Mann elected to National Academy of Sciences

Penn State

Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences and director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center at Penn State, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, recognizing distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Membership in the NAS is one of the highest honors given to a scientist or engineer in the United States.

NAS is a private, nonprofit institution established in 1863 by a congressional charter signed by former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. It recognizes achievement in science by election to membership, and — with the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medicine — provides science, engineering, and health policy advice to the federal government and other organizations.

This year, the academy elected 120 members and 26 international members to its membership. Mann’s election brings Penn State’s representation to 16 members, and total membership in the academy to 2,403 active members and 501 international members.

Mann conducts research and publishes on his areas of interest in climate science, including climate change, sea level rise, human impact on climate change, climate modeling, and the carbon budget. He is an acknowledged leader in the climate change community. His work in the area of climate change science, especially the reconstruction of global temperatures over the past 1,000 years, has advanced the field.

Current areas of research include model/data comparisons aimed at understanding the long-term behavior of the climate system and its relationship with human climate forcing. Other areas of active research include climate simulation using theoretical models, development of statistical methods for climate signal detection, and investigations of the geophysical and ecological system responses to climate variability and the impacts of climate change on tropical storms and extreme weather events.

Mann has been recognized for his scientific work with the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement in 2019. He received the Hans Oeschger Medal from the European Geosciences Union in 2012 and contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He is the author of more than 200 peer-reviewed and edited publications.

He is a fellow of the Geological Society of America, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union.

Mann has received many awards for science communication. In 2018, he received the Climate Communication Prize from the American Geophysical Union and the Award for Public Engagement with Science from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2017, he received the Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication from Climate One. Mann was elected an AAAS fellow in 2015.

Mann communicates about the effects of climate change through a variety of media, including his books, which include “Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change,” “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines,” and “The Madhouse Effect,” for which he teamed up with Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Tom Toles to explore public perception of climate change.

Mann also collaborated with author and illustrator Megan Herbert on a children’s book titled “The Tantrum that Saved the World.”

He completed his doctorate at Yale University in 1998.


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175 thoughts on “Mann elected to National Academy of Sciences

  1. The system is rotten to the core.

    One wonders if the timing of this ludicrous event has something to do with the recent death of Freeman Dyson.

    • When I was a pup, we were taught that science had previously gone astray with the example of data that ‘proved’ that men had bigger brains than women. It seemed to me that people thought “that kind of thing couldn’t happen now in our more enlightened age”. Well, yes it could.

      I am disgusted but not at all surprised. BTW, because of adverse inference Mann has admitted that he is a fraud. That reflects badly on the NAS.

      • Well, you have to admit that his conception of science is original to himself and his Scientology practitioner cohorts.

      • A few years ago, I terminated my subscription to Science magazine because they too, were caught up in the arms of global warming/climate change. The inmates are running the asylum more and more.

        • That is for sure. The Green River serial killer was almost just released from prison where he had been serving a 500+ year sentence for murdering and raping 49 women and girls. He actually had confessed to killing more than 70.

          The vote by the Washington Supreme Court to release him failed by a single vote (4-5). Insane.

          • re: “The Green River serial killer was almost just released …”

            And, its true:

            SPOKANE, Wash. — Different headlines out there had some KHQ viewers asking us to investigate a serious question, did the worst of the worst in our state prison system truly come close to release?

            I was wondering what you could tell us about Gary Ridgway and other violent offenders being released,” one viewer wrote to our Help Me Hayley. “It seems this is being brushed under a rug and we need this to be in the spotlight.

            KHQ reviewed the documents requesting the early release for Washington inmates fitting certain criteria based on age, health conditions, and sentence duration. The specifications include inmates 50 and older, those with underlying health conditions anyone with less than 18 months to go on their sentence, in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

            Haskell says qualifying inmates didn’t have to hit all three categories, but rather only one to be eligible in this petition.

            Based on that standard, notorious serial killer Gary Ridgway would technically qualify. Ridgway is responsible for at least 49 murders. KHQ covered a recent cold case in which a grieving family still wonders if Ridgway was responsible for their loved one’s brutal murder.

            “It was a five to four decision,” Haskell said. “Of course, the court can always take a subsequent filing if they chose to. If the restrictions continue, the longer they go, the more likely the court will hear another petition. I don’t believe anything has been foreclosed.”

          • —Sentenced for murdering and raping 49 persons, and having confessed to killing more than 70—
            Is this Gary Ridgway a human being???

