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CO2 calculation in the global carbon cycle may be off due to a depth error

It seems that a simple assumption about where to measure CO2 in the ocean surface has drastic implications. via The Hockey Schtick New paper finds global carbon cycle datasets may be biased A paper published today in Global Biogeochemical Cycles … Continue reading

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Reactions to ‘the pause’: Grasping at strawmen in hidey holes

It has been quite entertaining to watch the various explanations coming out to rationalize “the pause” in surface temperatures for the last 16 years. For example, as Jerome Ravetz points out to me in email, The Times Hannah Devlin says … Continue reading

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If storms are worse now, why did they need a sea wall 150 years ago?

From Virginia Tech something that makes you wonder about past storm intensity and the need to protect shorelines from storms coming from the sea. With all the hype surrounding “Superstorm Sandy”, it is interesting to see that 150 years ago, … Continue reading

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Ocean acidi what?

Guest essay by Steve Burnett I have followed Wattsupwiththat for a long time, only posting occasionally if I feel an article or presentation is biased, or if there seems to be some sort of data misrepresentation. I choose to follow … Continue reading

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Grade school science howler from Ken Caldeira: ‘CO2…forms carbonic acid (the same thing that makes soda fizz)’

From the Carnegie Institution , where soda pop science is like a carbonic acid trip, they say (thanks to modeling) we have to make big changes:  “To save coral reefs, we need to transform our energy system…” while equating natural … Continue reading

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The AMO, Codfish, Seals and Fishermen

Only remotely related to climate change, but perhaps related to politics polluting universities, this essay floats ideas concerning our nations fisheries, and fishes for feedback from WUWT readers. Guest essay by Caleb Shaw When I was just a small child … Continue reading

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National Laboratory pans ocean carbon sequestration scheme

Questions rise about seeding for ocean C02 sequestration – Argonne National Laboratory LEMONT, Ill – A new study on the feeding habits of ocean microbes calls into question the potential use of algal blooms to trap carbon dioxide and offset … Continue reading

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Fishy temperature proxy

UPDATE2: To see what is fishy about this story, see Bob Tisdale’s update here: From the University of British Columbia ‘Fish thermometer’ reveals long-standing, global impact of climate change Climate change has been impacting global fisheries for the past … Continue reading

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Updates to and ENSO Observations from the WUWT Ocean Reference Page

Image Credit: Monterey Marine Meteorology Division – HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” In making several updates to the WUWT Ocean Reference Page I observed something in the Sea Surface Temperature animation above, that I’ve … Continue reading

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Something else to worry about…carbon in the water

From the Oh Noes department and the Max Planck Institute comes this headline sure to cause worry worts scurrying for carbon removing water filters: Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds’ oceans Wild fire residue is washed out of the … Continue reading

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Now I’ve heard everything

From the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science Ocean acidification as a hearing aid for fish? Study shows that effects of changing ocean pH may result in increase in the hearing sensitivity of fish MIAMI – … Continue reading

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Nutri-systems for climate control

From the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) Ocean nutrients a key component of future change say scientists Variations in nutrient availability in the world’s oceans could be a vital component of future environmental change, according to a multi-author review paper … Continue reading

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‘Carbon’ to blame for giant crabs

CO2, is there anything it can’t do? Add it to the list. Over at WaPo, they call them “supersized”. From Counsel and Heal News (h/t to Gene Doebley): Carbon To Blame for Oversized Blue Crabs The use of genetic engineering … Continue reading

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Good news about coral reefs – they recovered from warming

Back in 1998, when we had the super El Niño, some of the warm water pooled east and west of Australia (seen in the 1998 image below) and damaged coral reefs there, setting off a cottage industry for noisy alarmy/worry … Continue reading

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Study: natural variation still rules monsoons

From the University of Hawaii ‑ SOEST Natural climate swings contribute more to increased monsoon rainfall than global warming Natural swings in the climate have significantly intensified Northern Hemisphere monsoon rainfall, showing that these swings must be taken into account … Continue reading

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Is Ocean Heat Content Data All It’s Stacked Up to Be?

Figure 1 Ocean Heat Content data represents the heat stored of the oceans to specified depths. As such, it is an important global warming metric. The Introduction to Levitus et al (2005) begins: Based on the physical properties and mass … Continue reading

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Science, Surfing, Stratification, Overturning, and Timing

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Surfing When I was a kid, swimming in the ocean was a rarity. We kids spent summers with my Dad, and once, maybe twice over the summer we’d go to Stinson Beach. I loved the … Continue reading

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Blog Memo to Lead Authors of NCADAC Climate Assessment Report

Date: March 4, 2013 Subject: Upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report From: Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations To: Lead Authors of NCADAC Report Dear Lead Authors: The draft of your upcoming NCADAC Climate Assessment Report was recently released for comment. Thank … Continue reading

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