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The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal (ho ho)

From Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.some comments on the recent scathing report on BBC’s impartiality (ho ho) when it comes to reporting climate change. He writes: Comments On The Global Warming Policy Foundation Report “The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal” … Continue reading

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The genesis of RealClimate.org appears in the Climategate emails, and surprise, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin seems connected

This email in December 2003 shows what appears to be the genesis of the idea of setting up the RealClimate.org website. There a BBC (impartiality – ho ho) connection. Roger Harrabin at this meeting at Tyndall (why was he there … Continue reading

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Climategate 2 – “Impartiality” at the BBC

Guest post by Barry Woods It was only last weekend that the BBC’s Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin and Dr Joe Smith of the Open University made headlines in the Mail on Sunday newspaper. This was because their jointly run - Cambridge Media and … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: BBC In Cahoots With Climategate Scientists, prime minister “green guru” publicly doubts climate change.

Steve Hilton, the Prime Minister’s director of strategy and ‘green guru’, is the latest person to admit to doubts about climate change. ‘I’m not sure I believe in it,’ he announced at a meeting of the Energy Department, prompting one … Continue reading

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Hits and Misses for the week of November 20-26

I’m trying out a new feature, “Hits and Misses” which will highlight some of the on-target and brightest things in science and climate juxtaposed with some of the off-target and silliest things in the past week. Hit: Almost two years … Continue reading

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BBC’s Kirby admission to Phil Jones on “impartiality”

Climategate 2.0 email 4894.txt shows just what Alex Kirby of BBC thinks of climate skeptics as he conveys it to Dr. Phil Jones. Clearly, there an incestuous relationship between climate science and the BBC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ date: Wed Dec  8 08:25:30 … Continue reading

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Slipping some “past the goalie” at RC

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein Seinfeld fans will remember how proud Kramer was when he thought he had slipped one past the goalie. Well, I’ve managed to slip a few comments onto RealClimate’s discusion of the Times Atlas “Greenland Meltdown” … Continue reading

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Richard Black tells the BBC reporting team what to think

David Whitehouse: Biased BBC Advice Based On Sloppy Statistics. From the GWPF: The Observatory, 4 November 2011 Whatever you think about the BBC’s actual performance in reporting climate change, they are supposed to adhere to the highest standards of impartiality … Continue reading

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BBC: The Little Ice Age was all about solar UV variability… wasn’t an ice age at all

Mike Bromley writes in: BBC has the explanation for the European LIA… it wasn’t really an ice age at all.   See this strange quote.

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Wind turbine FAIL – school left holding the bag for £53,000

It all started when the Gorran School got the bright idea that a wind turbine would solve all their electrical bills while doing some feel good environmentalism. The BBC was ecstatic when they reported on it back in 2008: A … Continue reading

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The BBC Endeavours to Provide More Biased Coverage on Climate Change

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” The BBC’s governing body, the BBC Trust, has released a report on its coverage of climate change, that is based partly on “an independent review” by Steve Jones, a Genetics Professor at University College London … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Climate Science Myopia

By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. There is an article Global warming lull down to China’s coal growth by Richard Black of the BBC which perpetuate an inappropriately narrow view of climate science. The article headlines with the text “The lull in … Continue reading

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BBC snowed by the whims of nature

Oh noes! Then, suddenly, this week, in summer no less, nature decides that snowfalls won’t be a thing of the past after all, and makes bozos of the BBC:

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The Telegraph “gets it” about Climategate investigations and the conflict of interest of publicly funded media


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Quote of the Week: BBC’s ugliest moment yet?

Paging Roger Harrabin… Bishop Hill writes: Hat tip to several readers who have pointed out Michael Buerk’s comments on the BBC Radio 4 show, the Moral Maze:

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Has the BBC broken faith with the General Public?

Guest Post by Barry Woods It is my opinion that the BBC in broadcasting the BBC 2 Horizon program ‘Science Under Attack’ did not treat the general public in the UK and at least one of the interviewees with the ‘good faith’ that … Continue reading

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BBC’s Roger Harrabin responds

After the revelation: The Met office and the BBC- caught cold that the Met office had issued a forecast to the UK Cabinet office, and that forecast didn’t contain much of anything useful, the least of which was any solid prediction … Continue reading

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BBC4′s “Meet the Skeptics”

Lord Monckton is rather upset with the producers of this show, so much that he filed a legal action for a right of reply according to Bishop Hill. I was interviewed (captured really, they flagged me down in the conference … Continue reading

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Booker on BBC’s Science Under Attack

Christopher Booker on BBC and The Royal Society bias, ClimateGate, The Met cold winter forecast and 2010 hottest year ever: Horizon’s “Science Under Attack” turned out to be yet another laborious bid by the BBC to defend the global warming … Continue reading

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The Met office and the BBC- caught cold

From the blog autonomous mind, a cold ill wind blows from Britain. At least this time, FOI requests weren’t quashed like they were with CRU.  Below are excerpts. The photocopy of the email from the FOI request is telling. ====================================== … Continue reading

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