By this logic, Chris Mooney should be blaming Obama for not seizing the opportunity to talk about global cooling last winter

Headshot-Jan-2010Sigh. This is so bad… it’s funny. For the record, it is now official; Chris Mooney is a paid political hack disguising himself as a science writer. I’m going back to calling him a “kid blogger”, because no adult could have thought processes that give conclusions like this.

Chris Mooney | The Politics of Ice and Fire

The time to act on global warming is clearly now—right now. In a sane world, Congress would immediately take up carbon cap legislation, and President Obama would be giving a big speech on the issue—and pressing Mitt Romney to explain why he flip-flopped into climate skeptic land, moving in precisely the wrong direction on one of the most important issues to afflict humanity.

Moreover, President Obama would recognize this as a smart political move, because the hard-core deniers notwithstanding, public opinion on global warming follows the weather. It always does. Now, with the whole country wondering about the sweltering heat, about the wildfires and the derecho and the destruction, people are more than ready to hear that, yes, this is global warming, and yes, something has to be done about it.

And yet still, it is not happening.

I cannot overemphasize how dramatic a missed opportunity this is—because we know that even against the backdrop of an overall warming trend, the weather is extremely fickle, and so is public opinion. In late 2009, the year of ClimateGate, and then in early 2010 (of “Snowmageddon” fame), public doubts about climate change increased in association with winter weather—and that could happen once again as soon as the end of this year.

h/t to Tom Nelson

I find it amazing that Mooney can’t even do basic research on the derecho, like I did. 30 seconds with Google and he’d know that it wasn’t anything to do with global warming and according to NOAA’s SPC, that the Washington DC area and much of the eastern seaboard gets one about every four years:

Image from NOAA Storm Prediction Center

Dr. Roy Spencer said it best:

So, why all the fuss over last weeks storm? Because it didn’t hit flyover country.

It hit the center of defective thinking, Washington DC. Hyperbolic ground zero.

I suppose though if you are a “hard core” fake science writer, you don’t look for such things. Somebody should take Mooney’s blogging computer away from him before he hurts somebody with it.


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Mike Bromley the Kurd

Kid Blogger. Indeed. In lockstep, epistemologically, with Moonies from another time. Take me back to Barrytown.


RE: [The Carbon Tax starts down under] Spector (July 3, 2012 at 9:58 pm)
“… Of course, a dead horse.”

Mike Jowsey

ROFLMAO…. he is an intellectual toddler. A logic-impaired moron.


Chris Mooney’s War on Science.


I feel so “afflicted”. Idiot!


Chris could be reporting some really big news with all the different conditions going on throughout the planet such as:

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

This is your brain.
This is your brain on drugs.
This is your brain on global warming.
Any difference?


The DeSmogBlog project claims to be “the world’s number one source for accurate, fact based information regarding global warming misinformation campaigns.” . So they wouldn’t publish his article if it wasn’t thoroughly reliable and accurate. Any way, he looks such a nice sweet guy, we can be sure he wouldn’t deliberately mislead. But naïveté is possible. (hey, my iPad automatically put in the accents!)


He must be a Visual Basic programmer to enjoy repeatedly shooting himself in the foot like this . Still, I say long may he continue writing his diatribes: he undoubtedly has his followers, and they love this stuff. Everybody else will carry on regardless of his content-free ramblings.


Ya suppose that Chris reads WUWT?
Hey Chris!
If global warming is such a winning issue as you claim, then why do you suppose Obama isn’t seizing the opportunity to jump all over it? Is he too stupid to see the opportunity? Maybe he hasn’t been paying attention to the news and doesn’t know about the heat wave and the wild fires? C’mon Chris, you must be able to come up with some explanation as to why Obama is no longer beating the global warming drum at every opportunity? What’s changed?

Greg Cavanagh

If he ever found out he was made of Carbon and Oxygen, I’m sure he’d faint from fear of himself.

Who is this guy and why are you giving him pub?

Denis Christianson

Anthony, you got it in 30 seconds because of your base of knowledge and what questions to ask.


