New Series “Idiots guide to Climate Change” aims to Educate

Greta Thunberg Idiots Guide to Climate Change
Screenshot: Greta Thunberg in the “Idiots Guide to Climate Change”.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart – In case you have not been patronised enough by climate activists, never fear, there is plenty more where that came from.

Rainn Wilson To Host Docuseries ‘An Idiot’s Guide To Climate Change’; Greta Thunberg Among Guests

By Erik Pedersen
July 28, 2020 9:00am

Climate change has been shoved out of the news spotlight by a few other ongoing crises in recent months, but it remains a key issue. Now a new digital series is set to use humor to help speed the topic’s spread.

The Office alum Rainn Wilson is set to host An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change, which premieres today online. The six-part docuseries hails from Wilson’s Participant-backed content studio SoulPancake and will run on the company’s YouTube channel. Watch the trailer above.

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The series trailer;

My question, where do they go from this new low? Polar bear sock puppets?

101 thoughts on “New Series “Idiots guide to Climate Change” aims to Educate

      • Actually it should be an “Aliens” guide to Climate Wotsisname because Pippi Longstockings claims to be able to see CO2 in the atmos (google Pipi and see the similarities between this cartoon character and Greta in both looks and also attitude). Now…. If the electromagnetic spectrum of CO2 is considered it will be seen to only have a signature in the Ultra Low Infra Red end of the spectrum. That is why we Earthlings cannot see it because it has no register in what for us is the visible end of the spectrum. Our dear Greta is indeed an exceptional being having eyes sensitive to light from the ulta low end of the Infra Red part of the spectrum……. She would probably have learned not to make that…. rather embarrassing error ….. if she had not skipped school and critically SCIENCE classes!

    • I wish for a world defined by Douglas Adams

      The moment anyone demonstrates they are “too stupid to live” they instantly wink out of existence.

      If wishes were rainbows

      • Hypocrisy Laws! We need a law that requires one to live as they preach! Professors of Communism would have to pay 90-95% of their income in taxes and share their belongings with any who ask!

        Greta and her puppeteers could be moved to an undeveloped nation to live as they say everyone should, and some deserving individuals from there could take their place in Sweden!

        Best of all would be for those who claim to want to defund the police having signs placed out front telling the local gendarmes to ignore any alarms or cries and move along. The cops would never do that of course because most of them have a strong desire for justice and an altruistic streak a mile wide!

        It’s fun to imagine a world where people had to practice what they preach but where would we go to find enough politicians and televangelists!

  1. I guess as long as it’s labelled “fiction” I have no problem with youtube leaving it up, otherwise…no.

  2. I can feel the heat from here.

    These high intensity stupidity waves can cause brain damage if you allow yourself to be exposed to them for longer than a few minutes.

    • Hey, Cat,
      Nice to see you here! You are so right; I don’t think even an NBC suit is adequate to prevent long term damage from exposure to this toxic garbage! As a Libertarian I can not in good faith say it should be banned, but it definitely needs a warning label!

  3. Just another attempt at spreading the Holy Faith so as to attract more members to the cult. The CAGW alarmist narrative isn’t to first cult to do that, and it probably won’t be the last. We all must believe!

  4. The way they travel (using fossil fuels all the way) to show us all the ice, OMG the hypocrisy.

  5. Idiots certainly need a guide, they believe humans are destroying the climate which proves they are idiots.

  6. Anyone see that TV show lately on US PBS about how Antarctica once had forests and dinosaurs etc. The geologist was claiming that C02 is the only control knob of temperature going back hundreds of million of years – I thought that there have been periods of high C02 and low temps and also low C02 and high temps?

    • It’s likely that Antarctica was somewhere else then such as closer to the equator. But it doesn’t matter as the configuration of all the continents then will have redirected huge amounts of heat and cold around the planet very differently to now. Who’d of thought.

      • Even when it was at the pole, it was until the circumpolar current got going that the final chill down occurred.

  7. I take a lot of joy from knowing that these people who think they are so smart, are actually dumber than they think the people that they are attempting to educate are.
    Way dumber.

