Climate doomsters hit the streets of NYC for UN meeting – Urge Joe Biden to declare ‘climate emergency’

Dumpster Diving NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admits he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels

Attention Poor People, Step Away from The Fuel. It’s Not for You. And Stop Using It Anyway. Thank You

the correct take that there are ways to make progress while feeding everyone, to make “the environment” cleaner and stronger while building a lot of necessary stuff – but it…

Climate Bedwetter Peter Kalmus Ejected from AGU

2 climate activists got kicked out of the world’s biggest Earth-science conference for protesting, and one says the association is ‘silencing scientists’

Climate Scientist: Movie “Don’t Look Up” Captures How Nobody Listens

According to JPL’s Peter Kalmus, Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up”, about an incoming planet killer asteroid, is a moving metaphor for the struggle to be heard faced by climate scientists.

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