Greg Cavanagh says:
July 5, 2012 at 10:46 pm
If he ever found out he was made of Carbon and Oxygen, I’m sure he’d faint from fear of himself.
Nah. He’s a whacko. I’d go with spontaneous human combustion.


When I read this on Desmog, I thought he sounded just like a little Joe Romm jr in training.
Who knows, maybe he’s worried his stupid books won’t sell if CAGW goes off the map completely.

This is funny, Chris Mooney demonstrates he’s as intellectually vacant as the rest of the lunatics. And, he demonstrates the willful ignorance of the leftists with such advocacy. I had the occasion to converse with another fellow who was stating the time was short, that we had to do something now else it will be too late. Now, I’ve never seen a definite measure of what is too late. But, given the 350. org, I’ll assume they mean to quickly decrease the atmospheric CO2 and that the doubling of the mythical 280ppm is well beyond some imaginary tipping point. It is fascinating that these intellectual giants such as Mooney have never investigated as to whether or not it could be a reality to limit the atmospheric CO2 with their proposed solutions to what they may consider a safe point. This was my response to the fellow I was conversing with. Sorry about the length, again. The italics mark the beginning and end of my comment at that forum.
Dallas, I hope you’re sitting down when you read this….. it isn’t just late in the day, that time has passed. And it passed several years ago. Rio+20 demonstrated this. I’ll try to explain….
First of all, as all can agree, if man is the cause of the increase of CO2, then it would take a globally unified effort to decrease it… or even keep it static. But, we won’t. At least not in the next several years. But, even if we did suddenly decide to start doing something about rising CO2 levels today, if the world stood up in a unified voice and stated, we’re going to start doing the things necessary to bring down atmospheric CO2, we’d still have CO2 exceed the magical 560ppm.
A recent study demonstrates that if we converted every electric gen plant to wind or solar PV, we’d still get a CO2 rise of ~ 50ppm over the next 100 years. This is because of the duration of CO2 and the fact that building the things emit CO2, and takes a lot of time. But, that’s only part of the solution. We’d still need to convert transportation, heating, and cooking. Of course, theoretically, we could use the renewables for most of this, but, then the conversion process takes much longer and so we’d probably see an increase closer to 100ppm. Even still, there has been no viable solution to the transport of goods via shipping, rail, and flight, so assuming some magical solution soon, we’re looking at further increases. Now probably closer to 125ppm.
But, all of this makes some fantastic assumptions. For instance, large electrical storage hasn’t been solved. And, of course, this is all predicated on the world having enough wealth to manufacture all of these things for everyone. AND, it assumes it can facilitate the needs. This, of course, would be a challenge. It has not been demonstrated that wind and solar can maintain well enough to facilitate mass production plants and commercial needs. This is required to effect the changes. In order to achieve these goals, wealth can’t simply be maintained, it has to grow in order to facilitate all of this conversion. Given the recent experiences of Italy, Spain, and even Germany, we see that the current approaches are severely lacking and very limited in the scale necessary.
Now, this brings me to one of my biggest peeves. The advocacy of the climate catastrophes have been the largest obstacle in finding an alternative energy source. They’re locked in their thinking and their near universal insistence to pursue technologies which can’t possibly work. They keep pretending that wind and solar electric gen are new tech. The first wind gen was made 125 years ago. It has the same problem now as it did then. We can’t store AC power and we don’t have storage technology to scale necessary for DC power. It is most likely that there’s another solution out there. But, we’ll never find it if all of our focus, funding, and research is wasted towards impossible technologies. If we let things naturally progress, it’s likely we’d find a workable technology within 50 years. History tells us this. But, we’ve wasted the better part of 30 years pursuing known failed solutions.
The reality is, given the challenges I’ve listed and others that I have not, we’re going to see atmospheric CO2 rise in excess of well over 600ppm even if we all agreed to “do something” about it. The physical constraints of time and scale dictate this. Socioeconomic and geopolitical realities push the rise even further.
Dallas, I understand your beliefs, but if its any consolation, a look back to when the alarms were first raised by Hansen et al, even then it was too late to do anything about it. Even if one believes the catastrophic change meme, the best course of action is to let nature take its course. The very advocacy of climate change has hindered the discovery of a viable solution.
Sit back, enjoy the ride. Breath deep that fresh air we call Freedom! Break free from the shackles of menacing ideas and understand that there is a higher purpose for humanity than simple security. Understand that it is our struggles which make humanity better and stronger. Embrace the notions of our forefathers. Humanity was never meant to be chained to the idea of accepting our limitations. It isn’t our destination which makes life worth living, it is that path we choose that does so. Global unanimity is oppression. Choice is Liberty. God Bless and Happy Fourth of July.
The study referenced is here…..
All of these allegedly super smart sciency guys and they’ve never investigated whether or not their advocacy had any relation to reality or not. The fact is, the question of if they’re right has become irrelevant.(they’re not) This was by their own hand. What I propose now, is that a bunch of us fellows and ladies, create a database of lunatics like Mooney and Romm and Masters, and the rest. As each milestone is past, we should publicly mock them. Tweet, post, what ever. 400ppm …. laugh at them and say, “we’re still here you bunch of Malthusian Luddites!” 425ppm…. Nothing unusual has happened…”we’re still here you totalitarian Marxists!” Hand the database to our children and their children until the last of the alarmists have either died or faded into scorn and then obscurity.

