UN IPCC chief Pachauri under fire in India for conflicts of interest

From the “follow the money” department, this story has been building momentum ever since the story was made public by Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard North of the EU Referendum who three weeks ago co-wrote a major piece in the Sunday Telegraph. WUWT initially covered the story here on December 21st: Pachauri’s Carbon Choo-Choo off the rails.

The following week the Telegraph had a follow up story, and more questions than answers were raised.

Now it appears the story “has legs”, and is being covered in India by India Today, front and center on their Sunday edition.

The subheadline reads: “Climate change hero was on boards of oil and power PSU’s with large carbon footprints, got crores worth of business for TERI from them

Pachauri of course denies any conflict of interest. Details on TERI (The Energy Research Institute) here

The India Today newspaper writes:

Pachauri’s answer to this charge is: “I haven’t pocketed a penny from my association with companies and institutes,” he said.

“All honoraria I get go to TERI and to its ‘Light A Billion Lives’ campaign for reaching solar power to people without electricity. My dealings are above board.” The climate change hero is quick with his answers, but doubts over his links linger.

Now that this story has legs, we’ll see more investigative journalism coming and those “doubts over his links” will get filled in, one way or another. There are questions now arising as to the legality of some of the dealing TERI has had in Britain and the way it reports its dealings to the Charity Commission.

There’s another interesting twist to this that involves Climategate and the CRU.

Pachauri is one of the two directors of TERI. He is also a trustee, along with Sir John Houghton and Sir Crispin Tickell, (see here) formerly England’s man at the UN and the person who converted Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to a belief in global warming, which led her to allocate the money Houghton needed to set up the HadleyCentre for Climate Change.

As WUWT readers know, Hadley (along with the CRU) has played a key part in the story of climate research (and Climategate) ever since.

We have Al Gore who is viewed by many as being the most influential communicator on the climate change issue who is up to his neck in carbon trading and also has many board associations that help his cause. Now we have the leader of the UN’s IPCC with questionable business associations. Where’s NYT’s Andy Revkin? Where’s 60 Minutes? Where’s Dateline NBC?

Above: Gore and Pachauri get the Nobel Prize.

And here’s the kicker from the Telegraph’s follow up story:

Initially, when Dr Pachauri took over the running of TERI in the 1980s, his interests centred on the oil and coal industries, which may now seem odd for a man who has since become best known for his opposition to fossil fuels. He was, for instance, a director until 2003 of India Oil, the country’s largest commercial enterprise, and until this year remained as a director of the National Thermal Power Generating Corporation, its largest electricity producer.

In 2005, he set up GloriOil, a Texas firm specialising in technology which allows the last remaining reserves to be extracted from oilfields otherwise at the end of their useful life.

However, since Pachauri became a vice-chairman of the IPCC in 1997, TERI has vastly expanded its interest in every kind of renewable or sustainable technology, in many of which the various divisions of the Tata Group have also become heavily involved, such as its project to invest $1.5 billion (£930 million) in vast wind farms.

Next time somebody says “skeptic “x” is connected with big oil”, show them this.

Tiger Woods downfall was external affairs outside of his vow of matrimony. By the same token, Dr. Pachauri is “married” to the IPCC and is apparently conducting “business affairs” that appear to be a conflict of interest outside of his vow of public service. If this isn’t grounds for a divorce from the IPCC, I don’t know what would be.

Follow the money, not the temperature.


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Oh my, bring in Al Gore to help him out.
I wonder how investors in Al Gore’s ‘green investment company’ are thinking of doing about Al Gore these days?
All these spokesmen are early investors into the planned AGW fraud’s money bonanza.

photon without a Higgs

The Indians are a moral people. Conflict of interest matters.

Stephen Brown
Dr Mo

One might also ask, “Where’s Guardian’s rabid anti-capitalist and climate-change bulldog George Monbiot?”

Joseph in Florida

What is the probability that all of the shady dealings of these “important scientists” will finally wake people up to the grand fraud that is CO2 will kill us all unless we do as we are told?


I’ve read elsewhere that TERI – The Energy Research Institute, was previously call Tata Energy Research Institute, but the name was changed for some reason. Maybe to hide the association with heavy industry. Tata is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world.

photon without a Higgs

Initially, when Dr Pachauri took over the running of TERI in the 1980s, his interests centred on the oil and coal industries, which may now seem odd for a man who has since become best known for his opposition to fossil fuels.
Smell rat?

R Shearer

More carbon money is sequestered by Pachauri than originally thought.

