Study Reveals Chemical Link between Wildfire Smoke and Ozone Depletion

“This chemistry, once you get past that point, is well-established,” Solomon says. “Once you have less nitrogen dioxide, you have to have more chlorine monoxide, and that will deplete ozone.”

The Decline Effect – Part 2:  How Does This Happen?

What exactly is the decline effect?  Is it the fact that certain scientifically discovered effects decline over time the more they are studied and researched? Almost, but not really. 

UN Climate Report: Send Money, “Delay Means Death”

“a damning indictment of failed climate leadership”: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stops short of openly offering his services as global climate dictator, but I think we get the idea.

Monday Mirthiness – Climate Horrors?

Our resident cartoonist, Josh, points out an article in the Sunday Times of London that is horrible in more ways than one. First, it’s yet another IPCC report, second, “it’s…

Ukraine And Energy Realism

And of course the U.S. can’t supply these European energy needs because the Biden Administration is intentionally suppressing natural gas production here.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #493

“To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell. And so it is with science.”— Richard P. Feynman.

Britain’s Steel Industry Hammered by Climate Change Taxes

Crippling climate change levies are forcing Britain’s steelmakers to cut production after a doubling in the cost of carbon emissions in just nine months.

Brisbane Flooding, Again

Flooding rains have soaked south-east Queensland, again.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by flood waters.

Claim: Electric Vehicles are being Shipped in Fire Retardant Bags

Orbital space vehicle re-entry grade fireproofing technology is being deployed to prevent Electric Vehicle batteries from creating another Felicity Ace disaster. My question – when are fire blankets going to…

White House Publishes a Reading on Countering Climate Denialism

President Biden’s administration sowing more division and disunity, by demonising political opponents rather than including them in the conversation.

Claim: Hawaii relies on Russian oil — but clean energy could change that

Hawaiian grid operators have the job from hell. Green obsessed Hawaiian politicians have demanded their grid operators keep the electricity flowing without buying oil, despite a forced coal shutdown and…

Messing With The Environment “To Fight Climate Change”… Wind Farms Are Altering The North Sea

Wind turbines pose obstacles to water and air. The effects are of great importance with regard to the planning of future offshore wind farms.

Guardian: Big Oil Conspiring to Use Ukraine to Overturn the Green Revolution

The Guardian and other greens are still in denial about their culpability in the wrecking of Europe’s energy security.

Fracking in Poland

By Andy May So, what happened to European efforts to develop a shale gas and oil industry like we have in the United States? Recent shortages, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,…

Pope Francis Promotes a “Cultural Revolution” Against Climate Skeptic US Bishops

Pope Francis is launching a new website, apparently to mobilise opposition against US Bishops who have resisted his demands they support renewable energy and sustainable living.

Climate Change, an Emergency, or Not?

The Impact of CO2, H2O and Other “Greenhouse Gases” on Equilibrium Earth Temperatures

Open Thread

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One New Coral Reef Study Wipes Out Four Climate Alarm Narratives In One Fell Swoop

From the NoTricksZone By Kenneth Richard on 24. February 2022 Corals thrive in multiple-degrees-warmer-than-today waters and their growth is stunted in cooler environments. The warnings peddled by climate alarmists often characterize Earth’s 500 billion…

Lies My Wind Developer Told Me

The wind zoning regulations demanded by Apex Clean Energy company (APEX) in Montcalm County are demonstrably irresponsible and should be resisted.

Green Revolution? No Sanctions Planned for Russian Energy

Self destructive Western climate policies have left major nations, including the USA, helplessly dependent on Russian energy, and unable to impose the one sanction which could financially cripple Putin’s Wehrmacht.

FT: Siemens’ Wind Energy Losses Threaten the Future of the Company

Shareholder Fury: According to FT, the disastrous financial losses in Siemens’ wind power unit are a threat to the financial credibility of the entire company.

The Conversation: Will the Ukrainian Invasion Accelerate European Decarbonisation?

Aussie academics suggesting that a need to ween Europe off unreliable Russian gas might lead to a faster rollout of the green revolution. Outted As White Supremacists? is perhaps most famous for its role in organizing protests and demonstrations that ultimately blocked the Keystone XL pipeline.

Mid-winter polar bear sea ice habitat is abundant & within range of long-term average

This is a tough time for polar bears, many of which will be finding it hard to find seals to eat, as newborn seals won’t be an available food resource…

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