New posts suspended – WUWT moving to new server

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that WUWT was being deplatformed by our current hosting provider.

We are moving again, after 2+ years on this hosting provider, we are headed back to where we originally were on where their cloud servers can handle the load, the DDoS attacks, and other issues that come with running a world-class website.

To that end, so we don’t lose comments and content, I’m putting new posts on hold for at least a day. I’ll have one “Friday Funny” tomorrow that will appear below this one, and then that’s it until we get settled again.

I wish to thank everyone who has donated towards covering the cost of the move (it wasn’t insignificant, and I had to hire a consultant). I didn’t even ask for donations, and yet, there they were, rolling in.

It is a testament to the kindness and character of our readers. I’ll let you know when we are back up on the new site, and what sort of things you might have to do (like clearing cache etc) to access it right away.

Sincere thanks for your patience. – Anthony

105 thoughts on “New posts suspended – WUWT moving to new server

  1. Tried to make a donation but it said it required my phone number so I cancelled out. My phone number is not required to charge my credit card. Can you fix it? Don’t remember that from previous donations and am not supplying it. Some days I get more junk messages and calls than valid phone calls.

    • Just made donation using Paypal as usual, no phone number required. You could try that, Bob.

      • I don’t have a Paypal account, which seems to be the issue. The donation appears to be routed or managed via Paypal regardless, as stated at the bottom, “View PayPal policies and your payment method rights.” Paypal doesn’t need my phone number to process a credit card transaction. I have made donations to WUWT before without this obstruction.

        • Give it a fake 555 number? Yes, I know, if it like many things anymore wants to send something to your cellphone for confirmation, it wouldn’t work.

          • beng135 – hadn’t thought of that, duh… it worked!

            Thanks for donating $100.00 USD to

            I picked an 888-555-xxxx number at random and called it and got “your call cannot be completed as dialed” message, so that’s what I used…

            Thanks for all you do, Anthony…

          • When Ma Bell switched us to digital dialing and area codes in the 60’s, they created the fake area code of 555 for theatrical and movie dialog. To this day 555 is still bogus and some phone number beg boxes are not attuned to that. Some are.

            However, the person “Nunya Bidness” has multiple accounts with hundreds of legitimate phone numbers.

            Always stir their stuff counter clockwise.

        • It is probably worth getting a PayPal account just for online payments, it all works very easily. Also using a mobile for 2-factor authentication for all payments is just going to get more and more common.

  2. best site on the internet!!! Thank you Anthony for all you do. Thanks to the various moderators and other’s who keep this very busy site running. Thanks too, to the commentors who keep things interesting. There’s a TON of knowledge to be had here, let’s hope it is never silenced!

  3. When You Tube censored Stephan Molyneau, I knew it was the end of the First Amendment. Google, and the little balding Jew at Facebook are just as bad.

      • True, yet at what point is the medium of communication not considered a public airway, and first amendment rights would apply?

      • They certainly do restrict private businesses (hiring, renting, food, finance, the list is endless). They also severely restrict monopolies, which Google and their fascist brethren are.

        • Repealing 230 gives them a mandate and motivation to censor. 230 was put in so they could not be held responsible for comments and would have no need to censor beyond obviously criminal posts (eg child pornography). Social media want 230 to be repealed so they can censor without competitors who wont censor with 230 in place grabbing their business. Pretty much every blog would have to shut down their comment sections if they removed 230.

          • They don’t want 230 repealed. That’s why they whine and squirm so much when it’s talked about. They don’t have the capability to censor literally everything for libelous content, which is the vast majority of the questionable content and some people would probably purposefully libel people just to cause companies to get sued. Social media as we know it would go away, but not social technology. New products would arise to meet the “needs” of this market. Of course, FUbook and Twitter couldn’t possibly exist and they know it which is why they squirm so much. Parler is new. Wouldn’t it just be easier, and far easier for them, if they’d just stop acting like publishers which they can’t be under section 230? It isn’t that hard to be like the neutral platforms that they were a decade ago, even 6 or 7 years ago. I’d prefer to see them all go and be replaced by a new product if they’re just going to be like

    • Moderation?

      WTF does his religion or ethnicity have to do with anything? Or his size for that matter? Whoever you mean by this.

      Idiotic and ignorant remarks like this give the site a bad name.

      • Agreed. Attributing someone’s bad actions to their ethnicity, or trying to denigrate a bad actor by referring to their ethnicity as if it were a flaw, is itself an offense against decency.

        If we do not insist on each person being treated as an individual born with equal dignity, eventually we will all be oppressed as members of a disfavored group.

        Please don’t tarnish the reputation of others here with that sort of prejudice.

        • I do not with agree his thoughts.

          What are yall asking for is not freedom but censorship.

