Dana Nuccitelli's 'vested interest' ? – oil and gas

As a skeptic of AGW, I and many of my peers are often subjected to scrutiny and accusations of being in the employ of “big oil”. It’s a standard line used by warmists, almost as effective at denigration as playing the race card in an argument that has nothing to do with race.

“Oh, don’t pay any attention to him, he (insert one) /works for/is paid by/is supporting/is a shill for/ big oil” is how it usually goes when warmists want to shut down a conversation.

On Twitter this weekend, a bit of sparring by Andrew Neil of the Spectator and the BBC led to one simple question by Dana Nuccitelli:


Yes, I was kind of curious also. Thanks for bringing up the question. But just as soon as the question started getting asked, we have this followup from Dana:


Stop fishing? That’s funny. Why wouldn’t he want his co-workers to know he’s got this plum gig over at the Guardian, that bastion of all things green, where he writes about the evils (and silver linings) of carbon emissions?


Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2013/jun/11/climate-change-carbon-emissions-iea-silver-lining

His bio at the Guardian is rather sparse, listing him only as an “environmental scientist and risk assessor”: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/dana-nuccitelli


Since that bio is a bit slim, how about this one from his Linked in page:


Source: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dana-nuccitelli/7/a44/661

And who is Tetra Tech?


Source: http://www.tetratech.com/markets/oil-a-gas.html

It reads:

“We support oil and gas exploration and production, gathering pipelines, transmission pipelines, compressor/pumping stations, processing facilities, refineries, storage facilities (above ground and below ground), and rail, truck, and marine terminal import and export facilities.”

This revelation about Dana working for a company that supports “big oil” in the form of oil and gas exploration and production may very well revoke Dana’s “green card”.

And ironically, Tetra Tech is big in mining too, for those that want to talk trash about Steve McIntyre’s work in the mining industry.

Welcome to the Streisand effect, Dana.

As a follow up to this primer, you can read Andrew Neil’s essay on the issue here:


Addendum: If Dana wants to argue that the reason he works for this company that supports oil and gas exploration and production, is that he believes that such things can be done in an “environmentally friendly” way while managing the risk, so that we can continue to use oil and gas in the face of the risks he talks about, I would certainly be OK with that. – Anthony

UPDATE: his response? Fingers in ears: la la la la la!



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Mike Bromley the Canucklehead

Hilarious! On the heels of our angry nobody at NatGeo. The facade crumbleth.


Just as an aside, I notice that the image chosen for that Guardianenvironment article is another of those lying, into the sun, shots that makes pretty while clouds of condensing water vapour look like thick black dirty smut.

Oh this is going to be fun, especially as Andrew Neil has felt the full force of disapproval for deviating from “the consensus” and isn’t one to back down…

Thanks, Anthony. So Dana is paid by big oil. How comical!!!


The two mugshots they’ve chosen for Guardianenvironment make them look like a stand-up comedy doulbe act. Probably not far from the truth.

chris y

I have often wondered if the most overt climate shrillists were actually BIG OIL or BIG GAS or BIG COAL or BIG MINING covert agents, instructed to so badly mangle the arguments for carbon (sic) taxes that the public would eventually ignore the problem completely.


If you think about it, there are great advantages for ‘big oil’ and especially ‘big gas’ to make things difficult for ‘big coal’.
Already we have the World Bank refusing to fund new coal fired power stations.
And I think they can see, and we can all see, that demand for gas and oil is not going to vanish in the near future – their medium term prospects are still really very good.

Chad Wozniak

Big Oil, in the personae of ExxonMobil, Shell and BP give a great deal of money to alarmist organizations – but none, so far as I know, to skeptics. Talk about lying, hypocrisy and effrontery, to claim that skeptics are in the pay of Big Oil. I’m certainly not, and I’d be very surprised if anyone else who posts here is.


From the BBC link:
“At the Sunday Politics we are also used to public figures who try to change the metric when the one they’ve put their faith in does not behave as expected. We try not to let that happen.”
This is why, to me, the BBC can still justify the licence fee. On serious shows they’re still capable of serious reporting. Sadly, with something like 50 channels of populist carp available even on Freeview, the audience for this part of their output is woefully small!

