Climate Racism? Black Climate Activist Cropped from Greta Photo

Black climate activist Vanessa Nakate was cropped from an AP image. Source Buzzfeed

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate is outraged that her image was cropped out of a photo of child climate change activists who attended Davos. There is no suggestion Greta Thunberg was aware of or endorsed the modification of the image.

A Ugandan Climate Activist Was Cropped Out Of A News Agency Photo Of Greta Thunberg At Davos

Vanessa Nakate told BuzzFeed News she was heartbroken to see websites use a photo featuring four white activists but not her.

Ikran Dahir BuzzFeed News Reporter

LONDON — Vanessa Nakate is a 23-year-old climate activist from Uganda who this week attended the World Economic Forum in Davos.

On Friday, she took part in a news conference with Greta Thunberg and other activists ahead of a Fridays for Future protest in the Swiss town.

However, she was dismayed to find that in news coverage of the event, she had been cropped out of a photo issued by the Associated Press news agency featuring Thunberg and fellow activists Luisa Neubauer, Isabelle Axelsson, and Loukina Tille. AP later changed the photo that appeared as the thumbnail on Twitter for the story Nakate tweeted.

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As a climate skeptic I obviously don’t agree with the goals of Vanessa and the other climate activists. But she doesn’t deserve to be excluded in this way. Cropping the African girl out of the image, for who knows what reason, is simply unacceptable.

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  1. Don’t worry, the main stream media will bury this. If this happened in a group of liberty-loving individuals, we’d never hear the end of it. I’ve heard it said that the warming hoax is a continuation of eugenics. Of course it is… and much worse.

    • The message is white guilt. White privilege. Can’t give the impression brown people in Africa are part of the problem too. Not on message.

      How many young women in Uganda can afford a flight to Switzerland anyway? Who’s daughter is she?

    • Whatever the reason was, doing that is a tacky as you can get. And since when is that short and cranky person in the middle more important than someone from Africa?????

      • Ms Nakate needs to get an authentic, certified “Reverend Al Sharpton Signature-Model Bull-Horn” if she doesn’t want to get continually photoshopped/airbrushed out of the action.

        That’ll put little Saint Greta in her place, “How dare she?”

    • The leftist media continually get away with manipulating black people as props. Here is wasn’t convenient to have this black girl in the picture with their Champion of Climate Change, the Female Global Warrior come to slay the CO2 Hobgoblin. There are subtle signs the black community is beginning to realize they are being used.

      A variation on this theme helps to illustrate your point. Nick Sandmann was defamed in the U.S. as a racist for wearing a MAGA hat while his school was visiting the Lincoln Memorial in DC. The school kids, were accosted by two different minority groups. Yet the media branded the school kids racists.

      In order to illustrate their narrative the media needed to edit their video to make it seem like Nick was the racist trouble maker To your point the only way the Propaganda Press wants to portray “People of Color” is when they appear to be victims of the evil right. Snubs by Leftist elites are of no interest to the Propaganda Ministry.

      Sandmann just settled with CNN out of court with more lawsuits pending. This young African teen should get a good lawyer. Sandmann’s is a great outcome for the truth over propaganda. Now that is a hobgoblin that needs slaying.

    • I see that of the 5 people on the original picture 1 person is missing. Those who see a black girl are racist.

        • No your gender is whether you are male or female. It is determined at the moment of conception and detectable some time later. If someone is not happy with what life has given them and wishes to pretend they are of the opposite sex : it’s a free society ( or so they say ). They can opt to attempt to hide that with genital mutilation surgery and alter their metabolism with synthetic hormones. That will not not alter their DNA , their chromosomes or whether they have periods.

          It was quite clear what Robert meant. The finger waggers are all girls. If you want you could complain that there does not seem to be any transexuals in the group, but that is such a microscopic proportion of world population that is hardly surprising.

          • No, Greg. Sex is whether you are male or female.

            > “… I don’t give a damn about being politically correct …”

            Well then, stop conforming to the leftist dictionary. They change the language to keep you confused. Break out of it.

          • Slacko, the word gender existed long before it was hijacked by the left in an attempt redefine it and deny the science of biology.

            Gender is not a lifestyle choice, or how you “feel” from one minute to the next. It is an immutable biological fact. A binary bit of information with two possible states. If you think it means anything different to what sex you are, you are the one conforming to the leftist dictionary. It seems you do not even realise it.

            best wishes.

          • Of the two:

            “Sex” is the biological reality. If your genes are XX you are female, if XY you are male. A very small number of individuals will be XXY – hermaphrodite.

