Friday Funny: Dr. Michael Mann keeps interesting company

I had to laugh when I saw this post from climate blog regular caerbannog666 re-tweeted by Dr. Michael Mann:

That iron lung comment piqued my interest, and I wondered who is this guy? A well known climate blog regular, he’s been bloviating all over the climate blogs for years. After finding him though about a minute’s worth of Googling public information, I wish I could unsee what I found. Meet Caesar Augustus Rossi Carvalho (Caerbannog)

Caesar Augustus Rossi Carvalho (Caerbannog) on Myspace{%22ImageId%22%3A4486705}

UPDATE: In retrospect, it should be noted that people are free to dress up any way they want, whether it be in the dark style above, or as a superhero like Professor Scott Mandia (aka SuperMandia), leader of Michael Mann’s legal defense fund to keep those public emails from falling into the hands on an inquiring public.

I just find it humorous that Dr. Mann’s supporters are so, er, emotive.


UPDATE: 7/16/2012 Caebannog writes at his UT San Diego Forum:

Note: I will neither confirm nor deny that I am this individual.



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childish, irrelevant. retweeting someone on twitter isn’t keeping “company” with them. stick to your strengths, challenging them on the science, not playing middle school popularity games

Keith Pearson, Formerly bikermailman, Anon No Longer

I’d make a comment about him looking like a typical Occupier, but it’s just too easy.


Oh god another Goth fallen for the Crow syndrome that’s the one where you think you are a mad avenging angle all swords and style but in reality you dance in a 2 foot square and get yer politics from family guy !

David S

Definitely scary but glad you found it. It gives some insight into the minds of the warmers.

John Hecht

I vote with Jeff

Don Monfort

“Friday Funny” Get it?

Ian E

It’s not Delingpole at a party, is it?

Pull My Finger

Ahhh! It Burns!


That said, if my memory is correct, Jonas Salk used private donations, not coercively-obtained tax dollars, to fund his work. (A very generous donor being Richard Mellon Scaife’s mother.)
FOIA didn’t exist then, but had it done so, and had it somehow applied to private correspondence (perhaps in the firm if a tax you only have to pay if you don’t release your private correspondence – or would that be a penalty?), all it would show is a bunch of conservatives and others expressing concern for their fellow man, and generously trying to do things to help them.
Evidence for which the gentleman in the odd get-up can easily find now, just by opening his heavily made-up eyes.

Paul Westhaver

Hey Caesar,
It is 12:06 am. Hallowe’en is over. Time for bed

Pamela Gray

The human condition is ripe for Friday Funnies. Being able to laugh at the human condition, even if it be us, is as necessary as challenging untenable science. Indeed, the endeavors depend on each other for strength to persevere.


I don’t care what he does in his spare time, he make a poor analogy. Sounds like Obama’s “truth” squad using canned propaganda.

Ok sure, it’s amusing and the guy looks like a bit of a weirdo (to put it mildly)…
but this just boils down to an ad hom, and we as skeptics should really be trying to rise above this sort of thing.


At least the 666 on the end of his handle is appropriate.


What is it?

But, I ask you, what does Alice Cooper have to say on the subject?

Ben Wilson

Mann’s response to the bizarre claim that his work is equivalent to Salk’s work that led to the eradication of polio (yeah, I know it’s not completely gone, but almost) tells us a whole lot about Michael Mann’s opinion of himself. . .

Looks like a classic ad hom to me. Attacking someone because of how they look.
REPLY: No its about costumes, a choice, much like views on climate. And are you saying it is OK for Mike Mann to point out when people put silly photos of themselves on the web for anyone to see, but not OK when I do it? I think your ire, much like your choice of climate views, is selective. – Anthony

Jimmy Haigh.

Can you imagine if this wierdo and “Superman” Scott Mandia got together?

Jimmy Haigh.

