CNN: Climate Change is Driving Fatal Shark Attacks

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to CNN, Climate Change is making sharks more desperate by destroying the ecosystems which feed them, leading to a surge in fatal shark attacks on humans.

Sharks have killed 7 people in Australia this year, the most since 1934. Climate change could be a factor

By Jessie Yeung, CNN

Updated 0910 GMT (1710 HKT) October 19, 2020

(CNN) One morning in early October, a now-familiar scene unfolded on a beach in Western Australia. 

A shark had attacked a surfer, who was missing. Authorities sent drones into the sky for aerial surveillance, emergency workers jumped onto boats to scour the area, and medics waited on shore.

Days of searching uncovered the man’s surfboard, but his body was never found. He was counted as Australia’s seventh shark attack victim this year — an alarming spike that hasn’t been seen in the country for 86 years.

There are a number of possible explanations — several experts have pointed out that year-by-year figures always fluctuate, and this could be simple bad luck. But there’s another possible culprit: the climate crisis. 

As oceans heat up, entire ecosystems are being destroyed and forced to adapt. Fish are migrating where they’ve never gone before. Species’ behaviors are changing. And, as the marine world transforms, sharks are following their prey and moving closer to shores popular with humans.

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One possible solution might be to thin their numbers are bit. But shark culls are becoming increasingly difficult to organise; Australia’s greens frequently agitate against culling sharks.

Why Sharks Should Not Be Culled to Protect Surfers

Senator tells parliament why sharks should not be culled

September 7, 2015

Last month Tasmanian Greens senator Peter Whish Wilson, who is an avid surfer, used a speech in parliament to advocate against the culling of sharks as a knee-jerk response to the recent attacks on the north coast.

Mr Whish Wilson described his position as unique one, given he is ‘one who wants to save the creatures who are potentially out to eat him’. We publish his speech here as a contribution to the debate.

I have thought often and deeply on this issue. My conclusions are that the two most important things for a surfer like me are: firstly, understand the risks involved with surfing; and, secondly, only go in the water if you accept the risks. You may still be and are likely to be uncomfortable with the acceptance of these risks—sharks are always on my mind when I am in the water—but it must be your choice. As I just noted, the good news for ocean lovers is the risks of unwanted shark encounters are statistically very low and can be mitigated to some extent. But by any statistical measure death by shark y majority of modern humans.

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Does culling make a difference? I think its likely they might. Although sharks are free to roam the entire ocean, the reality is much of the ocean is a desert in terms of life. Ocean activity tends to concentrate in nutrient rich areas like coastal fringes, so sharks culled from a region will not necessarily be immediately replaced from an adjacent region.

Culling likely would make our beaches safer – if the culling programme is maintained.

As for the climate argument, in my opinion arguing that climate change is making sharks more ferocious because they are running out of food strengthens the case for culling. Put the starving sharks out of their misery – better for the sharks, better for humans who want to use the beaches.

120 thoughts on “CNN: Climate Change is Driving Fatal Shark Attacks

    • … and of course the methane will only produce more global warming, which will make you “issue” more, which will create more warming and OMG an unprecedented climate crisis combined with an air quality crisis. It’s worse than we thought.
      I hope I don’t live near you Krishna. Nothing personal.

      • Krishna, a positive feedback will produce an atmosphere of Methane, just like Uranus! Another new green deal, since Uranus is green!

    • It’s consistent with Global Climate Disruption. Not to mention disrupting your personal microclimate.

    • That’s what good about Climate Change – it explains EVERYTHING.
      Unfortunately, it predicts nothing.

  1. Now that’s really scary.

    There are people who believe this crap ….. and they walk amongst us.

    • Funny how that happens. When I was about 13 in the 1960s, I read every book I could find on sharks and shark attacks. One great book listed every shark attack on an American citizen from 1900 to 1950. Back then Australia was starting to cull sharks around highly used beaches, using shark nets, bubble barriers, and patrol boats. I bet most of those services are long gone and humans are on the menu.

    • Just like stopping forest management and preventing forest fires, once it gets out of hand its climate change fault
      Swiss army knife of excuses, responsible for everything, just have to look hard enough.

      And use many qualifiers like cold/maybe/possibly/seems, all valid sciency terms

    • Yeah, no kidding – a moratorium on Great White fishing AND a ban on hunting seals, which is their primary prey.

      And suddenly you have a large population of five-to-six meter super-predators.

      CO2 didn’t have ##$$ to do with it.