Leon Brozyna

After seeing all the people making money off this AGW belief system, it seems it’s now the lawyers’ who’ll hit the big bucks, as soon as they can get all their clients to quit talking to the media.


Pachauri’s answer to this charge is: “I haven’t pocketed a penny from my association with companies and institutes,” he said.
and it’s a travesty that he didn’t, maybe he’ll have better luck in mexico city.

Dr.T G Watkins(Wales)

Hopefully, this story will “have legs”. Where are the UK investigative reporters, where are the presenters of BBC flagship news programmes, Paxman, Neal or Marr. Do they have zero editorial control? Why has this become a right vs left political issue? and I am from the Rhondda Valley of coal mining stock. There must be an editor of a MSM outlet brave enough to put his/her head above the parapet. Are Chris Booker, Rich North and Lawson the only ones to put their heads on the line? (and James D.)


It´s all over baby!…time to lose has come.

Richard G.

Does the name Ken Lay ring a bell. He and Algore dreamed up carbon trading at Enron.

Henry chance

He may get fired and become a rickshaw dealer. They get good gas mileage.

Spenc BC

@ Joseph in Florida.
Slim to none as long as governments still see this as a money raising opportunity and the media remains biased to climate change. The truth no longer matters in the western world. I for one will be amazed if these organizations back down on this issue. Too much has already been invested, personally and politically, by all these players. They will perpetuate the lie rather than give up on their money. The whole thing is depressing when you look at the injustice it is causing and nobody wants to talk about justice in this situation.

Dr.T G Watkins(Wales)

photon without a higgs
The Indians are very clever and very moral but, sadly, a very small percent, which is still a large number, are clever and devious. I have many Indian and Asian friends, not acquaintances, who tell me that most of India’s problems come from the corrupt politicians. An active investigative press,however, they may get to the bottom!


Dr Mo (15:24:11) :
One might also ask, “Where’s Guardian’s rabid anti-capitalist and climate-change bulldog George Monbiot?”
Moonbat hasn’t posted on climate science or anything connected since Dec. 21. The silence is deafening. I wonder if he’s decided to pull a John Moore? (refers to the unctious and pompous Canadian radio blowhard who suddenly decided, after years of deriding skeptics as flat-earth deniers, and referring them to the experts at IPCC to prove them wrong, that he really wasn’t that interested in climate science and the whole global warming thing – after Climategate, of course).


“Now that this story has legs, we’ll see more investigative journalism coming and those “doubts over his links” will get filled in, one way or another.”
I’m hoping you’re right! As far as I’m concerned “investigative journalism” is dead to climate change, the IPCC and the UN in general. One would think that with all the fraud, corruption, double standards and conflicts of interest laying just beneath the surface of this fiasco, MSM reporters would be knocking each other out of the way to get the real story!


He shouldn’t be “under” fire, they should be raking him OVER the coals.


The Indians are very clever and very moral but, sadly, a very small percent, which is still a large number, are clever and devious.

I think that can be said for pretty much every people on the planet. The only fundamentally criminal class is politicians and that also goes for pretty much every people on the planet.

Douglas Field

Don W
MSM reporters? Don’t make me laugh! They have long been emasculated.


OT but good.
Cover story of Germany’s weekly news magazine “Focus” tomorrow (www.focus.de): “Will climate catastrophy fail?”
Balanced article, featuring the sun’s influence, showing everything but a settled science, quoting Hadley like this “2010 may become one of the hottest years because of the awakening sun and El Nino combined.”
Because of what? I am confused …

Gawd, nice article Anthony.
This is so true. The top dogs, including Obama, all have interest in the money here. Obama’s are less direct as he only voted on the board which formed the chicago carbon exchange and hung and out with the people on the exhange but we’d have to be pretty slow witted to imagine the resulting money in the pocket is not just as solid.
Over at the little tiny Air Vent blog, Dr. Leonard Weinstein seems to have discovered very compelling evidence that Google has eliminated over 20 million links to climategate.


crosspatch (16:02:44) :
Oh, no, not hot coals, that is reserved for true men of religion, and they walk on them.
They might rake him over dry ice.

Douglas Field

Comments in MSM papers
If you read the comments by readers on items in the MSM on Climate Change they are overwhelmingly sceptical of anthropological CC. The ordinary people are NOT fooled. They still have and can exercise common sense. However, it seems that it will take a long time for the politicians, and the MSM to turn on the profiteers in this scam. I am not even sure that the ballot box will help either since politicians of all colours seem to be enthralled by the tax harvest that will be theirs to play with when they are in power.


