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Tropical Crime and Punishment

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach People sometimes ask how I learned so much about coral atolls and islands. It’s because for three years in the late ’80s I lived in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, a … Continue reading

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Settled science update – of mice and men

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about a model you run tests on, out comes some whippersnapper to upset the scientific apple cart. It makes you wonder how this could have gone on for so … Continue reading

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Heartland to release Gleick prosecution file

The one year anniversary of the Dr. Peter Gleick theft of Heartland documents under false pretenses is coming up on Valentines day, Feb 14th. I’ve been given the word today via email that there will be some documents released from … Continue reading

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The UK Growing Season

Guest post by David Archibald Next week I am hosting a dinner party at which a Fellow of the Royal Society will be guest of honour – one of the Gang of Four who got the Society to tone down … Continue reading

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A new buzzword for pushing climate fear? ‘Explosive Cyclones’

After the past weekend’s silliness over a snowstorm that wasn’t all that much different than Nor’Easters of the past, I can imagine some CNN anchor using the phrase badly in the not too distant future, like suggesting sending in a … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness BONUS edition: Waiter! There’s horsemeat in my climate sandwich!

Josh writes: Roger Pielke Jr has a must read post on the link between the UK’s horsemeat in burgers scandal and Climate change, which is both timely and clever. And it inspired this cartoon. Many thanks Roger! 

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Monday Mirthiness – chill your drink while wailing about the polar bears and sea level rise

WUWT readers may remember when Ursus Bogus made an appearance in Science magazine, and the hilarity that ensued from it. The embarrassment for Science was that it was a Photoshop job.  There’s also the penguin version of the stock art. Science … Continue reading

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Quote of the week: The end is Nye for Bill Nye being a ‘weather expert’

Earlier today I pointed out how Bill Nye “The Science Guy” couldn’t even explain the most basic tenet of meteorology, the Coriolis Effect, among other things. It seems the Washington Post agrees. Jason Samenow writes:

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Mann, Gore, Smog, and the big lie

No, not that one, this one: Full disclosure: I’m not a member of the Tea Party, and both of my parents died of tobacco related illnesses. I’ve got no use for it or the people that make money from growing … Continue reading

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Why we don’t take CNN or Bill Nye seriously anymore: asteroid> meteor> global warming

Paul Westhaver writes in Tips and Notes: CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming…. but Bill’s response is oddly disquieting.

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Feeding at the public trough – The Karoly dinner

Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun tips me to this story in the Australian which makes me wonder why we never hear about posh expensive dinners for the all those #big oil funded skeptics. /sarc – Anthony A DOZEN Climate … Continue reading

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China’s big jet – not the passenger kind

From the Science China Press Is there gigantic jet event in middle latitude region in mainland China? When talking about lightning, appearances of different lightning which occur along with thunderstorms will emerge in the minds of the people and these … Continue reading

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