Indiana Jones and the Temple of Climate Hypocrisy? Harrison Ford Takes a Private Jet Trip

Climate Hypocrite Harrison Ford Stepping off a Private Jet. Source (with pics) Just Jared

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; Actor Harrison Ford, who has spent the last few years dissing the USA’s lack of “moral leadership” and praising Greta Thunberg, just upheld his credentials as a total climate hypocrite by dropping his son off to school by private jet.

Harrison Ford Flies Private Jet to Take Son Liam to College with Wife Calista Flockhart

Harrison Ford exits his private plane after touching down on Thursday (August 20) in Amherst, Mass.

The 78-year-old actor and his wife Calista Flockhart, 55, dropped their son Liam, 19, off at Amherst College that day.

After landing at the airport, Calista was seen taking their dogs for a walk. The couple then drove to the school and said their goodbyes while students helped unload Liam‘s belongings.

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In February this year Harrison Ford made a speech which trashed America’s position in the world, claiming the USA has lost its “moral leadership” (h/t Breitbart).

In between venting his disdain for President Trump’s climate policies and praising Greta Thunberg, Harrison Ford enjoys flying private aircraft.

Harrison Ford was involved in an incident at a Los Angeles Airport in April this year, when he apparently misunderstood instructions from air traffic control not to taxi across a runway.

I have no problem with people flying a private aircraft, but hypocrites like Harrison Ford who demand everyone else embrace climate objectives which they clearly have no intention of applying to their own lifestyle; lets just say I’m not looking to you for moral leadership, Mr. Ford.

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  1. Time for a medical Mr. Ford. If you can’t understand simple instructions from Air Traffic Control, then you have no business flying at your advanced age. And how many crashes now? He is obviously off his rocker if he thinks Greta has the answer. You would think smart actors and other rich folk in the public eye would just keep their views to themselves and not become a glaring hypocrite. If you want respect, earn it by stopping to be stupid and a hypocrite at the same time. Stupid hypocrites are the worst kind of fools.

    • The FAA supposedly is investigating his runway incursion. They’ll probably direct him to pass a hearing check within 90 days to keep his medical certificate. They can do that.

    • Earthling2 August 23, 2020 at 10:12 pm
      If you can’t understand simple instructions from Air Traffic Control, then you have no business flying at your advanced age.

      Too many times, Air Traffic Controllers [ATC] run all their words together in a high speed rat-a-tat-tat monotone. Here’s the You Tube of the exchange:

      ATC was clear as a bell telling Ford to hold short of runway 25, and Mr. Ford was pretty clear that he was holding short at Hotel. At this point I can’t tell from the exchange if he was actually stopped or not but then there was this from ATC:
      The screen notes tell us, that the engine roar increased so maybe he had stopped, but now thought he was told to cross the runway.

      Dunno, Mr. Ford is an obvious newby and really needs to practice with an instructor on what to do when you don’t understand ATC instructions. And since he was on the ground at a stop, asking for clarification would have been in order.

      Comments on the You Tube complain that ATC used the word “continue” and maybe shouldn’t have said anything.

      Besides all that, Mr. Ford landed on a taxi way not to long ago, and also crashed. He doesn’t have a stellar reputation off screen in the air.

      • Dunno, Mr. Ford is an obvious newby

        How long does it take to get beyond “newby” status in your book? Ford has been flying (and crashing) private aircraft for decades.

        • John Endicott August 24, 2020 at 2:10 am
          How long does it take to get beyond “newby” status in your book? Ford has been flying (and crashing) private aircraft for decades.

          It’s not my book, it’s his log book and how many hours he has logged. From the way he sounds on the radio it’s not very many.

          • Again, the man has been flying all sorts of aircraft for decades – longer than a good many voters in this years election have been alive – his log book is long enough that calling him a “newby” just doesn’t fit regardless of “the way he sounds” to you. (heck, for that matter he’s had more crashes than most “newby”s have in total flights). In short, the man has plenty of flying (and crashing) experience. The only real question is, should he still be allowed in the cockpit or, like many a granddad before him, is it time for his kids to take away his keys for the safety of himself and others?

          • John Endicott August 24, 2020 at 8:34 am
            Again, the man has been flying all sorts of aircraft for decades

            Well, you’re right, this page:
            says, “…about 5,000 hours of flight experience, of which about 3,000 was as pilot in command.”

            In all that time he never learned how to interact with ATC. Amazing!

          • I know many senior pilots who have been “flying for decades” but rarely get more than 40-50 hours per year. Candidly, they should be flying at all despite the long history. This would be particularly true if you are flying twin engines or jet aircraft.

