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The ScAm Gets Worse—An Open Letter To Bora Zivkovic

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dear Bora; I know, I know, like many people I didn’t think it was possible for Scientific American magazine to sink any lower. I loved Scientific American as a kid, the “Amateur Scientist” column was … Continue reading

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How long to the 24/25 solar minimum?

Guest post by David Archibald Climate has real world consequences, and those operating in fields that will be affected by changing climate bring a different perspective to the problem of predicting what will happen. Bill Fordham, advising the grain industry … Continue reading

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“A [Junk] Scientist’s Misguided Crusade” Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

Guest Post by David Middleton More improper activity from the Million Dollar Bureaucrat… A Scientist’s Misguided Crusade By JOE NOCERA Published: March 4, 2013 Last Friday, at 3:40 p.m., the State Department released its “Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement” for … Continue reading

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Lucia drops some reality on the Gorebots – Update: The astroturfing is from Skeptical Science

UPDATE: Apparently, they didn’t like Lucia’s version of reality, she writes: lucia liljegren (@lucialiljegren) says: March 5, 2013 at 11:45 am They suspended my account. And I wanted #1 on the leader board. Dang!! UPDATE2: Apparently this is an Astroturfing … Continue reading

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Has Global Warming Stalled? (Now Includes January Data)

Guest Post By Werner Brozek, Edited By Just The Facts In order to answer the question in the title, we need to know what time period is a reasonable period to take into consideration. As well, we need to know … Continue reading

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Irony Hypocrisy on steroids–UVa plugs new “Open Science Center” while simultaneously keeping Michael Mann’s science notes away from the public

Readers may recall that UVa has spent north of a half million dollars to fight Freedom of Information requests surrounding Dr. Mann and his infamous hockey stick science. – Anthony News Release University Communications/Media Relations New Center for Open Science … Continue reading

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Categorical Thinking and The Climate Debate

Guest post by Craig Loehle, Ph.D. We often hear this disconnect in the climate debate: sceptic Joe says “human impacts are small and likely not harmful”; alarmist Arthur says “humans are affecting the climate, therefore we must act now”. It … Continue reading

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I Have It Made In Alaska

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In the fall of 1964 I started college at the University of California at Berkeley, but I hated it. I lasted one year, and as soon as school let out in June of 1965 I … Continue reading

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