The phytoplankton decline, is there anything to it?

By Andy May We have been told that the phytoplankton population is declining rapidly around the world and, of course, the cause is climate change. Phytoplankton is the base of the ocean food chain and it accounts for about half of global primary productivity or organic matter creation (Boyce, Lewis and Worm 2010). Phytoplankton is…

Antarctic Krill

Bye bye Plastics Scare: Krill can Digest Plastic

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scientists have discovered Antarctic Krill can digest or at least break up lumps of plastic into even smaller lumps – but when the krill were force fed large quantities of radioactive plastic over an extended period their ability to digest plastic deteriorated. Krill found to break down microplastics – but…


“Phytoplankton rapidly disappearing from the Indian Ocean” or not.

  Guest post by David Middleton, feature image borrowed from iHerb. A rapid loss of phytoplankton threatens to turn the western Indian Ocean into an “ecological desert,” a new study warns. The research reveals that phytoplankton populations in the region fell an alarming 30 percent over the last 16 years. […] The source of…