What climate science has come to: a rap music video with expletives

While not as bad as the horrid 10:10 video exploding children, I have to wonder this about the actual scientists that participated in this farce: what were you thinking ?

Of course, it does seem some circles in climate science are all about bling, and cheerleaders, and labeling people with ugly insulting profanity these days. So maybe, this is simply “state of the art”. The phrase “Real Climate Scientists” is used…hmm.

Watch this video from Australia (warning – profanities)

The lyrics are available here at the website where they made the video.

h/t to Robert C. via email


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Mike Bromley

As if it weren’t pugnacious enough, we reduce it to sneering gangstas.


Hmmm! Very edifying.

Good lord.
Still, at least some of them might be able to switch careers to the music industry when the AGW bubble bursts and they can’t find jobs.

chris b

OMG……….It really is worse than we thought.
Is this what Organized Science has come to?
Maybe we should counter with skeptical break-dancing.


It is probably their best argument yet.

Theo Goodwin

Obviously, they are rappers. Maybe this is a rapper’s criticism of climate science.


This looks like a failed attempt to counter the insanely successful “Boom and Bust” video that oppose socialism(aka global warming science).


David, UK

50 seconds was all I could manage. Jesus, it makes you want to weep, the fact that that actual scientists think that this is the best way to convince the world of their hypothesis. On the positive side, the only people who would actually be suckered by this
crap would be the cretins who already “believe.”
Still, I need a drink.


Wow…just wow.
Oh and maybe a Really?!? (just for good measure)
Seems to me that a lot of the “Climate Scientists” in that video were actually aspiring scientists (read students).
Didn’t we all do stupid things in college? Granted just not this monumentally stupid.


I must credit these fellow Aussies for doing more to discredit CAGW than most sceptics… ironic, I know. I have to laugh at it or I’d be embarrassed for my fellow antipodeans.


Great job “climate scientists”… SELF DESTRUCT!

Wondering Aloud

Just because they say so doesn’t make it so. In addition to being annoying, which is no surprise, I would question their expertise as much as that of the people they are deriding.
A scientist isn’t a person who parrots talking points on an issue and tries to turn the learning process into a religious crusade.

Pull My Finger

As a father of a 13 year old I’m glad to tell you that ANYTHING presented to teenagers in the form of a rap video is immediately and summarily dismissed as pathetic. One more nail in their own coffin.
Frankly ANYTHING presented to ANYONE as a rap video is pathetic.
And can anyone tell me exactly what qualifies one as a “Climate Scientist”? My University which has one of the largest Meteorology Depts in the country only offers Climatology as a minor in the Geography Dept. Somehow a PhD in Metorolgy, Geography, Physics or Statistics is less qualified to opine on the matter than someone with a minor in Climate Science? More like “Climate Studies”.


Aw lighten up! This deserves a homour tag. Who said “Somebody just can’t handle satire”?? http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/04/21/second-mann-spoof-video-removed/

It’s a hybrid video! Dual-purpose! It’s good propaganda for the Carbon Cult when seen by uninformed youngsters, and it’s also a perfect better-than-Onion parody of the Carbon Cult when seen by well-informed old coots.


How embarassing for real “climate scientists” (if there were such things). It’s all physics, doncha know. I wonder how many of them are physicists.

Pull My Finger

Oh yea, where did Al Gore get his Climatology PhD? At the bottom of a Super Sized McRib Value Meal?


If you look at his other videos, its quote obvious he’s more activist/communist than a scientist.

P Walker

This reeks of desperation and poor taste .

Ken Smith

Each week I browse a number of “climate skeptic” blogs. I often look for signs that a “tipping point” has arrived, indicating that the alarmist edifice is crumbling beyond all possible repair. This video, more than anything I have seen this year, convinces me that this point has arrived. Thanks for posting.


Most of them aren’t climate scientists. Also, those claiming to be PhD do not say what their PhD is in. At least one of them had “economics” in their title. Many were students or lecturers.
It’s interesting how “Deniers” were portrayed with a cowboy hat, boots and lots of money with clear destroy-the-world behavior. I wonder if any of those “climate scientists” in the video have ever once stopped to consider that the people “denying” their conclusion look exactly like them, hold the same jobs, have the same education they do. But of course, they couldn’t be honest about that, we’re just a bunch of profiteers seeking to light the world on fire.
The parallels between:
and the climate science community make this ironically an appropriate form of art in which to express the disagreement.


