Southern Weather Discovery

Handwriting recognition casts new light on climate change from NIWA on Vimeo. Be a volunteer! Check it out here. HT/Steven Mosher Advertisements


Uninvented History

Guest post by WUWT regular Caleb Shaw I am always seizing upon things people tell me, parking the statements in my memory, and only years later learning they are untrue.  It is not merely urban myths, (such as the myth about crocodiles living in the sewers of New York,) which I must discard, but all…

Open thread weekend

I’m taking a blog holiday this weekend. Right now I’m watching the History channel 2 (H2) while some off the rails eco-scientist explains to us why we are all going to die because of “what might happen if a gigantic methane-gas explosion occurred in the Pacific.” Methane Explosion (2007) watch the video:

United States Climatic History in Graphs

We are pleased to introduce the new WUWT US Climatic History Reference Page The graphs within offer a reasonable overview of climatic conditions in the United States during our brief historical record. I don’t see any indications of catastrophically rapid and dangerously accelerating climatic indicators. Does any one else? For those who may argue that…