How Much Oil Does the US Import From Russia? Why Does the US Import Oil From Russia?

Guest “The answers are: Not much and because” by David Middleton With the criminal Soviet invasion of Ukraine, the subject of US oil imports from Russia has popped up in…

Russia Vetoes UN Security Council Climate Resolution

Russia has vetoed an attempt to pass a resolution which would have made climate change UN Security Council business.

UFOs Go Mainstream? Pentagon Preparing a Report for Congress, Ignoring the Obvious

Russia have openly admitted for years that they have developed a nuclear powered flying device which can stay aloft for days, possibly weeks, without refuelling. But maybe its easier to…

Climate Change? Temperature Hits 100 Degrees Above Arctic Circle, Just Like 100 Years Ago

The Left’s Obsession with Russia continues – This time it’s a high temperature record.

Confessions of an author’s serial meetings with Russians

By Larry Hamlin With all the focus these days by the mainstream media on exposing Americans that have had undisclosed meetings with Russians a little clearing of the air seems…

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