Canada: The Federal Climate Plan – Far Out of Touch with The World, With First Nations, with Its Regions, and The Feds Just Don’t Care

From BOE Report

April 7, 2022 Terry Etam

People have been asking for thoughts on the recently announced federal climate plan. I shrug. I ask them what their thoughts are on the Iowa State Fair Hog Calling Regulations. I am indifferent. 

I know I should care, but what’s the point? The feds throw something at us, we have to work with it. We can’t “assume a leadership role”, because they don’t want hydrocarbon players in the room. The hydrocarbon industry is working flat out on CCUS, hydrogen, RNG, you name it, but that is all beside the point, when the industry must be decimated for the greater good. 

The best way to explain is with two buckets of quotes:

“We will be there to support, as the world moves beyond Russian oil and indeed, beyond fossil fuels, to have more renewables in our mix’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Europe, National Post, March 2022

“Avoiding catastrophic climate change requires winding down production of oil and gas over the next decade.” Keith Brooks, Environmental Defence, March 2022

“With time running out and with the global shift to a low-carbon economy turning into a sprint, Canadians have been calling for increased climate ambition.” Minister of Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson, fed press release, Apr 2021

“The cost of renewables and battery storage has plummeted, we don’t need gas anymore as a bridge fuel…” Tzeporah Berman, Feb 2021

I include non-governmental quotes to show the alignment. Meanwhile, outside the asylum:

“Sri Lanka plunges into 10-hour daily power cut as fuel crisis worsens”, The Hindu, Mar 2022

“Germany and Austria take step towards gas rationing”, BBC, Mar 2022

“Don’t blame Putin for Europe’s energy crisis – No matter what happens in Ukraine, this winter is not an aberration. By late summer of 2021, it was already evident that Europe was facing a looming energy crisis with gas storage levels unusually low. As winter set in, prices predictably soared to record levels, reaching such heights late last year that many industrial firms shut down production.” Foreign Policy, Feb 2022

“I hope you will hear me say that please, take advantage of the leases that you have, hire workers, get your rig count up.” US Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, Dec 2021

Notice a split there? Lord I hope so. Here is another from the heart of Europe – the Europe that is running out of fuel, looking at rationing, and outbidding developing countries for any available LNG:

“European Investment Bank and GIZ (a German federal government agency) renew partnership to boost climate action and sustainable infrastructure in developing countries and emerging economies” Press release, March 2022

Haha. Train kept a rollin’. Colonize til you drop! Europe is here to save you! Here’s some $ to install a genuine Euro-style energy system complete with intermittent power and eventual fuel shortages. Hey Africa, where would you like your new 50-square-mile solar farm? How about right over there. What’s that? You want a natural gas pipeline? What?!?? An oil one as well? Oh dear, sorry to say but we simply cannot allow that to happen. And sorry about scooping up all that LNG off the global market old chaps but, you know, if we run out of fuel who will make all these important energy transition decisions for you?

Western leaders are acting, on the energy file, in ways that can only make one cringe, like watching an out-of-control teen at their first boozy party, where you watch the antics sadly from the sidelines, knowing you are powerless to stop it while also knowing “Buddy, you are going to regret that for a very long time.”

Actually, it is far worse than that. The situation is more like seeing your child get into the wrong drugs with the wrong crowd, then finding them on East Hastings in Vancouver or the Tenderloin in San Francisco, and your heart breaks like nothing else can break because you care so much and can do nothing to help.

Sounds melodramatic? Hmm. Ponder this. The hydrocarbon industry works very hard, and risks its own money, to provide fuel for the world. We see people in the news from all over the world, desperate for natural gas or diesel or heating oil or gasoline, and we look at our reserves reports and calculate quickly how many houses that would heat, or delivery trucks it would fuel, or how much fertilizer it could produce.

Then we flip on the news and listen to wealthy energy illiterates from wealthy urban centres explain to the degree-less masses that what they really need to worry about rather than getting a fridge to enable a stockpile of more than a day’s food is what might happen if the world warms up a few degrees in thirty years.

Analyze the climate plan? OK. Energy efficiency in buildings is a good idea. Beyond that, all I hear is dogs barking.