I am a musician, amongst other things. One of the longest-lived one-line jokes amongst musicians is “Let’s put the ‘C’ back in rap”. These guys have finally rendered that joke unusable by doing just that.
Angry, desperate, and – now – talentless. Don’t they know when to keep their mouths shut?

Johnny in NQ

I’m not a climate scientist, but I can read, and I’d like to comment on a couple of things in the lyrics.
“We’re scientists, what we speak is true…” That would be Argument By Authority.
“Unlike Andrew Bolt our work is peer reviewed…” That would be By Each Other.
“Raisin sea levels twice by twice…” Just exactly where are your statistics that anything is out of the ordinary?
“Coz climate change means greater extremes…” Again, just exactly where?
Feedback on crack, permafrosts melting, methane release, burning letters, gravity is just a theory too, ad bloody nauseum. Made me nauseous, anyway.
God help Australian (pseudo)science, if this motley crew of brainwashed grant seekers is our future.

Marlene Anderson

Cringe-worthy. I’m embarrassed for them.
Some day these people will have this unworthy effort trotted out at a retirement roast and they’ll be appalled.

It is pathetic. Scientists should be able to accept failure and move on. Nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board.
When you read stuff like that you got to admire Dr. Hathaway’s approach:
“my method works but don know why. Sorry, well it doesn’t. I shall try again, and again and maybe again…”


My God. I wish I could poke my ears out.


Climate Science thinks its primary problem is communication.
This is an attempt to communicate to people that climate scientists clearly have no idea how to communicate to.
The thing they consistently fail to realize is that the most effective form of communication a scientist can use is a scientific one. Lay all of the facts out in plain site and go into so much detail that everyone falls asleep and your point will be perfectly communicated.
A scientist attempting to communicate in any other fashion is at best suspicious and ineffective.

reason, a.k.a Tha Notorious C.F.L.

Mah buddy Big Al Gore is soundin’ the alarm.
Those stupid warming deniers doin’ all sorts of harm!
I saw a PowerPoint chart with a whole lotta red,
So I emptied my wallet, and got Carbon Cred.
My sounds are solid, and my science is sound.
If we don’t do nothin’, polar bears get drowned!
So my homies roll phat, with the Dubs on their Prius,
But in the long-run? Naw, I don’t got no idea-uhs.


God! I watched about half of it. What are these ‘people’ on? If this is ‘a Cimate Science Message’ it is the best advertisement for scepticism yet.


” Global Warming is just a theory.”
“So is Gravity… (snip) ”
If they don’t know the difference between a Theory and a Law in science, they are no scientists.


I agree with the final comments in the video. They are climate f-ing scientists, and they are f-ing the climate. But that doesn’t mean they are doing “real” science. A real scientist would not use everything BUT the scientific method to gain popular acceptance and try to get the world to “believe” in their Gaia cult.


Well my friends, I had to stop when the girls started to wail.
My first impression was, of course, why are they all wearing sun-glasses, or ‘shades’.
The message must be… it’s getting warmer, and therefore brighter – good old Sun.
I was born well before the first ‘climate change’ prediction – that of much colder weather to come after the 70’s. It never happened, except for a few unfortunate folk, off and on.
It seems to me to be repeating everything that I have seen and heard, in that there will be climatic variation, which is fairly obvious, but one thing is troubling me… from where does that change, so-called AGW derive?


I was kinda disappointed that none of them were called “Dr. Huxtable” :p


File under: Trying way too hard to impress kids
I made it a minute and I listen to Eminem. Kids might make it to .25 before moving on with a snort of derision. Antiviral video at its worst.
One thing I wonder; were the (substantial) production costs paid for out of grant money? These things are not cheap.


WOW! I was doubting AGW a bit, but now I mysteriously find myself buying it…


You know what? This masterfully created video has finally convinced me that global warming is real and it’s out fault and it’s worse than we thought! YO.

CRS, Dr.P.H.

Nearly as impressive as the “Warm Beer Chart” PR effort at Real Climate:
What’s next? Hostages?