          We are creatures of freewill, which means we have the freedom to live, love, and hate.

          Why, do we want not want those who have these thoughts to self-identify?

          • Self control and common decency is what I was counseling, and I did not call for censorship.

            There are any number of intemperate thoughts that if expressed, might encourage others to act. The role that civil society used to play in causing people to self-moderate needs to be revived. There are views that should remain legal to express, which nevertheless should bear the consequence of putting a person outside the bounds of respectability.

            At the same time, if a person makes an unfortunate remark and apologizes for the error, we ought to accept the apology and move on, as opposed to dredging it up decades late to “cancel” the person.

    • Stan Sexton, please don’t mention somebody’s religion. This is a science site, not a theology site.

    • Stan Sexton – your comment is antisemitic and should be removed.


      • Hold on Jay. No one was harmed in the making of this comment which is the only reasonable standard for censorship. Slip below that standard and there is no bottom eventually removing comments the moderator disagrees with. That’s what happened to me on Skeptical Science. (A waste of time anyway)

        Disparaging race and religion is obviously offensive and not up to the ethical standards of this site. Hopefully the writer has learned a lesson.

        BTW, This is not easy to write because of the personal attack on the condition of my pate.

        • Yeah, I saw it last night, and rather than snip it, I preferred to let the users respond to it.

          • I agree with your decision. We Jews are pretty tough. That’s why we are still around after millennia of irrational and ignorant hatred aimed at us.

          • Well, if you are going to leave it, it is correct and essential to have a moderation post stating that you are, and why.

            I’d have deleted it and explained why, but there you go. In the same way I’d have deleted any post referring to any physical or ethnic or religious characteristics of an individual in an attempt to denigrate them.

            Leave this stuff unchallenged and you open the floodgates.

          • Charles Rotter,
            I think you need to be guided by the IHRA working definition of antisemitism and its 11 contemporary examples.

            In particular;

            Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

            You need to explain how you think his words do not fall into this category.

            [Reply: Yeah, I thought about adding a warning or caveat, but I was too busy planning next week’s weather-cr]

        • Eh, the son keeps threatening to polish my dome in the middle of the night. Doesn’t bother me. Although I have forbidden black shoe polish, I get myself into enough trouble…

          What I do object to is “Jew” – as I noted above, the “Z-Man” is an atheist of Hebrew descent, no more, no less. Calling him such is an insult to followers of Judaism, just the same as calling creatures like Pelosi and her merry gang of abortionists “Catholics.”

    • Surely this obnoxious anti-semitic comment is a plant by Climate fanatics. in order to discredit this fantastic site. That there appear to be other genuine comments supporting it is alarming. I am a right wing (Thatcherite) UK follower of this site, but I am frankly horrified that this comment should be given space. Freedom of speech has always had limits: anti-semtic insults falls way outside those boundaries. Those who think this is a trivial issue are merely the “useful idiots” of the Jew haters. Oh, and I am not a Jew, but an evangelical Christian.
      Keep up the good work WUWT, but guard yourself from sabotage.

      • It is Freedom of Speech. Not Freedom from Speech.

        Please read the following by Andrew P. Napolitano:

        Here’s a quote from that article:

        “The speech we love needs no protection. The speech we hate does. The government has no authority to evaluate speech. As the framers understood, all persons have a natural right to think as we wish and to say and publish whatever we think. Even hateful, hurtful and harmful speech is protected speech.”

        Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right derived from our freewill.

        I think we, the normal posters here at WUWT, have made our point without being becoming hypocrites in the process. Thank you mods for not removing it. We have all been silenced for our Speech at various other sites of “Science”. To complain about it then do it to others is not the way to go about these things. Challenge the person; question why do think person as to why the think the way they do.

        However, I am also not opposed to the “No Shirt, No Shoes, and a foul mouth — no service.” rule.

        • To add to my comment above:

          “I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.” — Voltaire (1694-1778)

          • Too bad Voltaire didn’t live a few more years. He would have had a chance to demonstrate his commitment to this proposition.

        • Given the trends in Europe (consider Naomi Seibt’s saga), I’d be a bit concerned that this sort of comment is a setup to get WUWT sanctioned with financial penalties by the EUSSR authorities. Lawfare is a favorite tactic of the ecofascists. Going after WUWT on the basis of trumped up charges of tolerating hate speech would be no surprise. Of course it’s only a matter of time before it will be an actual crime to question the climate dogma in Europe. The light of liberty has long been flickering and dimming all over the continent.

  4. To quote Voltaire-“It is clear that a person who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion is a monster.”
    The deplatforming and persecution of those that do not go along with the far left line is an abomination.