John Trigge (in Oz)

Global warming hit Yunta, South Australia last night – MINUS 7.5C, the lowest overnight temp for 30 years.
Julia(r)’s carbon tax is working already and we’re only 6 days into saving the World.


“…public opinion on global warming follows the weather”
While it’s clearly sweltering in the US, it’s been a really cool damp summer in the UK, with June being the wettest for 100 years.
So using Mr Mooney’s logic; we should not act on global warming, we should not take up carbon cap legislation, we don’t need a speech from Obama or explanation from Romney, and we are moving in precisely the right direction.

S Basinger

Chris Mooney is the Ann Coulter of the left. His book “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science–and Reality” is ridiculous.

David Jones

Who is “Chris Mooney” and why should anyone worry a toss about what he says he thinks? Nobody the eastern side of “The Pond” has ever heard of him so he seems to be nothing more than “a legend in his own lunchtime.”
Why waste time on him?


Actually, I love to see Mooney and others like him in the public eye. Just spending a few seconds reading his drivel or watching him on TV as I did recently, demonstrates a strong correlation between their cultist views and psychopathy. Keep on truckin’ Kid, and watch the public leave you in droves.

Ulf T


I find it amazing that Mooney can’t even do basic research on the derecho, like I did.

No, he’s saying he doesn’t care. People are more likely to believe AGW alarmism when it’s hot. That’s all that matters.


Moony who?

Hari Seldon

Check out the weather in the UK today… Its raining so it must be global warming.
Oh .. there is also anuuder danger from GW triffids from Africa.
Only a greeny can see the dark side of extra tree growth/primary production.
And whats this ? A visual Basic programmer shooting himself in the foot …repeatedly ?
Some of us have no choice.:-(


He’s worse than we thought !!

charles nelson

Anthony, I have to say that’s stooping pretty low…putting that picture of the guy at the top of the piece…some things are best left to the imagination!

He doesn’t even seem to have got the directive to call it “climate change” rather than “global warming.” Another one of their self-appointed spokesmen, whose rank stupidity is a positive asset for us.


Now, now, Anthony, don’t you think this is a bit harsh? (tongue in cheek here) I know of one or two eminent (sic) scientists who think that Chris Mooney is some genius of climate communications, or “fantastic” as they say below! [I hope this is not OT even if a bit of a tangent, since it illustrates the close convergence between propagandists like Mooney and the more activist members of the “climate scientist” community worldwide] Excerpts from a couple of comments and links I posted at Bishop Hill when the Gergis et al (2012) paper imploded a few weeks ago:
re: Gergis and Chris Mooney…. This is (unintentionally) quite funny! Gergis writes in March 2010 for a university audience about the “guerilla war” over climate policy (embracing Chris Mooney’s account). She provides with obvious approval what seems to be her paraphrase of remarks by Mooney: “Most people know how easy it is to click the ‘publish’ button on a blog, but in reality, very few know the rigours of publishing evidence-based science in the peer-reviewed literature.”
Bishop Hill thread on Gergis et al 2010
Joelle Gergis [hearts] Chris Mooney, 2010