    • that’s not a nice thing to say about WUWT contributors.

      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about microbiology than microbiologists who have researched their subject for decades.
      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about viruses than virolologists who have researched their subject for decades.
      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about energy than engineers who have researched their subject for decades.
      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about the ecology than ecologists who have researched their subject for decades.
      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about the drugs than doctors who have researched their subject for decades.
      damned amazing!
      I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about the metrology than metrologists who have researched their subject for decades.

      • Metrology and metrologists? Really? That’s what you meant?

        Maybe you should stick to the kids’ table. Doesn’t seem like you’re ready or secure enough to deal with adults.

      • I am amazed that someone that does not know how to spell meteorology feels qualified to criticize anybody.

        • In GhoulFont’s world, whatever the largest number of experts says is always the truth.
          Of course they still define anyone who disagrees with them as not being an expert.

      • Ghalfrunt, if he/she instigated all those fields listed, would find that there issues in all where there is no consensus. Ghalfrunt would also find noble cause corruption, stifling of minority views, rent seeking, grant seeking, wokeness and all sorts of venality corrupting the pursuit of knowledge. Besides, there are many readers and contributors to this web site who are learned and erudite. So what do we make of your juvenile attempt at a put down? We just chuckle at its lameness.

      • Well, I’m not sure I know more than virolologists, but I have decent record in virology, having around 20 papers in major virology journals and in Science and PNAS, oh and the first person to synthesize an antiviral agent that was approved for use in humans in Europe, when I was a graduate student.

        I’m amazed that someone could write such a bizarre attempt at sarcasm with zero data.

          • Funnily enough though, I’m not a virologist, or a virolologist, whatever one of those is. Just in the right place at the right time to use some power technology at the time to deal with some major lethal human disease-causing viruses. This Covid-19 is a wuss compared with HIV and HCV.

            While we’re on the subject, and if anyone’s still here, has anyone got any thoughts on this paper – detection of the Covid virus in Barcelona sewage in March of LAST year ??


          • I am not a virologist but have spent many years as a preventive medicine physician and epidemiologist. So maybe I am almost qualified. I am replying to the post about COVID in sewage in Barcelona.

            There has been some recent interest in wastewater epidemiology but I am not convinced that for COVID it makes much sense. We do know that the virus is found in the gut but it is unclear if it causes any symptoms other than mild diarrhea.

            Now about finding the virus a year ago in March. The PCR tests that we use are incredibly sensitive. The methodology by which one looks for a virus in sewage is questionable and more importantly contamination can have a very significant impact. Without any corroborating data, I would chalk this up to contamination. By the way, it is easy to contaminate a sample.

          • Thanks SteveF for the response. It’s kind of what I was thinking too, and why just Barcelona – do other cities have such testing?

            ….. and yes, I know about the sensitivity of PCR, I got a bit drunk with the late Kary Mullis on a few occasions. I take some “oblique” credit for his discovery of PCR, but that would be a very long essay.


        • Phil,
          I think it’s nice of him to present a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect! It’s all right there, printed out for everyone to see!

          • Yeah, I wonder if he’s related to, or otherwise associated with Loydo and one of her funnier posts on WUWT on D-K.

      • Actually, many (not all) WUWT contributors DO know more than those who are getting the Headlines.
        And they have also studied the subject for decades, sometimes decades longer than those getting the Headlines.

        • There’s a certain Prince, I think he lives in America now, who also thinks that his ‘rank’ rates higher than anyone on this site, and actual expertise isn’t necessary. I mean, he is suggesting that there is a serious problem with ‘social media’ in that it lacks truth, spouts hate and is spreading misinformation.

          Given that we have been largely deprived of a voice on MSM he is obviously talking about us. Seriously, if they’d let us out in the real world we could have conversations and exchange ideas like we used to without being ‘hated on’. I think they used to call it respect??

          We could get some balance and ‘truth’ out there in the community.

          And lastly, we could impart actual ‘information’.

          Get over yourself Ghalfrunt, you are a ‘privileged leftist’ who can say whatever you want to, and on any media platform you like, even this one!

