The Gore Effect kicks in, plus ça change …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

… plus ça same old stuff. Thank goodness somethings never change. For example, the “Gore Effect”, which says that wherever His Nobelity Albert Gore III might hold a Climastravaganza to remind the world of the critical and imminent climate overheating that we can only avert by sending him some more money, it will be way below the average temperature for that location and time.

Heck, even Antarctica can’t resist the Gore effect. Case in point? Big Al, along with the failed serial doomcaster James Hansen and billionaire Richard Branson, are currently in the Weddell Sea, off the Antarctic Peninsula, just chillin’ with the penguins.

Figure 1. Global temperature anomalies, February 2, 2012. Scale is degrees C above or below historical averages for the day.

And when I say chillin’ … I do mean chillin’ …

Both Dick and Al are blah-gging about their trip. Al sez:

As the world warms, its waters are warming, too. Increased temperatures have already led to changes in ocean life. For example, on the other side of the Peninsula, king crabs have invaded an area previously considered far too cold for their survival. The impact of the arrival of these predators, for the first time in millions of years, could be catastrophic for the surrounding ecosystem, which has evolved exotic and unique life forms that have no defenses against crabs.

I know how Al feels, I had the crabs once myself and felt defenceless. Meanwhile, Dick sez:

The planet is changing before our eyes. We are heating it up.

From the sound of it you’d think that they were baking down there in Antarctica, like they’d seen all kinds of warmer than normal temperatures, penguins wearing sunhats, leopard seals changing their spots, or something warm and not all that fuzzy.

But if you look at Figure 1, you’ll see that the area right where they are is running about 15°C (27°F) colder than normal … and normal even in the summer is kinda cold to start with.

Thank goodness for the Gore effect. Just think of what rubbish those jokers would have written if it had been 27°F warmer than normal down there, or 54°F warmer than what they are actually experiencing … we’d never have heard the end of it. They would have blogged every drop of sweat running down the side of their iced drinks on the cruise ship. Glad to see that justice still can prevail.

Regards to everyone,


 w/Hat tip to Steve Goddard who pointed this out on his site as it was developing.

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Crispin in Waterloo

I believe this has passed the point of no-return, the oft-cited tipping point by demonstrating a statistically significant trend. The Gore Effect is real.
-15 C?
He has out-done himself this time.


The only problem with the colder than average temps for most of Oz this summer and last winter is we’ll have to put up with all the usual alarmist warmer temp spruiking for the next season or so when the inevitable occurs. Still, must be thankful for small mercies while it lasts.


Tee hee.

Anything is possible

Branson still with them?
I thought they might have thrown him overboard after his “Emitting CO2 could prevent the next Ice Age” faux pas.


Is “Hansen” in Figure 1 for the purpose of rhyming?


A quote from less lavish times:
“below forty degrees south there is no law;
below fifty degrees south there is no God.”
—Old sailor’s saying—–

Settled Science

kbray in california

All that’s missing is a blizzard…

Jimmy is an honest, hard working climate scientist who has devoted his life to the salvation of the planet for our grandchildren.
Any rumours that he, (a cardigan wearing, cucumber sandwich eating, modest income earning quintessential scientist) benefits from rubbing shoulders with millionairs such as Gore and Branson are vicious attacks by contrarians on the pay of big oil and big coal who don’t understand how the scientific grant system works.

Luther Wu

Al, how about a Scandinavian- style skinny dip while you’re down there (just to demonstrate how warm it is?) No Polar Bears to pose a threat, so what could possibly take a big bite?
Lots of splashing about for the cameras, please.

EO Peter

Sadly “the Gore effect” seem to dissipate itself, at least not far away from the circus, at Belgrano II Station:
Either Accuweather or Belgrano is biased, or Gore has been secretly airlifted to allow better conditions for the show to continue…


tokyoboy says: February 2, 2012 at 7:59 pm
“Is “Hansen” in Figure 1 for the purpose of rhyming?”
Oops….I meant “Hanson” in Fig. 1.