Two pillars of the new climate strategy illustrate that the canine comparison is appropriate. First off is the utterly stupid plan to somehow eradicate internal combustion engines by 2035 in favour of EVs (the government plan mumbles something about dealing with used cars, the overhang of which would keep ICE relevant for another 15 years).

Documentation is piling up here, there and everywhere that the mineral supply is not enough to make this happen on a global scale within any reasonable timeframe; the number of new mines required cannot happen given the limited mineral development pipeline (with lower grades and more stringent regulations making each new mine more challenging than the last). 

But let’s say the fools succeed (because we keep electing them) and all new vehicle sales in Canada by 2035 are EVs. That would mean we are hogging the scarce resources (what else is new) and the rest of the world, the billions that make the difference, will be on their own growth trajectory without any scarce EV metals/minerals, so Canada’s jump-on-sword act will be utterly meaningless (except for our population, which will be driving what they do not want to by sheer government force). 

And that 2035 EV-dominance is not going to happen anyway, which can be observed by the simple act of visiting a high-rise apartment building or apartment block, neither of which is equipped to deal with the electrical load of an all-EV parking lot – but then again neither are residential streets either. The short-sightedness of this all-EV plan is stupefying.

The second pillar relates to Canada’ energy future itself. Recently, Trudeau and Wilkinson made the diplomatic tour to show that Canada will do its part to alleviate the global fuel shortage. Wilkinson pledged that Canada would contribute 300,000 more b/d of oil, though as Enbridge pointed out we can’t really send it anywhere except to the US. 

What the world arguably needs even more is increased natural gas supplies, but the federal support for LNG has been lukewarm at best – a decade after dozens of LNG projects were proposed for our coasts, only a few remain alive. That weak enthusiasm has now turned into full blown animosity; the government slid this nugget into the climate plan: “Building new high-emitting assets now risks transferring electricity rate increases to future generations, since these emitting assets will need to be extensively retrofitted or shut down before the end of their economic life in order to meet emissions standards. Some could become stranded assets as Canada, along with the world, makes the transition to net-zero emissions. Sending a clear regulatory signal now should discourage further investments in assets that could become stranded in the years to come by this inevitable transition.” [emphasis added]

There you have it folks. There you have it Europe. There you have it Pakistan. There you have it China. There you have it Joe Biden. You need more hydrocarbons, right? You want the world to step up and replace Russia’s considerable oil and gas exports not just next month but indefinitely, right?

Well, Trudeau can’t spell his agenda out any more clearly for you: Get lost. We are not going to help. Canada is, using the government’s very own words, “sending a clear regulatory signal now” to discourage further investments in oil and gas assets. 

That categorically includes natural gas infrastructure such as LNG, because it is designed to last longer than 13 years, and any proposed large infrastructure would take forever to get off the ground. Even wells are expected to last longer than 13 years, so to hell with them too.

Ironically, this stance puts the federal government at odds with the very segment of the population it has placed nearest to its bureaucratic heart – First Nations.

One more quote for you, this from an Indigenous Partnerships Success Showcase news release celebrating successful investment in a number of natural gas power facilities, pipelines, and other infrastructure critical to a future energy transition: “The work being undertaken contributes to reconciliation, which involves Indigenous communities accessing greater economic participation and investment opportunities,” said Stephen Buffalo, Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation chair. It’s not just in Alberta either; 11 FN member communities recently and happily announced that they will be participating in the Coastal GasLink Project.

Resource development, particularly natural gas and mining, is turning out to be a perfect vehicle for meaningful FN engagement and uplifting across the country.

The federal government is at odds with almost every region of Canada save urban power centers, and it is at odds with First Nations dreams of resource development participation. Despite the singular UN/Euro focus, the feds are at odds with every country that is signalling that it needs more hydrocarbons not just next month but for years to come (which is most of them).

So: I would evaluate Trudeau’s climate plan thusly: “Yes world, we hear you, you need more hydrocarbons, and we will help but only for a few months. Our stated goal is to discourage all investment in those fuels you are so desperately in need of. We aren’t interested in First Nations ideas if they run counter to our federal ideology, but don’t call that colonization because we don’t like it when you do that.