Rattus Norvegicus says:
July 13, 2012 at 7:56 am
“Looks like a classic ad hom to me. Attacking someone because of how they look.”
The guy has a choice: he doesn’t need to look like that.


Jeff says:
July 13, 2012 at 7:32 am
What don’t you understand about ‘Friday Funny’?

Well, I and some of my family and best friends have been known to cosplay for Anime conventions. Trust me, some of the looks go WAY beyond that rather tame exposition. Not that I would “dress” in such a manner normally. But when we’re in costume I will most assuredly take pictures of it. Not fond of his tattoos though, they don’t look particularly well done.


Wow, what a freak show these warmists are.

Billy Ruff'n

What’s with the Climate Crusader’s boots? “Knee deep in s***” comes to mind.

Every cause, both right and wrong, attracts some ridiculous people. Drawing attention to those people does not constitute an argument against their views. However, it does have some entertainment value. I don’t think anyone here believes Anthony is presenting the ridiculousness of Mr. Carvhalo’s writings or of his penchant for transgressive cosplay as constituting an argument against Prof. Mann’s views on climate or on transparency in publicly-funded research.

Paul Westhaver

Caesar put out those images of himself and actively promotes his creepy gothe on-line persona, nobody is twisting his arm. I am well with norms to say, look…this is how this guy wants to be perceived…this is his self image.
He clearly suffers a reasoning deficit to think that his choice of clown make-up serves his stated political interests.
Weird that you zoomed in on and was critical about what you think was ad hominem, Sort of Ironic. What Caesar thinks about his politics is painted on his face for all to see. That decision by him to do that is consistent and germane to what comes out of his mouth.


Need to put this up so I’m not confused with the other Jeff. Retweeting someone’s comment, IS in effect keeping company with them, as you’re implicitly validating/endorsing their comment/ideas, and, by extension, them. As another commenter put, the 666 label
should have been an indication of what might be at hand. Perhaps this is one case
where the devil is in the details….
Having said that, it appears that Mann is really having to reach to get supporters
for his increasingly questionable methods, viewpoints, and criticisms of others.
Those who ‘adjust’ the past will have no hope for the future (i.e. it’s Mann who
is in denial (of MWP, etc.) not skeptics)…


Also from Mann’s Twitter feed:
“@PaulREhrlich Thanks Paul–means a lot coming from a hero & guiding light for all of us engaged in efforts to communicate environmental risk”
Paul “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” Ehrlich. Yes, a fine role model for the aspiring scientist striving for objectivity.
Also, it looks as though his account is now locked.

Group pic of Mike Mann and the “Team“.

Do you think Jonas Salk would refuse to release his data?


Apropos of nothing at all (this thread is headed “Friday Funny”, after all) I happen to know that an friend of mine – an FRCO-grade organist – included the number of his favourite hymn as a discriminator in his email address.
In case that happened to be the rationale for Mr Carvalho’s “666” tag here, I notice that hymn 666 of “Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New” (the big, heavy, orange one – most hymn books don’t get much past 500) is “The Spirit lives to set us free”. Hmm: not very apt, I think. Better 665: “The spacious firmament on high”, as rather more appropriate – or dare one suggest 667: “The strife is o’er, the battle done”!
Just having fun …


OK. I’m convinced. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and we have to <shut the world down right NOW and give in to One World Governance NOW or WE'RE ALL GONNA' DIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
Thanks, Caesar.
(is /sarc really necessary?)
PS to the Spelling Police: Did I get DIIIIEEEEEEEE spelled correctly or is there one more E?

Paul Westhaver

Imagine Richard Feynman, showing up at the space shuttle congressional hearings dressed up in an alien costume. His sober words and famous O-Ring in Ice water demo would never have been noticed.
See…. The ice water demo was theatrics…and Feynman did it right. All eyes were on that O-Ring in the glass.

Caesar, has his theatrics all wrong. He looks incredible and unbalanced.