            “Gender” is a linguistic construct, mainly used in the “romance” languages, where all items have a gender. There is male (“he is…” etc), female (“she is…” etc) and neuter (“it is…” etc). Some idea can be had as these concepts have “bled into” english, at least for some things eg, “Look at that boat – she’s gorgeous!”, but in normal usage english only uses “gendered” pronouns for living things, while inanimate object are generally neuter (with notable exception, eg above).


  2. If all the faces were white, or all the faces were black, any reasonable photographer would have cropped out the person on the left of the image. She is separated from the others and the building behind is discordant. If she had been left in, I can imagine that a progressive commentator would interpret the gap between the group as symbolic and racist…..

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was one white kid cropped out?

    • and… concerning the aesthetics of the picture, the editor should have removed the short one with the how-dare-you-ruin-my-childhood smirk.

    • The explanation was that the picture was cropped to remove the building and that it was done in haste. Quite likely.

    • This was my thought as well…cropping the individual on the left makes for a more picturesque image (NOT because of the melanin content of any of those pictured). And, a generous person might conclude that was reason.

      A person inclined to view things through the lens of identity-politics would certainly come to a different conclusion, though.


  3. I bet this was down to the usual problem.

    They just don’t think anything through.

    Still, this is helpful when it comes to state sanctioned leukophobia.

    • “They just don’t think anything through”! You’re absolutely right. The people who don’t think anything through don’t just have (to us) poorly thought out political ideas. They also screw up other things.

  4. One of the things you consider when you’re making a graphic is where the viewer’s eye moves. In the case of the uncropped image, my eye immediately falls on the African girl. In the case of the cropped image, my eye moves to Greta. Besides, the cropped image is probably a better picture.

    As far as I can tell, cropping the image had nothing to do with racism.

    • Last time I checked the AP was a news organisation. That picture tells a story. They have decided to leave out part of the story. It doesn’t matter why they changed that story. It only matters that they did.

      • Yes, it tells a story. The story of “climate change” is that Western (mostly white) nations are supposed to sacrifice their standard of living – not Africans, not Asians, not Arabs.

        The same story telling technique was used for the remembrance of the civil rights march in Birmingham – where they cropped out all of the white people. Only blacks fought for civil rights.

      • The ‘story’ is that there are more private security people than Greta supporters present.

    • Doesn’t matter whether it’s a reasonable decision or not. Had it been any other group, the media would have been all over the cropping as proof of racism.

    • That makes sense, though the picture is not very good in the first place.

      I note that often Greta is cold. When she was in Denver she was visibly shivering. She’s often seen bundled up, wearing scarves, gloves, covering her hands within long sleeves. I don’t know how she can think that the world is on fire when she is often herself freezing.

      But on this race thing, couldn’t she just identify as black? I heard this morning that Elizabeth Warren is 1/1000th Corona virus.

      • You have a point there Scissor.

        How do we know if some of the four remaining people do or don’t identify as “black”? Race is a nearly meaningless term and obviously “colour” is subject to opinion. There is only one race – the human race – but people are of many hues.

        I agree the photo is better cropped as the girl on the left is distanced from the others. Think of the negative comments that would be generated if the five were in the photo and the “gap” was noticed!

        When people are hung up on “race” they run down many a blind alley. We are all human race, planet Earth. The rest is conjecture and vain imagination.

        • Ah no, Crispin – there’s only 1 human KIND.

          That kind breaks down to

          1. Negrid

          2. Europid / including Slavic, Near + Middle East peoples

          3. Mongolid / not to be confused with “mongoloid”

          Maybe separate

          4. Melanid / ~ from Papua Neu-Guinea stretching over the Pacific

          It doesn’t do us any good if we begin with kinda 1984 Newspeak ourselves.

      • Gretas anorexic no bodyfat so she will feel the cold far more, My bet is shes eating very little still or may be bulimic to deflect attention.
        the pic of her meeting chaz at Davos whn she was sideon and not hiding under the usual long n baggy top was a giveaway, rake thin and her heads looking too big for the body.

    • CommieBob … As far as I can tell, cropping the image had nothing to do with racism.

      Uh huh, if a better picture is wanted how ’bout some creative photoshopping

      that DOESN’T change the substance of the picture like removing a member of the group does. The editor that cropped the one young lady out in order to get some artistic better picture took the lazy route and wasn’t thinking about what it was he was doing.