We are going to hamstring our own population rather than maximizing our natural resource sector. We present a hopelessly unrealistic scheme to get every Canadian in an EV for any purpose, but have no interest in a game plan to develop energy transition materials that the world absolutely must have to even begin a transition. We don’t care about earning respect in Red Deer or Moose Jaw or Kenora or Labrador City; we care about it in downtown Vancouver and Toronto and Montreal and Brussels.”

The world is running out of fuel. This is obvious. It is not temporary (for example, Algeria is holding talks with Italy on how to increase gas supply over the next decade or two). You can decide for yourself if the risk of running out of heating fuel is more consequential to humanity than the risk dreamed up by computer-modelled predictions of 2050 weather with error bars a mile wide.

Our leadership has joined a cult and is not paying attention to energy reality, in part because our reliable hydrocarbon sector will bail it out regardless of what the federal government does, until the burden becomes too great and it implodes. 

The global game of energy chess continues, and Canada’s leadership is chewing on a pawn until someone slaps it out of their hand. And we’ll vote this government in again, because too many urban elites understand energy only through the warped, impractical lens of academia, and would rather eat compost than visit a natural gas plant.

So plan away, little feds; put on that blindfold and run.

Slava Ukraini! Find out how the world got into such a calamitous energy state, and how to get out – pick up  “The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity” at, or Thanks for the support.29dk2902l

Read more insightful analysis from Terry Etam here, or email Terry here. PS: Dear email correspondents, the email flow is welcome, but am having trouble keeping up. Apologies if comments/questions go unanswered; they are not ignored.

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April 8, 2022 10:17 pm

Don’t blame Putin for Europe’s energy crisis 

The energy crisis in Europe was Vlad’s motivation to invade Ukraine. It provided Russia with the income to take a tilt at Ukraine. And it means that energy dependent states are not going to impair Russia’s ability to keep exporting gas and oil.

Reply to  RickWill
April 9, 2022 5:01 am

“Biden asked for a ‘minor incursion’ into Ukraine and now he’s got one…”

Biden continued. ‘It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera.’

A reporter followed up – giving the president an opportunity to walk back this blunder.
‘Are you effectively giving Putin permission to make a small incursion into the country?’ she asked.

The president laughed and said, ‘Good question. That’s how it did sound like, didn’t it?’

Reply to  fretslider
April 9, 2022 5:17 am

Yep, the Biden administration wants and encourages Putin. They need an enemy after Covid died and very few believe the climate extinction nutters.

Mike from Canmore
April 8, 2022 10:31 pm

The sad fact is that nothing will change until we hit rock bottom. Too many people are ignorant and easily led. Hopefully we aren’t too far gone to rebuild.

Alberta and Sask (and most of BC) need to separate. That’s a hard sell as people are complacent and apathetic.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Mike from Canmore
April 9, 2022 4:45 am

We can hope that we only have a few more months in the United States before Republicans take charge of Congress, so the damage from climate change psychosis can be limited here in the USA.

What’s sad and pathetic about the efforts of the alarmists is no matter what they do, CO2 is going to continue to increase in the atmosphere thanks to China and India and the undeveloped world, so their efforts are useless. And there’s no evidence CO2 is a control knob for anything anyway.

I think we are going to need about a decade or two of cooling to finally break the spell of this human-caused climate change mass delusion.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
April 9, 2022 9:14 am

Tom Abbot says: “there’s no evidence CO2 is a control knob for anything anyway”

Every major scientific organization in every major developed nation everywhere around the world says otherwise. And they have decades of well researched evidence to back what they say.

Tom Abbott simply pretends away all of that evidence, because it is not congruent with his preconceived political ideology.

Matthew Bergin
Reply to  MGC
April 9, 2022 9:43 am

MGC Please show us that evidence of which you speak as I haven’t seen it either and I have been looking for the last 30 years. 🤷‍♂️

Reply to  Matthew Bergin
April 11, 2022 8:36 am

Matthew sadly provides us with another lamentable example of willful, intentional, head-in-the-sand ignorance.