      • I looked at this once and in my Australian state, the increase in beach swimmers is much less than the population increase. The beaches near me used to be packed in summer, but now no problems finding a parking spot. The sharks used to be culled and that has stopped.

    • Seems this increasing shark population has trailed the ending of shark fin soup – a global initiative that was huge about 2 decades ago. With very limited finning of sharks, is it really a surprise that the populations have recovered in the intervening years? Wasn’t that the goal of eliminating shark fin soup, so the sharks could survive unmolested in the world’s oceans?

  2. The sharks we should be culling are swimming around the IPCC, WHO, UN, UNESCO and gossip and fake news purveyors such as CNN and most other MSM bullshitters.

  3. What pure rubbish…greatly restricting commercial fishing in coastal regions and not allowing fishermen to cull some small portion of the coastal shark population is the reason. The same thing happened in Hawaii with the turtles…after they were protected and made a great comeback in numbers, like clockwork, back came the Tiger Sharks nearshore to eat them. Hey, you can’t blame the birds for singing can you?

    • It’s not just that there were Shark Hunters in the 1950’s like Alf Dean etc who was followed in the 1970’s by Vic Hislop etc who made it a mission to catch the big sharks

      By 1980’s it was rare to see white pointer over 4M around Australia which is why they got protected status.

      It’s simple logistics more big sharks, more people in water equals more people bitten.

      • Thanks LdB.
        I never thought I’d see a reference here to my old schooldays fishing companion Vic Hislop.
        We hung out during school hols at Sandgate (Qld) for a couple of years in the early 60s.
        Used to go mud crabbing up Cabbage Tree Creek in his home-made corrugated iron canoe.
        Six inches of freeboard with 2 of us in it going out, and 2 inches coming back with a wheat sack full of big muddies.
        Usually against the afternoon NorEaster that kicked up a 3-foot chop across the estuary outgoing tide.
        Prime Darwin Award candidates we were.
        Back then, Vic also loved catching wobbegong sharks on a reef he discovered just off Sandgate in Moreton Bay.
        But even then he aspired to catching a big tiger or equivalent.
        The plan never progressed to what we were actually going to do if we ever hooked onto an 8-foot shark in an 8-foot canoe.
        Fortunately, 3-foot wobbegongs were as far as we got.

        • Mr, I don’t know what it is but though I haven’t gone fishing often, I always seem to catch the unexpected. Out of less than ten fishing expeditions in my lifetime I caught five surprising species. The first was a small mantra ray, catch and release. The next two were on the same day, a large moray eel, very scary. The other was a small Port Jackson shark, they are placid creatures. Both were safely released.

          The forth was on an organised fishing trip with my four adult sons and my husband. We each caught a decent fish, mine was a red rock cod, commonly called a poor man’s lobster. A beautiful fish and really good to eat.

          The fifth unusual catch was on a deep sea fishing trip whilst still within Sydney harbour. It was a small leopard ray, an exquisite animal. For those who haven’t seen their underside, it’s like looking at a happy smiley face. My choice was to release it. We were on a fishing trip with strangers and someone said that if I wasn’t going to eat it they would. We thought, if they are going to end it’s life then we may as well eat it ourselves, it was a catch and BBQ trip. We happened apon the crew member preparing my catch, he was cutting off its fins while it was still alive. We ate it, it tasted very good actually, but I had the picture of it’s smiling face stuck in my head and the way it died. I certainly didn’t enjoy that meal and I haven’t been fishing since. Still eat fish, I should have kept control of my circumstances at the time and insisted the ray was released. If you take the life of an animal for food, then the way you end it’s life matters. Preferably quickly.

          • “Mr, I don’t know what it is but though I haven’t gone fishing often, I always seem to catch the unexpected.”

            Indeed. While Bass fishing in my youth in Northwestern Virginia, I often caught algaefish, twigfish, and weedish. But on some very rare occasions, I’d catch a largemouth.

  4. The shark attack numbers increase over time because the Australian population is increasing steadily and the shark population is increasing steadily, too, under Green protection from proper culling. The weather or Climate has very little to do with it and CO2 has none.

    • On the contrary, Nicholas.

      CAGW alarmists say that the increasing levels of CO2 means temperatures are going up. People hear that CO2 is going up and they believe the CAGW alarmists. So to cool down they go swimming. The sharks do not know that the people are trying to cool down, but “here is a good food source”, so they eat them.

      So, increasing CO2 means increased shark attack numbers.