    • I was skeptical when I first read your comment but I think you are right. Greta is not the focus in the first image, too small and badly placed. In the second her head is at 1/3 in 1/3 down a classic ratio when framing a shot.

      If that analysis is correct. It reveals that this St Greta PR promo shot with no intent of just reporting the event or respecting those who attended.

    • “In the case of the uncropped image, my eye immediately falls on the African girl. In the case of the cropped image, my eye moves to Greta.”

      The uncropped image is probably a better picture.

    • Word is that she is 148.624938287 +/- 0.000000023 cm.

      Of course it depends on the time of day and whether she is wearing footwear and the hardness of the floor or whether the floor has carpeting and at what latitude the measurement was taken and whether the measurement was from a transcription on a wall, door, or whether a solid measuring stick or measuring tape or ribbon or a whether an optical device was used to take the measurement.

        • Yeah, maybe they should measure her height at different places on her body and average then subtract from standard heights to arrive at a height anomaly.

          • I laughed so hard I almost cried at this one–you have a great sense of humor. I could almost bet it would go over the heads of most alarmists–and especially Greta’s, height notwithstanding.

      • Her height at ages 2, 3, 4 were calculated from remnant isotopic soap ring artefacts around the bathtub.

        (Selected of course from the thousands of other soap rings around said bathtub)

  5. No racism here. Miss Nakate simpy doesn’t fit in the row. She said “Thanks for the global warming”. Or was she sarcastic?

  6. commieBob: I’m sure that’s the ONLY photo taken so that’d why they had to crop it, and hire a REAL, QUALIFIED photographer thereafter who could take more than one photo at an event.

    She’s cropped because she’s wearing a parka. Think, people. Race had nothing to do with it.

    • The other thing is that she has the wrong facial expression. She’s almost smiling. She lacks the proper reproachful, concerned, i’m-more-woke-than-you, eurocommie glower.

  7. Isn’t it obvious? The “Climate Change” agenda which is mostly promulgated by wealthy white western elites and that will disproportionately affect people of color is clearly a white supremacist plot. /sarc

  8. Why is cropping a photo unacceptable – it visually presents and balances much better without the slab building on the left. Would it have been unacceptable if it was a white bloke omitted? Daft article, trying to score points/raise a stink out of nothing.

    • Missing the point I think .”balances much better”. I don’t think it was meant to be a piece of visual art. Surely it was supposed to be a document of record. Either that young person was a member of the Greta delegation, in which case eliminating her is misinformation and gives rise to questionable motives, or she was not, in which case removing her would be not inapproriate.

      • All media/publicity presentation is about pleasing aesthetics, fitting a picture into the available space in a column inch or a web page.

        If anyone seriously thinks some hack thought I’m cutting that woman out because she’s the wrong colour, you’re more deluded than the climate catastrophe merchants.

        • I do not think that, Mr Grimnasty. I assumed that this was meant to be a photo of possibly future documentary value. After all it was is a matter of public record that the young lady involved was associated somehow with the Greta party . Now it will appear to future researchers that she was not, if the photos are the only evidence.
          To mess about with it for “aesthetic” purposes smacks of the “homogenisation ” and manipulation of original data of which the warmist establishment is so frequently accused.

  9. I suspect the building in the background is the reason for the cropping. It sort of ruins the composition of the photo, with the mountains and blue sky forming an “idyllic” frame for the people, except for the young lady on the left side. The photographer in this case was not paying much attention, as along with the building corner, the bright sunlight hits the forehead of the black girl, too, and the reflection off her skin is pretty shiny. Whereas all the other faces appear to be somewhat shaded.

    The amount of photo-shopping (is that even a verb? Well it is now) that needs to be done to keep the young woman in the photo, keep the idyllic background and also eliminate the building corner is much greater than that of doing a simple crop. But it could be done. If you crop the left side of the photo just at the lady’s right side edge of her luxuriant black hair, you could color in the last little bit of sky in a duplicate operation, and be rid of the unsightly building and roof line. The mountain horizon disappears behind her head, so nothing would need to be done about that. And the strange extra head that appears to be growing out of the girl’s right shoulder would also be eliminated. For all that, Excepting the photoshopper (is that even a noun? Well, it is now) no one would ever suspect the image to have been altered. It would just appear that the photo had been taken from a slightly different angle. No one’s feelings would have been hurt. We should not presume malice on the part of the photo editor, without proof, The person who cropped the photo may not have had access to a full fledged image editing application, but rather just some limited photo editor such as found as a default photo applet on a phone or computer. Probably, it was just a simpler, albeit thoughtless and hurtful decision to crop.