        • It is rumored that guitar players think that learning & technique of the instrument will get you to “good” in 10,000 hours. Of course guitar playing is more difficult than flying a plane.

          • 10,000 hours of practice of anything is the generally accepted number of hours it takes to get good at whatever you are trying your hand at. If Ford only has 5k hours flying than he’s likely competent but not good. Might make the equivalent of a senior high school football player whose been playing since pee wee.

      • Actually Harrison Ford has two crashes and one runway incursion. Air Traffic Controllers, especially Control Tower Operators, sometimes talk fast when there is high traffic density, or other compact events. Harrison Ford landed on a taxiway thinking it was the runway and semi-crashed, then he took off in an older airplane, had the engine quit due to mechanical failure, but did not correctly land under control on a golf course (rule 1 is make ground contact under control, which he did not, striking a tree). Then he failed to hold short for traffic and crossed an active runway in conflict with traffic. All of these events should result in a medical and check-ride review, which it looks like he would fail. I was an accident investigator for my unit in Vietnam, and am FAA certified Air Traffic Controller, cert. 1904664.

        • Newbies sometimes do make mistakes. But Ford is no newbie.

          Listening to the ATC recording, it is clear he was to hold short of crossing 25. But he heard what he wanted to or expected to hear… from the 2nd command to hold short. Also he was not listening to the traffic – another plane was cleared to land on 25, and being at an intersection of 25 and a taxiway, he should have been watching for that traffic that was cleared to land before crossing that solid/dashed line – irrespective of what he thought ATC said!

          He heard what he wanted to hear – like he does on the Climate issue….

          Flying as a pilot is a privilege, and his should be reviewed and probably revoked with 2 crashes and this runway incursion.

          • D. Boss … 5:25 am
            He heard what he wanted to hear – like he does on the Climate issue….

            “Like he does on the Climate Issue” Excellent point.

      • Some years ago, invited to observe-monitor Tower operations (SoCal). Not a pilot, but familiar with most routine jargon-isms, radio operations, aircraft parts and pieces. Trainee working a tower under direct Instruction (qualified)person, Diction -Clarity-accuracy (word used) were part of the instruction. This ATC did miss some of the ‘clear’-pronunciation diction requirement. Pilot error.

        • Fred Middleton said “This ATC did miss some of the clear pronunciation….” No they didn’t – “Hold Short” is clear and concise, and was transmitted twice!

          Now I am a private pilot, and will admit in Ford’s defense that sometimes a transmission can get “stepped on” by someone else transmitting at the same time – so the second “hold short” command might have been garbled….in Ford’s headset.

          However, as I said above, it is the PIC’s (Pilot In Command) obligation to determine if an action is safe and warranted. As such Ford knew another aircraft was “Cleared to Land” on Runway 25, which Ford was holding short of crossing. Therefore Ford should have looked towards the approach, and waited until this aircraft on short final landed and cleared the runway.

          And/or should have asked for clarification to ATC before crossing onto the active runway. (because he knew or should have been listening, that another aircraft was on final approach, crossing the runway was a no – no, and should have remained holding short until the runway and approach was clear, and/or asked for clarification to ATC)

          Ford was in the wrong.

    • ‘Smart actors’ really is an oxymoron! Not an original thought in their tiny brains – no, lucky is more like it.

      • Actors are experts at reading lines others have written for them and pretending to feel emotions they aren’t really feeling.

        Kind of like politicians.

          • Indeed exceptions like Hedy exist, but they are few and far between. Ford is no Hedy Lamarr.

          • Reagan was another very obvious exception. He was an actor who went on to become the first really adequate President in at least a generation, and arguably much longer. Very few of his predecessors had comparable records of competence and success: Washington, Jefferson, Polk, Coolidge, & arguably Teddy Roosevelt. He was a well-rounded intellectual, and very well-read.

            His mastery of foreign affairs was the second to none, in all of American history. With his famous humility and folksy charm, he hid it well, but he was a classically-trained, highly practical economist. It was Reagan, rather than Wanniski & Laffer, who made Supply-Side Economics the transformative success that it became.

            Before the Reagan presidency, after a long series of mediocre Presidents, the conventional wisdom was that the job of POTUS had become simply too big and complex for any one man. After Reagan, you never heard that anymore. In fact younger readers have probably never heard it.

          • No, it is Hedy Lamarr.