          • re: “Is this Gary Ridgway a human being???”

            More like, a “manimal”; half man and half conscienceless, killing beast.

    • When I edit research papers, I remove all uses of “proved” as a paper is meant to “show” some evidence and it is in the mind of the reader to decide if anything was “proven.” Lots of authors also use “obviously” which is judgemental and meant to sway the reader with their own opinion; I replace it with “clearly,” which more suggests that the reader check the evidence.

      Anyone who will not reveal their data and methods has absolutely no right to be even nominated to the NAS. This lowers NAS to a hack organization, not to be trusted with science.

      • “Anyone who will not reveal their data and methods has absolutely no right to be even nominated to the NAS.”

        Yes, thank you! The scientific method requires replication of results, and anyone who refuses to reveal their data and methods is NOT a legitimate scientist! Mikey has consistently refused to reveal his data and methods; he has been, and NEVER will be a real scientist! It doesn’t matter how many letters he has after his name or faux awards he receives.

        And yes, the NAS is now officially a hack organization, not to be trusted with science.

        • I would like to offer a correction to the article: “Membership in the NAS is was one of the highest honors …”.

          • Apparently membership in the NAS has reached the infamous level of the Nobel Peace Prize…

    • Is that like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank, creationists in charge of science, or, Vladimir Putin in the White House?

      Michael Mann has shown himself to be a fraudster who is willing to put different data sets together, one with averages and another with real-time data to mislead the world into thinking that a 0.01% increase in CO2 over sixty years has been warming the planet by almost 1 oC per century apparently thinking that computer models control the global mean temperatures instead of the solar system. As President Trump said a while ago, they have not been able to get it right for 30 years.

      The reality about CO2 is that the centrifugal force of the roughly 1,677 km/h equatorial speed of Earth’s rotation sends CO2 all the way up to the thermosphere from where all the way down through the mesosphere, the stratosphere, the troposphere to photosynthesis at the surface it has a cooling effect.

      Does failing to recognize that amount to gross incompetence?

      • Like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of Scarlet Alliance, the coalition that fights for the dignity and safety of sex workers everywhere.

        Like putting Michael Oreskes on a Gender Sensitization Committee.

        Like putting Edward Scissorhands in charge of the balloons.

        Like saying sure, Mr Gervais, you can do my eulogy.

        Like letting Michael Mann into the National Academy of Sciences.

        Oh, wait, done that joke already.

        Like putting Winona Ryder in charge of store security.

  2. The NAS will find itself with egg on their faces and reputation tarnished when Mann’s reality is revealed. When they find out what Mann is really about, they will regret this fatal decision.

    • The decision to confer the ‘honour’ does not enhance the prestige of Michael Mann as much as it tarnishes the reputation of the Academy.

    • I doubt that they’ve ever regretted electing Peter Gleick.

      I actually hope that they elect Al Gore.

    • When the indictments come down I hope they target all infiltrated Science (FRAUDS) groups. It won’t be in this FIRST ROUND–hold on to you seats they are immanent.

    • The NAS corrupted itself with politics under Ralph Cicerone. With Marcia McNutt, it’s gotten only worse.

      As to Michael Mann, he’s not done any science at all since his work with lanthanide ceramics while a Masters student at UC Berkeley. Given his career in not-science, it’s only fitting that he should be elected to a politicized national academy.

      Mann must lay awake at 2 am, in wonderment over how he’s gotten away with so much. All the institutions willfully colluded in protecting him.

      • I also heard that the AAACA (American Association for the Advancement of Coprophagia in America) is giving Mann the coveted Walter Duranty Best Tasting Sphincter Award, after being nominated by Super Scott Mandia.

        Mann continues to dazzle.

    • You should not be surprised. This is obviously the world in which we live. There is always a struggle between the rise and the fall, and there are times when the rise is dominant, and there are times when the fall has the momentum; just like atmospheric temperatures.

      What used to be incomprehensible, is now the status quo.

      I look forward to meeting you all at the re-education camps.

  3. Is this a joke?

    “His work in the area of climate change science, especially the reconstruction of global temperatures over the past 1,000 years, has advanced the field.”

    “The field” in this case would be the Greenist-AntiIndustrial Complex. And that “temperature reconstruction” the highest level of fraud ever put forward in the name of science.

