Josh on McIntyre's rebuttal of Mann's book

As I reported in McIntyre’s rebuttal of Michael Mann’s pants-on-fire book,  Steve McIntyre came out of hiatus yesterday to pen his rebuttal to Mike Mann’s book, seen below.

The points Steve made were well, inspiring, to Josh. For example:

Instead of “forgetting”, as any prudent person would have done, Mann brazenly repeated his earlier lie to the Penn State Investigation Committee. Needless to say, the “Investigation” Committee didn’t actually investigate the lie by crosschecking evidence, but accepted Mann’s testimony as ending the matter.

Josh sees it this way: (be sure to hit the tip jar)


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22 thoughts on “Josh on McIntyre's rebuttal of Mann's book

  1. OMG the smoke has a hockey stick shape, pointing up…
    … but luckily, the sign “doesn’t matter”, and the colour clearly shows that it’s hottest at the … well, end , or should I say, the point where the end begins.

  2. Lovelock’s “betrayal” should have an interesting effect…they will either ignore it or come out fighting…as they must still have complete faith that the msm will continure to protect them

  3. There was a young Mann called Mike
    who attempted to get on his bike.
    Imagine his ire
    when his pants went on fire
    ‘cos Steve pointed out
    ’twas all tripe!

  4. That man Mann needs to do some methane capturing. Sequstration study is another grant application.

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