Virtue, Wherefore Art Thou Signal?

While myself and most readers of this blog have complete support for conservation of wildlife and environmental conservation for their own sakes, the need to virtue signal from others still tends to make their, even positive efforts, quite laughable.

From Mavens Note Book


Maven  October 7, 2020

From the Office of the Governor:

Harnessing the innovative spirit of California, Governor Gavin Newsom today advanced an executive order enlisting California’s vast network of natural and working lands – forests, rangelands, farms, wetlands, coast, deserts and urban greenspaces – in the fight against climate change. A core pillar of Governor Newsom’s climate agenda, these novel approaches will help clean the air and water for communities throughout the state and support California’s unique biodiversity. 

“Once again, California is taking on the mantle of global climate leadership and advancing bold strategies to fight climate change,” said Governor Newsom. “The science is clear that, in our existential fight against climate change, we must build on our historic efforts in energy and emissions and focus on our lands as well. California’s beautiful natural and working lands are an important tool to help slow and avert catastrophic climate change, and today’s executive order provides important new tools to take on this existential threat.”

The order directs state agencies to deploy a number of strategies to store carbon in the state’s natural and working lands and remove it from the atmosphere. The order also sets a first-in-the-nation goal to conserve 30 percent of the state’s land and coastal water by 2030 to fight species loss and ecosystem destruction.

Specifically, state agencies are directed to pursue innovative actions, strategies and partnerships to maximize the full climate benefits of our natural and working land, through:

  • Healthy soils management, including planting cover crops, hedgerows and compost applications;   
  • Wetlands restoration to protect coastal areas; 
  • Active forest management to reduce catastrophic risk and restore forest health; and 
  • Boosting green infrastructure in urban areas like trees and parks. 

Read the full article here.

The text of the order can be found here.

77 thoughts on “Virtue, Wherefore Art Thou Signal?

  1. “Active forest management to reduce catastrophic risk and restore forest health”

    Nothing like shutting the barn door after the horse gets out!

    “Boosting green infrastructure in urban areas like trees and parks.”

    Yeah, this is going to capture a lot of carbon after all the homeless get thru urinating on everything.

    “Healthy soils management, including planting cover crops, hedgerows and compost applications”

    I sincerely doubt if the man has ever spent *any* time on a working farm other than enough time to do a photoshoot!

    “The California Natural Resources Agency and other relevant state agencies, in consultation with the Collaborative, are directed to develop and report strategies to the Governor no later than February 1, 2022 to achieve this goal in a manner that:

    a. Safeguards our State’s economic sustainability and food security. ”

    Really? After killing CA’s economy with shutdowns and high taxes he now wants someone to tell him how to safeguard the economy? Again, shutting the barn door after the horse got out!

    • He’s just planning to implement Agenda 21 but calling it a fancy name with pretty wrapping paper covering up the manure.

    • Tim Gorman says :

      :are directed to develop and report strategies to the Governor no later than February 1, 2022 to achieve this goal… ”
      That’s ninw months before the next California Gubernatorial election. Will California sober up in time ?

      • no.

        this state is screwed. Resident 3vil & i are both natives, and we’re fed up.

        this was a great place to live until everyone moved here and started voting to make it just like home.

        • I have lived here my whole life and I cannot stand what CA has become. I’m torn between wanting to leave and get away from it all and stay and try to fight for the state I once loved.

  2. It is amazing how politicians do not understand that you cannot direct or mandate innovation, or that governments are frankly incompetent in generating innovative solutions.

    • They are really good at creating paralysis. My nephew lives in San Jose, California. He cannot plant nor cut down a tree in his yard without a permit. Bottlenecks and bureaucrats go hand in hand. The biggest innovation Californian needs is assistance cutting red tape.

      • In California, you need approvals from four different agencies before you are granted a permit to cut red tape.

          • Even Bill Maher said tonight on his show Real Time that he has had his solar panels installed on his roof for 3 years now, and they are still not hooked up to the grid because of excessive red tape and corruption. Even after multiple inspections. He was also saying he understands that California business and people are leaving the Golden State because of Democrat mismanagement. About the only truth he told tonight. California is sliding off a cliff, and the big one hasn’t even hit yet.

      • At 1548 Hedding Street in the Rose Garden District I planted a clone of the Sequoia sempervirens at SJSU that originated on Coffin Road. I planted it in 1957 and it towers over the neighborhood as seen on G00gle Earth. I left San Jose / Santa Clara in 1969.