    “NAS is a private, nonprofit institution …” that gets funding from the non-private taxpayer and contracts with the non-private federal government.

  4. Unbelievable! Another award is now devalued and sacrificed at the altar of political correctness rather. I though the NAS encouraged critical thinking but I guess I was mistaken! I wonder what the other elected members of the NAS feel about this election.

  5. Since we all know what Prof. Mann is like we now know what the National Academy of Sciences is like.

  6. “Original research”. Yes – that seems about right. I’ve heard about a three-ring circus but until Mann came along I’d never heard of a tree-ring circus…

  7. So many awards are now handed out willy nilly that they no longer represent any great achievement. It is like giving kids an award just for participating rather than achieving anything. It just dumbs down the whole of society and in my view society is getting dumber by the day. :((

    • You just made me realize that this may be the same generation of kids who first got those shiny gold-colored plastic participation trophies for being somewhat above useless. Now they’re all grown up (allegedly), so nothing really changed, although I struggle with the “somewhat above useless” in Mann’s case. He couldn’t even find the Medieval Warm period, or the Little Ice Age in his bogus results.

      • Makes me wonder: Did anybody resign in protest from this “NAS”?
        If not, the “NAS” should be sued by the German, French, Russian … Academies for Unlawful Imitation and forced their name changed to something like: National Association of Sorts (as above suggested ‘Scumbags’ could offend the real ones, e.g. electors)

        • “Makes me wonder: Did anybody resign in protest from this “NAS”?”

          The names of any who do should be posted here. If hardly any do, it indicts not just the leadership but the membership of the organization.

  8. Clearly proof positive, if you ever needed it, there is no God.
    Maybe, Michael Moore will commission a documentary film about the NAS? “The inconvenient! Strewth”

    • Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy:

      a factitious disorder in which the patient seeks attention, sympathy and other secondary gain by the use of dendrochronology and Finnish mud to convince others that the Earth has a fever. In severe cases, the patient himself may surreptitiously poison the Earth to exaggerate the counterfeit symptoms, e.g. by flying to tropical climate conferences on a compulsive basis.

    • leave the R out;-)

      in betternews Lord May has died in UK
      the man who pushed gmo murdered thousands of UNinfected animals against vet advice in FnM event
      and who was a rabid warmist
      one ex aussie we didnt want back and wont miss.

  9. “Especially the reconstruction of global temperatures over the past 1000yrs “
    As defined by tree ringsI suppose

  10. On a par with Obama getting Nobel Prize on assuming Presidency first time.
    Mann should be ashamed of himself.It’s a very long gravy train.

    • Remember all the headlines: Obama Humbled [sic] by Honor, But Has He Earned Nobel Yet?

      The “Yet?” was never omitted. It was an article of faith: it was only a matter of time before he would do something to deserve it.

      It was probably the smart move by the Committee to give him a Nobel so early in his Presidency, since he’d never again be as innocent of war-making as he was on the day he assumed office.

      Strangely, when Trump was awarded exactly the same medal for exactly the same reason—after all, he hadn’t invaded any foreign countries yet—the media suddenly started opining that Peace Prizes ought to stand for a bit more than that.

      It’s funny how people discover principles they never knew they had right when their argument needs them most.

      • It seems that if you are ,like Mann,an advocate, by whatever means ,of the push to the far Left and eventually Socialism,you get given a huge margin for error for anything you do.
        Even a BS “hockey stick”.

      • Obama led the Crossfire Hurricane debacle! Maybe destroying the constitution in what is proving to be the biggest political scandal in US history will force the Nobel committee to finally reconsider their most ignominious gesture!

        Of course, I don’t expect that will ever happen!

        • Have you seen the documents released 2 days ago, total written proof of the plan to setup General Flynn. They discussed if they should pursue the truth, or just try to set him up to get trapped in a lie. It’s hand written too, so it will be traceable to an individual, aka Strzok.

          This comes on the same day that they padded a bunch more deaths into the historical data, I caught them. And yesterday I caught “Death Harvesting” I plot and model State curves of daily deaths, and 11 states just had bat shite crazy number that completely blew away their declining exponents, and did not look like any data seen for any State or Nation in this whole debacle.

          A bit OT, but in speaking the damage to the constitution, they are testing us and we are overall failing. I don’t really have time to create a semi-pro presentation on this, but I do have one anotated chart and all the under data if anyone want to puruse or use. If using please credit to Nukepro and hyperlink. Link is to Excel, with also 2 PNG annotated graphics embedded including the Wisconsin model (shame on you Gov Evers)

    • A mann who introduces HIMSELF as “THE DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR” clearly cannot feel anything as human as shame or embarrassment.