            Hedy Lamarr (/ˈheɪdi/), born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler (November 9, 1914[a] – January 19, 2000), was an Austrian-American actress, inventor, and film producer. She was part of 30 films in an acting career spanning 28 years, and co-invented an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum.[1][2]


      • I would say Harrison Ford was a good actor, having picked himself up by his bootstraps starting out as a set hand building props and got discovered and led to a successful acting career. You would have to be fundamentally smart to get that far in that business. Same for Leonardo Di Caprio who is also an excellent actor, with many big ticket movies under his belt. There is definitely skill and work ethic there.

        But yes, when it comes to their climate activism and why they don’t just be neutral like Brad Pitt (haven’t heard him wailing too much about CAGW). They become fundamentally at odds with reality when their actions as celebrities make them hypocrites to their own selves. So they might be a good smart actor, but are the most extreme ultimate stoopid hypocrites when they lecture us on climate change and then go get on their private yacht or private jet. That isn’t smart, but then now they aren’t acting. That’s really them. Which isn’t smart IMO. People see through that BS.

        • Indeed. Ford is great as an actor. Many of his films are among my favorites and I like him as an actor. But being good and skilled at your job, however, doesn’t make you smart outside your job. And most Hollywood actors, Ford included, who go lecturing outside their skillset aren’t as bright as they think they are. They’ve even less bright when their actions are hypocritical to what they lecture.

        • Can anyone imagine Keanu Reeves becoming a spokesman for a Bloomberg anti-gun organization?

          Then it is similarly absurd for most of Hollywood to push the climate scam which demonizes the energy source that made all of their movies possible and thus their wealth.

      • Smart Actors are like Smart Phones.

        Same functions as a normal actor, but they can access the internet.

        (also they crack if you drop them)

    • Whether one is Believer or an Agnostic, one gets Carbon virtue credits by paying Indulgences to the Church of CAGW. That’s the Hollywood Hypocrite way.

  2. In an interview with The Mail back in 2010, Harrison Ford said: “Flying is like good music: it elevates the spirit and it’s an exhilarating freedom. It’s not a thrill thing or an adrenaline rush; it’s engaging in a process that takes focus and commitment.”

  3. As a leading light of the HollyWierd set Mr. Ford is doing what they all do, exhibit their hypocrisy over everything. You see they are special people, unlike us ordinary folk who have to do as we are told.

  4. Come on! Don’t you know the Bonogore Golden Rule? ” Don’t do as I do,do as I say. “

  5. He looks increasingly like an android without expiry date. Perhaps we should ask him questions?

  6. Flying a high performance aircraft single handed can be tough even with today’s automation in the cockpit. I used to do it but gave it up several years ago when I started to not trust my short term memory. Having two people up front when things get busy was a safety thing. Regardless of the AGW hypocrisy, flying a jet into busy airspace at 78 is poor judgement and endangers people’s lives.

  7. They’re all the same, Ford, Schwarzenegger, et al, carbon footprints a 1000 times bigger than you or I, and egos to match.

    I’ve never understood why people concerned with CAGW don’t call them out on their grotesque hypocrisy.

    I mean, do they realise that these actor types “pretend” for a living? and that they are blatantly pretending to care.

    …..keep necking the blue pills in utter ignorant bliss suckers….

  8. During my short time in the Danish navy, my work encompassed a lot of radio communication to both naval ships and civil ships. When it came to vital instructions, the protocol was that the instructions had to be repeated by the receiver.
    I understand that ATC is very busy and that they only demand acknowledgement that message is understood, but maybe a protocol like the one the navy uses, would be something to consider.

    • It already is the case with ATC and flight crews. EVERY instruction from ATC requires a read back. Almost always it is quick and seamless. When you get very familiar with instrument flying (and especially when you fly the same route over and over), as a pilot you know 98% of the time what the next instruction will be.

      The problem comes in when things are not running as normal. When thunderstorms disrupt routes during busy times is a prime example. Aircraft are routed around the weather, congestion starts happening, aircraft go into holding patterns sometimes hundreds of miles from the airport. At that point you are reprogramming the flight manager frequently with instructions from ATC and you need to get what they tell you 100% right. If it goes on for a while fuel becomes important so you start looking at alternatives. You can see how being a single pilot of a fast moving jet during these times can be stressful.

    • I agree. Having spent some time as an ‘extra’, observing the process, it never failed to amaze me that it could take a full 12-hour day to get 2 minutes of finished filming. They are cajoled, fawned over and directed at every turn to deliver the ‘performance’. Useless, if entertaining people. I must admit that stage players are different animals. Still not rocket scientists though.