Reply to  MGC
April 9, 2022 10:33 am

The “major scientific organizations” say otherwise is like saying Biden knows economics. Unfortunately the members have not thrown these political knobs out — yet!

Pat Frank
Reply to  MGC
April 9, 2022 12:00 pm

MGC: Wrong.

Reply to  Mike from Canmore
April 9, 2022 10:07 am

Terry Etam has another article outlining hard choices facing the petro industry.
Terry Etam writes a BOE Report Column: The world faces both a hydrocarbon shortage and a divest fossil fuels movement. What next, oil patch? 

My synopsis:

Reply to  Ron Clutz
April 9, 2022 5:27 pm

A good reply to MGC, above.

April 8, 2022 10:36 pm

A previous post still relevant….
Trudeau really, really, hates Alberta, and the oil industry in particular, this hatred being due to parental indoctrination.  Which is odd, because the Trudeau family wealth originated with gas stations in Quebec.

Trudeau’s father was thwarted in nationalizing the oil industry in the 1970’s by a couple of Alberta premiers, who correctly pointed out that oil and gas were clearly provincial, not federal, jurisdiction under Canadian law. However he did, in 1982, run through a new “Constitution” that gave over-arching environmental powers to the federal government, having understood the government choke hold on industry that the EPA was having in the US. Fortunately, he became exceedingly unpopular in 1983 and resigned in 1984, an exhibition of how democracy gets rid of power crazed leaders before they turn into a life long dictator.  However, his cannabis friendly son, Justin, learned of dreadful Alberta arrogance at his father’s knee.

Before Trudeau Junior was elected Prime Minister in 2015, he said this:
“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work,” Trudeau told interviewer Patrick Lagacé. 
In his acceptance speech, he mentioned every province except Alberta…weeks after being elected, he disallowed drilling and exploration expenses as tax deductions for oil companies…effectively shutting down all drilling funds and exploration companies, nearly all based out of Alberta.  The big big oil companies liked this because half their competition was toast and they could buy them for pennies on the dollar. No other business in Canada is disallowed from deducting their costs as business expenses. 

Then he shut down the Northern gateway pipeline construction because of its route through the “Great Bear Rain Forest” (a name thought up by activist Tzeporah Berman over a bottle of wine at a California friend’s house party for what had previously been the North Coast Economic Development zone for 70 years), and on the basis of oil tanker danger to whales on the BC Coast. Meanwhile on the East Coast oil tankers from the Middle East offload at refineries daily, and run over a couple of whales a month, apparently not leaving any whale quota for the West coast.

The National Energy Board which previously authorized trans-provincial pipelines was placed under control of new more sensitive enviro-masters because they “no longer represented Canadians’ best interest”.  Most of the historically non-partisan body were asked to resign because they wouldn’t be getting paychecks after the following Friday. That succesfully stopped a pipeline from Alberta to Eastern provinces that would have displaced the Middle East crude.  Trudeau claims his government saved the Trans mountain pipeline by purchasing it; however, the government finances environment and Indigenous group law firms to make sure it is continually tied up in court. 

Fortunately he is becoming as unpopular as his father before him.

Reply to  DMacKenzie
April 9, 2022 6:11 am

Fidel Castro was still very popular in Cuba, made possible through brainwashing and subjugation.

Reply to  Scissor
April 9, 2022 8:26 am

….talk about brainwashing…
The CBC 3 weeks ago reported to Canadians that Trudeau’s speech at the EU parliament received a “sustained ovation”. They failed to mention that 90% of the delegates had left in protest over Trudeau’s declaration of martial law in Canada to “resolve” a trucker’s strike, seizing of trucker’s bank accounts, horseback mounted policemen running over little old ladies with walkers, truckers dragged out of their trucks at riflepoint, that sort of thing…..

Reply to  Scissor
April 9, 2022 9:50 am

I see what you did there…

Sweet Old Bob
Reply to  DMacKenzie
April 9, 2022 9:44 am

“Trudeau’s father was thwarted in nationalizing the oil industry in the 1970’s by a couple of Alberta premiers, who correctly pointed out that oil and gas were clearly provincial, not federal, jurisdiction under Canadian law. ”

Castro ran Canada too ?

