British FT Positive Review for Two Climate Skeptic Books

The British Financial Times, like most British mainstream media, normally takes a radical green pro climate action stance. So it is a pleasant change to see the FT arguing against accepting every wild climate claim at face value.


Michael Schellenberger: “Apocalypse Never” Slide Deck

Guest “nothing to add” by David Middleton Michael Schellenberger’s Environmental Progress page has published a very cool slide deck, related to his new book Apocalypse Never. Here are the first five slides: Mr. Schellenberger rocks! Like Bjorn Lomborg, Ted Nordhaus and Scott Tinker, he opens a pathway for constructive dialogue on environmental issues.

A Winning Trifecta for Climate Science and Rationality

First there was Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans, then came Bjorn Lomborg’s False Alarm, and now Michael Schellenberger’s Apocalypse Never. All three authors sound the common theme that the hyper-green environmental activists who have captured, politicized, and monetized the concern for the environment have, as Lomborg explains, created a false climate alarm which has “costs us trillions, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet.”