  11. Oh goodie, a Mann-bashing and NAS-bashing thread. I’ll have to come back in a few hours to read the additional entertaining comments.

    Stay safe and healthy, all.

  12. Nothing new. Wasn’t Peter Gleik made director of the A.erican Geophysical Union after committing fraud in the Heartland Institute email theft?

      • Sure, Dr Gleick made a mistake, which he deeply and sincerely regretted being caught for. But you have to bear in mind he was as much the victim of Heartland’s vendetta as they were. (For example, so obsessed was the think-tank by their hatred for America’s leading climate scientist, they actually satirized Gleick’s writing style in official internal memos.) Without excusing his actions for a moment, I would argue that they were heroic.

        But it is Gleick’s courage in rebuilding, piece-by-piece, his shattered career and reputation that, more than anything else, earned him such tokens of our collective forgiveness as the Carl Sagan Prize for Excellence in Ethical Moralness.

        Gleick used his acceptance speech to pay tribute to the bravery and other qualities he possessed, without which he would never have achieved full rehabilitation, and closed with a rousing quote he plagiarized from someone:

        “No matter what the problem, forge on, forge on, forge ever ahead—for adversity is the forger of character!”

  13. Thoroughly deserved.
    I’m writing this in crayon because we are not allowed anything hot or sharp in here.

  14. We have reached a tipping point.. Mann’s self-introduction will now take much longer to deliver than any “evidence” he presents at the next congressional hearing..

  15. Does this mean that Dendrobfuscation is also a recognized scientific discipline now?

      • Wasn’t it Briffa’s original research?

        On 6 March 1996, a Russian scientist, Stepan Shiyatov, contacted Dr Keith Briffa, CRU’s top tree-ring researcher. Shiyatov wanted money to take a helicopter to measure tree rings in timber hauled from the permafrost of the Yamal peninsula on the Arctic ocean’s shores.

        Briffa was keen, and he published papers on what those tree rings showed. But by late last year, in the final emails, he is mired in allegations of fraud, and the Yamal data had become a virus infecting past climate reconstructions.

  16. Mann was defeated by Professor Timothy Ball former Professor of Climatology at Winnipeg university in the Canadian High Court. as a climate physicist of 40 years experience I have no time for Mann. His theories have been debunked time after time. It is Professor Ball who should be getting the acolades.

    • Yes, Dr Tim Ball is deserving of much more than any inclusion in such a self-discredited organization. He lived, spoke, taught, analyzed, published with honour and integrity, never twisting the facts to suit a favoured opinion, never falsifying data, open, curious and without guile. He is everything Michael Mann has chosen not to be.

    • I just read Tim Ball’s book, “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” published in 2014. I had been vaguely aware of “Climategate” but not the full story as Ball tells in this book. He has many quotes from Mann and his colleagues from the stolen emails. I’ve been moving in the direction of becoming a climate skeptic- but that book clinches it.

      • Joseph Zorzin, you wrote, “I’ve been moving in the direction of becoming a climate skeptic- but that book clinches it.”

        Welcome aboard the good ship climate skepticism.

        Stay safe and healthy, all.

  17. What are the chances Mann’s Lawyers offer up this Award in lieu of actual calculations or data in his lawsuit against Mark Steyn? Nice to know the NAS is on Mann’s legal team. They certainly cannot be on his “science” team.

  18. Michael Mann? Michael Mann? The creator of Miami Vice and the director of The Last of the Mohicans? Why is he being honoured by the NAS.?

    Oh. Never mind.

  19. “He is the author of more than 200 peer-reviewed and edited publications. He is a fellow of the Geological Society of America, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union.”

    And yet he says that “We are now in a geological epoch called the Anthropocene wherein humans have taken over from geological forces and humans are now the primary force that is reshaping the planet”.

    This is of course pure nonsense and a good scientist like Mann surely knows that it is nonsense. Perhaps he really is a good scientist underneath it all but has to say stuff like this as part of the climate team that has to say stuff like that. I have some evidence that the late great Stephen Schneider was also like that – a man who knew what the truth was but also knew what he had to say as part of the climate mafia.

    Two links below.

