What Greta missed from skipping school: Presentation by Willie Soon

Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists. We run a week-long family camp, man information tables at various venues, have a book publishing arm, and post videos from our camp and others that we think are of importance.

The following are the slides from Willie Soon’s Presentation:

Slide 01

Download the full slide presentation here.

44 thoughts on “What Greta missed from skipping school: Presentation by Willie Soon

  1. A good get-rich-quick idea: selling shares in a company to produce carbon free sugar.

  2. The Thought Police at YouTube, FB, Twitter, etc. will ban this video for “corrupting” young minds, and causing them to question the so-called “Consensus” in 3 -2 -1.

  3. Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists.

    Americanists … as far as I can tell, that could just about mean anything.

    These ideals include, but are not limited to self-government, equal opportunity, freedom of speech, and a belief in progress.

    When I was a kid, if they built a highway through a pristine valley, someone would always say, “That’s the price of progress.” I haven’t heard that phrase in decades.

    For much of the 20th century we had an escalating standard of living. That was progress and almost everyone thought it was worthwhile. Now, Malthusians like David Suzuki insist that we have to roll back that progress.

    What the miserabilists don’t realize is that we now use less stuff than we used to.

    Studies on material use and economic growth show instead that society is gaining the same economic growth with much less physical material required. Between 1977 and 2001, the amount of material required to meet all needs of Americans fell from 1.18 trillion pounds to 1.08 trillion pounds, even though the country’s population increased by 55 million people. Al Gore similarly noted in 1999 that since 1949, while the economy tripled, the weight of goods produced did not change. link

    We’ve gone way beyond a chicken in every pot and the environment is measurably better. What’s not to like about progress?

    • Commie Bob,
      The alarmists and their ilk can’t control people who are satisfied with their liberty and prosperity; they want the peons to be stupid, poor and scared! Much easier to control that way!

  4. Willie Soon is the real deal. I am thrilled to hear him talk about how dangerously low the current CO2 level is, and totally agree that the more we manage to get into the atmosphere the better off our children will be. I think I will take my dogs and drive around the block a few times in my SUV, and then celebrate with special fruit juice. Stay sane and safe.

  5. Why make a video like this with the mike stand / arm in front of the slide screen …. how stupid is the camera man???

    • Maybe she/he/it was a stupid something else.
      Such camera angles are common when an audience person uses a phone.
      And doing so is frequently annoying to others.
      At a high school music event parents and grandparents near the front started holding up camera phones, and then those behind had to hold theirs higher, and next people stood. Two-thirds of the crowd couldn’t see the stage.
      Seats are there for a reason.
      Anyway, if you intend to film — get out of other’s way, and get a proper angle.

  6. This is how science should be taught – enervating, stimulating of inquiry and devoted to truths and proofs.

    • Enervating?
      Tending to deprive of strength or vitality; physically or mentally weakening; debilitating

      • Yep. Even very literate people sometimes get a word wrong. One of the more published authors in our family does it often and that causes me to invoke Inigo Montoya. 🙂 Anyway, that’s why we have editors.

        • Chloé des Lysses (@chloejeannev on Twitter, a French TL worth following), photograph (and former pron actress), correctly pointed out that in French you don’t add real = “vrai” (*) to a word to restore the true meaning of the word (as in “a real issue” = “un vrai problème”) but “véritable” (“c’est un véritable problème” = “that issue really exists”).

          Emmanuel Macron, and pretty much all the French TV anchors and “analysts” only use the word “vrai”.

          When the whole commentariat gets schooled on correct language by a former XXX actress, you know it’s quite bad.

          (*) c’est vrai = it’s true

  7. Charles,
    Lord knows I’m not usually a ‘pc’ type, but . . .
    Long before “pc” was cool I failed to understand the use of “man” as in:

    man information tables at various venues

    I think I first noticed this sort of usage with the term “manhole” – cover, when covering a man’s hole was far from the intended concept. I think we can blame the British navy for this usage, or Shakespeare: ” Your ships are not well mann’d; ”

    I guess the term “staff” is ‘pc’ acceptable.

  8. Love Willie Soon! I wish his accent wasn’t so strong as my ears don’t work like they should due to years of attending Grateful Dead concerts and other deafening venues. I will continue to follow him and his work but hope we can start a new campaign to save life on Earth from the Killer Coccolithophores and Feral Foram- inferae that are sucking the essential life-giving gas CO2 out of our atmosphere. CO2 to 800ppm!

    • Abolition Man go to Costco for hearing aids. A$2,000 vs 6,000 elsewhere. Used in shower, replaced for free. Lost one once, replaced free.
      Good luck.

  9. Overall I believe school (beyond the basics) is the main cause of problems in society.

    Pseudo science and cultism is rooted in schooling which is essentially brainwashing.

    Remember: brainwashing with truths is still brainwashing.

    Programming people minds with “the Apollo missions is real” is not as bad as the opposite, but you still have people with zero idea why these events are the less susceptible to reasonable doubt in History.

    You end up with people confusing models and reality, the Earth shape with climate 100 years from now, real medical cases with mathematical games with “R0” (which Didier Raoult called “une fantaisie mathématique”, a math fantasy).

    • You may be correct, but then on the other hand: No school didn’t help Greta! According to Soon, she got more than a few things wrong.

      From “Another Brick In The Wall” – We need no thought control. (if I remember right).

      • Actually my theory is that in school you mostly learn passivity and obedience. These people later go to the NASA website and they trust their climate “data” (actually “adjusted” measurements) “because Apollo is not a hoax” (or because “the Earth is not flat” or because the Earth “was believed by the Catholic Church to be flat” :O or something…).

        How many MD become members of sects?

        • You’ve obviously not been to a school in the UK then. Passivity and obedience! Hah! Maybe in Murica… which would explain a lot.

    • I remember Bobby Fischer who dropped out of high school and said he never learned a damn thing in school.

    • On the other hand, if you spend the time to prove that every historical event is real, then there won’t be time to teach anything else.

      Teach history as is, but make sure to teach the kids that anything they read could be wrong and to always be willing to question what others claim. Just don’t waste too much of the class’s time doing it.

  10. Soon is wrong in saying that 14C decays to 12C. It decays to 14N by negative beta emission, which “converts” a nucleus neutron into a proton.

  11. Dr Soon did fluff a couple of explanations.

    It would appear that his brain works too fast for his mouth to keep up.

    • “It would appear that his brain works too fast for his mouth to keep up.”

      The exact opposite of most alarmists. ! 🙂

    • Nick Graves
      July 29, 2020 at 12:36 pm

      Yes, it’s not perfect and perhaps some of the graphs are a bit complicated for his audience. However, I feel we all need to be giving similar talks to any groups in our local communities who will listen. I’ve given two in the last two weeks and many others over the last few years. If we don’t get the word out nobody will understand that there is an alternative ‘truth’ out there!

      The local schools here in NZ won’t let me in but other groups do…mostly University of the Third Age (U3A) and Probus, Mens Sheds. etc. Yes, maybe they’re all old farts (like myself) but they are usually very interested and eager to hear the other side of the story…and they are all voters! That’s the key!

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