  9. He is much better when speaking the words written by someone else, than when speaking his own thoughts.

  10. A climate of bigotry, but he’s an adherent to the Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, politically congruent religion (“ethics”). Is the threshold of sanctimonious hypocrisy what he believes or brays?

  11. Truth and moral consistency is a conservative value. It doesn’t do any good to charge liberals with hypocrisy. For conservatives logic is the prime virtue. If A equals B and B equals C then A equals C. For Liberals it is ‘If I feel it then it’s true’. The faults of liberalism as conservatives see them are multiplied in Actors. Actors understand feelings and are very good at manipulating their own. The ability to say things convincingly and then get the adoration of the crowd are the virtues that matter to them. Living according to deeply held and well thought out values is not what they do.

  12. Um… Harrison Ford is not being hypocritical or logically inconsistent. The problem (which I don’t believe is real, by the way) is that measures must be taken to reduce the overall emissions of carbon dioxide, and the private acts of any one citizen are immaterial to that aim.

    Johnny Depp has every right to lament the societal problem of spousal abuse. O.J. Simpson has every right to insist that people shouldn’t kill other people with knives. I have every right to argue that people shouldn’t troll WUWT.

    • So, he’s a bigot, a sanctimonious hypocrite, he brays, loudly, one way, and does another, but criticism can only be offered in proportion.

    • Ian Coleman, in response, if you think that Harrison Ford is somehow *not* being hypocritical, I just have to quote the fictional character ‘Inigo Montoya’, and say to you,

      “You know, I do not think that word means what you think it means..”

      • But Mr. Blenkinsop, Harrison Ford is not saying that he, all by himself, has a moral obligation to voluntarily use less fossil fuel. He is saying that governments should force Americans to use less fossil fuel. His position, completely unhypocritical, is that he should be forced to live more greenly, which is perfectly congruent with the proposition that, in the absence of this forcing, he can burn as much fossil fuel as he wants.

        Also, not to nitpick, but it is Fezzik the giant who suggests to Vizzini that his understanding of the word “inconceivable” may be in error. (I know everything. I’m modest about it though. )

    • The problem (which I don’t believe is real, by the way) is that measures must be taken to reduce the overall emissions of carbon dioxide, and the private acts of any one citizen are immaterial to that aim

      They’re only immaterial if you don’t really believe in the problem.

      His position, completely unhypocritical, is that he should be forced to live more greenly, which is perfectly congruent with the proposition that, in the absence of this forcing, he can burn as much fossil fuel as he wants.

      I’m sorry but that makes him a hypocrite. If he truly believes people need to “live more greenly” than he should force himself to do so, instead he expects everyone else to be forced to do what he himself refuses to do.

  13. 78-year Harrison Ford has a 55 year old wife. If nothing else, you gotta admire that about him. 😉

    • Yeah, but he dumped his second wife (who was closer to his own age) for her (Harrison started seeing Calista in 2002, he got a divorce from his second wife two years later). Not so admirable IMHO

    • Someday you will learn that, although women outlive men, women wear out sooner.
      I think it is hormonal. Women stop making estroges when they stop popping eggs.
      Rich guys can get youger women because they give them money and social status.
      It is what it is.

  14. So common there is nothing new here. It’s the same story over-and-over, just with different names. Plenty of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Doesn’t seem to matter as long as they repeat the party line and keep the money coming in.

    I mean, c’mon! Would the Obama’s really buy a beachfront home on Martha’s Vinyard if they believed in global warming and the rise of the oceans? But the Obama’s gave some Orange Man Bad speeches, so they’re OK.

  15. The little people are the subject of misdirection plays in support of policy pitchmen and their cadre of Hollywood names, even if the policy is high risk and high cost for those same little people. The policy mistakes won’t hurt the jetsetters anyway and there is no need to be an expert in the spin story. As clearly demonstrated by Will Smith and his publicist years ago, you can say any stupid unchecked statement like “the CIA created AIDS to hold down Africa” and not pay any price for the stupidity. The mark of success at work and public relations is full immunity from stupidity and its consequences. The global warming crusade is a perfect canvas for that game and should be correlated with the shear volume of deceit.

  16. Amherst — named after a man that advocated genocide of Native Americans. Not very woke, Harrison.

  17. Who knows why many celebrities hook on to liberal causes!

    I make my mark by improper use of the explanation mark, it really irritates some people.

  18. “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

    Ain’t that the truth, especially the “quietly” part.

  19. Just another Marxist Hollywood hypocrite who made a couple of decent movies, but many bad ones. Just like all the GW goofballs, they haven’t learned to read decent scientific material. Do as I say, not as I do!

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