Why we don't take CNN or Bill Nye seriously anymore: asteroid> meteor> global warming

Paul Westhaver writes in Tips and Notes:

CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming…. but Bill’s response is oddly disquieting.

“Except it’s all science,” Nye said rescuing Feyerick. “The word meteorology and the word meteor come from the same root, so…”

Nye went on to discuss the asteroid which has missed impacting earth by 15 minutes. He says if this body were to impact over a populated area like New York City, that municipality would be completely leveled.


It gets worse. Mumbles McGuirk adds in Tips and Notes:

[T]his Saturday MSNBC broadcast with Bill Nye explaining that GW will cause storms to spin counter-clockwise in the ‘new normal.’

Bill Nye explains the science of storms

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to talk about how climate change contributed to this weekend’s blizzard in the Northeast.


Gotta love the way Nye explains the Coriolis force.

We can only hope the stupid burns up in the atmosphere, either by re-entry or Global Warming.


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Does anybody realize how stupid society is becoming, or at least how stupid the “news” is? Society is being dumbed down, and the number of news reports that talk about “climate change” every time we have “weather” is a direct proxy to the reduction of national average IQ.

Frank K.

Does ANYONE watch CNN anymore…SERIOUSLY??? Bleahhh…

Jeff L

“GW will cause storms to spin counter-clockwise in the ‘new normal.’”
Oh my … I wonder if he thinks that storms (and I am assuming he is thinking NH cyclonic circulations ) currently spin clockwise (with a north being “up” frame of reference). Scary how much respect this guy gets from the media.

Dr K.A. Rodgers

Has the headline writer gotten “meteor” vs “meteorite” sorted out or is “meteor” what Bill Nye said? It is 5.00 am here and people are asleep. Playing video with sound is a ‘no-no’.


Please stick to your day job Bill and leave us alone.


I firmly believe that, without a scientific foundation or decent education, more and more of these people will show up, and then every imagination will be valid.
Perhaps cAGW will cause the parallel universes to coalesce, and storms will enter in from that nether dimension.
Maybe Romulans and Kardassians (related to the Kardashians?—the names are too similar to rule out) will enter from the neutral zone of the future?
Reality and fantasy are merging…”Major Tom calling ground control!”


[T]his Saturday MSNBC broadcast with Bill Nye explaining that GW will cause storms to spin counter-clockwise in the ‘new normal.’
does Gore know this?………………..snark

Luther Wu

Bill Nye the Political Science guy.

Liberal Skeptic

When asked the question he says “no no” over her, it’s not clear. But he’s definitely not suggesting what this post implies.

John V. Wright

Beyond parody.

That msnbc clip is a hoot. When it comes to meteorology, Bill gets that deer-in-the-headlights look.

Because Bill is “The Science Guy”, everybody else is excused from doing their own thinking. Excused; as in you’re excused from class.

Dr. Delos

Bill Nye, you’re no science guy, turn in your bow tie.

This exchange pretty much confirms that Bill Nye’s role as contributor to CNN is to support whatever globalist agenda CNN is peddling (as per Ted Turner) as opposed to providing objective independent scientific insight. The normal reaction would have been to immediately dismiss what Feyerick implied as nonsense, but Nye knows he is a ‘tool’ of CNN, so disagreeing with the presenter was not something that would come naturally to him.
Marc Morano eviscerated Nye on Piers Morgan back in Dec-2012, and that was despite Morano quite clearly being one against two in that debate.
The integrity of CNN is the main issue that I am concerned with, as opposed to Bill Nye, as he is just one contributor. There has been a recent trend of becoming increasingly brazen in their advocacy, as opposed to at least trying to give the impression that they are impartial presenters and “moderators” of debates.


Liberal Skeptic:
Even your post is confused and convoluted. What are you saying?

When Joe Bastardi is in the mood to clown around at WeatherBELL, he does a forecast with his blood-pressure cuff on. Someone ought have him watch the Bill Nye MSNBC clip wearing that blood-pressure cuff. The gizmo would likely explode. Also the incredulous expressions on Joe’s face would be priceless.


“Nye went on to discuss the asteroid which has missed impacting earth by 15 minutes.”
We’re very lucky. If we had just a little more CO2 in the air, we’d have been hit. As you may know, carbon dioxide creates a kind of ‘super gravity’ whenever it gets above 350 ppm concentrations. This super gravity is especially powerful on rocks in vacuums. It’s all very technical. Don’t bother looking it up. Frankly, I’m amazed didn’t hit us.