Matt in Houston

Excellent stuff Willis.
Perhaps there is a masseuse that could answer some questions pertaining to Mr Gore’s ability to qualify in this discussion? Although I am sure Willis is referring to the King Crabs or whatever variant he has fished for over the years.
Nothing like a -15C variant to throw a wrench in the Gore monkey works.

kbray in california

EO Peter says:
February 2, 2012 at 8:32 pm
A week’s forecast of SNOW looks like a “Gore Job” to me…
It never fails.


I think it’s just brilliant that they are going to get a warm welcome on their return.
Bring back Vaudeville.

Eric Anderson

Luther Wu: “Al, how about a Scandinavian- style skinny dip while you’re down there (just to demonstrate how warm it is?) ”
Yeah, did that while I was down there. Quite the rush I have to say! The thing that was interesting is that I was expecting to really suffer when I got out after the quick dip (you know how much colder you are after getting out of the neighborhood swimming pool when you’re wet . . .), but I didn’t feel particularly cold after I got out. Possibly a combination of the air not being colder than the water and general numbness.
It was most definitely cold getting into the water — takes your breath away!


The Russians won’t be happy Al Gore happened along and caused their scientists to have problems:
I propose we ban Gore from traveling, seat him in some cryogenic facility, and pull the plug. With Gore stationed there, the facility won’t need electricity–ever.


That was funny. Thanks


Hi Willis, possible PDO ENSO mechanism?
For 30 years or so the Willis Governor, ITCZ Cu-Nims, keep La Nina conditions prevalent while a large reservoir of geothermally warmed water builds in the western Pacific abysmal deeps.
Then for 30 years this reservoir delivers great big globs of warm water to the bottom of the west Pacific warm pool in a lava lamp fashion. Obviously during the discharge phase the extra warmth from below tips the PDO towards El Ninos.
Elevator brevity?? :D:D

The Gore Effect seriously needs a scientific study. His presence on globull warming-related PR jaunts seems to be more closely correlated to predictable temperature outcomes than any of the computer-generated climate models (about which I agree with you entirely, Willis). I don’t have the statistical capabilities or time, but surely someone here could apply for funding?


I hear the Russians at Vostok lake have gone missing. Wonder if Al is up there partying with them.

spangled drongo

Luther Wu says: Al, how about a Scandinavian- style skinny dip while you’re down there (just to demonstrate how warm it is?) No Polar Bears to pose a threat, so what could possibly take a big bite?
Lots of splashing about for the cameras, please.
I hope those Japanese whalers don’t mistake him for Moby Dick.


Looks at Europe and Asia. It seems that Gore has found a means to amplify his powers and project them right through the Earth’s core to the other side of the Earth, and affect whole continents now.
Could some scientist please check whether the core is still molten?

kbray in california

“I hear the Russians at Vostok lake have gone missing.”
Maybe someone or something decided to have them for dinner…
A new life form oozing up from the lake?
Revenge of the Pink Slime?
but Al is pretty pink and slimy, now that I think about it…
Yeah, they’re with Al.

Mac the Knife

A200: It will kill crabs but it won’t ‘release the 2nd chakra….
or so I’ve heard (ahem).


spangled drongo says:
February 2, 2012 at 10:03 pm

I dunno. If I had to witness Al skinny dipping, I might have to gouge my eyes out. No, not Moby. Not a whale. More like a giant krill.

Werner Brozek

The ‘Gore Effect’ is much stronger than the greenhouse effect due to man-made carbon dioxide. The science behind the ‘Gore Effect’ is not at all settled. Nor have IPCC scientists incorporated the ‘Gore Effect’ into their computerized climate models.
See these for starters:


The Gore effect, 27 th degree. It can’t get much better, can it?

Eyal Porat

It seems Al is strengthening – Europe has a very serious cold snap too.
Could it be that he will eventually cause another Ice Age?

kbray in california

In case you missed the recent story about “Pink Slime”…
reminds me of that flesh eating bacteria for some reason…

Oh, come on…all the data point to St. AlGore being in Alaska where, we hear, it is really freaking cold.

Daniele Gamma

Maybe Al was planning to move to Europe after Antartica?

Jon at WA

Forget Poor AL, Australia’s own Scare-a-tariat, the ABC held a scare-a-thon each night on the evening news as they journeyed to Antarctica to celebarate 100 years since Mawson explored the continent. Unfortunately they were unable to enter Commonwealth Bay because of a huge chunk of the global warming evidence ice shelf parked outside, so to illustrate the warming they dropped a thermometer in the spot where Mawson had previously taken a reading.
Unfortunately the reading was colder and will therefore need to be corrected by trusted experts.