    If the young black lady in the photo happens to read this thread, let me just say that I’m sorry this was done. I think your image makes a beautiful addition to that photo, however poorly it was composed by the photographer. I hope you know that it’s a fine thing to work hard towards the goals you think are important, and try to improve things in the world.

    But to my thinking, altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere and denying the people of the world all the benefits of fossil fuels seems quite wrong and even Quixotic. It’s also important to keep using your brain to make sure you’re not going in a wrong or destructive direction, as I think Greta Thunberg and her family are doing. I hope one day you realize that carbon dioxide is a very good thing to have in the air, and that we all need it to survive. That’s a literal, absolute truth, not some bit of political Kibuki theater, as is so much of world politics and the climate change alarmist movement. I hope you learn that CO2 plays a crucial role in the biosphere, in keeping plants alive, and ultimately, feeding every living thing on the planet. We are all made of the CO2 in the air. Almost all fossil fuels are just the decomposed remains of formerly living things. There is lots of good evidence that CO2 is is not driving climate change at all, and even more showing that the water on our planet, the clouds it makes, the ocean currents, the energy transfers that occur when water changes states (liquid, vapor, ice) and the amount of sunlight hitting the surface of the Earth because of those clouds, drives nearly all climate change. Maybe you can find a better use for your idealism and energy, and think of more practical ways to help your fellow people?

    • A good photographer should be able to compose a picture without placing that house in the background.
      2 steps to the left and a camera turn to the right isn’t to difficult.

  10. In the following Twitter video, Vanessa, the black climate activist complains about the cold in Davos (~0.4 min). She begins crying when describing being “scrubbed” (photo and message) at about 4 min. Other than that, she doesn’t say much as she speaks so slowly. She ends with, “the world is so cruel.”

    To me is seems like the young activists are narcissistic and mentally disturbed. If they weren’t climate activists, they might be anorexic, so maybe its a good thing for them.

  11. The young women immediately to the left of Greta is Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who is associated with Soros’ One Campaign. Though she frequently is seen in pictures most places that Greta goes, we are told that Greta has no handler, and certainly Neubauer isn’t one.

    I doubt that we will he Neubauer with Greta in Africa, or India or China.

  12. Diversity, perhaps. Maybe someone woke to the need to break formation of a close association (NYT style guide), not of color, but other considerations.

  13. “… Cropping the African girl out of the image, for who knows what reason, is simply unacceptable…”

    Er…NO. Cropping an African girl out because you object to her race is racism. Cropping an African girl out because you think the picture is better balanced is professional aesthetics. Cropping an African girl out because you disagree with her politics is propaganda. Cropping an African girl out because you do not like women is sexism…..

    Learn to make these fine distinctions. Otherwise you are no better than the liberal leftists who scream that anything they don’t like is unacceptable and ‘problematic’….

    • As it says in “Rules for Radicals”, the best way to defeat someone is to force them to live by their own standards.

      If we refuse to be as bad as the liberal leftists, then they win.

    • Ed Zuiderwijk,

      Climate activism is obviously the pastime of Privileged well-to-do White People. –> Climate activism is obviously the pastime of Privileged well-to-do People.

  14. A spokesperson for AP told BuzzFeed News, “There was no ill intent. AP routinely publishes photos as they come in and when we received additional images from the field, we updated the story.

    Disingenuous BS from AP.
    So the cropped version came in “before” the uncropped one? Why did they feel the need to change it? My bet is that AP cropped it to focus on St Greta. AP are in no way impartial on climate reporting . They are signed up to the crusade.

    • Plus they like ‘cute’ and ‘interestingly weird’, the Ugandan girl is neither.

      More to the point, the ‘fabulous four’ are leaning in together as a group, whilst the Ugandan girl is definitely apart from them. Perhaps that is the racism here?

    • More disingenuous BS from AP.

      We regret publishing a photo this morning that cropped out Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, the only person of color in the photo. As a news organization, we care deeply about accurately representing the world that we cover. We train our journalists to be sensitive to issues of inclusion and omission. We have spoken internally with our journalists and we will learn from this error in judgment.

      So clearly it was one of their journalists who cropped the photo but they will still not say “we cropped her out”. Apparently, it was “a photo that cropped her out”. Hmm, nasty photo. I hope the photo has been told not to do it again.

    • Did she say she was invited by “the Arctic Base Camp” ??