Is CNN still serving free booze in the “Green” room?


I learned way back in grade school in the 1960’s why storms spin counter-clockwise. I guess Bill must have been out sick when that was explained in his school.
I’m coming to the conclusion that believing in AGW causes a drop in intelligence.


A least he doesn’t pretend to be a surgeon. As for the anchor, I presume this is the only employment she could find. The rest required actual brains.


This isn’t the only reason we don’t take Bill Nye serious anymore. He has been suffering from malignant dumbness for quite some time now.

b. johnston

This reminds me of the physicist who was asked why the water level in a toilet moved up and down when the wind blew. He credited that motion to the wind whipping around the water tower and causing pressure variations. He did retire 6 months later.


Primitive cultures would often ascribe natural events to human behavior. The Gods were said to be angry. The effect of this sort or rhetoric was to give the political class and the high priests control over the society. The population believed that the high priests knew what would keep the gods happy, and by extension, keep them safe. So the propulsion would go along with whatever the priests said to do. If that meant sacrificing a virgin, then do be it.
The Global Warming hysteria is leading us back to primitivism, with guys like Bill Nye and Al Gore claimg to be the high priests.


How can she even come up with the question?
Surely no one in the US is going to take this seriously, are they?
Oh dear.

OY VEY!!!!

The Sage

He can’t even get numbers and units right when he’s talking about the area decimated by such a meteor… in both videos. 2000 square km equals 1200 square miles in the CNN video and 200 square km equals 1200 square miles in the NBC video. Brilliant. He can’t even get simple numbers and unit conversions right, but we’re supposed to believe what he’s saying. Anybody with any background in science can see right through this, but the anchor and most of the public just eat it up.


Nye is just another unwitting acolyte and dangerous spokesman for the CAGWs: Catastrophic Anthropogenic Genocidal Warmistas.
May he someday come to a full recognition of his facinorous cult.


Latitude says:
February 11, 2013 at 8:07 am

[T]his Saturday MSNBC broadcast with Bill Nye explaining that GW will cause storms to spin counter-clockwise in the ‘new normal.’
does Gore know this?………………..snark

Haven’t you heard? Gore invented it. And he was the first to publish proof on the cover of his book.


Poor fellow’s bowtie is obviously too tight and has cut off the circulation to his brain.
How sad!


I know this is off topic, mea culpa, I plead “slowness”.
About five posts ago there was a post “Has Global Warming Stalled?” It presented a graph showing temperatures and the concentration of atmospheric CO2. The graph showed that CO2 varies about 10 parts in 400 each year. If I haven’t messed up my calculations, that implies a time constant of something like ten years. That seems to mean that, if we quit emitting CO2 now, the anthropogenic contribution would be scrubbed from the atmosphere in about fifty years.
Why does this matter? The warmists rely on a very long residence time for CO2 to bolster their case that the increase in atmospheric CO2 is anthropogenic. They say that the natural sources and sinks of CO2 balance and that anthropogenic CO2 enters the atmosphere and stays there. Their accounts don’t work if you take a shorter residence time.
One of the skeptical arguments is that CO2 levels follow temperature changes rather than being their cause. It seems to me that, if CO2 has a short residence time, it is good evidence for that case. In other words, anthropogenic CO2 is taken up reasonably quickly and the increase in CO2 is likely due to natural causes.
Am I missing something?


I laughed when I heard this but quickly realized that as an un testable hypothesis, it is no worse than all the other ridiculous ideas about CO2 and GW that are currently driving national energy and enviormenmental policy.


enviornmental, mea culpa.

Mumbles McGuirk

Latitude says:
February 11, 2013 at 8:07 am
[T]his Saturday MSNBC broadcast with Bill Nye explaining that GW will cause storms to spin counter-clockwise in the ‘new normal.’
does Gore know this?………………..snark
Apparently not. See the poster from “An Inconvenient Truth.” Clockwise hurricane.

Mike M

Latitude says: does Gore know this?………………..snark
Why soytenlee! He invented the Coriolis effect.

