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Chris Mooney’s Chartsmanship in the Service of Alarmism

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I came across this beautiful example of chartsmanship today in a Chris Mooney post of raw, pure, visceral alarmism, it’s a gem. It’s from the Mother Jones website and comes with the lovely headline “Humans … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the week: Chris Mooney, climate trolls, beluga whales, NRDC and all that

Here’s another one of those things I discovered when I was looking at something else, and serendipity kicked in. This comes from comment in Chris Mooney’s Twitter feed highlighted by Tom Nelson. In another laughable Cool Hand Luke “you gotta … Continue reading

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By this logic, Chris Mooney should be blaming Obama for not seizing the opportunity to talk about global cooling last winter

Sigh. This is so bad… it’s funny. For the record, it is now official; Chris Mooney is a paid political hack disguising himself as a science writer. I’m going back to calling him a “kid blogger”, because no adult could … Continue reading

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DeSmog Blog headed back to obscurity

The blog that broke created the Fakegate story, only to have it blow up in their faces when skeptics fingered Peter Gleick as the culprit, forcing him to admit that he’d been the one to steal the documents from Heartland, … Continue reading

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Mooney pulls a Muller

Gee where have we seen this before? Chris Mooney issues a press release on his upcoming publication, then he wonders why people aren’t accepting it because the real publication isn’t done yet and all we have is a cover and … Continue reading

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Hump day hilarity: Chris Mooney’s abby-normal post modern science

Chris Mooney has come up with new book to explain why people like you and I are “abby-normal” for not unthinkingly and uncritically accepting all aspects of global warming climate change climate disruption. I haven’t read it, though the cover … Continue reading

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The anti-science battle of Green -vs- Mooney

Heh, gotta love this. Get popcorn. I was tipped off to this by Chris Mooney in a Tweet where he’s calling for reinforcements: Kevin Green of the American Enterprise Institute got the war of words rolling with these comments at … Continue reading

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Chris Mooney doesn’t understand the Internet, and neither do some researchers

I had to laugh. Over at Discover Magazine Intersection Blog, Chris Mooney is defending the paper I critiqued a couple of days ago as if it contains some actual solid science. He’s griping that I didn’t read the full paper … Continue reading

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Researchers set up fake global warming websites to study response

Ah yes, the tired old you are irrelevant because are funded by big (coal, gas, oil, wood, propane, butane, electric, peat, Exxon-Mobil take your pick) gets turned into a peer reviewed paper. What will they think of next? Ironically, this … Continue reading

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Chris Mooney must not be from Missouri

Kid blogger Chris Mooney (at left) often writes fascinating articles for their sheer single mindedness of purpose – making anyone who doubts AGW in even the slightest look like fools. I’ve been on the receiving end a few times but … Continue reading

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NCDC’s Dr. Thomas Peterson: “It’s a knife fight”

This is a row screencap from this Twitter page: http://twitter.com/scio11 It comes from the January 13-16th, 2011 Science Online conference held in the Research Triangle Park in Durham. Details at these URL’s http://scienceonline2011.com/ http://scio11.wikispaces.com/ You can also follow us on … Continue reading

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Time to end your membership with the American Geophysical Union

Pigs have been flying at AGU, apparently. All hope is lost for this organization. Get out while you can. Grab an air sickness bag, then see this press release: AGU Board adds new members with expertise in science policy and … Continue reading

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