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Ending the year on an up note

I thought about writing a year end recap, but then I saw my traffic count for the month at 00 GMT (4PM PST), and thought that would do just as well at telling the story for this year. After a … Continue reading

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2008 Ends Spotless and with 266 Spotless Days, the #2 Least Active Year Since 1900, Portends Cooling

From ICECAP By Joseph D’Aleo CCM, AMS Fellow 2008 will be coming to a close with yet another spotless days according to the latest solar image. This will bring the total number of sunspotless days this month to 28 and … Continue reading

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The Ice in Greenland is Growing

Old Radar Sites In Greenland Show Icecap Growth Over the Years (And let’s not forget what we’ve learned about the temperature reporting from the DEW line Radar Stations – Anthony) By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow Though the ice may … Continue reading

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Met Office recycles last years PR: 2009 to be one of the warmest on record

LONDON (Reuters) – Next year is set to be one of the top-five warmest on record, British climate scientists said on Tuesday. The average global temperature for 2009 is expected to be more than 0.4 degrees celsius above the long-term … Continue reading

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Temperatures could drop to 50 below zero in parts of Alaska

More anecdotal weather news of a colder and more brutal winter. From the Juneau Empire, Juneau Alaska Bitter cold moves in to Interior – Temperatures could drop to 50 below zero in parts of Alaska Meanwhile, in other news: Roofs … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. takes on the London Times over erroneous climate reporting – says “warming has stopped for at least 4 years”

From the blog of Roger Pielke Sr. Erroneous News Article In The Times Filed under: Climate Science Reporting — Roger Pielke Sr. @ 7:00 am Thanks to Andrew Forster of Local Transport Today in the UK for alerting us to the … Continue reading

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The Worst Climate Predictions of 2008

And yet to play out, let’s also not forget Al Gore’s 2008 prediction: “Entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years” -Anthony By Dennis Avery  in the Canada Free Press “2008 will be the hottest year in a … Continue reading

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Christy: Satellite data shows Earth’s climate is changing unevenly

From the USA Today Weather Blog This has been in my inbox for a couple of weeks, so on a fairly quiet day for weather, I thought I’d put this out there. John Christy of the University of Alabama-Huntsville reported … Continue reading

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Don Easterbrook’s AGU paper on potential global cooling

Don sent me his AGU paper for publication and discussion here on WUWT, and I’m happy to oblige – Anthony Abstracts of American Geophysical Union annual meeting, San Francisco  Dec., 2008 Solar Influence on Recurring Global, Decadal, Climate Cycles Recorded … Continue reading

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NASA’s twist on global sea ice loss

NASA’s updated data appears to suggest the annual rate of global polar ice loss has actually decreased Greenland’s Riviera – their green southwest. Will another Maunder minimum grip the region in cages of ice again, or will bells ring in the portside … Continue reading

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Blizzard traps thousands in India

More nasty weather in the northern hemisphere. It seems to be “piling up”.  This event caught many off-guard and unprepared. (h/t to Philip_B) Rescued tourists wait for government vehicles to take them back to Gangtok. Telegraph picture Thousands trapped in … Continue reading

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Snowfall immobilizes rural communities in eastern, central Turkey

It appears this winter is rough not only in the USA, but elsewhere,. Significant snowfalls were also seen in 2002 and 2004.  From Today’s Zaman: Snowfall immobilizes rural communities in eastern, central Turkey Cold weather and heavy snowfall brought daily … Continue reading

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Spotting NOAA’s USHCN climate stations with Google Street Level View

When I first started the project, this Google Street level view tool was just a concept, now I’m actually able to find USHCN stations with it such as this one in Manassa, Colorado: Click image for interactive Google Earth … Continue reading

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Half of the USA is covered in snow

This is something you don’t see every day. We recently heard that Canada had a white Christmas EVERYWHERE, the first time in four decades. Here we see that the USA has an increased albedo (surface reflectivity) for about 1/2 of … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Global Warming

Courtesy of Minnesotans for Global Warming, this entertaining video for today. Merry Christmas everyone, stay warm!