  5. Shark attacks are known to be correlated with the sale of ice cream at beaches.
    A ban on ice cream would reduce shark attacks and obesity.

  6. All this does is prove the AGW antagonists don’t know what they’re talking about. Attributing anything out of the norm to a bogeyman means they don’t know about the bogeyman. Like witches.

    • Witches burn. So does wood, therefore witches are made out of wood.
      Wood floats. So do ducks. So, if she weighs the same as a duck, she’s a witch.

      This (paraphrased) argument from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is, ironically, more logical than the current CAGW mob.

  7. There are more whales and seals now than there has been for over two hundred years plus more people in the water. If the food source increases, so do predator numbers.

  8. I know CNN is easy pickens for this site, but I wondering if there should be an open topic in the margin “More dumb from CNN?”

  9. I wonder if anyone has done an actual study on whether sharks avoid surfers who are lawyers (due to professional courtesy)?

  10. A cursory glance at NOAAs Southern Ocean coloured temperature charts show that this ocean has largely cooled off. Cool water has been carried closer to the equator. In Australia, this current meets the East Coast Current from the tropics and is deflected eastward just north of Brisbane In the past, white sharks were not encountered north of Bass Strait. White sharks are cold water sharks, but recently they are common at least 1000 Kilometres north into a dense surfer population. The problem may be climate change but not the kind the alarmists want.

  11. in new England , the resurgence of seal populations has attracted increasing numbers of great white sharks , who mistakenly bite people , thinking they are seals

  12. Here in Minneapolis, it is snowing, hard. In October. I don’t worry about sharks, but I want my global warming!

    • Yes.
      In calgary we have the most glorious september and early october in recent memory, is that AGW.

      We didn’t get first frost until night of Oct 12, is that AGW?

      Now we are paying for it, far colder than normal, tomorrow more snow then thurs-friday 20C below normal, -10C, is that AGW?

      So confusing, need Lloydo/Griff to help explain

  13. The water around Australia has been fairly cool for more than a year. Actually there has been little warm water in the entire SH. Here is current conditions:

    The May 25th, 2020 map shown on WUWT shows even much colder water around Oz. I noted this with all the manic alarm expressed about coral bleaching, recalling that a few years ago the cold was cited for bleaching around Florida. I think they have been trying to convey that climate change was a warming condition for the GBR.

  14. Typical of CNN. They are all in on assigning everything bad to either Trump or Climate Change. Looks like their chief legal analyst, Jeff Toobin, is giving them hand signals to go ahead with the charade, or, wait a minute, WTF (F is fracking)? What kind of CNN legal hand signals is that? Geesh!

    • They said it appeared that Toobin was on another call. He must have been asking Jake from State Farm what he was wearing.

    • Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon would be glad to give Jeff Toobin a hand… or two with his problems.

      Just when you couldn’t imagine how more ridiculous CNN could become, along come their Chief Legal analyst Toobin’s jerk-off Zoom session during the Borg Collective’s Marxist anti-Trump war-gaming session.

      Toobin is now finished in broadcast media… along with that ridiculous Communist News Network.
      Or was it Clinton News Network. I forget. They all run together now. Even OJ is compoaring him to PeeWee Herman. Too funny\.

      P.S. Thanks Eric for the opportunity to ridicule CNN and Toobin’s descent to irrelevance. I assume that was your intent?

      • Liberal mouthpieces are running to cover Chief Legal perv Toobin and I think it will be a tipping point for so many “liberals” who took a lof of trash but won’t and can’t go there.

        Go to Twitter, the home town of stupid liberals. They are like:

        “I can’t believe I have to explain how it’s NOT normal behavior and how it’s disrespectful and abusive to colleagues.”

        Kudos for them for (at last) (sort of) figuring out the liberal intelligencia is neither liberal nor intelligent, just pervert.

        • IMO it is pretty much the end of CNN. It’s too much even for the Libtards if the network tries to defend Toobin. CNN’s only hope is to throw Toobin under the bus and hope that satisfies the Twitter mob they created. If they try to make excuses for him like their Brian Stelter did today, they are toast.

  15. We need more stringent lockdowns and masks to control the sharks and stop driving cars and flying planes to fight racism and check our privilege to fight the SARS Cov2 virus…no wait.
    Its, check our privilege to stop shark attacks, stop working and wear masks to fight fascism and unconscious bias, stop cars and planes to fight the virus.. No wait…
    We must wait for a vaccine to stop racist shark attacks because their breath is causing racist wild fires. Stop using the term Great White Shark because it’s racist and a social construct of the western patriarchy.…

    • “We need more stringent lockdowns and masks to control the sharks”

      How do you intend to get the masks on the sharks?