    • I’m sorry but a “good scientist” is committed to the truth even if it means admitting to being mistaken in the past. Mann and Schneider have forsaken the truth for fame and fortune. They are/were not good scientists.

      • Can’t really argue with you on that point, sir. I was just trying to give Mann the man the benefit of the doubt against Mann the climate man.

  20. We live in a time when it seems all of the institutions are in a competitive Race to the Bottom as far as trust. Or, alternatively, a Race to Fascism.

    • SJWs infiltrate trusted organizations and subvert them. Pretty soon, you’re left with no trusted organizations, just SJW-run zombies.

      This has been happening since at least the early 90s, because I saw it happen with university clubs at the time. You’d start with a club of perfectly normal people doing perfectly normal stuff, then SJWs would take over the committee and suddenly it was a club of weirdos doing SJW stuff.

  21. “Current areas of research include … development of statistical methods for climate signal detection …” Right. How would you conceivably do that? I offer this illustration. This is hourly data at a gridpoint in my area, for all of 2019. The data is from the ERA5 reanalysis, by the ECMWF. The plot is of the “vertical integral of total energy” in the entire column of the atmosphere. It includes all latent heat, sensible heat, kinetic energy, potential energy due to altitude, stored energy due to atmospheric pressure, etc. Notice the rapid large changes. The data is reported in J/m^2, so I have converted it to Watt-hours on the vertical scale. So tell me, Dr. Mann, where would one look to detect the signal of the yet-to-be-realized 3.7 W/m^2 (or Watt-hours per hour per m^2 – same thing) warming effect of a doubling of carbon dioxide? How would one determine in which direction this energy would end up? Upwards to space or down into the oceans and land? Any such attempt at statistical attribution is pure fiction. The energetic effect is invisible to us. As one can readily tell on the plot, 3.7 W-hours per hour per m^2 is vanishingly thin. Sure, the greenhouse effect is real and can be measured, but it is a static concept. The atmosphere is not static. Take a look.

    • “development of statistical methods for climate signal detection”

      Why would one need to develop new methods for climate signal detection? According to all the trolls that signal is clear and obvious. It doesn’t need detection.

  22. Maybe the academy has a wing for the study of Bristlecone pines and they felt the Mike was the best person to highlight that underserved community?

    • Thanks, Just Jenn. I had an image of Jim Nabors saying that, while I voiced it, and it made me smile.

      Stay safe and healthy, all.

  23. Good job, science types! after all your ‘rona virus success at FDA and CDC, it’s time to get out there and REALLY polish up your credibility.

  24. How many fame seeking scientists are so self-deluded that they have come to believe their own BS?
    Perhaps it is because they are blinded by all the $$$$$$$$$$ signs?

  25. I wonder why they didn’t yet elected AOC and Greta since they are at least as pseudo-scientists and actual clowns as Mann is.

  26. This is John Costella’s edited and annotated account of the Climategate emails.

    Go to P.104 and you will see Michael Mann inviting Phil Jones to choose an award which Mann will then arrange for him. Now turn to P.146 and you will see Mann calling in the favour and requesting Jones to organise the nomination and support for an award to Mann. By this 2-step process, Mann has effectively bestowed an award on himself.

    If there were an index that could combine the shockingly low standard of science in a paper with the detrimental effect that paper had on public policy then Mann’s hockey stick would probably rank as the worst paper in the history of science. He has had plenty of opportunity to revise his papers to remove inappropriate proxies (strip bark bristlecone pine cores) or use them the right way up (Tiljander series), to correct the gross error in the PCA analysis and to carry out recognised tests of statistical significance. But he hasn’t done so and continues to stand by this dross. I am slack-jawed that any worthy scientific body would induct him as a Fellow.

    • Do not forget Neil Ferguson’s ridiculous fearmonger pseudo-science.

      I can’t believe those bozos are even actual scientists.
      They behave as a bunch of corrupted mediocre henchmen, not as scientists.

      The puppeteers are those who reward those clowns and/or justify devastating policies on their junk science.

  27. The NAS spent their last penny of credibility on this one.

    MM is pure Activist. Science is optional.

  28. Penn State

    Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences and director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center at Penn State, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, recognizing distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

    “Original research”?
    That’s a new name for it.

    • “… continuing achievements in original research….”

      1) Original research = fail
      2) First achievement = fraudulently redefine research outcome
      3) next achievement = redefine research goal as “communication”
      4) next achievement = getting rewarded for the said fraud
      5) next (continued) achievement = redefining the fraud as communication
      6) next = coordinating with other “communication” fraudsters.