Nick in Vancouver

Hmmm – Benzene – CO2?, Benzene – CO2? does any body know an environmental scientist who can tell me which one is poisionous, i think we’re gonna regulate CO2, but what do I know I’m not an expert.

Michael Jankowski

Maybe Dana is just infiltrating…sabotage from within, lol.
Just to add a little coal to the fire (bad pun intended), Tetra Tech is also a publicly-traded company. So they’re part of Wall Street as well.
Lots of villains as bedfellows for Dana.

It is good to see Andrew Neil is aware that the “heat is going into the deep oceans” argument is flimsy as it must be measured in “hundredth of a degree C”. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/02/25/ocean-temperature-and-heat-content/

Too funny. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he’d be a full-time climate campaigner soon, what with conflict of interest with his employer’s business.


Tut, tut – very naughty!

Jack Simmons

When someone makes a big deal about the employment of an opponent, they have already lost the argument.
Whether or not CO2 is bad or good should be determined by the facts, not personalities.
By the way, benzene, when exposed to water, air, and sunlight breaks down rather quickly. It is not a long term contaminate. The question on benzene should be addressed to an Industrial Hygienist.

Mike Wilson

Dana is obviously schizophrenic. His Dr. Jekyll personality (Dana has no phd even though he thinks he is qualified to slander those that do), works in oil and gas. His self inflicted guilt concerning his sins working in O&G, brings out the delusional Mr. Hyde who works for SkS.
Dana, see your Doctor. He can prescribe Lithium for what ails you!
REPLY: I think that is way off base. I don’t see that at all, and you are wrong to suggest it. I nearly snipped this. I simply see Dana and others in his peer group as having a simple case of “noble cause corruption”. They feel they are doing a noble service to mankind, and that end justifies any means. That’s not a mental illness, but a self rationalized attitude. – Anthony


Imagine such a probing interview five years ago. Unthinkable.
This is an accolade to Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre and the rest of the skeptical community pushing to get this scandal exposed and to the likes of Judith Curry working for a return to truthful, objective science.
Big thanks to all investing their time and energy.


That’s the second time I’ve hit moderation in a short comment using our host’s name. Is his name on a black list here?
REPLY: No not a black list, a flag to hold it for moderation so somebody looks at it. Sometimes people address me directly in comments with requests, questions, or needs, and this help me see them. Previously, when all comments were moderated, other moderators would bring them to my attention. – Anthony

Mike Wilson

Anthony, certainly there are many with “noble cause corruption”. and they do certainly “feel they are doing a noble service to mankind”, but do they also work in O&G?

You know what? I actually respect Nucitelli a whole lot more than I used to after finding that out. You know why? It means that in the real world of real jobs, he knows – absolutely knows, on what side his bread is buttered.
It means that all his fru-fru writing in the Guardian and other places is just him milking some spending money out of the chumps willing to believe any fantasy gibberish he wants to spin, and thanks to his real job he knows how to throw enough jargon in to keep the fish biting.
And he knows it. Hey, if people were willing to pay you good money to write childish, badly plotted fairytales in your spare time, wouldn’t you take it while you could get it?

Read Andrew Neil’s response….

“As a skeptic of AGW, I and many of my peers are often subjected to scrutiny and accusations of being in the employ of “big oil”. It’s a standard line used by warmists, almost as effective at denigration as playing the race card in an argument that has nothing to do with race.”
Or almost as effective as accusing every scientist who thinks AGW is a problem as being on the government’s payroll, or living off grants that require them to conform to the “consensus” view (of which there are many in the archives of this site).
Ad hominem (or ad funding’em) attacks are equally uncompelling from both sides.

O Oh… This gonna hurt!

It gets better…
“As pioneers in arctic engineering and other services in the North, Tetra Tech and its subsidiaries have a proven reputation for successful northern development. Tetra Tech provides world-class consulting and construction services to owners of infrastructure in transportation, mining, energy, and community infrastructure in the Circumpolar Region. – See more at:

Latimer Alder

I assume that Nuccitelli wasn’t born working for these O&Gers. So he must have applied for a job there.
Wonder how he reconciled his high moral principles and sanctimonious stance on mere mortals with doing so? Did he face sleepless nights and a battle with his conscience? How great was his inner turmoil?
Perhaps you could offer him a guest piece to explain, Anthony? I’m sure we’d be delighted to know.

