China's climate ca$h blackmail

The greenhouse gas hydro-fluorocarbon 23 (HFC-23) will be stored in tanks prior to combustion - unless we release it. Image: Mott MacDonald

Who says you can get rid of entitlements? WUWT covered this issue over HFC-23 production previously in The biggest environmental scandal in history.

It seems it is about to get bigger. China just decided to blackmail the brilliant minds soon to be attending the Durban Climate Conference, aka COP-17.

The burning question is; what would Angelina Jolie do?

China Threatens Massive Venting of Super Greenhouse Gases in Attempt to Extort Billions as UNFCCC Meeting Approaches – MarketWatch

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ —

In the run-up to the international climate negotiations in Durban later this month, China has responded to efforts to ban the trading of widely discredited HFC-23 offsets by threatening to release huge amounts of the potent industrial chemical into the atmosphere unless other nations pay what amounts to a climate ransom.

…In a shocking attempt to blackmail the international community, Xie Fei, revenue management director at the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund, threatened: “If there’s no trading of [HFC-23] credits, they’ll stop incinerating the gases” and vent them directly into the atmosphere. Speaking at the Carbon Forum Asia in Singapore last week, Xie Fei claimed he spoke for “almost all the big Chinese producers of HFCs who “can’t bear the cost” and maintain that “they’ll lose competitiveness”.

…”Attempting to force countries into squandering billions on fake offsets that actually increase production of greenhouse gases is extortion,” said Samuel LaBudde, Senior Atmospheric Campaigner with the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). “China is not the victim here, and a world order responsive to climate change cannot be predicated on unrepentant greed.”

Full story here. h/t to Tom Nelson


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Have they been talking to the Maldives??

Scott Covert

HA! I love it!
Not that their releases would have any effect on climate, except micro climates near the release points for a few hours and dead birds.
I think China is “mooning” the warmistas. Go ahead and dump it China, it isn’t like you haven’t been dumping all of it you can in secret already.
Is it wrong that this made me smile? Am I a bad person or just so tired of politics that I’m punch drunk?

Ken Hall

Did they not think ahead to what would happen when these ridiculous schemes were created? Doh! Silly Me, Of course they didn’t. They are not in the reality business, are they?


“a world order responsive to climate change cannot be predicated on unrepentant greed”
That pretty much sums up carbon trading.


China is not our friend and never will be. Those who rise to the top there are brutally competitive. Our big corporations have used government regulations to create markets and effectively shielded from competition. We can win if we let small companies grow into large ones. Current regulatory and tax conditions are not favorable.


This sounds like a plot from a James Bond spoof.

If China can be goaded into a big enough hissy fit, maybe they will produce enough HFC-23 to help forestall global cooling. Go China. For the grandchildren!

Douglas DC

Why does this have a bit of James Bond about it?
Evil Chinese bureaucrat threatening the world with destruction ?
Bond arrives in his tricked out Chevy Volt-oh, wait…
This is hilarious..

D. Cohen

The bottom line of all this climate control activism was always, if you stood way back to get some perspective on their goals, whether the activists were willing to invade and conquer — or commit other acts of war against — those who were stubbornly unwilling and uncooperative. If the answer to this is “No”, then climate activists are fundamentally unserious about what they claim to want.

OK, OK…Can I get in on the VOTE?
My vote is PRO-Chinese. AND also has the HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Attached.
Hoisted on our own PETARD (small bomb, the phrase means to be setting one to go off, have it go off while you are on top of it, and being HOISTED by your own small bomb.)
Hee Hee Hee.. Go get us China. Proper response: Let it all loose!


One person used the right word, extortion. Blackmail involves the release of embarrassing or implicating information.

John G

Hey the US is getting colder. We could use some more greenhouse gases.


Does this situation say more about about the IPCC warmists or the Chinese communists?

John Marshall

Unrepentant greed————- just about sums up Al Gore!!

More Soylent Green!

Sounds like the plot for a bad made-for-the-SyFy-channel movie-of-the-week, or maybe a ‘Matt Helm’ reboot.


Is that the stuff used to suppress fires? Still the global warming crowd must be going through hell.


I’m pretty sure that no one in the history of the republic has ever seriously suggested that entitlements can be eliminated.

Eric Anderson

Unless a briefcase of small unmarked bills is left on my doorstep by noon today, I fully intend to open several cans of carbonated beverage and release the contents into the atmosphere.
Pay up, or suffer my wrath!

The Eurocrats wanted the Chinese to address their GHG emissions problem. Be careful what you wish for…

Vince Causey

How much can it possibly cost to incincerate the HFC gases? You could probably extract power in the process. Why not simply offer to build an HFC incineration plant? Or is this all about extracting large sums of money from the West?


I was expecting a ‘satire’ tag on the end of this post. It just gets more and more surreal…


The invisible hand of the market affects invisible gases.

This happens every time someone invents a new shell game – the big guy comes and takes over his business.

mark wagner

Just proves the Chinese aren’t stupid.


I suppose this is what happens when bureaucrats with no understanding of economics try to create a market, where no demand exists, through perverse incentives and penalties.


Let em dump, the atomosphere will cleanse it’self in no time. This planet is very dynamic and people forgrt that Nature has a much “higher’ plan to to take care of the atmosmorhe. Had to laugt that 14k and 25k levels are near record cold for this month.