      “does this mean I have no value ?”
      Seems like a narcissistic millennial deprived of her moment of fame in the Greta photo op.

    • Did she say she was invited by “the Arctic Base Camp” ??

      People know people, people know places.

  15. Maybe they cropped the image to leave space for a PS’d skinny and malnutritioned polar bear? (Oh, wait – they did not find one…..)

  16. Who is paying for all the children and young adults to attend Davos?

    I assume it’s the same people who paid for Greta and Vanessa et al to attend COP25.

  17. She was smiling and looking happy. The other four were in worry-appearance mode. So, cut!

    Sad world we live in…

  18. Dear Vanessa,

    I urge you to read what Paul Ralph Ehrlich thinks about African people in his book “The Population bomb” and what he suggests to do to you and your people in order to solve what he believes to be a problem.

    You have to know that John Holdren, an Ehrlich Malthusian disciple was Obama’s science advisor :
    – they are all Malthusian. The climate swindle they are pushing is just a pretext to make people accept their Malthusian agenda.
    You have to know, for instance, that the WWF was founded by Prince Philip who is also a Malthusian and that
    also is Prince Charles, Ted Turner (the founder of CNN) among many others Malthusians who have infested the MSM, NGOs, the UN, etc. and pretend to be your friends :
    – you will understand what kind of disgusting agenda they have.

    You should be terrified by these Malthusians and their agenda, not by the gentle climate we are enjoying since decades.

    • Good post.

      Also, add to the list David Attenborough and Population Matters AKA Optimum Trust (who had a spreadsheet buried in their website stating exactly where the cull would begin – the funny brown and yellow people, not the white people)

  19. That’s just weird. Obviously these Global Warming activists need to be forced into Diversity training or they will be attacked by Social Warriors. (<– I really wish that was sarcasm, but I am pretty sure it isn't)

    • Diversity is a color judgment (e.g. racism, sexism, classicism, and other low information attributes) that progresses through affirmative discrimination. They need to run, not walk, away from the bigotry and its advocates. That said, social justice (relativistic) anywhere is injustice everywhere.

  20. Reminds me of how the media used to deliberately crop out the hammer and sickle flags when the ANC was “marching against apartheid” in South Africa.

  21. So at 23, Vanessa is still a ‘child’ activist? Does this speak to the immaturity of warmists?

    And as to the charge of racism in the movement- don’t you realize there are no ethics in activism? You can do or say anything circumstances required because right and wrong, truth and lie, are all fluid concepts to be adjusted as needed.

  22. “Cropping the African girl out of the image, for who knows what reason, is simply unacceptable.”
    Even for a legitimate reason one it becomes unacceptable?
    You now have 0 credibility on this subject…

  23. Let us not forget that media platforms are stages, just like in dancing, acting, cheer leading.

    Artistic decisions are made. I’ve been there. Everybody does not make the cut.

    The cropped photo is a better photo — it removes some of the distracting foreground-building structure, enables chopping out lots of the sky up top, gets a tighter clustering of faces, produces a more close-up effect, with a more consistent cast of faces, placing Greta at a more favorable focal point in the frame.

    The photo is composed to place Greta in a “sweeter spot” of the overall composition. No other crop would keep out unwanted arms or hands or body parts, or frame Greta as the focus as well. If this was the best photo they had, then they had to make it work the best they could.

    Let’s not play the racism card too quickly here.

    A more politically correct choice would have been NOT use the photo at all. But they might not have had another photo to use for the purpose of capturing Greta.

    It’s not racism — it’s Greta mania. Vanessa was at the wrong location in the scene at the wrong time.

    I failed to get cast in a dance commercial once, because I was too tall and too old, in comparison to the other more youthful-looking people auditioning. I simply looked too different, too overpowering, not the right look.

    Consistency, balance, and focus are important aesthetic considerations in creating a fantasy. It’s not just about using any old picture you might snap.

    When you are around stars, you need to be prepared to get cropped out for such reasons.

  24. Eric writes;

    “There is no suggestion Greta Thunberg was aware of or endorsed the modification of the image.”

    Well considering there is plenty of suggestion that Greta Thunberg neither writes or is aware of her own Facebook page I would offer that what Greta is or isn’t aware of is a bit of a moot point.

  25. The picture was probably cropped to better frame Greta. I just don’t believe that the cropper did it for any other reason. The poor guy (girl?) figured that no one would see the original, and got sandbagged when Vanessa made a big deal about it.