Winning the guerrilla war on climate change at Science meets Parliament 2010
By Joelle Gergis, School of Earth Sciences
“….American science writer Chris Mooney outlined the ‘guerrilla war’ on climate science in the untamed jungles of the online world. He said it was naïve for scientists to feel that the ‘truth will prevail’ as the mountain of peer-reviewed evidence grows. He suggests that as a community we must equip ourselves with the professional communication skills to combat the targeted tactics of our opponents. Most people know how easy it is to click the ‘publish’ button on a blog, but in reality, very few know the rigours of publishing evidence-based science in the peer-reviewed literature….”
“…At the end of our time in Canberra, we left with the clear message that scientists are welcome in the political process, but we must equip ourselves with effective communication tools so the essence of our knowledge is heard. We need to be prepared to defend our science in the face of intense public scrutiny, concisely, with conviction and in plain English. Once we restore community confidence in climate science, one conversation at a time, our politicians will have no choice but to follow….”[emphasis added]

[ME: I keep seeing these gems that show how “politicized” her own agenda is…. Is she more activist or scientist? This is a different version of her thoughts after that “Science Meets Parliament 2010” and here she fervently embraces the Chris Mooney/Michael Mann “guerrilla war” and “asymmetric warfare” narratives. In fact she thinks the talk she heard by Mooney was “fantastic” so we don’t need to worry that we are misunderstanding the fervor of her commitment to upholding the CAGW narrative in a guerrilla war against “well orchestrated” critics ….]
Joelle Gergis and Allie Gallant think Chris Mooney is “fantastic”

Conference Report // Communicating climate change: advice from Science meets Parliament 2010
Joëlle Gergis and Ailie Gallant
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
Bulletin of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Vol. 23 page 26
“….On day 2 we were treated to a fantastic guest speaker, American science writer Chris Mooney,[emphasis added] at the National Press Club. He gave an incisive overview of the nature of the ‘guerrilla war’ being waged on climate science in the untamed jungles of the online world. He said it was naïve for scientist to feel that the ‘truth will prevail’ in the global warming debate as the mountain of peer-reviewed evidence grows. Instead he suggested that as a community we need to equip ourselves with the professional communication skills needed to combat the very targeted tactics of our opponents. In a recent interview Professor Michael Mann (co-creator of the ‘hockey stick’ temperature reconstruction) referred to the ‘asymmetric warfare’ between trained global warming contrarians and climate scientists as ‘literally like a battle between a Marine and a Cub Scout’. In the 11 March 2010 issue of Nature, the editor warned that ‘scientists must acknowledge that they are in a street fight, and that their relationship with the media really matters’….”


The real problem is that there are still far too many people out there who believe this kind of rubbish, and until MSM start to do their job properly that state of affairs will remain.

Mindert Eiting

Perhaps Americans do not see this anymore but Europeans the better, this kind of tooth paste advertisements. Anthony, you don’t live far from Hollywood. Get some nice looking boys and girls for your site, showing their teeth and telling the world that they are happy skeptics.


Chris who?

George E. Smith;

Well my latest e-mail newsletter from John Key; NZ Prime Minister, talks about NZ meeting its committments to the global community on carbon footprints. But he mentions that it was a big imposition on Kiwi folk, and they had cut it back a bit.
I tried to tell him a couple of years ago, that NZ could do the world community a favor by simply telling them to shove it, and not be brow beaten by the propaganda.
Well he did run it by his top science advisor, who unfortunately is some Lord somebody (but evidently a scientist of some repute) and the chap stuck to the party line that MMGWCCC is a proven fact. Can’t blame the PM for taking the advice of his well credentialled science advisor.
But NZ (Ausland too) can ill afford to go along with such imagined catastrophe propaganda.
Well I tried. I got a distinctly less convinced reaction from the science folks, including climate guys at UofA back in March, but I’m sure they too see the academic sword of Damocles over them and their careers.

