N&Z reply to Willis at Tallbloke's

This is a note to point out that Nikolov and Zeller have written a rebuttal to Willis Eschenbach’s Mystery of Equation 8. They submitted the manuscript to me two days ago, there were some very angry passages in it, and one in particular that had a semantic wordplay that we don’t publish here by site policy.

I asked them to tone it down, and they refused and were adamant (yesterday evening) that I was wrong to even suggest such a thing. So I offered it to Tallbloke’s Talkshop since I didn’t want to publish it “as is”. I also still have big problems with (my viewpoint) the theory apparently violating the law of conservation of energy.

Oddly, N&Z’s essay has been toned down somewhat there and the reference I objected to replaced, so I guess they heeded my concerns. So in fairness, I’m pointing it out. Discuss it there at this link.

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