    Here’s an interesting assignment for anyone who’s interested: Ask Google how tall Greta is, and he is ha no opinion. Ask Google how tall any other celebrity is, and you immediately get a boxed, bold font answer, so why the reticence about Greta’s height?

    I have a theory abut that which I’m also confident is incorrect, but I nourish it anyway. It is this: Greta’s height is the result of giving her braking hormones to forestall puberty. (Accusations of this practice have been made in women’s gymnastics, to keep girls short.) Much of Greta’s appeal is in her childlike appearance, which her handlers would like to preserve, so she has been medicated to keep her prepubescent. (Yes, I know. This theory is whimsical to the point of idiocy. I just thought somebody might be interested.)

    • her prior admitted and ongoing( as far as I personally see it) self starvation/anorexia due to not wanting to grow up and have to BE an adult, also encouraged by the parents and the rest who are using her, is quite enough to delay or cease hormonal growth without meds to do so.

  26. We mustn’t forget that this would not have been the only photo taken. It must be one of many. Any professional or even amateur photographer today has a digital device that is not limited like old-fashioned film. The cameraman undoubtedly took several if not dozens of snaps, from several angles and compositions. This is the one that was chosen for publication? Awkward poses, awkward expressions. Maybe that AP or other photographer needs to find a new line of work. It also means that Vanessa was clearly intended to be part of the composition __ it was no accident. The published version did not crop itself, so some editor had to make that decision. However, poor Vanessa needs to understand that newsy photo-ops and news editors don’t care about peripheral, uninteresting bystanders when reframing photos for effect. I’m sure many WUWT readers have been in such situations, eased aside or excluded. I have been. That’s life, get used to it. Our lives and our worth are measured by more than whether or not we get our “15 minutes of fame.” We needn’t start hurling accusations of racism or any other -ism to explain this editor’s decision, and the AP should not have to explain or apologize to the perpetually offended.

    • As an extra in a movie, you can go to great lengths to travel to the audition site, get hired, go through the grueling day of waiting for hours on end for technicians to get the lights and set right, wait for the director to finally call you in and cue “action”, … do multiple takes over and over again to get the perfect sequence filmed, and then when the movie comes out, you see that your twenty-seconds of fame on the big screen were cut, because, … well, that’s how creative editing works.

      So, sorry, Vanessa, it’s not about you. It’s about Greta and Greta ambiance, and about every way to emphasize this ambiance. As someone pointed out, Vanessa looks happier than the others, for one thing, which is an inconsistency.

      Also, in the pre-cropped shot, Greta is dead center, which any photography book will tell you is usually not the best place for your subject of focus. The cropped shot, on the other hand, puts Greta closer to the left 1/3 of the shot, where here face is closer to the top-left intersection of vertical/horizontal thirds, which is a much stronger composition.

      Who knows where that original shot came from. Who knows under what circumstances it arose. I’m doubting that a pro even took it.

  27. In the photo Nakate tweeted, it’s interesting to see the sitting arrangement. People who form a panel tend to center themselves as a group, often toward the center point of where the moderator is located. In the photo Greta has her back turned from Nakate and her bottle resting on the stool next to her left hand. No idea if she is left handed, but the positioning looks exclusionary. The two on the far right are not turning toward the camera but toward something to left outside of the photo, causing Greta to twist her hid away from her body. Hard to tell from a brief snapshot but it does make one wonder about the social dynamics in this group.

    • Sorry – it should be twist her “head” – couldn’t find a way to edit. My guess is that it is less overt racism and more attempting to make Greta the center of attention, leader of the pack. She is a constructed activist meant to message, shame the western world. That the media was unreflective about who they cut out in this effort: unsurprising.

  28. Sorry – it should be twist her “head” – couldn’t find a way to edit. My guess is that it is less overt racism and more attempting to make Greta the center of attention, leader of the pack. She is a constructed activist meant to message, shame the western world. That the media was unreflective about who they cut out in this effort: unsurprising.

  29. Is it because I is 23 she asked. Because no one really listens to someone that old in the climate debate

  30. What is revealed about Greta’s subconscious state by that vivid and artificial red water bottle? What is she signaling so clearly yet as if accidentally?

  31. Eric, think.

    Eric, what has an “Ugandan Climate Activist”, at snowy Davos, to fear from “climate change”. Earnest.

    Landlocked Uganda, where’s the sea level rise!

    Landlocked Uganda, enclosing ever mild Victoria Lake!

    Capital Kampala, 1.200 m above sea level !

    Ain’t there something very weird going on inside “climate activism”!

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