George E. Smith;

By the way; who the hell is Chris Mooney; izzat some scientist I am supposed to recognize either by sight or name ?


You could 50 post like this daily, on both sides of this debate. Why is this worthy of a post? If it is, describe why, so we have the context. If not, move on and talk Livingston and Penn effect.


“And yet still, it is not happening.” <-global warming 😉

Patrick Davis

“John Trigge (in Oz) says:
July 5, 2012 at 11:06 pm”
And on the 7th day she rested…

Never herd of him, but he will grow out of his adolescent ‘I can change the world’ fixations.


If it catches your interest I would love to know what you think of the Gergis/Gallant lovefest with Chris Mooney at Canberra in 2010 (see quotes and links I posted above). I know you are just the person to provide the context of what Chris Mooney was doing in Canberra, how his style of propaganda compares to what’s gone on in Australia in recent years, etc.

Never heard of him, but he will grow out of his adolescent ‘I can change the world’ fixation.
Wikipedia page:
“He received his B.A. in English from Yale University in 1999, and has been a member of the board of the American Geophysical Union since November 2010”


sigh……. Chris Mooney (B.A., English, 1999) qualifies to be on the Board of the illustrious American Geophysical Union because….. what? He’s written some propaganda propounding a left-wing activist’s view of influencing the public and policy makers??
At least the AGU has a distinguished ethics panel which can assess with objective rigor the quality of propaganda being disseminated by “climate communicators”…… OOPS, that was a Gleickian moment:
Chris Mooney appointed to the Board of the American Geophysical Union
Peter Gleick’s leadership: AGU’s new task force on scientific ethics and integrity begins work


The guy has a BA in English. Why is he writing on science matters? Oh wait, I forgot, modern “journalism”. And then modern “journalists” wonder why, for example in Germany, the subscription numbers for newspapers are dropping. This has turned almost into a crisis, with some papers openly demanding a tax so that they can survive. Seems that the people are slowly waking up.
I’m going to show this a friend of mine. She will have a field day.


I have to agree with Pointman,
Mooney and fellow alarmist groupies of this deluded self persuasion, more than just help along the realists and aid the true scientists’ case. If, he were capable of cogent thought [too big an if – for Mooney] – he’d be holding his head in his hands right now – for scoring ‘another own goal’.

“I cannot overemphasize how dramatic a missed opportunity huge a drama queen this is I am…”

Mooney also has form in the atheist community as a diehard accommodationist: he has taken money from the Templeton Foundation and regularly bleats about how we should be nice to theists and pretend that their views can be reconciled with science. I think ‘kid self-promoter’ might be a more accurate term.

James Bull

Thank you
John Trigge (in Oz) says:
July 5, 2012 at 11:06 pm
Global warming hit Yunta, South Australia last night – MINUS 7.5C, the lowest overnight temp for 30 years.
Julia(r)’s carbon tax is working already and we’re only 6 days into saving the World.
I had finished my mug of tea when I read the above so it didn’t end up on the keyboard and monitor.
James Bull


Chrfis is just a Rahm Emmanuel wanna be, asking Obama not to waste a crisis. BHO has already shot his was with stimulus and ACA. What with the latter being called a tax by SCOTUS. Another tax not happening at least till 2014


It has only ever been about power and control.
That’s why the hue and cry never change substantially, they just adjust to the details or ignore them.


If Obama were to bring up “fires,” Republicans would bring up the canceled Forest Service tanker contract and ask questions. (They might also point out similarities to the skulduggery around Obama’s Gulf Spill behavior.) His advisers are aware of this potential counterpunch, and have probably decided it’s not worth it, especially since he doesn’t need popular backing for any legislative measure he has in the wings–there isn’t one. He’s letting the EPA, plus the economic recession, plus shale gas, do his work for him.

Mr Mooney. May consider saving the planet by issuing less fertiliser via firruginous coloured comment.