And it's gone…Governor Brown's office responds to WUWT

Sunday, I point out the glaring error in California Governor Jerry Brown’s website with a climate time-series that only showed 1/3 of the year, January-April:

I got an email for the direct of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research yesterday responding to the issue I pointed out: Climate FAIL: Governor ‘Moonbeam’ Brown’s ‘denier page’ can’t even get the temperature graph right

The letter I received yesterday says:

From: Ken Alex

Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 9:08 AM

To: ‘Anthony Watts – TV Weather’

Subject: RE: Your page on climate has a glaring error

Thanks for the comment. We will check it out.

From: Anthony Watts – TV Weather

Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 8:45 AM

To: Ken Alex

Cc: Web Master

Subject: Your page on climate has a glaring error

Dear Mr. Alex,
I want to bring this failure to properly research this page:
To your attention:
The graph only uses 1/3 of the yearly data, and exaggerates the trend. I’ve offered alternatives for you. Perhaps less focus on “denial” and more on the actual science would suit you better. The Orange County Register seems to think so.
Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,
Anthony Watts

As of today, the erroneous graph is gone from the website, replaced with a generic link to NCDC. Unfortunately that link still allows people to recreate the erroneous result, since the NCDC page is is not well designed.

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Bob Johnston
August 21, 2012 12:19 pm

I see our own state government is still trying to equate us to Holocaust deniers. Charming…

August 21, 2012 12:20 pm

Clearly the call for scientific consensus to rule the day has now become the mark of the scientific illitterate

August 21, 2012 12:34 pm

“Clearly the call for scientific consensus to rule the day has now become the mark of the scientific illiterate.” IOW, the conspiracy of ignorance masquerades as common sense.
Might that be The Illiterati?

Crispin in Waterloo
August 21, 2012 12:55 pm

omnologos, do you mean the illitterati?

August 21, 2012 1:06 pm

Or perhaps the cognosenseless?

August 21, 2012 1:15 pm

Anthony, please! Don’t insult the NCDC site! Well-designed or not, it’s the skeptic’s best friend.
People remove sites when you criticize them, so you need to use your superpower wisely.

Martin M
August 21, 2012 1:27 pm

I think the correct term you’re looking for is, “AAAANNNNNDD it’s gone.”

August 21, 2012 1:38 pm

I left California a decade ago for good reason, since I saw the writing on the wall even then. Too many left wing whackos (Gov Moonbeam is just example in a long line of examples.) and the state being run for the benefit of various state unions, the least of which is the teacher’s union. I could no longer afford to live on the left coast and my vote was meaningless so I left. My question for Anthony is: why are you still there? Consider Florida, it is great here.

August 21, 2012 1:50 pm

omnologos, Crispin in Waterloo
illiterate not illitterate. Unless I’m not in on the joke.

August 21, 2012 2:08 pm

“As of today, the erroneous graph is gone from the website, replaced with a generic link to NCDC. Unfortunately that link still allows people to recreate the erroneous result, since the NCDC page is is not well designed.”
Well the good news would be that since warmistas usually only parrot what is spoon fed to them, they most likely won’t make the effort to go make the graph themselves.

John from CA
August 21, 2012 3:05 pm

Kudos Anthony!!!!
At least the boobs in Brown’s office are responding.
Its a start — perhaps they’ll bother to read Monckton’s post related to the folly of their foolish Cap and Trade effort.

Eric Dailey
August 21, 2012 3:14 pm

More good work. Good job Anthony. Thanks.

Dr K.A. Rodgers
August 21, 2012 3:23 pm

In commenting on another major debate in science at a time when a new ice age was believed nigh Robert Ardrey, “The Hunting Hypothesis” (1976), wryly observed, “Such a neglect of evidence is a hallmark of halfway science.”

Richard G
August 21, 2012 6:40 pm

If consensus ruled science, the Sun would still orbit the Earth.

August 21, 2012 6:55 pm

In the revised Brown administration position a failure remains of recognition of the absense, in the claims of the “consensus,” of reference to the statistical population that underlies these claims. In this absence, the claims of the consensus are empirically irrefutable thus lying outside science. Thus, the “scientific consensus” of the revised Brown administration Web page is an oxymoron.

Steve Tabor
August 21, 2012 7:43 pm

Speaking of “gone”, does anyone know what happened to Climate Change Dispatch? It was one of my favorites back in the day, when it was called “Climate Change Fraud”. It was the first site I found back in 2007 when I started paying attention to the CO2 scam. All I get now when I click is a “Go Daddy” ad.
Another one that disappeared was The Daily Bayonet.