Chris Hanley
April 8, 2022 11:14 pm

Sending a clear regulatory signal now should discourage further investments in assets that could become stranded in the years to come …

On the other hand investment in so-called renewables carrying political risk that even on cursory examination are no substitute for fossil fuels and simply cannot work in the long term is pretty foolhardy.

April 9, 2022 12:29 am

I find it interesting that governments, by decree, are banning the internal combustion engine thereby forcing us to buy electric cars whether we want them or not. And so far there has been almost no public debate or disagreement, we seem to be merely rolling over and accepting it.

Well a lot can happen between now and 2035. I say the fight for the ICE has not yet begun.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Klem
April 9, 2022 4:56 am

I’m not giving up my gasoline-powered automobile without a fight.

This is all theoretical to most people. Wait until the government tries to force people out of their cars. Then you will see a reaction.

Reply to  Klem
April 9, 2022 5:47 am

You guys got to think a little farther out. Ever heard of an electric farm tractor? An electric combine capable of dealing with 16-20 hours days with minimal down time? You get rid of ICE and you don’t eat. That simple.

David Dibbell
Reply to  Spetzer86
April 9, 2022 7:11 am

This is an excellent point about food. Fuel is what makes for modern farm operations and for all the trucks that come and go. Electrification of it all is nuts, infeasible, irrational.

Eugene Conlin
Reply to  Spetzer86
April 9, 2022 8:32 am

In the UK there has been talk of electric armoured vehicles and the Army going carbon neutral by 2050. “The Army is responsible for around 3.2million tons of greenhouse gases a year but is aiming for zero by 2050.

This from a year ago – Ben Wallace (Defence Minister) “In future you’ll see us being more innovative as we aim to become cleaner and greener. We’ll be using more recycled material for fuel and components. We’ll be making the most of advanced methods to reduce waste. And we’ll be continuing to rollout our electric vehicle fleet.”

With that, and the wholesale inclusivity regardless of ability one has to ask “what on earth could go wrong?”
Army to lead battle to go green and will become even MORE efficient, top brass vow (

Geoff Sherrington
April 9, 2022 12:44 am

It is difficult to understand the ongoing silence of those many scientists who can see disaster unfolding rapidly, yet refuse to express their misgivings about the fundamental science of global warming.
This quiet majority (I would guess) is far larger than the true believers If they spoke up now, the impending disaster could be reversed in months.
The true believers will not change their spots. One has to think of the word “dishonest” when there is so much evidence of their failed hypotheses and their failed predictions.
When will we reach the point when the community discovers the word “ludicrous”?

Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
April 9, 2022 1:06 am

If you speak out no one will listen, and you will lose your job.
In the end the world has to stare disaster in the face before the politicians will admit that they lied to you, either deliberately for money, or because they were incompetent.

4 Eyes
Reply to  Leo Smith
April 9, 2022 2:24 am

Leo, pollies will never admit that they lied or were incompetent. Never. Never. Nowhere in the world will they do this. No matter how dire the outcomes of their decisions. This is a truism like “follow the money” and “happy wife, happy life”.

Geoff Sherrington
Reply to  Leo Smith
April 9, 2022 3:46 am

No Leo,
We are in this mess because people did not speak out sooner.
Best to lance a boil early, before sepsis sets in. Geoff S

Reply to  Geoff Sherrington
April 9, 2022 2:04 am

It is difficult to understand the ongoing silence of those many scientists who can see disaster unfolding rapidly, yet refuse to express their misgivings about the fundamental science of global warming.

First they came for…..

Michael in Dublin
April 9, 2022 3:55 am

The damage of using fossil fuels is going to be chump change in comparison to foolishly abandoning fossil fuels for the unicorn called renewables.

Ron Long
April 9, 2022 3:59 am

Terry has this all figured out, especially the deranged political aspect of the CAGW nonsense. The last figure I saw said that “80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of their southern border with the USA”. How can any sane Canadian resist it warming up a little to allow more northward expansion? Canada could also expand economically into the future with realistic policies about utilizing their natural resources, and the USA could (should?) help them, as the reality is the two are compatible countries.

