is to make sure they get kissed often. Even into old age. Nuff said.

  32. she’s a Climate Change Advisor at the United Nations.
    God bless, there’s
    Climate Change Advisors at the
    United Nations,
    living on leaded lipstick.
    Gone a long way, that United Nations. Biafra, Contergan, Ruanda, Hutus and Tutsis, the Kongo steerless at any speed, Polio, bosniak muslims and hrovatzki ‘have a gun will travel’, USTASHA and middle east burning on 4 quarters of the windrose – who cares when UN mandates
    Climate Change Advisors at the
    United Nations unleading lipsticks.
    was that the question?
    The answer: a Climate Change Advisor at the United Nations is none of our business.

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