For a guy who believes transparency in science ( & science policy that would effect us all) is a bad thing, he certainly likes to reveal a lot of himself.
But, like Jeff says above, let’s try to keep this about the science. They’re wrapped in the vicious cycle of agenda driving emotion driving absurdity. We know it, I think they know it. No real need to waste space with it here


OK, I get it, Having a little fun. And you put up a lot of quality posts, which is what makes this such a strong blog. They can’t all be winners.
All that said, I wish you hadn’t posted this. As I’ve said before, seemingly to your annoyance, I hold you leading skeptics to a higher standard. There’s just so much in the way of legit criticism. Better to stick with that in my opinion.

his analogy about polio is pure illogic.
it’s a nonsense framing.
the correct analogy would be “it’s like a patient for whom a doctor has prescribed radical surgery asking to see the information upon which that decision was made and the doctor (mann) refusing to provide the info so you can get a second opinion.”
if a doctor said “my magic box (whose inputs and operational parameters i refuse to share) says you have cancer” would anyone take him seriously?
our friend can dress up as little bo peep for all i care, but that sort of illogic is a sign that he is either stupid or deliberately disingenuous.

Alan the Brit

Well, yes up to a point, where what you like, but anyone who wants to stand around for hours on end in what look like thigh length rubber boots has to be a tad kinky! It’s a bit like fishermen who have a problem, because any who enjoys standing around for hours on end wearing rubber in cold running water must have a problem! 😉 HAGWE everyone!


“And are you saying it is OK for Mike Mann to point out when people put silly photos of themselves on the web for anyone to see, but not OK when I do it?”
I don’t trust Michael Mann or respect him: I try to avoid behaving like him.


Jeff says:
childish, irrelevant. retweeting someone on twitter isn’t keeping “company” with them. stick to your strengths, challenging them on the science, not playing middle school popularity games

I’m with Jeff.
If you have a problem with caerbanogg666, then address him directly. Don’t unfairly impugn him because of his association with Michael Mann.

Matthew R Marler

Yeh, sure: It’s an irrelevant ad hom.
But it is also funny.

Pamela Gray

I have a hunch every village has their idiot. Be careful commenters that you do not get the paint you brush across “I wanna be Alice”, on yourself. There are many who question AGW with as much weird nonsense as this man adorns himself with.

Matthew R Marler

In the interests of fairness and transparency, let me say that you can find a goofy picture of me at my LinkedIn home page.

You know Anthony, the next time I have to read some prof or administrator maintaining that in this new approach, “it’s not what you know, but what you feel” that’s important, that will be the image that goes with the mindset.
It’s not the facts. It’s not the means. It’s not the actual consequences.
That will be the face that goes along with. It’s the models and theories that matter. It’s the intentions. It’s the goals.
We are on the wrong script. Reality.


Perhaps an 1957 equivalent would be Bobby Kennedy starting his search for evidence against Jimmy Hoffa might be in people’s mind?


And we are the supposed crackpots?

Not sure this post was worth it Tony. He’s a Goth, so what? I was once.
REPLY: Yes and as a kid I had a Superman cape. I outgrew that both physically and mentally. I just think its funny. – Anthony


Well it is a photo from his own photo album so to speak. Looks like he could do with a decent feed though…. Vegan Vampires must have it tough, eh?
As for his tweet…. Now that is just plain silly. What the hell would iron lung manufacturers want with Salk’s letters? Was he hiding data in them or something?


what is truly ridiculous is that Michael Mann shamelessly re-tweets an item comparing him and his work to Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine!
For that he deserves unending ridicule….. Michael Mann is a shameless dishonest agenda-driven fanatic unfit to shine the late Jonas Salk’s shoes.


Our politically correct society is so afraid of “judging” people based on their appearance.
Bill Cosby wasn’t.
BTW, who recalls the movie Airplane when the terrorists walked right through security while the little old lady had everything done but strip searched?
“Don’t judge him by his appearance”. OH puhleeze.