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History suggests: don’t bet on La Nina this year

Typical (Average) El Nino, Traditional El Nino, and El Nino Modoki Events Guest Post by Bob Tisdale Recently, there have been a number of posts around the blogosphere about the current El Nino or about Sea Surface Temperatures (SST). Accompanying … Continue reading

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Climate idiocy at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – cow with a gas mask

First let me say I’ve been there many times with my wife and children. When we go, we marvel at the sea otters, jellyfish, and the Mola they had for awhile. When we go to an aquarium, I don’t expect … Continue reading

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If Sea Level Was Rising, Wouldn’t Someone Have Noticed?

Images spanning 130 years show non-effects of sea level rise By Steve Goddard Above, imaginary alarmist imagery: London Drowning from the BBC One of my favorite CAGW climochondrias is worry about sea level.  From Wikipedia:

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The Gulf oil rig explosion – on the scene photos

Regular WUWT commenter Jimmy Haigh, a geologist by trade, sends along a PDF that is a compilation of on the scene photos taken right after the explosion and in the following two days. I’ve converted it to web format. These … Continue reading

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