Reply to  Ron Long
April 9, 2022 6:28 am

Aren’t there any beach resort towns on the southern end of Hudson Bay?

April 9, 2022 4:56 am

“Documentation is piling up here, there and everywhere that the mineral supply is not enough to make this happen on a global scale”

Quite so, but this is about feelings and beliefs, not facts.

“Can we really electrify the entire world?

Tom Abbott
April 9, 2022 5:15 am

All this human-caused climate change hysteria is brought to us by a dishonest reconstruction of the global temperature record.

Just like all the misery and death you see in Ukraine is caused by one man, Putin, so, too, the misery caused by the Human-caused Climate Change Lie is attributable to one thing: The Bogus, Bastardized, Instrument-Era, Computer-generated Hockey Stick chart. The Lie of the Century.

All the Alarmists have to back their claim that CO2 is the control knob of the Earth’s temperatures is the bastardized Hockey Stick global temperature distortion. They have created a correlation between CO2 and temperature that does not exist in nature or history.

All our problems come back to this Hockey Stick Chart Big Lie that has fooled many people into doing some very stupid, damaging things chasing the delusion that CO2 controls the Earth’s temperatures and that there is something humans can do to control it.

April 9, 2022 5:39 am

One problem of democracy is that everyone gets an equal vote. This was a problem that US founding fathers foresaw and thus created the electoral college.

This is a problem because people who live in cities tend to live in a bubble. They don’t understand how the real world works, and yet they are in the majority and they get an equal vote as the person who does understand. The city dweller who just ordered that overpriced soy latte at Starbucks doesn’t realize that someone has the work hard and grow soy beans and grow coffee. Even with modern technology, that organic strawberry that is always available at Amazon’s Whole Foods required a lot of work to grow and transport. Fossil fuels have made farming easier and more productive; it still requires a lot of hard work. There is a joke I tell people: the people who know most about farming are the ones who read a book, never grew a houseplant, and whose large off-road vehicle has never seen anything but concrete and asphalt.

This generation never had it so easy. And, because of that, they have the time to sit around and caterwaul about climate change, transgender rights, and other such nonsense. Because of the failure of their parents, they really believe they are special and their ideas are great and everybody is just like them. As an easy example of this myopic thinking, look at websites. They are designed by people with ultra-fast internet who own powerful computers on Google Chrome. If you complain about the website not working and being slow, their answer is always “just use Google Chrome”. In other words: “just be like me because I am special — I got a trophy at school — and therefore I am great.”

And these people’s votes count just the same as the people who do live in the real world. A politician only cares about getting elected or re-elected, rarely about doing what is right or what is best. Who are they going to pander to? The vast majority who live in a bubble? Or, the vast minority who live in the real world and who enable the majority to exist? The answer is obvious. And the only people who can fix this flaw don’t want to because it would mean less money and power for them.

April 9, 2022 5:48 am
Reply to  observa
April 9, 2022 7:49 am

Is there another source for this story? I’m boycotting msn.

Kevin kilty
Reply to  ResourceGuy
April 9, 2022 8:57 am

Try this

April 9, 2022 6:10 am

The great catastrophe of ruling elites in Canada doesn’t even have a majority, but destroys its most important economic activity engine, by suppressing fossil fuel energy development.

This is not only criminal governance to the coal, oil and gas producing regions and Provinces but all of Canada in not being able to be self sufficient nationally, or have a robust export market to the rest of the world. This is a structural deficit in the way a country should be governed.

And all for a bogus hypothesis that we have some climate crisis/emergency. What crisis? We have such stable climate that we can now support 8 billion people on the good Earth. Which was done with fossil fuels, and won’t be replaced any time soon with anything else and raising this cost on the population will just make us all poorer. This is a war on all all of us, but especially the poor.

April 9, 2022 7:46 am

It’s a mash up of PR themes. They smell blood in the water in strategic political terms and want to push fossil fuels out with high prices blamed on Russia. Of course that just means a deeper distortion of markets, but lobbyists control the thinking and agenda anyway.

