Ugandan Activist: “Many people are not yet aware of the dangers of climate change”

Black climate activist Vanessa Nakate was cropped from an AP image. Source Buzzfeed

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, who was “accidentally” cropped from a picture of white climate activists in Davos in January, thinks people need to be better educated about the dangers of climate change.

Vanessa Nakate: ‘Many people are not yet aware of the dangers of climate change’

As a prominent Fridays for Future activist, Vanessa Nakate tells DW how climate activism looks different in her native Uganda and why she’s recently been tweeting in German.

How does climate activism in your country differ from what it looks like in Europe? We’re used to seeing big Fridays For Future strikes here, but what does it look like in Uganda?

Well, of course there is a big difference between the activism in Uganda and in Europe. This is mainly because of two things.

One is awareness. Many people are not yet aware of the dangers. They don’t have the facts. They don’t have the clear science about what is happening when it comes to the climate crisis.

And then the other thing is freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is not the same as we see it is in Europe and it’s also harder for students here to walk out of school and do the climate strikes.

Recently, you’ve actually been tweeting in German to try and get the message across. What made you do this?

Well, I did that because I was really angry and disturbed by the fact that Germany chose to push coal to 2038. I feel like that helps them and that doesn’t help communities that are already being affected by the climate crisis. I feel like 2038 is too late. It’s unnecessary and very dangerous for communities that are already facing devastating impacts of climate change.

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Despite being a climate activist, Vanessa seems quite an impressive person.

Her own country doesn’t care about climate change or hasn’t heard of it. Europe pretends to care, but I mean, they cropped her out of at least one picture of climate activists. Who knows how else she is being mistreated.

Despite lip service to climate activism, Germany and other European countries are pushing ahead with coal projects.

Yet Vanessa is still determined to try.

What a waste of talent. I hope one day soon Vanessa wakes up to how she is being used, and applies that remarkable determination and guts to achieving something genuinely useful, for herself or for her country.

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    • “What a waste of talent. ”

      I don’t see much evidence of talent. She also has an on-line breakdown about being left out of that photo, so about 1 out of 10 for guts and determination.

      This is mainly because of two things.

      No, it is mainly due to ONE thing: in poor countries folks have plenty of REAL problems to deal with to be worried about BS of how many degrees C warmer it may or may not be in 100 years.

      Never mind Fridays for the future. In Africa the future is NEXT Friday,

    • there is a chance, that she actually reads this article, so I am trying to get my comment up is high as possible, maybe she or other wondering if they are potentially being used read this..

      Michael Shellenberger is a former alarmist who only recently changed his point of view, it might be interesting to see his arguments and also contact him, I think he is very nice and answer question honestly..

  1. “…it’s also harder for students here to walk out of school and do the climate strikes.”
    So Uganda has a better school system than Europe? 😉

  2. Will someone please tell Vanessa that anthropogenic global warming is mainly a ruse to keep her people enslaved (not only mining metal for “renewable” technology but also keeping their countries from becoming “developed”).

  3. “… people need to be better educated about the dangers of climate change.”

    A better educated public would know that the presumed danger is imaginary.

    People need to be better educated about the conflicts of interest at the IPCC.
    People need to be better educated about nefarious data manipulations.
    People need to be better educated about the scientific method.
    People need to be better educated about Conservation of Energy.
    People need to be better educated about the failure of climate models.
    People need to be better educated about how feedback analysis was misapplied to the climate.
    People need to be better educated about the ecological damage resulting from green energy.
    People need to be better educated about how political bias has damaged all science.
    People need to be better educated about why climate skeptics are skeptical of the false ‘consensus’.

    • And people, like Vanessa, need to be educated in science, instead of Business Administration (which is her degree), if they want to understand and comment on science. Not going to happen. Because the science is not important, it’s the feelings that are important, like “I feel your pain”.

      • Ron: I don’t know how relevant this is to Uganda in general but our local church has had connections with a parish and local College in Uganda for several decades. Several members have been out (at their own expense) to help set up the College, including gifts of computers and textbooks. The textbooks specifically requested are those dealing with Law, Accountancy, Economics and Busines Studies. Those they did not want or need are any science or technology textbooks, because few of the pupils see any prospect of advancement in Ugandan society or administration with those areas of study.