“Tetra Tech has long focused on helping our clients address water, natural resources, environment, infrastructure and, more recently, renewable energy needs. We lead and support programs that minimize our collective impacts on the environment—through the solutions we provide for our clients; through our procurement and subcontracting practices; and by the processes we use within the company to promote sustainable practices, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impacts.”
Translation: The more rules and regulation there are, the more money our company can charge to help you navigate through the minefield of the environmental bureaucracy.

So Dana is in the employ of Big Oil. This one is good for a bookmark!

Russ R.

For an individual who knows so little about so much (as he has repeatedly demonstrated by his blogging and tweeting), Mr. Nuccitelli has no hesitation in broadcasting his ignorance while being extraordinarily disrespectful to people who have far greater expertise than him (e.g. Richard Tol, Roy Spencer, etc.)
There’s a word for individuals who carry with them a highly inflated but wholly undeserved sense of self worth.


Big always gets in bed with regulators. The reason is regulators rarely fix anything, they simply raise barriers to entry in the industry they are “regulating”. To the incumbents, it is quite a cozy relationship.
For instance, say I wanted to get into the oil refining business. Sorry, it’s impossible because you can’t build a refinery these days. However, you can maintain and update existing ones.
It’s great to see it illustrated so deliciously. Thanks, Anthony.

“Tetra Tech’s 11,000 square-foot expansion at its offices in Calgary, Alberta, enhances employee comfort and productivity …”
“Tetra Tech cyclists in Vancouver, British Columbia … ”
Offshoring jobs!


I note he has no Wikipedia entry
REPLY: verified.
– Anthony

I can see that Dana working for a company that does work for the oil and gas industry is a bit hypocritical but Tetra Tech is a pretty large player and imagine they do quite a bit of work for green energy companies that do solar and wind projects as well. I think some additional investigation would be required to find out if Dana’s specialty at TT is working on these green energy projects. That wouldn’t be hypocritical but it sure would mean his job is dependent on the green energy subsidies continuing. Obviously just conjecture but interesting conjecture I believe.


I’d be curious to understand if Dana was hired by Tetra Tech because of his high profile enviromentalism, to somehow give them cover (“don’t mention TT, Dana works there”), or if he is operating as a green without his employer’s knowledge. I know my employer would take a dim view of me working against our customers’ best interests.

Peter Miller

Having read the drivel in his Guardian article, which is typical of just about any Guardian article on climate – in other words, any relationship with reality is purely co-incidental. Anyhow, Andrew Neil has a reputation for researching his stuff well, is very believable and any errors on his part would be of a negligible nature.
Noble cause corruption?
This syndrome definitely does exist, but I am not sure it is relevant here – when you are muddled/muddled up with the likes of both the Guardian and John Cook, it is difficult to believe you could possibly have pure motives – unless peddling scary BS is defined as a pure motive.
In this case the obvious tarnish is provided by the Big Oil connection, which is hilarious.
I am sure I can just hear the stamp of self-righteous, angry, little feet.

JD Ohio

So Dana makes his living getting paid by deniers.

It doesn't add up...

They say the Daleks are back in the next Dr Who series at the BBC. “Malfunction….does not compute!” (imagine mechanical voice).
What happened that Andrew Neil was even permitted to publish his defence, or run the original programme? The defenders of the faith at the 28gate must have succumbed to heat exhaustion.

Billy Liar

I read somewhere that Dana is involved in environmental clean-up for TT. No bad thing, if true.


Bob Johnston says:
July 22, 2013 at 11:01 am
“I can see that Dana working for a company that does work for the oil and gas industry is a bit hypocritical but Tetra Tech is a pretty large player and imagine they do quite a bit of work for green energy companies that do solar and wind projects as well.”
You are right
…BUT; it has never disturbed Naomi Oreskes that, for instance BP used to have a solar power division (and funded the CRU) – the accusation was always, you deniers muse be paid by Big Oil, therefore you are corrupt and your arguments don’t count.
Can we have Naomi Oreskes’ opinion about Dana Nuccitelli?