          • Or just shut social media down. Some enterprising hacker could make some serious cash doing that.

      • I’m amazed at how many of these people you describe have no contextual understanding of anything else.
        I’m also amazed at your conceit, demonstrated on a daily basis – particularly, based as it is, on your own established strawmen.

      • Those something ologists thought the anti chloroquine Lancet study was legit.

        You might want to consider the hypothesis these fields are occupied by brain dead people.

      • I am amazed that after the track record of his so called experts, GhoulFont still demands that anyone who doesn’t believe everything the experts says must be dumb.

        As usual, all the trolls got is appeal to their experts.

        BTW, notice how the troll doesn’t actually try to refute the cliams of those he labels non-experts, he just ridicules them because they don’t worship as it does.

      • A few hours ago, David Middleton posted an article about a study that found that ticks and mites used the higher CO2 concentration in bird’s nest, as compared to ambient air, as a mechanism to help them find said bird’s nests.
        The study then declared that higher ambient CO2 levels would make it even easier for ticks and mites.

        A suppose the author of this study would qualify as one of those people who have studied a subject for years, and who according to GhoulFont must always be believed.

      • “I am amazed at how WUWT contributors know more about energy than engineers who have researched their subject for decades.”

        I’m pretty sure there are a fair number of engineers that are frequent commenters here.

        • My impression is that the energy issues we typically focus on here have much more to do with crooked politics and crony “capitalism”, than with the actual facts regarding energy.
          Mostly the people here are interested in moving the conversations in the direction of energy policy based on sound principles of engineering and economics, and away from such made-up concerns such as “energy justice”, and doomsday catastrophism based on magic molecule-caused global warmening.

        • Engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, geologists, doctors and all others who seek to understand science and pass that understanding on to others frequent this site. The main reason is that this site and those who frequent it care more about proper science, then the fake science tuned to fit a narrative that so often comes from the ‘professionals’ who more often than not are trying to justify their politics, rather than understand the science.

      • G,
        My observations over many years have made it very clear that the majority of WUWT contributors and commenters make arguments based on evidence, not edutainmental achievement.
        “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

        Nobody is correct about anything because of who they are.
        That method of deciding what is what, is exactly what science replaced.
        It is, however, an ongoing struggle, as there are many individuals who insist on believing what they are told by so-called “experts”.

        What I find truly “amazing”, is anyone who thinks that a teenaged middle school dropout is in any position to pontificate on matters that they are obviously and startlingly ignorant of.

        The situation has reached a state of ridiculousness that has given us a major media news outlet assembling a panel of “experts”, that includes a little girl from Sweden on the panel discussing US race relations.

        • “The situation has reached a state of ridiculousness that has given us a major media news outlet assembling a panel of “experts”, that includes a little girl from Sweden on the panel discussing US race relations.”

          That *is* pretty ridiculous.

          Sometimes it feels like we are surrounded by idiots

          Are we really surrounded by idiots, or does the Leftwing Media’s monopoly on the Public Megaphone just make it seem that way? I think it is the latter.

          • “Leftwing Media” I present to you The Idiots! Not to forget Democrat Party, The Morons. Don’t want to be leaving anyone out, might hurt their feelings and whatnot.

      • Rainn Wilson is an actor, with absolutely ZERO knowledge of anything to do with science.

        Greta is a truant schoolchild, with basically ZERO knowledge of any real science, just the tripe that is brain-washed into her gullible mind. (She is very much like G-half-runt in other words.)

        These are the people G-half-runt worships !!

      • I am amazed that you should assume that the many expert contributors to WUWT, with many years of collective experience in their specialised subjects, are not qualified to comment on so many silly outpourings by so-called experts, in support of the global warming fantasy.

      • Ghalfrunt is amazed

        I am amazed

        Dont be. The kinds of people who seek out critiques of scientific papers and counter arguments for their own amusement, and evaluate statistical arguments, and despair as advocates lie to manipulate others, and over years try to pull all the threads of scientific understanding together into a coherent view of the world…

        Well they’re not going to be dummies are they.