Beth Cooper

Another doomsday message…What was the saying, I forget the exact words, . . . . the messenger?

Andrew Harding

Here in suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne it is -4.8c not as cold as last winters -11. These temperatures are from my temperature sensor at the front of the house, so another 1 or 2 degrees could be taken off that figure if the heat from house was taken into account. The minimum temperature forecast last night by the Met Ofice was -2. Al gore is in Antarctica banging on about AGW when the inconvenient truth is that it is much colder than normal for their hottest month of the year. This pattern with the Met Office and Gore and his cronies of exaggerating warm weather and ignoring or underestimating the cold seems fairly consistent.
Does this reclassify the warmists as deniers?

Doug Jones

Al “Joe Btfsplk” Gore strikes again…


Where does the data for the chart come from? That big green spot halfway between New Zealand and the bottom of Chile. There is no island within 1000km of there

Just check the image below. The true Gore effect!!! It’s from Sam Pucci (!/snpucci ), who wrote:
“Someone please inscribe something decent on my tomb. ”
The relevant picture is at:
Many photos are flowing in from members of the expedition. You can see who is experiencing this Gore effect, on a list I am compiling at (27 so far, more are welcomed):

Crispin in Waterloo

@RockyRoad says:
>The Russians won’t be happy Al Gore happened along and caused their scientists to have problems:
Maybe they have gone fishing. Fox News reports they have ‘baited breath’.


Any MSM reporters who will ask JamesDick HansenBranson after they come back “How far has GlobleWarmin proceeded?” And will James and Dick answer “We expected temperatures far above average, but as they were far below average, we will from now on warn the world about the coming cooling; seeing that this will be just as good an excuse to expropriate them.” ?

Lew Skannen

“For example, on the other side of the Peninsula, king crabs have invaded an area previously considered far too cold for their survival.”
Funny to hear that coming from a bunch of puny hairless African savanna monkeys…

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Zernial

Thanks for your nice story and always very interesting website. Even in Germany its colder than usually with -10 to -15° celsius, but most people believe on official reports about global warming and 2011 the warmest year ever seen. Even kids are trained in kindergarten and scools about the danger of carbon dioxide. its ridiculous. W.Z.

Willis Eschenbach

Doug Jones says:
February 3, 2012 at 12:05 am

Al “Joe Btfsplk” Gore strikes again…

Man, I’d forgotten about Joe, that brings back memories. But Joe just had a rain cloud above his head at all times, where with Al, it’s a snow and sleet cloud …

One of your best yet, Willis! Now that I’ve wiped away the tears of laughter I can tell you that where I am here in Provence, in the land of the vine and olive, there’s hard frozen snow on the ground and the local forecast for the weekend is minus 11. Since olives are hardy down to only about minus 6 this could spell disaster for the olive growers. Despite all the myths, hard olive-killing frosts occur in Provence about every 40 or 50 years. The last was in February 1956 and it practically finished the industry for a while (they regrow, of course, from the base but it is years before they are back into full production). I reckon we are due another such event soon and with the way temperatures seem to be headed downwards this ties in nicely.
Keep ’em coming!

Peter Miller

Ecotreas I followed your link – I found you can get an “Al Gore trained presenter” to visit your town and explain why the science is settled and we are all doomed. The photo of his sleekiness trying in a vain attempt to look like a thoughtful Aristotle is also worth a chuckle or two.

Christopher Hanley

The origins of the term “Gore effect” are obscure.
The earliest reference I can find is by commenter ‘Spiny Norman’ on Tim Blair’s blog on November 10 2006:

Looks like the volcanically active peninsula has cooled as well. Too bad. A virgin sacrifice to Gaia might have fixed our climate.

Mr Green Genes

DirkH says:
February 2, 2012 at 10:08 pm
Could some scientist please check whether the core is still molten?

Probably is – it’s millions of degrees down there, dontcha know.

John Marshall

I thought that our Royal Navy sunk the Belgrano in 1982.
Crabs are good to eat.