Policy Guy
August 21, 2012 7:55 pm

This new effort by Jerry Brown to hype CAGW is ill timed for him. The state is on the verge of implementing its Cap and Trade program as an island. This causes great trade exposure issues to those business in California that compete with businesses outside the state. There will be business relocations and layoffs. Also keep in mind the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard that has recently been charged with the expected closure of up to six refineries by 2015 if not relaxed.
Meanwhile he is cheered on by “the Emperors New Clothes” crowd that is likely responsible for this new campaign. I hate to say it, but it looks like Governor moonbeam is back for real.
What a waste of political capital so that he can have a bullet train to nowhere as his lasting legacy.

August 21, 2012 8:47 pm

Well, hey… What else can we expect of our elected officials and their over-compensated minions?

August 21, 2012 8:51 pm

Policy Guy says:
August 21, 2012 at 7:55 pm

This new effort by Jerry Brown to hype CAGW is ill timed for him. The state is on the verge of implementing its Cap and Trade program as an island.

Sorry, but the definition of “island” is “above water”; California is anything but above water financially (or logically, if you catch my drift).
Otherwise, you’re completely accurate.

August 21, 2012 9:42 pm

I’m astounded at the apparent lack of shame in Heebee Geebee’s office. Or any other ad hominem-sodden effort from the gubernatorial corner. Carrying on the tradition established by Ahhhnold the Governator, I s’pose.

wayne Job
August 22, 2012 3:36 am

Once upon a time, long long ago, every village had an idiot. They formed a union of idiots, hundreds and thousands of village idiots paying fees.
This gave the prime idiots a slush fund to promote through propaganda their idiocy and imprint it on the minds of the gullible and the innocent such as children.
Thus they eventually through deception achieved high office, sadly it would seem that California has elected to office a high priest of the village idiot union.
California is only a state of the USA, for us poor fools in Australia some how we ended up without electing her, a primeminstress of the same ilk. I think Washington may have more than it’s fair share of village idiots also.

August 22, 2012 5:05 am

There is that wonderful British Army list of assessments of Junior officers which has the classic entry “somewhere there is a village which has lost it’s idiot”. Now we know where they go.
My favourite is “his men will follow him everywhere … but only out of curiosity”.

Pieter Folkens
August 22, 2012 7:47 am

The original intent of the Governor’s new web site was to counter the growing skepticism over CAWG. Central to his argument is the “consensus.” Along comes one learned skeptic with an observation, causing them to immediately change the content of the site. The irony is just too rich for words.
Kinda reminds me of “Hundert Autoren Gegen Einstein,” in which 100 of Germany’s leading physicists explained why Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was wrong. Professor Einstein responded, “If I were wrong, then one would have been enough.”
Perhaps the next step is to get Governor Brown to dump the “denier” rant, lest his ignorant tyrannical minions be referred to as “Brown shirts.”

Anthony H
August 22, 2012 8:09 am

@Clipe: Illuminati: a secret group, said to control world affairs; hence “Illiterati” : a secret group incapable of basic comprehension.

David L
August 22, 2012 8:58 am

How quickly would they fix the problem if the tool created erroneous lower temperature trends? Funny how they are okay with erroneous high results, isn’t it?

August 22, 2012 11:52 am

Yes, climate change dispatch has certainly suddenly gone! last accessed it on Sunday night, no way of keeping in touch with Gator, Joker, Russ, Armilach, Mark, Robert and many others. I wonder whether it was taken down by censors? It appears more and more that we are not allowed to voice evidence based on sound science.

August 22, 2012 12:40 pm

[snip we don’t do chemtrails here – long standing policy]

Policy Guy
August 22, 2012 11:33 pm

Thank you Rocky Road @ 8/21, 8:51,
I’ll be sure to mention that clarification the next time I mention CA as an island, in any context.

August 22, 2012 11:47 pm

Climate Change Dispatch looks like it’s back with a ‘we were parked’ notice. Not sure about after labor day (mulling it over) so it says.
@Policy Guy and Rocky Road:
Remember that “No man is an island” but some of them are way out on the end of a peninsula!

August 23, 2012 1:23 am

If all else fails, and your argument has been nullified then simply link to NCDC, point and say, see!.

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