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NSIDC issues documentation corrections – WUWT guest post a catalyst

You may recall the guest post from Jeff Id of the Air Vent I carried about a week ago called Global Sea Ice Trend Since 1979 – surprising In that post, a note of correction was issued because that we … Continue reading

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Scientists warn Christmas lights harm the planet

From the “bah humbug department”. I have nothing against energy efficiency, I have LED’s myself and I didn’t even put them up this year. But, timing is everything, and people already stress out during holidays. Adding a guilt trip over … Continue reading

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NOAA Determines Ribbon Seals Should Not be Listed as Endangered – say ice will continue to form

(Note: image above and my emphasis added below. What is unlcear is what climate models the reviewed and whether they accepted or rejected it’s results.  – Anthony) Contact:          Sheela McLean                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 907-586-7032                                      Dec. 23, 2008 NOAA Determines Ribbon … Continue reading

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95,000 Excess U.S. Deaths during the Cold Months Each Year

Guest post by Indur Goklany Now that the cold weather is here, we should remember that more Americans die during the cold months than at any other time of year, notwithstanding any global warming. The figure below, which is based … Continue reading

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My first 1/4 mil week

Despite my having to cut back on posting and moderation to nights and weekends in order to devote more time to my livelihood during these economic down times, WUWT continues to grow. Today I reached another new milestone, nearly 1/4 … Continue reading

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Jim Hansen’s AGU presentation: “He’s ‘nailed’ climate forcing for 2x CO2″

I received this presentation of the “Bjerknes Lecture” that Dr. James Hansen gave at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union on December 17th. There are the usual things one might expect in the presentation, such as this slide … Continue reading

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“relatively unknown Maryland scientist” wants to patent the swamp cooler to combat global warming

This just in, (h/t to Sonicfrog) the swamp cooler is being re-invented as a global warming solution. No mention of what the increased global humidity will do for the planet’s radiative balance. No mention of what the increased humidity would … Continue reading

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More Hot Propaganda – this time from Greenpeace

First let me say I apologize to my readers. I’m going to editorialize a bit. Apparently nothing is off limits anymore. Now we can all honestly say that Greenpeace has abandoned any pretense of using science. It’s all about the … Continue reading

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Polar Albedo Feedback

by Steven Goddard Today is a day of note in Antarctic.  The sun has reached it’s highest point in the sky, and never sets.  The amount of incoming solar radiation is at it’s peak for the year, and the radiation … Continue reading

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Follow up to Questions on Deaths from Extreme Cold and Extreme Heat

The post The Deadliest U.S. Natural Hazard: Extreme Cold has generated a number of questions. Mr.. Goklany has graciously supplied a followup which I have posted below. – Anthony by Indur  Goklany A few readers have raised a number of questions … Continue reading

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The Deadliest U.S. Natural Hazard: Extreme Cold

There’s a new essay from Indur Goklany in response to a recent Reuters news article. Yesterday Reuters reported on a study which claimed that heat is the deadliest form of natural hazard for the United States. However, this result is based on questionable data.  The … Continue reading

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The CO2 – Temperature link

Guest Post By Frank Lansner, civil engineer, biotechnology. More words on the topic first presented here: I wrote: It appears from this graph that CO2 concentrations follows temperature with approx 6-9 months. The interesting part is off course that … Continue reading

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Hot Propaganda – coming soon to a TV near you

Two comments: 1. You have to see this to understand some mind sets regarding “global warming”. 2. I didn’t know trains still ran on time at the end of the world. (h/t to Paul Biggs of Celestial Junk)

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Massive Breach – scientists baffled

I know. This sounds like a plot of a 1950′s scifi movie. But it is real. From my view, our localized corner of the solar system is now different than it used to be and changes in the magnetic interactions … Continue reading

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Earth’s Ionosphere drops to a new low

The height of the ionosphere/space transition is controlled in part by the amount of extreme ultraviolet energy emitted by the Sun and a somewhat contracted ionosphere could have been expected because C/NOFS was launched during a minimum in the 11-year … Continue reading

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Northeast Siberia braces for extreme cold of -60C

Can you imagine going out to this Stevenson Screen in Verkhojansk and taking a reading in – 60C cold? Let’s count our blessing here in the USA and Canada that we don’t have to deal with these kinds of temperatures, … Continue reading

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Maybe not so much, now that gas is $1.64 a gallon

I snapped this photo while driving southbound on California’s Interstate 5 recently. We all know that Prius owners tend to be a bit smug, but this vanity plate takes the cake. Click for a larger image Now before anyone gets … Continue reading

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Global Sea Ice Trend Since 1979 – surprising

Much importance has been ascribed to tracking the change in Arctic sea ice, but what about the global trend? That doesn’t seem to get much press. However there is some important information that needs to be presented related to the … Continue reading

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Gore: “Entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years”

This is from his address in Germany, recorded from German TV: Write this date down so you can contact Mr. Gore in 5 years, then place your bets. I’m sure Lewis Pugh is making plans already. Meanwhile at the Poznan … Continue reading

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Even quieter on the solar front – another “all quiet alert” issued

The Sun today Solar cycle 24 still getting a slow and very delayed start.  This is the third one of these (that I know of) this past year. From SIDC (Solar Influences Data analysis Center) in Belgium:

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