      • Oh come on. That’s easy. As they don’t have ears we just need longer loops on the masks and use a Slip Knot so that the mask can be easily removed if the Shark feels distressed in any way.

  16. it was rare to see a shark while diving 30 years ago. now it’s pretty common and they keep getting bigger. must be the lack of food. lol

  17. Some group should search Web of Knowledge and Google Scholar to catalogue the frequency trend of alarmist papers.

    I’m guessing they’d find a precipitous and continuing rise across all climate, ecosystem, medical, and psychological disciplines since at least 1988. Maybe worse than we though could occupy a special awards category.

    And then … wait for it … they could write a paper showing that climate change has made scientists more susceptible to objectively discordant frenzies.

    Such a paper would be a double jape, as it would be of the kind it criticizes.

    It might even be an empirical solution to Russell’s dilemma of whether the set of all sets is also a set. Is a paper registering alarm about rampant objectively unjustifiable alarmism among scientists, objectively unjustifiably alarmist? Bertrandistas, are you out there?

    • I just had to check.

      worse than we thought found 1550 hits in Google Scholar

      Hit number 5 is a 2012 article in the Washington Post, by — you guessed it — Jim Hansen. “Climate change is here–and worse than we thought

      The worst worst for Jim, of course, is that nothing going on with the climate is distinguishable from natural variation.

  18. Nothing like a bet both ways I guess. In the article it refers to the waters heating up and destroying ECO Systems, changing feeding habits. In the linked local Australian article about a recent close encounter, other “Scientists” are referred to as blaming cooling waters.

    “Some scientists believe cooler ocean temperatures could be changing where sharks search for prey”

  19. Nothing to do with their now being about 8 billion people on the planet, many of them messing about in the sea and a rabid sensationlist new media ready to spray any incident all around the world instantly. Sure, much more likely to be a convoluted inteweaved fantasy of made up knowledge of climate change and predator food chains globally.

    • Goodness.
      So shark attacks cause ice cream sales to rocket, do they?
      Must be comfort eating!

      By the sharks.
      By the folks.
      Whatever – it’s worse than we thought!

  20. “firstly, understand the risks involved with surfing living surrounded by forests; and, secondly, only go in the water a home in the middle of forest if you accept the risks.”

    • “firstly, understand the risks involved with surfing doing virtual meetings; and, secondly, only go in the water do virtual meetings if you accept the risks”

  21. So….nothing to do with the increase in Surfers in the water then? Crap News Nightly living up to expectations as usual.

  22. Ive heard there is a correlation between ice cream sales and shark attacks. The higher the ice cream sales the more shark attacks. We need to create an international organization to work on this. We need an international agreement to phase out ice cream and replace it with hot soup.

  23. I object to culling sharks.

    The reason is that the people in China who can afford luxury food items, such as shark fin soup, do not know or care that the sharks who are the victims of this bottomless pit the Chinese have for an appetite. They are definned on the boats that catch them and the fins are kept but the shark (still alive, BTW) is simply thrown back into the ocean with no way to maneuver or survive. (If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. Look it up.)

    Since the {PRC Chinese generally think with their stomachs, it is no surprise. I don’t have any fossilized shark coprolites, but they look like springs for a really big truck rig.

    It is also no surprise that sharks of many (not necessarily all) species are increasing in numbers and appearing in waters that they used to avoid. They’re simply trying to avoid being turned into fish food by the Chinese.

    Pity the poor sharks. Throw them a tuekwy leg or two, willya? SHARKS’ LIVES MATTER!!!!!

    • I’m right there with you on this one Sara. In regard to food in general, the ordinary folk in China waste nothing. If it won’t kill you, they will eat it. Shark fin soup is an in your face way of wealthy Chinese saying that the fins of a shark are a delicacy, and or serve medical purposes. Or it could be an aphrodisiac, the point is that they only make use of the fins indicates that they are wealthy. Sadly for the sharks, there are many more wealthy Chinese today.

      Have you ever eaten shark? Freshly cooked, pan fried shark with fresh lemon and parsley is excellent. People are going hungry and they are throwing away food. To think that they cut the fins off live sharks and toss the poor creatures back into the ocean is nothing short of criminal. More room on the boats for fins if you toss the rest of the creature overboard. Of course I would much prefer that animals weren’t murdered at all! There are a number of animals on the brink of extinction due to Chinese superstition, medicinal or aphrodisiac.