Chuck L

“Kardassians (related to the Kardashians?—the names are too similar to rule out)”
Too funny! 🙂


Isnt Bill Nye the chief of the vampires in Undrrworld, and the old bloke in Four Weddings and A Funeral.
Nah, cant be, even actors arent that thick.


The only mistake Bill Nye makes in the video is he says meteor when he means asteroid….the woman is over talking non-stop rubbish about something, of which she has no knowledge or understanding.


Nye just proved Dr. Carson right about the American education system.


He’s gotten a lot of mileage off the ‘Science Guy’ character. He invented that character during his stand-up comedy days here in Seattle. Why people started taking it seriously is one of the great mysteries of the world. Nice to see he’s still doing stand-up comedy, though.

David Y

As I’d stated previously–I knew Al Gore was full of bovine excrement when the movie poster/book cover for An Inconvenient Truth had NH storms spinning the wrong way. Ugh.

Ed Fix

Oh, come on. Sure, he’s an alarmist twit, but give the Nye guy a break here. He can’t tell the difference between evidence and wishful thinking, but he’s neither ignorant nor stupid.
Deborah Feyerick is obviously out of her depth talking about anything except celebrity gossip, and Nye graciously didn’t mention her stupidity and gallantly tried to disguise her amazing ignorance. You gotta admit, coming up with the meteor-meteorology etymological connection on the spur of the moment wasn’t bad.
I ain’t that gallant. I’d have channelled my inner Ackroyd with a “Deborah, you ignorant…” I also wouldn’t have been invited back.

That goofball Nye is one of the biggest proponents of agw. More troublesome is that the loudest agitators in congress in support for the theory are all extreme leftists, like MA congressman Ed Markey.
What does this extreme leftism have to do the science? I’ll tell you: nothing. It just so happens that all the leftist nutballs have got fully on board the agw bandwagon because, as Spike Lee would say, “it’s the right thing to do.” The “science,” and yes, surprise, the climate, has absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh yeah, a couple of supportive quotes for this:
“We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing …” -leftist Senator Tim Wirth, 1993
“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony… climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” -C. Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment
“A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect.” -Richard Benedik, U.N. / U.S. Bureaucrat
… etc
Climate “Science” is a leftist driven thing.
Make that clear. Expose the politics of the agw proponents.
And the media is “stocked” with leftist agw advocates. Educated leftists. Journalists by and large subscribe to the ex-Senator Wirth’s idea. It is “the right thing to do,” they think, to push agw regardless of any scientific validity. Furthermore, they are not going to dig deep (like, for example, read skeptic blogs) into anything that may cause them to question the science.
Our job is two-fold. In the short term, educate the public as best we can on the MSM menace on this issue. Also, start thinking about changing the way students are educated in college. Get down to the roots, or start some kind of penetrating conversations that get the young elites to start thinking differently about agw, and / or other issues.

Nik Marsall-Blank

Connect the dots.
Meteor…Meterology…Weather…Global Warming.
Sometimes I’m embarassed beyonds word to admit that I’m the same species as these people.


After recording this clip, he should have watched it, taken notes, and recorded it again, but the second time, coherently.


these things are silly.
want to know what the local weathermen/woman called this storm?
a CLASSIC nor’easter, as in they learned about this type of weather pattern,,,in college.
storm dumped only 26″ on my city officially, took me a few hrs to clean up.

Han Solo, in A New Hope, brags that the Falcon made the Kessel Run in “less than twelve parsecs”. This is a unit of distance, not time. Oops.
Bill Nye fancies himself as someone who can explain science. So does putting the near collision of this asteroid 2012 DA14 and earth in terms of “time”, “fifteen minutes!”, help to understand how close it came? Not really since it’s ambiguous. Fifteen minutes for which object? The Earth? The asteroid 2012 DA14? Both? Seven and half minutes for both? So instead of making it easier to understand Bill Nye just confuses the issue.
As for whether or not this asteroid has anything to do with Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, that’s so stupid it burns. The only way this asteroid could possibly affect the climate of Earth is if is smacked into us, and then only briefly would it have an impact on the climate.
Move along, nothing to see other than: http://www.plognark.com/Art/Sketches/Blogsketches/2008/thestupiditburns.jpg.

Milwaukee Bob

Bill who??
And CNN – isn’t that a telegraph company?
But seriously, even the writers at SNL wouldn’t think-up this stuff.