I wondered how they were going to redefine the message……
..too bad rap is like so yesterday

Tom in Florida

Perhaps Vuk & Tallbloke should make a similar video for Dr S to review.


I’m not a climate scientist either. Unfortunately, I have to work for a living.

James Sexton

lol, Yes, make a poorly crafted video, add barely cohesive expressions, sprinkle vulgarity, and appeal to your own authority in an attempt to buttress their credibility.
Yes, that should work.


“Feedback is like climate change on crack “.
I notice that they omit numbers, much like the MSM, so maybe we can call their AGW summary “a fine piece of journalism”.

Tom in Florida says:
May 11, 2011 at 1:17 pm
Perhaps Vuk & Tallbloke should make a similar video for Dr S to review.
Vuk and Talbloke are not professional climate or solar scientists, as the people who did the video, they do their ‘pseudoscience’ for kiks. It is lot of fun, but don’t discard all other amateurs, very often they come with small nuggets that help science move forward. Neither Vuk or Tallbloke take a cent from taxpayer for their efforts, however often and much ridiculed by esteemed doc S.
As for Vuk, he is an ex electronic engineer, currently enjoying fruits of years of hard work, and ‘pseudoscience’ is one of the hobbies, and isn’t concerned an iota if someone likes it or not.

Pull My Finger

Crack is so 80s.

“Feedback is like climate change on crack “.

Paul L

‘The lie that goes unchallenged becomes lunacy’
Guy Debord
How prophetic.


Post-normal science.


Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad.

Green Sand

Hey, is it this year’s Australian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest? Crap enough to win it.


The League of Women Voters has decided to go over the edge a bit too: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/29/new-attack-ads-aimed-at-brown-mccaskill/ Some apolitical organization they have become.

Cassandra King

Loved the ‘Hayek Vs Keynes video, far better than the ‘climate science’ effort ripoff.
You have a slow flat tyre, what do you do?
The keynes method is to ignore the puncture and inflate the tyre and keep inflating it.
The Hayek method is to deflate the tyre, take the wheel off and fix the puncture and only then inflate the tyre again, more difficult and takes longer but in the long term it is the only way to fix the problem.
Meanwhile back at the ranch. Those young ‘climate scientists’ have careers and grants and tenure to think about, homes and mortgages and bills and all that comes with choosing a career, no climate Armageddon no jobs no career no tenure no car no holidays no jet ski. A sudden massive inflation in ‘climate science’ careers in recent years and the simple fact that turkeys do not vote for thanksgiving. A great many people have a great deal invested in perpetuating the man made climate Armageddon, too much to lose.
Lets suppose that the CAGW theory came crashing down tomorrow, new information comes to light that finally puts the CAGW theory six feet under, dead and buried. Just what would happen to the tens of thousands of people employed in ‘climate science’? Grant cash drying up, departments closing and staff laid off, like an army after a big war, it would be downsize city Arizona for lots and lots of young ‘climate scientists’ with worthless qualifications nobody requires anymore. The people in that video know it, they know it all too well. Their careers on the line and what else is out there for them? The lucky few might try teaching or some other line but for most it will be back into the employment line.
The boom and the bust, for a whole generation of ‘climate scientists’ who jumped aboard the gravy train when it seemed the planet was in mortal danger and they were the last best hope yadda yadda yadda, bright eyed and looking at regular wages doing what they thought was a valuable job. Like the Tommies who went over the top at the Somme, they were cheered and celebrated at the time and forgotten and left to rot straight after. Todays heroes, tomorrows cast offs.
A great many people have too much to lose, they have too much invested in CAGW and only when they start appearing in the employment lines looking for the jobs that the CAGW fraud has destroyed by the millions will they have some kind of proper perspective forced upon them. While the gravy train is running they will be OK, when not if but when the train they are clinging on to hits the buffers then a lot of those very same people on that video will be forced to look upon the reality their CAGW fraud has inflicted on the millions who will be standing in those same employment lines, an icy cold shower of cold hard reality coming their way. Unemployment is an absolute and utter bitch, you dont know what a bitch until you yourself happens to be in that line. The young people in that video are part of the cause for the unemployment we are seeing, they laugh and giggle now because they are young and they have jobs but one day, one cold winter day will come when they stand in that line and feel what millions of others have felt then their enthusiasm will wilt and die very quickly indeed.