    • While there could be logical doubts about the real reasons behind the deplatforming, the truth is that so far, the only alleged reason by Anthony is a change in the price. I wouldn’t run into conclussions too fast. If it is a price change that only affects WUWT, then we could talk about an attack to freedom of speech, but it is possible that it affects other clients of the same platform in a similar situation of traffic etc.

      I wish that Anthony could give more details about this conditions change, and I hope those explanations will come once the move is completed. It may happen that it is dangerous for WUWT to provide the details before it is completely out of reach by the previous provider.

      • The pointing donkey image and the caption “Get Out” hint strongly that there is a political motive, as does the word “deplatforming.”

        • Yeah, I’ll jump on this, too. Mean and vicious don’t belong here. Anthony runs a classy site.

      • Neither does a long dissertation. It’s all in the content. Truth can be conveyed succinctly.

  5. Wishing you and your technical staff a glitch-free move, and a big thanks for maintaining the website.

  6. Dear Anthony Watts,
    I and many others appreciate you very much… Almost 6 years to the day, I was feeling ‘climatic and quickly typed out a cat 4 Iselle hurricane article comment and shazam, you posted it…. Every once in awhile I go and check it using your fabolous search engine, just by entering

    We know Iselle died on the big island.. yet the AGW cultists have it living well past it’s dead date…
    Let the fun continue…And many blessings with your new site…K

  7. Hi Anthony. I’ve been with you from the almost the beginning. I have retried from construction and moved into indoor advertising business. My website is hosted by
    CeraNet | Data Center Solutions | Cloud Computing …
    They have been in business for a very long time and host some of the largest businesses in the world. They have backups after backups after backups plus Natural Gas backup generators. This is not a fly-by-night operation.

  8. Anthony,
    Based on your description, you are not being “deplatformed”. You appear to be voluntarily “replatforming” the site for financial and technical reasons. No one is trying to suppress your views by kicking you off their forum.

    Please, let’s not fall into the trap of using emotionally-charged language to dramatize the situation, like the alarmists do.

    • @PJ

      It seems you are making an assumption to things you for which nor I have no further information.

      I am not drawing any inferences based on the short notification.

      Really all we know, is that the hosting provider did “x” thing that caused WUWT to do “y” thing. Until the equation is derived we cannot draw any excel, matlab, octave, or R graphs.

    • Based on your description, you are not being “deplatformed”. You appear to be voluntarily “replatforming” the site for financial and technical reasons. No one is trying to suppress your views by kicking you off their forum.

      If there is an extraordinary price increase and no justification is done then for us outsiders something feels not quite right.

      • It would in a practical sense be deplatforming if the price-hike was purposely unreasonable.

    • Maybe, or maybe not. Vdare announced a few weeks ago that they, too, were being deplatformed and they were much more forthcoming with allegations that it was censorship. They still aren’t deplatorrmed, yet.

  9. Anthony,
    Thanks. We look forward to the new WUWY web posting.
    WUWT rocks.
    Danley Wolfe
    Lewis Center, OH

  10. I was very glad to contribute. I probably should have contributed in the past but this seemed like a good time to start. Very glad to mark this site as one of my favorites. 🙂

    • I think it’s my fault. Just the other day I suggested WUWT use cloudflare and self-hosted server.

    • K of Qld,
      A response.
      The graphs starting 1980 present a cherry pick. Different implications arise if the long term pattern is shown, esp for times before CO 2 could have been involved.
      For example, sea levels have changed at the same rate since the first tide gauges. CO2 was supposed to have heated the seas and raised their levels. This is a core global warming belief that is shown to be wrong.
      Geoff S

  11. This is one of his posts he has answeref me with
    Firstly Lomberg is a debunkeed joke.
    I think you really need to read a little more about what Shellenberg thinks. He is not aligned with you. And just what have I posted that is alarmist? And again it is indisputable that the sea levels have and are rising. I gave but one small reference; do you have one? Or are you being alarmist?

    And how about this subgroup of the 99% (not, again, a mere 97%, try for some facts):

  12. WUWT is for post-graduate studies at the University of Life.

    Thanks to Anthony and your mods for the space to breath.

  13. Ask for a modest membership fee Anthony. I’d be more than happy to pay. Make it voluntary, I think you will be surprised and I think it will work better than your “tip jar”.

  14. On a different note, we have to fight the stupid idea that we all have to be “safe.”

    Nothing is safe. Getting out of bed in the morning is a risk, as is the rest of the day. You cannot protect against an infectious virus, and masks and social distancing simply do not work, particularly for the healthy.

    The government recommended massk in the UK even specifically says on the box that it is not suitable for Covid-19. This means that masks are a power, control, and political tool. The Face Burka. One politician thinks people should also wear masks at home! Why? It’s patently unhealthy. Hypercapnia anyone?

    Social distancing might work if it was 25 feet. There is no science indicating that 6 feet does anything. They simply chose a distance to impose on the public. Again, another tool for teaching people to comply to government edicts.