    • My model predicts COVID19 R0 <.001 by Halloween with 250,000 dead. Rapid tests would knock 50,000 of of that by mimicking the 2nd-day knowledge of flu and only then mask up. If clear test, no mask. But off topic.
      I did professional data analysis for epidemiologists at a major pharma manufacturer.
      Epidemics modeling is relatively easy. We predicted HIV/AIDS gone by 2020.

      Weather modeling is a chaotic system by comparison. And the integral sum of weather used as a proxy for climate? Uh, no. Inappropriate use of modeling.

    • People need to be educated that there has been intermittent global warming for the past 325 years and no one was hurt. In, fact the climate has improved. That”s reality. The future climate is unknown. But if mild warming continued, why would it suddenly have to be bad news?

      • There has been past warming and cooling and if it’s not doing one, it’s doing the other, moreover; the ice cores tell us it will almost always go in the same direction for centuries at a time. If the climate wasn’t doing either, or was chaotically bouncing around a wide range, then it would be the time to worry.

        Considering the rates and duration of change in the DomeC ice cores, the current trends are not the least bit unusual and that’s when compared to a record of changes in multi-decade averages rather than changes in a short term average which will always show more volatility and greater extents.

        And yes, a little warming and more CO2 are both beneficial to the planets biomass of which mankind is just a small part. Prior to industrialization, CO2 concentration variability was primarily a proxy for the amount of planet wide biomass. Now it’s become a proxy for the development of mankind and will remain so until we can fully embrace nuclear power.

  4. Notice the lack of smiles in the cropped photo. They probably cropped Vanessa out of the picture because she is the only one that has a pleasant expression on her face. CAGW is supposed to be serious business.

    • More likely they cropped her because she of what she was wearing. You cannot dress in heavy layers if you are proclaiming warming.

    • Ya beat me to it.

      We have a WW1 memorial in a town near me and the figures are obviously intended to be noble looking with their eyes cast a bit upward and have the sculptor’s version of a noble expression. It’s Victorian crap. The Soviets were also pretty good at producing that kind of crap.

      I had hoped we had left the Victorian era behind us but the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are trying their level best to revive it.

      My advice to the SJWs is this: When you affect such an expression you are advertising that you are full of yourself and full of ‘it’. You are telling the world that you are a sanctimonious twit.

      • The big problem with that is that WW1 started 13 years after Victoria died.

        And all war memorials “sanctify” their war dead. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends‘.

        • The Victorian morality, against which my generation rebelled, started before HRH was born and continued after her death. Personally, I don’t see much difference between our modern day tearing down of statues and the Bowdlerizing of Shakespeare of a bygone era.

  5. They don’t have the facts.

    And as far as they’re concerned there is no crisis, largely because there is no crisis.

  6. “It’s unnecessary and very dangerous for communities that are already facing devastating impacts of climate change.”

    Can Vanessa cite specific examples of this devastation? Would love to read/see it.

  7. Of all the things happening in Uganda specifically and Africa in general, climate change wouldn’t be top of a list of things to ‘fix’.

  8. Holy mackerel !

    I could almost swear that, in the photograph, St. Greta appears to be encased in a straitjacket.

  9. A real tragedy would be if long after the western world abandons climate alarmism, the 3rd world embraces it.

  10. Here is a young woman, only 23, who has essentially only lived in one climatic zone. She has a business qualification but a very limited knowledge of geography and history. She does not have a frame of reference needed to speak wisely about the complexities of climate. Wisdom only comes after many years and is not an inherent talent that some young people have. Africa’s problem is not climate change but internecine strife, corrupt and incompetent leaders, mismanagement of its abundant resources and more.

  11. The first thing anyone needs to be educated on is the difference between climate change and phony climate change.

    This is about phony climate change dear readers, and there is no climate crisis.

    • How about some simple instruction on the difference between weather and climate?