Andy Pattullo
April 9, 2022 7:48 am

Right on target Terry! This is a pseudo-religious cult. Nothing our federal government is doing is based in science and there is no objective evidence of any serious climate concern, nor proof that the small amount of life-giving CO2 in the atmosphere is a primary determinant of global temperatures. What’s more, there is NOTHING zero-emissions about the false solutions to this imaginary problem being pushed by the acolytes. Let’s see how they get all the raw materials, rare earth metals, concrete, steel, electronics etc. without fossil fuels. How will they account for all the natural lands desecrated in rolling out their massive wind and solar installations.This may go well beyond just rank stupidity. The problems with the plan are so obvious it may well be deliberate social sabotage based on the belief the planet needs far fewer people. If that’s their goal let them lead by example.

Reply to  Andy Pattullo
April 9, 2022 11:26 am

This might help people to understand what’s behind the “deliberate social sabotage”.Take a look at the actual documentation.

EXCLUSIVE: Rebel News has obtained Global Affairs documents regarding WEF Great Reset meetings

April 9, 2022 7:59 am

Perhaps some readers will be surprised to learn that on April 6 the Minister of the Environment in the Canadian government announced the approval the Bay du Nord oil project off the coast of Atlantic Canada. At least 300 million barrels of oil can be recovered with estimates as high as 1 billion barrels. Production is expected to begin by the end of this decade and to continue for 12 to 20 years. It seems that the Government of Canada expects that the world won’t stop using hydrocarbons anytime soon.

Reply to  Alastair
April 9, 2022 8:42 am

If it wasn’t for a combination of Putin and fear of losing support from East coast Liberal members of parliament over lost employment and lost resource royalties, plus indirect reduction in energy resource power of the western provinces, Bay du Nord would have been just a checkbox on their list of declined projects in their misguided “net zero” quest.

Robert MacLellan
Reply to  Alastair
April 9, 2022 8:45 am

Those of us from Atlantic Canada are well aware of the political calculation behind that approval. We also note that there are still a myriad of ‘consultations’ and ‘assessments’ where everything can be slow walked to oblivion. Our bureaucracy is byzantine.

John Hultquist
April 9, 2022 8:01 am

 “<i>Our leadership has joined a cult …</i>”

If you search-up “deprogramming a cult member” and read for a few minutes, these other words by Terry Etam make sense:
“<i> I am indifferent. I know I should care, but what’s the point? </i>”

Unless you have a wad of cash large enough to choke a reticulated python one cannot manage to get a simple message to the leadership class.
Try. Be prepared to be ignored or to get a “nothing” response form-letter that likely won’t mention the topic. Two weeks later you will get a solicitation for funds letter.  

Kevin kilty
April 9, 2022 8:52 am

This war is not limited to being against the internal combustion engine, it is a campaign against combustion itself, one of the four or five greatest advancements in the history of the human race. Even considering the abysmal scientific ignorance of the educated, and elite class from which so much “leadership” is drawn, it is difficult for me to comprehend how such a cult has even captured a substantial portion of the technical elite who ought to know better.

I suppose knowledge becoming so specialized and fragmented can explain some of this — each of the two cultures that C.P. Snow identified have, themselves, become balkanized.

April 9, 2022 9:00 am

Post says:”The hydrocarbon industry works very hard…”.

This is true to a point. They also refuse to stand up for themselves. Instead of going to grilling by congress and telling them to stuff it they roll over and want their belly scratched.

They need to call their bluff. Stop selling fossil fuels in certain cities or states, quit agreeing that CO2 causes warming, get the entire industry to say we quit.

This only ends when one party stops playing the game. I am done.

CO2 can’t cause warming.

April 9, 2022 9:02 am

These kinds of articles always remind me of “can’t be done” naysayers of the past, who blindly railed against other technological innovations. For example:

“Them thar new-fangled aught-toe-moe-beels will never replace my horse and buggy. They’re too expensive and too unreliable.”

“Home computers? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“A telephone that you carry around with you in your pocket? Pure science fiction.”

And on and on and on and on. These technologies, and so many more, were all at one time a total pipe dream. But they’re now all common everyday commodities.

Whenever you see these kinds of living-in-the-past articles claiming that something can’t be done, its likely a good bet that it actually can be done and it will be done.