      • I don’t remember exactly what jurisdiction, but when I was working in construction in CA I remember one town where you had to get a permit to paint your interior walls

  3. Hmm, so this would mean more dead or dry brush and wood for fires. Yeah, Great Idea! Gee California government is smart.

  4. There is no existential threat from Climate Change.
    There is no “ science” in any UN IPCC Report that unequivocally states that such an existential threat exists.
    IPCC leading author Dr. Myles Allen has tried unsuccessfully to dial back the daily hysteria driving Governor Newsome and so many others in their belief that there is a climate crisis.-
    The Conversation, April 19, 2019,”Why Protestors should be wary of ‘12 years to Climate Breakdown’”.
    Or more directly from James Lovelock in the Guardian, 29 March, 2012,-
    “The great science centres around the world are more than well aware how weak their science is.If you talk to them privately, they are scared stiff of the fact that they don’t really know what the clouds and the aerosols are doing. They could be absolutely running the show. We haven’t got the physics worked out yet.”

    • <i…we must build on our HISTRIONIC efforts in energy and emissions….

      I fixed it for Gavin. h/t Dr. Allen

  5. When Gov. Newsom says “California’s unique biodiversity.” I think he is referring to the homeless hordes infesting LA and San Fran. Delingpole has taken to referring to Greta Thunberg as the “Doom Pixie”, I wonder what he would refer to Gov. Newsom as?

    • King Canute was trying to get across the point that it couldn’t be done. He was no fool.

  6. Wow! active forest management! why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? Newsom is indeed a genius and an innovator.

    • Yup!
      And when forest fires decline, he’ll claim that its because California is doing a good job of fighting climate change. LOL.

    • I think this is the whole point

      98% of this announcement is smokescreen for the point that they now understand they have to manage fuel load to prevent future catastrophes

      But they will never admit they were at fault in the first place

      • “But they will never admit they were at fault in the first place”

        And why should they ?
        Our glorious leaders were formed by immaculate conception, they are infallible and therefore can not make mistakes (ask any politician ).
        Other people (& nature itself ) are at fault for using the laws of physics instead of following the vision
        GLM…Green Lies Matter.

      • Bingo! Newsom is trying to obfuscate. Too bad his intentional misdirection will go over the head of most climate crisis dupes.

  7. I thought the plan was to chase everyone out of 30% of California and letting it go unutilized and unpopulated. Or was that yesterday’s bold announcement for someone to do something after Newsom is safely out of office? And does that mean allowing another 30% of the water to go straight to the ocean on top of the 50% that already goes to the ocean untouched?

  8. hmmm … pretty sure all the farms you’ve crushed with your water management would have captured 10 times the CO2 as this nonsense … but you can’t have people other than your “friends” MAKING MONEY…

  9. With all of the unenforceable executive orders that Governor Nevergewsome is setting forth, the unintended outcome is the weakening of the execution of those orders and all such future orders.

  10. Wetland restoration would require more money spent than Calif. has available in the pioeline, other than for a token project & erecting signage in several locations. The state’s investment shortfall is fairly likely since the forestry management needs made obvious by the recent extensive fires will take priority.

    • Forestry can be a very profitable industry when done right- and by that I mean by the private sector. Here in Massachusetts- the state owns almost a million acres of good timberland and can’t make a profit on it because its forestry staff is overpaid and under worked- compared to the private sector.

  11. If the oil companies would stop selling their product in California- sarc. – actually no let us watch the disaster unfold.

  12. Well all that California habitat restoration will be a lot easier in 10 years after the Great Out Migration, or simply The Great Emptying.

  13. “….Once again, California is taking on the mantle of global climate leadership and advancing bold strategies to fight climate change….” = Once again the Governor wants show everyone how important he is!

  14. California – since the Gestapo, the SS, the Stasi and the NKVD of the internet are all located there (Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook etc.) they can print money from their global extortion and indulge in any muddle-headed luvvie eco-fantasies that they want. Fools and their money are soon parted. As Napolean said “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

  15. And the planet as saved and everyone learned to live together in a peaceful and respectful manner and the governor was sainted by the pope and rose up to heaven where he sat in a big chair and everybody gave up petrol, oil and gas and learned to live in caves again.

  16. The real trouble with virtue seekers..

    ….. is that they very rarely find it.

    For this Newsom dork/twerp, “virtue” may as well be in another galaxy !

    • “How’s is that train project coming?:

      Excellent point. Over a decade after initiation and funding, California is just now starting to lay track for High Speed Rail (HSR). At that rate the State’s innovative delivery of this single HSR project will have a few hundred miles of track laid, connecting nowhere to nowhere, by 2050. That surely will Green transportation in the state.

