Putting a Fork in South Fork Wind

…is about the failure of BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management), to uphold legal principles of environmental review and oversight, water quality assurance, due process, and compliance with the National…

Feds admit offshore wind can kill whales!

Of course these admissions are well hidden, buried in the depths of thousand page documents

Whale Death Confusion Abounds and Some Is Deliberate

But the sonar blasting is very likely killing a lot of whales indirectly by inducing things like deafness and deadly behavior.

Offshore wind (whale) impact probe proposed

In the crosshairs are the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which does the environmental impact assessments, and NOAA Fisheries which is supposed to protect the whales and other sea…

Feds push ignorance defense for whale killing by offshore wind development

We know nothing about it so it must not be happening.

The Texas Offshore Wind Fable

Guest “Not even wrong!” by David Middleton Offshore wind farm proposed for Gulf of Mexico near Galveston could power 2.3 million homesTwo proposed wind farms off the Texas and Louisiana…

Save the Whales… Or Save the Planet?

Guest “Did the whales do this on porpoise?” by David Middleton Vineyard Wind Harpooned By New Federal Lawsuit By Robert BryceDecember 27, 2021 Despite more than a decade of hype and…

COP 26 Encore: “U.S. to hold huge crude oil sale in the Gulf of Mexico”… Irony can be so ironic!

Guest “He fought the law and the law won,” by David Middleton Days after climate talks, U.S. to hold huge crude oil sale in the Gulf of Mexico By —…

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