Robert MacLellan
Reply to  MGC
April 9, 2022 9:18 am

Yet we are still waiting for Dick Tracy’s phone wristwatch, decades before even Capt. Kirk’s communicator…and that is just a minor tech capability.

Sweet Old Bob
Reply to  Robert MacLellan
April 9, 2022 10:20 am

“Yet we are still waiting for Dick Tracy’s phone wristwatch”

They have existed since the early 1970s .
I saw one in 1974 .

Technology is FAR above what most people are aware of !

Robert MacLellan
Reply to  Sweet Old Bob
April 9, 2022 11:49 am

Oh AWESOME! There are times I wish I had one.

Reply to  Sweet Old Bob
April 9, 2022 7:59 pm

You saw a fake. The electronics to make it possible did not exist then. I was in electronics at the time.

We haven’t seen Diet Smith’s Magnetic Space capsule either. We haven’t had the tourist trips to the moon we were promised in the 1960s.We don’t have a helicopter or flying car in every garage like we were promised in the ’50s and ’60s. (I’m a pilot, too.) Our cars and airplanes are still powered by combustion, not by the much-ballyhooed cold fusion or miniature fission reactors.

If one reads vintage issues of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science and about a half-dozen other similar magazines, you’ll see hundreds of promised devices that NEVER came to fruition. The baloney trotted out about “cars never replacing horses” is just that: baloney. It was not a widespread opinion. Most people had to use horses and buggies because they couldn’t afford the newfangled cars. There were no gas stations except in the larger cities. It took 40 years for stations to show up in the more rural parts of the country. There was no such thing as antifreeze back then, so radiators were drained and the car parked for the winter and the horse and sleigh was used.

History matters. It’s too bad that so many have been fed so much revisionism. It’s going to hurt, and soon.

Pat Frank
Reply to  MGC
April 9, 2022 12:46 pm

The past madness analogous to your thinking, MGC, is religious predictions of end-times.

You and your ilk are as impervious to fact, reason and science as they were (and remain).

Apocalypse Never takes down among other things, “the religious backdrop of apocalyptic environmentalism...”

An old story of those bizarre humans who lust for the end of humanity, updated with modern prejudices. That’s you, MGC.

April 9, 2022 11:40 am

Well, civilization was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Pat Frank
April 9, 2022 11:58 am

The Trudeau government has used the Covid frenzy and resulting mandate protests to turn Canada into a slave state.

Maybe most Canadians approve of that. Certainly their parliament does so, as there’s no stomach for a vote of no confidence.

April 9, 2022 3:02 pm

The oil companies could fix this issue interrupt the fuel supplies in an organized way to bring home the results of no fuel would mean to the indoctrinated idiots, a failure of an electrical grid would also achieve the same result.
Turd dough is on very thin ice and no one will come and rescue him

Pat Frank
Reply to  H B
April 9, 2022 4:40 pm

Maybe the oil companies could turn off any gas delivry to Trudeau’s house and the houses of his party loyalists. Also, no fuel for his official jets or gas for his official cars.

April 9, 2022 4:02 pm

The building regulations for coastal BC are daft. The loading calculations for my son’s planned house specify 2×8 rafters. To fit the insulation required by code needs 2×10’s. These are the little things governments do to ensure the population cannot afford housing- all in the name of reducing emissions from home heating,

John in LdB
April 10, 2022 1:54 pm

Again, this is analogous to eugenics, widely supported by the intellectuals of the day until they encountered Mr. Hitler. Forget the politicians apologizing. Neither will the universities and intellectuals. They just shut up and moved on with their comfortable lives. This is not near over. The eco-colonialists have barely started. They haven’t killed nearly 6 million people yet.

Edward Katz
April 10, 2022 2:29 pm

If Canada’s past climate plans are any indication, the chances of this new one succeeding are slim, at best. During the past three decades, the country has had 10 plans and not one has reached its targets regardless of whether the Liberals or Conservatives have been in power. So with neither consumers, businesses ,and industries unlikely to make the big operating and lifestyle changes necessary for any new climate incentives, this new plan is likely to be a bust as well.

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