      Today the dams in the Western Cape are over 94% full with more rain on its way. Only 28 months ago alarmists were predicting that this part of Africa was entering a period of endless drought. Farmers who knew better and had their own water reserves shared these. They were well familiar with decades of weather patterns and the alternating droughts and downpours. Next year there may be a drought but they have reserves to carry them for a number of years.

      • Yes, sounds like N. California, where we were in the third unprecedented drought since I came to live here 40 years ago, until about 4 years ago when it became I think the fourth unprecedented pissing it down in the same time-frame.

        Could anyone who knows John Christy well please get him to comment here. He had a focus on Uganda, but looks like only published up to 2013:

        It would be great for interested parties to see an update.

  12. until a country has the majority of its population NOT LIVING on dirt floors I would think they would have more important concerns that a fake climate scare …

  13. “It’s unnecessary and very dangerous for communities that are already facing devastating impacts of climate change.”

    Maybe a rhetorical question, but I see these words, or to that effect, so often. Just what ‘devastating impacts’ are they talking about?

  14. The anointed, especially the self anointed, have always been able to see things that no one else can see.
    This goes double when the things the anointed see, never existed in the first place.

  15. Many people are also not yet aware of the dangers of space aliens, or indeed, of the heartbreak of psoriasis. I won’t even mention the dangers of rampaging marauding zombies. Oops.

    • Zombies? Really? I perceive that the greater danger lies in a wide-spread but secret invasion of vampires…

  16. I’ve got to say, all those young people look creepy, with or without Vanessa and the photobomber behind her. In a “Children of the Corn” way.

    They could all use some more sunshine and time outdoors.

  17. While in the Navy back in 1965 I was in port in Guam for over two weeks in late July. To this day it still amazes me that I noticed those that were born and raised there were essentially not bothered by the heat/humidity. On visits to the Navy Exchange it was very obvious who was born there and who was a military dependent or contractor. The Guamanian women looked like they had just left a beauty parlor whereas the American women looked like they just got caught in a rainstorm. Same for the men. The majority of the “Night Spots” had no air condition other than the louvered windows. I noticed the same native acclimation to the tropical heat in any of the tropical ports of call. I just can not believe two degrees is going to change that – there is that big a difference within some of these countries normally due to closeness to the equator.

  18. I guess she is too young to remember the 1 million or so deaths 26 years ago, or the madness of Idi Amin? Uganda has much much more to worry about than climate change.

  19. I didn’t read all the comments so what I write here has probably been said somewhere in the previous 50 comments.

    The tragic situation in Uganda in terms of extreme poverty, failed governance, poor infrastructure, and continual warfare is surely made worse by the cycles of lake floods and droughts that devastate this tiny country wedged in between DRC and Kenya. In the climate change era, there is an ongoing effort by the UN, by activists, and by do-good-nicks of all colors to relate these tragic hardships to climate change but there is no scientific basis for these attributions.

    For one thing, the “internal climate variability” issue in climate science makes it impossible to make these attributions. Briefly, the internal climate variability issue is that AGW is a theory about long term trends in global mean temperature and it is not possible to relate localized climate events to AGW because natural internal climate variability dominates under those conditions.

    It is noted that the study of climate change impacts in Uganda, a country with less than 0.05% of the world’s land surface, contains an extreme form of geographical constraint. A much larger regional context is needed over a sufficiently long time span. It should also be noted that cycles of extreme drought and extreme rain with lake floods are the norm in this part of Africa as it has been at least since colonial times.

  20. Recently there was a meeting of the German Chancellor Mrs. Merkel, with Greta Thunberg-Sweden, Luisa Neubauer-Germany, Ahun de Wever-Belgium and Adelaide Charlier-Belgium. All these girls are climate activists. They called on Merkel to take the lead in the global fight against climate change. They also criticized Germany’s decision to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2038. This was much too late, they said.Unfortunately it is not known exactly how the Chancellor reacted to these teachings from little girls about how the world works…and yes, the girl from Uganda was not invited. The fight against the climate armagedon is probably only a matter of little girls from Europe.Unfortunately it is not known exactly how the Chancellor reacted to these teachings from little girls about how the world works…and yes, the girl from Uganda was not invited. The fight against the ‘climate armagedon’ is probably only a matter of little girls from Europe.

    Translated with (free version)

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