      Getting back to shark attacks in Australia and climate change. I cannot believe the extent that people will go to to make these claims!

      The Greens have indeed reduced netting and other forms of shark deterrence. That’s a tricky one to argue with, whales, dolphins and turtles are frequently caught in the nets and lose their lives.

      So there is often little to stop a shark from coming close to shore. There is a larger human population today, and tourists love our beautiful beaches. So casualties are inevitable.

      But the reason that seven people have been attacked by sharks this year has nothing to do with climate change. Nah…It’s because of the Wuhan virus. Yep, blame it on Covid-19.

      Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been so generous with welfare payments that the farmers and fruit growers are destroying produce because they can’t find enough workers for harvest. That’s right, these welfare recipients are receiving enough from welfare payments that they don’t need to work, so they’re going to the beach….cue the music from jaws.

      • Brilliant – Lets pay the idle feckless useless bastards a supplement for every hour they play in 4 feet of sea water and more, monitored via their new GPS tracker bracelets and corona masks they will be queuing to sign up for, and let the great whites do the rest. Hopefully the sodden masks will drown those the great whites miss.

      • Brilliant – Lets pay the idle feckless useless sods a supplement for every hour they play in 4 feet of sea water and more, monitored via their new GPS tracker bracelets and corona masks they will be queuing to sign up for, and let the great whites do the rest. Hopefully the sodden masks will drown those the great whites miss.

    • Mods I responded to Sara ages ago and my response went to moderation for some reason. There was nothing offensive in my comment either to Sara or to anyone else. Can you give me a reason for it to be rejected?

      [Who can say why the gods of WordPress – may their blessings be upon us – choose some comments for glory and others for despair. We humble priests of the Order Moderatus, only serve, and do not question the reasons for their decisions. Your petitions were heard, however, and your comment rescued from the Pit of Damnation Moderation. And having thus been ministered to, and returned to the light, may it prosper in its renewed mission of illumination. -mod]

    • Bottomless pit?

      Chinese diet is as varied and less discriminate as it is because there was never enough of the foods you had for them to eat. If they had the choices we had in the 19th and 20th century, and not the mass near starvation existence they experienced by the 100s of millions, they may well prefer nice steak and Cod and Tuna and the rest.

      You people I swear, know nothing, moralise about everything

      • Mark, it’s not a matter of poor Chinese consuming almost every part of an animal. That shows respect for the nourishment the animal provided them.

        Wealthy Chinese have grown in number, they have more billionaires than any other nation. The same applies with the growth of middle class. If there is something they desire, the cost, financial or otherwise is irrelevant.

        There are parts of animals, and some of these animals now rare, that the Chinese still regard as aphrodisiacs. They hold on to superstitions that particular parts of animals have medical value. Animals across the globe are poached to harvest the desired parts. The animal is killed and left to rot. They have no respect for the animal, or whether it might be facing extinction.

        The Chinese population is growing, there are animals facing extinction due to mindless slaughter. All for these people to show status and wealth. This is not sustainable.

        How does this fit in with your criticism Mark?

      • The only thing I do appreciate about the bottomless pits that mainland Chinese people have for stomachs is that Asian carp fishing in this country is doing well, because the Chinese like to eat them, and make fish balls out of them, among other thngs. It does two things: produces money from exporting those overgrown aquarium denizens (sold here in pet stores), and rids our inland waters, including the Mississippi River and its tributaries of a foreign pest fish that crowds out the native catfish, trout, bluegills, crappies and bass (among other species).

  24. This is _C_lickbait _N_ot _N_ews. If you don’t click on this story title 500K times, Wolfe Blitzen will die cold and lonely in his little cage. It will be your fault. Honest. Who ya gonna believe-ah, me or-ah you own-ah eyes?

  25. How about we just call the surfers and swimmers? After all, too many humans is the root cause of everything, isn’t it?

  26. The CNN story is too amusing to not make comment.

    I maintain a website on Australian climate change and another on the surge in great white shark fatalities in Western Australia over the past 25 years.

    The CNN story seems to reason that great whites, which acquire a preference for mammal meat after puberty, are being starved by climate change while all the other more abundant shark species don’t have a problem finding a fish meal.

    Visit if you’re interested in why great white fatalities are increasing. The probable reason might make you uncomfortable because it’s another more popular ocean creature whose population has been booming during climate change.