    • Ghalfrunt misses the obvious. Many WUWT readers are (a) educated, and (b) skeptical. All the sorts of “experts” mentioned by Ghalfrunt are assumed to be (a) but many are not (b). Thus they are not scientists. And they are often wrong.

      • Many WUWT readers actually ARE experts in a huge variety of disciplines covering maths, physics, engineering, geosciences and more. They also have a lot of experience – quite a few seem to have retired, indicating they have 40+ years of experience dealing with data, hypotheses, ideas and methodologies. A gold standard peer review team!

  8. Did he say: “I am just an actor, what the H do I know?”

    I take that statement as an apt summation.

  9. It might be a Freudian slip, but the poster behind Greta says it all…Get Smart!!! Must be a comedy, this Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change. The poster on the wall behind Greta should have been Dumb and Dumber!

    • I think she’s holding up a DVD case of the Get Smart movie. Notice it’s in front of her shoulder.

      • Yes, you are right Jeff. Didn’t notice the shoulder getting covered. She should be holding up a DVD case of Dumb and Dumber. Or “Riding in Cars with Boys” if she was normal. But that would be a lot of extra CO2.

    • “Who are the idiots here !”

      They should have called their presentation: A Climate Change Guide Presented by Idiots.

  10. What is needed is an idiots guide to the wealth that has been created and maintained by fossil fuels. Greens appear to be very ignorant of the wealth that allows them to pontificate in comfort.

  11. They have identified their target audience quite clearly. I’m sure they’ll get plenty of idiots to tune in. Could this just be an effort at trying to make them useful?

    • “Ve see vhat you did there and ve are not happy,” hissed the Gretasaurus. “How dare you!”

  12. Laughable how climate crusaders preach about fossil fuels (bad!) and then they themselves use them every day, but that is okay because they are doing the good work of getting the word out to the little people to stop using fossil fuels – see how neat that works? It is okay to use fossil fuels as long as you preach to others NOT to to use them. FLAMING HYPOCRITES!!

  13. To paraphrase Einstein –
    “there are only two things that are infinite: climate change and man’s inability to sensibly comprehend same”

  14. The thing is, pro AGW people can just say: “see, it’s hot today” or ” look, melting ice” , but anti AGW people have to be rigorously correct in every detail or they’ll be “fact checked” to death. Stupidity rules when journalists take sides.

  15. “My question, where do they go from this new low? Polar bear sock puppets?”

    I think Greta and Raiin ARE sock puppets. They are simply spouting other people words. A truant and an actor shall lead us.

  16. So it will be a guide on going from plain liberal moron to climate brainwashed liberal moron. Got it.

  17. How many of these people calling us idiots have any training in Science? David Wallace-Wells who wrote that wonderfully successful fiction for the New York Times about how it is time to panic, has degrees in history. I am unpleasantly arrogant about this but, on the university campus I attended in Canada in the seventies, the dummies were the ones taking liberal arts.

    • They might really believe that “Political Science” is science.

      They are the people who use the word “infodemics”. Only it’s these propagandists who have info AIDS.

    • This is true. By taking a lighter and humorous approach to the subject of eco-disaster and the extinction of humanity they are showing that they are not serious. Really it is just a subject which is good for putting bums on seats and bringing in advertising revenue. Strangely I am encouraged. Greta’s mum and dad should be worried .

  18. I recently discovered this quote by Martin Luther King Jr :-

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

    Seems appropriate.

  19. It got me thinking about nominative determination:

    Brian Looney has a cunning plan to divest British Petroleum’s oil assets in favour of investment in ‘unreliables’ (Reuters).

    An idiot’s guide to insolvency and a Looney’s guide to climate change.

  20. Amazing – if you were not an idiot before, and you read it and believe it , then you turn into one!

  21. The climate is continuously changing without human activity. Else we would not have the climate history that we do such as that easily seen in the ice core samples of the Vostok Station.

    All lives matter, not Marxist ones.

  22. Greenland and ice pack melting, and who are the idiots? Why is it called Greenland? I know, I’m an idiot because they can’t answer the question, it would offend their gods.

    • Problem is, the idiots are in control. And the solution that that usually involves mass loss of life.

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