Steve C

Meanwhile, one hopes, the “green” solar panels at Anthony’s home are continuing to pay for themselves in this Summer weather? Ah, the irony. Bask in it.

Mac the Knife

Dana Nuccitelli is taking the ‘evil oil money’ and getting reamed for eco-hypocrisy?
Drill! Baby Drill!,/i>

Oil and gas should be recognized for the environmental positives each has made.
Fossil fuels, including coal, saved the world from a hell of horse manure as the world transitioned from horse and mule power into the steam-power age.
But, coal burning was sooty and the smoke was full of lung irritants and created smog. Clean-burning heating oil and even cleaner-burning natural gas cleaned up the smoggy skies.
Clean-burning gasoline and diesel almost entirely replaced horse-drawn vehicles and the staggering mountains of manure.
Oil and gas have literally saved the planet from horrible pollution.
And to the nuclear nuts who will undoubtedly jump in and claim that nuclear power should replace all other forms of power, show me a safe, practical, and economic nuclear-powered car, truck, train, airplane, power plant, or heavy industrial plant.
Disclosure: I am a proud and happy second-generation member of the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries.


Tetra Tech Company Facts
Employees: 14,000
Revenue: $2.7 billion (FY 2012)
Corporate Office: 3475 East Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107; (626) 351-4664
Geographic reach: 350 offices worldwide
Tetra Tech will do anything for money. They likely don’t care that one division makes money by mining and oil exploration while another division makes money by contracts from superfund cleanup. Even if leftists in California try to ban fossil fuels, Tetra Tech will make money exploiting contracts to execute the banning of fossil fuels in California.
It’s not surpising that a large company would pay someone to promote one division over another division within the same company.

Mike McMillan

“We support oil and gas exploration and production, gathering pipelines, transmission pipelines, … etc, etc … and export facilities.”
Tetra Tech is in the business of gathering things. Sorta’ like Warren Buffett.


He also goes on Al Jazeera TV (formerly Current TV) & said their good because they don’t have “fake balance.” I think that’s the phrase he likes to use. I have no idea if Al Jazeera TV can survive on their ad revenue. Can’t find solid evidence if Al Jazeera TV receives any government (Qatar) money. I would guess they have to. Wiki says “much of its funding comes from the Qatar government.”


Another mug that screams for a Hawaiian-punch.
Hey, how about a Hawaiian-punch?

Gordon Walker

Noble cause corruption?
Sorry Andrew, but you cut these people too much slack.
They are not well meaning, but over idealist people. They are the latter day equivalent of the Bolshevics and Maoists. The evil which they will cause is the evil that they intend to cause.

Bob Koss

Maybe Dana isn’t involved in oil/gas support. He might instead be involved with supporting sulfuric acid plants or uranium mining. Or maybe one of the other open pit mines his company supports which the greens like to trash.

Joseph Bastardi

who cares who pays him? I really don’t. If he is truthful and accurate, that is all we should care about, trusting the art, not the artist. So the pursuit of the truth as far as what is going on is what we should be after. I get accused of this krap all the time, but the only money we make is based on the merits of our ideas competing against other excellent meteorologists in the private sector, and yes in the government which is funded by the taxpayer. So the crucible is who is right and who is wrong. This whole demonization is a distraction.
If Dana or the man in the moon were right, then they are right and the data should back him up. What is important is that there is evidence that he is not right and in fact, its going the opposite way. Whether who is paying him gets involved in his thought process, I try to avoid. What I can tell is that in what many of us who refuse to bow down in this fight are that way because of what we needed to know to get an up in what we do, not because we want to be in some big fight where we are isolated demonized and destroyed. I want to win on the merits of my ideas, and I try to treat my opponents that way. That being said, I am not going to watch them make statements that reveal either ignorance of fact, or deceptive tactics if they know it. But as far as who pays him, if he was right, who cares
If snapping your fingers and eating cheeto’s made for cheaper energy, I am for it, cause someone still needs to know if the winter is cold or warm in Chicago. The fact is that those of us doing this know that the key to research and APPLICATION IN REAL WORLD SITUATIONS is knowing what really happened and why, not making up stories about the past and applying them to the future. In the end, its reality, not virtual reality, that carries the day