Storm Eunice

One of the saddest things about the Met Office’s determination to give every storm that passes our way a silly name is that it detracts from the really memorable events.

Sorry, Texas Tribune, Texas Is Not Suffering Extreme Weather Because of Climate Change

nking extreme weather events to climate change is fearmongering, preying on peoples’ natural and reasonable fear of the power and destruction these events display.

Dessler on the Joe Rogan Experience…Oy!

“Angry Andy” is certain that climate science is settled and drop-everything alarming.

Another Grid Scale Battery Fire “Incident”

Given the rate just a handful of present day grid scale batteries seem to suffer meltdowns or spontaneously explode, imagine the fun we’ll all have in the future, when grid…

U.S. Corn-Based Ethanol Worse For The Climate Than Gasoline, Study Finds

…such that the carbon intensity of corn ethanol produced under the RFS is no less than gasoline and likely at least 24% higher.

Claim: City Trees and Soil are Sucking More Carbon Out of the Atmosphere than Previously Thought

This is good news, considering over 25 percent of the landscape in the Northeast United States is covered by an edge.

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