    Flattening the curve morphed into stopping the virus, which is impossible without putting people in permanent isolation. Now, they have decided that we and the children, who are least threatened by this virus, must be safe, which is the height of stupidity in this scamdemic.

    This virus is no worse and likely much weaker than influenza. The flu season is over and so is the virus that was killing the elderly, which BTW happens every year during the flu season with its salad of viruses. However, they have tests that are NOT specific for C-19 but only for coronaviruses in general and they can pretend they are finding lots of “cases.” Lots of coronaviruses are environmental and essentially harmless, constantly moving around all year—a slight sniffle in a morning and it’s gone. The crappy tests provide lots of positive “cases” for the government to act upon.

    You are not a case unless you are sick or admitted to the hospital. Positive tests, particularly from a test that is estimated to be 80% false positive, are not cases and testing, either PCR or antibody, means nothing in particular about what someone has.

    Again, it is not possible to be safe in this world and we all eventually die. Herd immunity is a goal in a population regarding an infections virus. The powers that be want to use vaccinations to do this,, but even vaccinations have not been able to create true herd immunity in other diseases and have questionable results. They know that the flu vaccine tends to suppress immune systems and they saw a lot of people in Italy who had gotten the flu vaccine this year become very sick with this coronavirus.

    The scary part is that people like Bill Gates want to use gene therapy-based vaccines to alter our DNA to make us immune. No thanks.

    There is good reason why there has not been a coronavirus vaccine to date. They mutate too quickly for a vaccine to be effective; even the flu vaccine is iffy most years because the influenza virus recombines so easily. So, as no one actually has a pure culture of C-19, it is impossible that a vaccine will be C-19 specific. This means that they must be targeting coronaviruses in general, which is not the goal and might have other health effects as our exosomes, which we use to detoxify, are very similar to coronaviruses.

    “Stay safe” is such a joke and misleading as life is NOT safe.

    • Exactly, Charles. Oldies like me are part of the Dying Generation. If you’re over 80, all your friends are now dying. Parkinsons, cancer, heart attacks. It’s the natural order of things, so why panic about it?

      We oldies die WITH Corovinus, not because of it. It’s the comorbidities, stupid. These weaken the immune system and make us more vulnerable to viruses.

      So what? Get your will sorted and your tax paid. Leave things tidy for your executors, but stay safe?

    • It’s all about being safe and what Govn’t says you need to do, and sacrifice, to be “safe”. What is happening in the UK is criminal IMO. I was glad to read many thousands of people, on a recent nice, warm sunny day, a rare thing even during the height of summer in the UK, defied social distancing guidelines (Which are being enforced as if they are laws), and went to the beach. A nice warm day, above 30c, exposed to sunlight and fresh air. I have not heard on the news here in Australia about spikes of COVID-19 cases nor have I seen any reported in UK media just condemnation.

  15. As I write, (9-19-20, 5:35 EDT), a banner across the bottom on the Home page says this:
    “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Expound by Konstantin Kovshenin”
    Has the transition back been completed?

    • WordPress is the software that runs some web sites. WordPress is also an organization where you can get web hosting.

      When I do a traceroute, it ends up at When I do whois it shows Pressable, which, as far as I can tell, is the main WordPress host.

      So, I suspect WUWT is off its old host and onto the new. That said, there could still be a lot of work to do.

    • I think it has always said “Proudly powered by WordPress” though perhaps with a different theme several years ago, whether hosted at WordPress or at Pressable.

  16. A PayPal donation from Down Under as well, Anthony.

    Well done, mate. You’ve been a beacon of hope in the storm, and the light can’t be cancelled out now.

  17. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the Fall with Covid-19. I’ve seen a couple of analyses (one here) that posit that HVAC is an important vector for infections, hence the pickup in states in the southern US. The Europeans are congratulating themselves on getting things under control with social distancing and mask wearing, but it also occurs to me that air conditioning is much less common in most of Europe than in the US and the weather isn’t so hot that you can’t enjoy your latte al fresco. The hottest places also tend to be the poorest so likely have even less AC unlike the US, where the southern cities have a lot of wealth.

    I think that October will be an interesting month across the northern hemisphere.

  18. I have never commented here before, but I have been reading the articles and post for what, 10 years or more. Anthony you are doing a great service , Thank You!! I sent in a donation today and encourage others to do the same.

  19. “Science tells us we have nine years before the damage is irreversible”
    Phew that’s a relief as I thought we were all doomed back in 2000-
    Thank goodness for internal variability eh?
    Gaia works in mysterious ways my son.

  20. Just flung a donation from my Trump cheque, since I cannot get into the US to spend directly, thanks to closed borders. Best wishes with your server move, Anthony!

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