Crispin in Waterloo

It seems the offset was paying people to do nothing. In this case they are being paid to ‘increase their competitiveness’ with the economies that are paying them to do nothing.
Nice ‘work’ if you can get it.
The European mafia (Italian) are in the garbage business – toxic waste handling at vast fees – and some of it ends up in the Liberian jungle in rusting barrels. That was a combination of greed, monopoly and criminal environmental abuse. But that scamming and pollution is nothing compared with the CDM/CFHC business. It takes breathtaking gall to make traditionalist organised eco-criminals look like Snow White.
What will 10:10 and Hansen advocate? Desperately burning the gas at long range by thermonuclear means? I wouldn’t put it past them to at least suggest it.
Lacking a ‘buyer’ it will probably be released into the air and it will make no difference at all. But what a convenient scapegoat for all future tornado/storm/snow/rain/heat/cold events!! Thkn about it: It is after all a ‘refrigerant’ so when it gets cold in the coming years, obviously it is the cause!!
If all searches you are paid to perform seeking cause and effect fail miserably, opportunistically blame someone you already don’t like for not doing something you refused to pay them not to do. It’s a living….

Fred from Canuckistan

No worries.
I have started up a new exchange where people can convert carbon credits into Lira or Drachmas. If Obama gets reelected, we plan to add US dollars to the exchange products.
Looking forward to a busy and bright future.

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

I plan on releasing some greenhouse gases too unless someone pays me not to exhale or go to the toilet.


I’m sooooooooooooooooooo tired of Chicom threats. Release the evil gas, no more credits or payments. They’re the biggest real polluters on the planet and their government is no more than a glorified mafia.


I am getting ready for a diet of beans and onions for supplemental income.


Does Al Gore get his cut of these HFC-23 credits?

The US takes old, unwanted canisters of nerve gas to destroy. Ditto old, unwanted nukes. Guess we can offer to take the HFC-23 off China’s hands. I suppose we’d have to pay “fair rates” for transporting it to the dock.
I hope this gets a lot of press, but it has to compete with Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, of course.


Let ’em. Nothing would happen. (and would be a great way to prove Ferenc Miskolczi’s work true). You cannot “trap” heat in an open ended, gravity held, atmosphere without an increase in the atmosphere’s density.

I think there is probably going to be one heck of a good “climate agreement” struck in Durban a bit later on.

David Falkner

This is what the conferences will become. Bombastic threats and extortions. You give in once, you give in always.


“China is not the victim here, and a world order responsive to climate change cannot be predicated on unrepentant greed.”
Right. Now let’s get back to our own urgent task of looting and controlling the whole world. But I guess China itself just isn’t too worried about our doomsday machine, CAGW?
The Developed World just done got punked at its own game. This might be the greatest practical joke ever and the greatest Humanitarian move since we Imperialists decomposed the Soviet Union.


I would have thought that incineration was by far the worst disposal method. It has a solubility of aqueous of 1g/L so Fenton/Haber-Weiss chemistry is the only game in town, mix H2O2/Cu(I) and some Calcium carbonate buffered ascorbate, about pH 9.0, and it is gone.

D. King

China taunts
I Fart In Your General Direction!

….fine me if I “pass a bit of gas”, or pay me not to? hhmmmm 🙂


At times like this the Guardian makes great reading:
China’s green progress leaves US red-faced
In a testimony last month to a congressional energy committee, Deborah Seligsohn, the Beijing-based representative of the World Resources Institute, spelled out the long-game that is underway:
“Chinese economic strategists recognise that China was late to the industrial revolution and even late to the IT revolution, but it believes it can be a leader in a green revolution.”


Why does this remind me of “Spaceballs”?

Mike from Canmore

Doesn’t sound like James Bond. Mr Like Austin Powers/Dr. Evil.
$”1 million BWAHAHAHHAHA”

Mike from Canmore

Should read
Doesn’t sound like James Bond. More Like Austin Powers/Dr. Evil.
$”1 million BWAHAHAHHAHA


Apparently China has a firm understanding of the mental acuity of Obama and Lisa Jackson.

Occupy Protesters take note: Careful what you wish for (that is if you know what that is). I can hear Bill McKibben salivating in the background. Here we witness what happens when schemes dreamt up by those whose ‘freedom of thought’ is sanctioned by western ‘democracy’ get twisted into extortionist pretzels by those whose thoughts sanction the destruction of the same democracy, by any and all means. Like most everything manufactured in that part of the world, it is yet another shoddy product, in-your-face. It will be interesting to see the MSM take on this, if it even makes their radar screen.

G. Karst

We made our green bed – now we must lie down in it.
To howl now, when we find out, we must share our bed with a whore, seems like more willful blindness to me.
Where are all the defenders of China today?
China’s demands have only begun. They are probably getting advice, from their resident expert, in world domination… Maurice Strong!
We should retaliate, by sending all of our dirty manufacturing, to China. That will teach them. /sarc off GK


The punchline is the tanks probably aren’t even filled with HFC-23, they’re probably filled with steam. Why extort the stupids with an expensive-to-make chemical when you can use the cheap stuff?

If you cut off the credit here, why not cut the credits to WWF to plant trees, or to cattle feed lots to changing their feeding habits? Why do you need to use a bribe? It is like parents that pay their children to do their homework.


In all fairness you can’t blame the Chinese for taking the piss, they look at the West as a former shadow of itself, where the great scientists of the day are James Delusional Hansen or Mike Hockey Stick Mann. They sit back in their chairs thinking you couldn’t make this stuff up and respond with the usual “we make very good green products for you, tee hee.”, laughing all the way to the bank.