Dr Mo (15:24:11) :
One might also ask, “Where’s Guardian’s rabid anti-capitalist and climate-change bulldog George Monbiot?”
He was last reported in CarbonHagen by BCC’s NOW Show, peddling past “on a bicycle built of his own pomposity and rage.”


Pachuri defines conflict of interest the way crooked lawyers and financiers do:
“anything that puts money in my pocket is not a conflict at all.”


“jaypan (16:09:35) :
OT but good.
Cover story of Germany’s weekly news magazine “Focus” tomorrow (www.focus.de): “Will climate catastrophy fail?””
Great. That’s some serious traction.


Conflict of interest involves influence that improperly benefits either a personal or corporate interest. Even if P. didn’t earn a dime himself, did his corporate interests stand to benefit? Of course.


IIRC, “TERI” is occationally spelled out as “Tata Energy Research Institute”, but in their HP it is “The Energy Research Institute.”
Is this to hide something?

Off topic but pertinent. Thank you WUWT for your “education” instead of the useless drivel I get from the News. Anyone watching 20/20, they start the program with “Animals are going extinct at a faster rate than ever before….”
and then more blabbering about species going away fast. But I had my trusty Education in my back pocket. Priceless.

chili palmer

The Pachauri fossil fuel connection was mentioned in the ClimateGate emails,
April 19 and 22, 2002, 2 emails to Phil Jones discussing the nomination of Pachauri. State that he was George Bush’s choice, that Bush had been heavily lobbied by Exxon, that Pachauri was the choice of the fossil fuel industry. That his econ background would be good because CC is much about money these days.


Douglas Field (16:24:44) :
You are correct. I have noticed a deluge of skepticism by ordinary citizens.
And, they are learning very quickly, I might add.
The General Public is not fooled, for they have a secret weapon: They know what’s going on outside thier window.

Dr A Burns

Some of the companies Dr Pachauri could say that his aim was to help move them to less CO2 emitting technologies. But GloriOil, where he is founder and science advisor, their “mission is delivering state of the art bio-technology solutions to improve and increase recovery from mature oil wells”.


RE: Pachauri, apparently there are more juicy revelations that were to have come out in Today’s Sunday Telegraph. However due to the extreme amount of Global Warming falling in the UK, economic activity has ground to a standstill, and advertisers have cut back, resulting in Today’s Sunday Telegraph being rather short on pages. So, the juicy story has been postponed to next week. Make sure to check it out then. Also read this site which has crosslisted WUWT.

Julian in Wales

A very big hit for the AGW crowd.
Before it was just a matter of bad science, now it is pseudoscience in the service of financial and political corruption.
And it is all happening at a time when people are looking out of their windows asking themselves why does global warming feel so cold.


I’ve found the answer to my own question. In 2003 the former “Tata Energy and Resources Institute” was renamed “The Energy and Resources Institute.”

amicus curiae

monbiot did a small item in a pro warmie paper, the flack from commenters was..mostly removed as always! some got by though:-)
as to Pachauri I have been reading thr eureferendum daily, big expose is due, held up due to…the cold and snows.
so keep looking in,there and here:-)
I am Buzzing it madly and annoying everyone I know with the truth, gee some of them really hate it.
tpp bad! 20 years of lies and hype, vs some months of truth and fact.
they can learn to think maybe?
loved the dry ice suggestion above… R bateman R shearer Funny! 🙂


the Bishop also has news on this see hereLinkText Here


Trillions of dollars at stake and the U.S. congress, Obama and Lisa Jackson are still wowed by a Nobel peace prize. Not a science prize but a politically motivated peace prize. The Dr. has lined his pockets while giving access and control to a pseudo religion, he still will retire a wealthy man. Tough luck world, I got mine.

Thanks, Anthony, for the picture of the fraudulent pair with their Nobel Prizes.
They used anything to make their “science” look legitimate, including NASA and even the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee.
Those that predicted global warming deserve the “hot seat”.
With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel


It wll be of much interest to set up a poll as to whether the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report will come out in due course. Let me bet against.

VigilantFish wrote re George Monbiot of the UK Guardian “…Where’s Guardian’s rabid anti-capitalist and climate-change bulldog George Monbiot?”
His silence is peculiar, but reading Pielke jnr this morning led me to this, from the Monbiot archives… “Black Shirts in Green Trousers ”
I wonder if reality has got hold of Mr Monbiot by the scrotum ?