    • It isn’t just what you have on your link I commented above just google Alf Dean and Vic Hislop if you want more reasons. There were groups of shark hunters in the 1950’s and 1970’s who basically hunted every large shark in Australia that existed. They had a network in the fishing community that used to contact these people on any siting of a large shark. By late 1980 it was extremely rare to see any large shark around Australia.

  27. No mention in her story that Great Whites, Hammerheads and others have been protected in Australian waters for over 20 years now, or the effect that has had.

    • Yes and the crocodiles protected in 1974 don’t appear to be eating the sharks either. In the late 50s and early 60s as kids we’d be swimming and making tin canoes for the Darwin beaches but nowadays you’d have to check there’s not a croc straying into your backyard pool. Global warmening is causing more croc attacks too folks.

  28. Sharks feed on seals.
    Humans in wet suits look like seals from below.
    As the famous line goes:
    “You go in the water,
    Shark is in the water,
    Farewell and adieu my fair Spanish ladies….”

  29. Wow.

    CNN lecturing Australia based on invented associations? Get your hand off it, mate.

    Shark attacks are so uncommon – although oddly, for Australian’s under 40 a statistical more likely cause of death than COVID – that you can do anything with the numbers.

    Taking Western Australia as our study piece we can see that there have been 12 fatal shark attacks since 2011. However if you graph the trend we can also see that within about 6 years the deaths would have not long dropped to zero, but have gone negative, resulting in fully formed humans being spontaneously generated from the surf.

    Don’t laugh. It comes from The Models!

    Face it, CNN have nothing to work with here and are probably only publishing this dross to try and get Greta to friend them on Facebook.

  30. This sparked much confusion today at the Chinese and Russian news agencies. They did not know if this was American humor or further signs of decline in American science and education. So they ended up filing it away in the ‘weird Al Gore does tabloid news again’ before moving on to the next one.

  31. As a very avid sea kayaker in a location which is a Great White nursery I totally agree with one of the things mentioned in the article.

    When you go into their domain you accept the risk. I venture into nature expressly because it is wild. Our group manages the risks as much as we can but at the end of the day we accept that we cannot control everything and the benefits of paddling on the ocean are simply too alluring.

    Don’t sanitise the wilderness which is far less risky than driving a car along the road. You don’t have to go into the water if you don’t want too.

  32. On a serious note, the data on Shark attacks for this year will be of interest as the tourist industry has been destroyed due to the reaction to SARS Cov-2, so there will have been fewer people in the sea that are unfamiliar with nature.
    This does assume that the data is clean and hasn’t been tampered with.

  33. I think we need to take this seriously- I for one still remember the ‘night of the dolphins’ episode of the Simpsons….it could happen you know, if the sea creatures get desperate enough, and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!

  34. As related by a skipper who has experienced marine life for the past 35 years in Western Australia, the overfishing by factory ships in international waters has led to the migration of big sharks closer to the coast to follow the food chain. No coincidence that shark attacks have increased close to shore.

  35. Here in California, 40 years+ into the Marine Mammal Protection Act, we’ve had an explosion in seals and sea lions and the things that eat them…namely Great Whites. Duh…

  36. The sharks are culling the people. 7 people out of millions doesn’t seem like a reason to go out shark hunting.

  37. Just off Malta is common breeding ground for Great Whites. The young spend time in the Mediterranean, including off the coast of Egypt and other places where people go down in cages hung about to with meat that Great Whites consider a delicacy. This is done to train Great Whites to associate humans with their favourite foods and attack humans hoping the good stuff will ‘pop out’ as it did before. There may be some other purpose but I’m not sure what that might be. This program training young Great Whites to attack humans is becoming quite successful.

    I believe other places are also part of this training program. but I first saw it described for Egypt.

  38. It could also be due to a lack of prey, thanks to a certain regional power, which has driven the sharks to expand their hunting territory:

  39. This is a Good Thing! The more people the sharks eat, the fewer people are left to drive SUVs. And as the number of SUV drivers is reduced, so will Global Warming end. Then the sharks will go back to their normal hunting.

  40. I hear there’s an interesting climate change article in the current issue of the Aussie Navy League The Navy journal. Any Returned Vet got a copy?

  41. This superstitious nonsense needs to freaking stop. Sharks are not “out to get you” when you get into the water for crying out loud. Morons.

  42. Articles like this help ease the exit of a CEO at CNN. I wonder if the CEO is aiming for a larger exit money bump to speed the process with angst in the Boardroom.

    It can’t serve any other purpose except maybe celebrating ignorance.

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