      And AOC wants all rail electrified by 2030. Good luck with that.

    • Oatley, are you referring to that ‘bullet train” that will go back and forth over the 160 miles between the great metropolis of Bakersfield (pop: 380,000) and the bustling metropolis of Merced (pop: 81,000)? You know, the one that so far has cost over $4 BILLION of California and other US citizen taxpayers’ money.

  17. Great idea from a great state!
    Here is a carbon reducing plan for land areas—-plant CO2 sucking plants and EXPORT them to other states and countries.
    Of course you could ignore any emissions from fossil fuels used in planting , harvesting and shipping—-but that is already being done for all the other green initiatives. So, offset the planting , harvesting, shipping by selling CO2 credits by the ton shipped out of state…..double and triple count as necessary as usual.
    And don’t forget to convert all equipment used in this great initiative to ELECTRIC—-wow what a money maker!
    But whatever you do don’t call this new initiative FARMING!!!

  18. Yet another Far reaching executive order. Governors from coast to coast are using the pandemic to abuse their powers and it looks like we have little recourse. In my home state of New Jersey, Governor Murphy has become completely unhinged and drunk with power. Trying to micromanage our lives. Btw, he wants to model NJ after California.

  19. The bullet points of the plan don’t seem too out-to-lunch. Certainly not as out-to-lunch as the Governor making the pitch. The worry is in the specifics. This could be a clever plan to redirect focus on projects that have some real value and allow Californians to feel good about something other than destroying both the economy and environment with government funded green boondoggles. that wouldn’t be a bad strategy if the environmental programs that emerge are actually valuable to both the economy and the environment. One example is fire management by dealing dead fuel and inhibiting spread of invasive grasses. If it turns into a bunch of government funded pet projects covered in green paint then it is just another steps toward oblivion for California. My personal belief is that economics and quality of life are pulling the reigns in tightly on the magical thinking of the green orthodoxy and they are running out of runway for their lunacy. They can accept their long deserved political Armageddon or start paying attention to reality.

  20. Sneaky rotten globalists in action…

    “Active forest management to reduce catastrophic risk and restore forest health ”

    I see what they are doing here with this. They don’t like it that conservatives have been right in saying CA’s forest management has been wrong so they come out with this grand plan that covers other areas and then added in forest management.

    • Yes, with that black-ops operation it’s a wonder they didn’t put in high speed rail in the plan to move people more efficiently out of harms way of climate change. Oh dang, I should not given them the idea.

  21. Governor Newsom’s issuance of this newest EO, just like his previous one banning the sale of ICE vehicles in California after 2035, reminds me so much of the phrase Pharaoh speaks in the movie The Ten Commandments: “So let it be written. So let it be done.”
    (see )

  22. How many California state employees does it take to plant a tree and screw in a light bulb?

    Memo to staff: They left out “world class leadership” and “state of the art leadership” in the chest beating. Better fix this next time.

  23. This is the California equivalent of the military parade in North Korea and Moscow. In this case it’s a parade of goose stepping advocacy groups.

  24. There is no mention here of how many asphalt parking lots the state owns and any review of “good planning” practices on the number of parking spaces required for building permits.

    Another hint: If retail space is overbuilt by 2x in the post-pandemic eCommerce era, then we are baking urban areas with excess parking lots. Look around for a change.

  25. “Active forest management to reduce catastrophic risk”

    Bingo! This is the poker player’s ‘tell’. Everything else is distraction. Gavin doesn’t want to admit he’s taking cues from Trump re cleaning out the forests. His presser a few weeks ago was a confused mumble and vague apology but hidden in the message was …yeah we have to do something about wildfires .. with nothing to scare the greenies.

  26. Gavin Noisome should be looking to “small modular reactor” nuclear power units (SMRs). Like the UK seem to be doing:

    It would appear that in the UK at least, SMRs made by Rolls Royce are the future of nuclear. Ten times cheaper than the traditional big GW plants. That could explain why the UK government allowed the Wylfa-Hitachi project to die. It was shaping up to become another costly black hole like Hinckley Point C.

  27. The power of virtue signaling is on full display here, even in the midst of a pandemic.

    Call it The Walking Dead: Season of the Virtue Signalers.

  28. In fairness to Newsom, at least he has acknowledged the need for forest management and fuel load reduction.

    Jerry Brown remained in perpetual denial and sought to blame everything on climate change.

  29. Everywhere you see the words “working lands,” replace it with the words “privately owned farms and ranches.”
    The beauty of social democracy is you get to exercise all the power and the poor guy doing all the work suffers the consequences of your stupidity.

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