Thanks, Wall Street Journal, for Reporting on the Quiet Western Wildfire Season

One of the slowest wildfire seasons in years has come to an end in the West thanks to well-timed rain and cooler temperatures, bringing a reprieve to a region hit…

The Great Wildfire Mystery and The Latest (Dry) Forecast

Wildfire acreage has been low even though the summer has been warm and dry for most of the region.

Was Global Warming Behind the Recent Smoky Period in Western Washington?

There is no observed upward trend in wildfire acreage west of the Cascade crest.  Global warming should weaken strong easterly flow, the key meteorological factor associated with autumn westside wildfires. 

Two Words Explain California’s Wildfire Woes: Spotted Owl

Meanwhile, has anyone seen a spotted owl lately?

Wildfires are the “Old Normal” for the Pacific Northwest

 Wildfires and their smoke are a natural part of the Northwest ecosystem.

New Data Absolutely Destroys Media Claims of ‘Climate Change is Causing More Wildfire’

The lack of any sustained correlation destroys the U.N. and media claims. If CO2 was in fact the control knob for making wildfires worse, wildfires would have increased from 2012…

Scientists Develop Method for Seasonal Prediction of Wildfires in the US West

Winter and spring climate explains a large portion of interannual variability and trend in western U.S. summer fire burned area

Wrong, Denver Post, Fires and Floods Aren’t Increasing

From ClimateREALISM By Linnea Lueken -April 5, 2022 The Denver Post recently ran an article claiming global warming will cause more severe wildfire seasons, as well as more severe floods in the Western…

Study Reveals Chemical Link between Wildfire Smoke and Ozone Depletion

“This chemistry, once you get past that point, is well-established,” Solomon says. “Once you have less nitrogen dioxide, you have to have more chlorine monoxide, and that will deplete ozone.”

Just what is a ‘resilient’ forest, anyway?

 A shift away from managing for competitive forests and toward eliminating competition could allow the few to thrive and be more resilient.

Aussie Bushfire Madness: Fuel Load Not an Issue, All Climate Change

Reducing available fuel seems and obvious strategy for fire risk management. But according to the CSIRO, the real culprit is climate change.

Media Promotes Badly Flawed Science Spreading It Like Wildfire

Despite the bad science a multitude of media outlets like NY Times and CNN falsely promoted the paper as evidence that climate change cause more wildfires

Justin Rowlatt’s Fake Californian Wildfires Report

All in all, this is an extremely shoddy piece of reporting by Justin Rowlatt, who evidently is the BBC’s go to guy for climate disinformation.

No, CNN, Wildfires Will Not Be Destroying Times Square, New York City

Newsflash – wildfires have not engulfed New York City any time since SUVs were invented, nor will wildfires ever engulf New York City. Even if wildfires ever do engulf some area within…

The U.S. Could Have Wildfire Smoke Radar

Imagine the ability to determine the three-dimensional distribution of wildfire smoke across the United States in real-time.

The Malden Wildfire and Climate Change: Why Are Major Media and Politicians Distorting the Truth?

Unfortunately, a number of media outlets (e.g., the Seattle Times and NPR), politicians, and activist groups are consistently distorting the truth.   There are few better examples of this problematic behavior than…

Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt

Video explaining the ecology of wildfires and why California is more prone to fires than the rest of the USA

National Public Radio’s Misinformation on Wildfires and Climate: Part 2

. All the climate models could do is project imagined disasters in the future. Rarely does the media mention the grass/fire cycle, or the dryness of ENSO cycles. Instead NPR…

National Public Radio’s Misinformation on Wildfires and Climate: Part 1

With every wildfire report, NPR now adds climate crisis comment but ignores wildfire science. I learned more about heat transfer and wildfires as a boy scout. I also expanded my…

A fiery past sheds new light on the future of global climate change

Many of today’s climate models rely on past levels of greenhouse gasses and aerosols to validate their predictions for the future. But there’s a problem: While pre-industrial levels of greenhouse…

Fact Checking the Wildfire-Climate Link

Wildfire physics simply does not support any such fear mongering narratives. Every politician, every environmental group and every scientist trying to scare up more funding by uncritically blaming wildfires on…

Another dangerous fire season is looming in the Western U.S., and the drought-stricken region is headed for a water crisis

Just about every indicator of drought is flashing red across the western U.S. after a dry winter and warm early spring. The snowpack is at less than half of normal…

Claim: California’s Rainy Season Starting Nearly A Month Later Than It Did 60 Years Ago

The new study in AGU’s journal Geophysical Research Letters, which publishes high-impact, short-format reports with immediate implications spanning all Earth and space sciences, is the first to quantify just how…

An Important Finding about the September Labor Day Wildfires

Just extraordinary. The winds at that time were THE STRONGEST EVER OBSERVED at the site during those months for any wind direction from the north, east, southeast, or northwest.

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