James F. Evans

Caught red-handed.
But just one in a line of folks playing both ends against the middle.
Could be a domino-effect coming down the train tracks.
Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth has just begun…


India’s onto him, “Pachauri in a spot as climategate hits TERI – Ajmer Singh, New Delhi, January 10, 2010
It seems that, apart from his ability to prevaricate, Pachauri is also quite a talented businessman, as well. What a shame he’s such a con-man.
Mark Steyn puts his hypocrisy in perspective, “Dr Rajendra Pachauri flew at least 443,243 miles on IPCC business in …[a]… 19 month period.”
(Which is the equivalent of flying around the world almost once a month for EACH of those 19 months) — hmmm, maybe he’s not a con-man. Maybe he’s just so jet lagged, he can’t think straight?


I presume that Pachauri has received a substantial amount from federal grants and subsidies that were diverted for personal gain. If so, he along with Al Gore and the American Climategate fraudsters may be vulnerable to citizens suits under the US False Claims Act. Anyone who brings a successful suit to recapture misuse funds can be awarded a bounty in the form of the costs of the suit including reasonable attorneys fees.
Bring it on!!!!

Robert of Ottawa

There is more to come. Richard North of EUreferendum was to have had another article published in today’s Sunday Times. However, due to the present snow and cold in the UK, it is delayed until next week. Apparently, it is quite a scoop.

Douglas Field

The ever so honourable Dr Pachauri
To me this link (below) sums up this Pachauri, ‘person’ perfectly. It also sums up the EU and Prime Minister Brown as well. God help democracy when these ‘burkes’ are in control.


Whats funny is that the IPCC and the CAGW crowds ties to Big Oil were never really hidden. First look at CRU it was founded during the Ice Age scare of the 1970’s by two Big Oil companies (Shell and BP) and the last I looked that hadn’t been removed from their Wikipedia page (yet):

Initial sponsors included British Petroleum, the Nuffield Foundation and Royal Dutch Shell.[5] The Rockefeller Foundation was another early benefactor, and the Wolfson Foundation gave the Unit its current building in 1986.[4]

Then you look at what two agencies founded the IPCC the WMO and UNEP. From there look at who founded the UNEP:

During December 1972, the UN General Assembly unanimously elected Maurice Strong to head UNEP. Also Secretary General of both the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which launched the world environment movement, and the 1992 Earth Summit, Strong has played a critical role is globalizing the environmental movement.

Where did Strong get his start:

Born in Oak Lake, Manitoba, Strong had his start as a petroleum entrepreneur and became president of Power Corporation until 1966. In the early 1970s he was Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and then became the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. He returned to Canada to become Chief Executive Officer of Petro-Canada from 1976 to 1978.

Now we know that no UN official would use the UN to make money now would he…..OOPS:

In 2005, during investigations into the U.N.’s Oil-for-Food Programme, evidence procured by federal investigators and the U.N.-authorized inquiry of Paul Volcker showed that in 1997, while working for Annan, Strong had endorsed a check for $988,885, made out to “Mr. M. Strong,” issued by a Jordanian bank. It was reported that the check was hand-delivered to Mr. Strong by a South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park, who in 2006 was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials to rig Oil-for-Food in favor of Saddam Hussein. During the inquiry, Strong stepped down from his U.N. post, stating that he would “sideline himself until the cloud was removed”. Since then Strong has not returned to his native Canada, and now lives in Beijing

So lets see you have a UN backed IPCC that is led by a man with extensive ties to Big Oil, the UN group backing the IPCC was founded by a man that has extensive ties to Big OIl and is tied to a UN scandal over Oil and they rely on data from a research unit that was founded by Big Oil and funded by Big Oil. Those people have the gall to accuse people like me that are sceptical of the crap they spoon fed me to be “shilling” for Big Oil? Riiiiigggghhhhtt.
And the icing on the cake is that when Pachauri was first being pushed to the top spot at the IPCC Tom Wigley and Phil Jones was after his guts because he was being pushed by GW Bush who after all has ties to Big Oil, but somehow in the passing years he has no problem with now.

I can’t quite see what all the fuss is about Watson – why should he be re-nominated anyway? Why should not an Indian scientist chair IPCC? One could argue the CC issue is more important for the South than for the North. Watson has perhaps thrown his weight about too much in the past. The science is well covered by Susan Solomon in WGI, so why not get an engineer/economist since many of the issues now raised by CC are more to do with energy and money, than natural science.
If the issue is that Exxon have lobbied and pressured Bush, then OK, this is regrettable but to be honest is anyone really surprised? All these decisions about IPCC chairs and co-chairs are deeply political (witness DEFRA’s support of Martin Parry for getting the WGII nomination).

see all the stuff linked to at the bottom of the email