  29. When MM claims there is ‘human-induced’ emissions warming, he’s wrong, as CO2 doesn’t ‘warm’.

    There is no man-made warming now nor will there ever be, as the sun rules the climate absolutely.

    The NAS is purely political, so expect more MM-communicated agitprop this election year.

    Every person in the world must know people are not at fault for climate change.

  30. Feynman, I recall, refused membership in NAS, saying that he didn’t see the value of membership in a society whose main function was to decide who is august enough to be a member.

    • Yes, the NAS does tend to be a mutual masturbation and hemorrhoid admiration society doesn’t it? Well, they now have one more of the latter to admire.

    • Kevin,

      When Feynman resigned from the NAS, he wrote this letter:

      “Dear Prof. Handler:

      My request for resignation from the National Academy of Sciences is based entirely on personal psychological quirks. It represents in no way any implied or explicit criticism of the Academy, other than those characteristics that flow from the fact that most of the membership consider their installation as a significant honor.

      Sincerely yours,
      Richard P. Feynman

      • Feynman also said this:

        One of the activities of the members was to select new members. This he considered “a form of self-praise…How can we say only the best must be allowed in to join those who are already in, without loudly proclaiming to our inner selves that we who are in must be very good indeed” (10 August 1961).

        • I’m reminded of a joke by Groucho Marx that he wouldn’t want to belong to any organization that would have him as a member. Perhaps future nominations should decline on the basis that they wouldn’t want to belong to any society that would have the likes of Mann as a member.

  31. This election of Mann is right up there with Adolf Hitler being Time magazine’s man of the year.

  32. The proud and soft speaking driver of a super-heavy cargo lifter told me something about energy when Germany had decided to close all nuclear powerplants that I remember as:

    -“They tried to outsmart us with embargo and now all it takes is their own fairy-tales to ruin their economy better than any war could ever do.”

    To an extend he is more than right. Who needs old fashioned and costly wars while doomsday fairy tales are sufficient to destroy prosperity and any hope for recovery?

    Green brainwashing has more destructive potential than any known warfare.

  33. What an insult to science!!!

    It confirms something Bill Clinton said when filling in for wife Hillary at one of her 2016 rallies for which she was too sick to attend. Bill Clinton told the audience, “IN THIS POST TRUTH ERA, FACTS NO LONGER MATTER.”

    Today, in this corrupt world, that about sums it up!!!

  34. National Academy of Pseudoscience. Expect to see their journals at a grocery store checkout near you soon, right up there with National Inquirer.

    • JMichna
      Participation trophies only for those who support the appropriate political agenda.

  35. From the Mission of the National Academy of Sciences:
    “Approximately 500 current and deceased members of the NAS have won Nobel Prizes.

    Now they can proudly update it to 501.

  36. For several decades now, “science” in the academic world has been about making shit up in a way that conforms to the peer group. Predicting the future is also popular.
    Mann has risen to the top.

  37. “…and investigations of the geophysical and ecological system responses to climate variability …”
    I ran across his name in a biological journal, last author in a series, but lost the reference, not important. Resume padding is enormous, journals have rules against it, but would like to see the numbers of how this has changed over the years. Allows incompetent administrators to sit in their office safe spaces. If he is an ecological expert I am one on electrical engineering. Roomed with one in college.

    • I may have that wrong, could have been a biological paper in a marine journal, anyway was not in climate science. Anyway, resumes need to be checked closely. Everybody is an ecological expert nowadays.

  38. Ah. Time for our daily “2 Minutes Of Hate.”

    But with today’s special guest star, can we make it 10 minutes?

      • The toads are too good looking to sully with that name, fred.

        Well, I’ve got one ugly female toad, but I wanted her to have little toadlets, so I named her Repunzel. Besides, that full head of blond hair she has looks nothing like M. Mann’s hair. Well… the lack thereof.

  39. At the time it was awarded, OJ deserved the Heisman. Same with Reggie Bush but they took his back and vacated his teams wins.

    I guess I’m saying, we still have hope.

  40. Fixing a statement made in above article . . . corrected version: “Membership in the NAS once was one of the highest honors given to a scientist or engineer in the United States.”

  41. The Human-Caused Climate Change Hoax has corrupted all of science. Mann should be acknowledged for his contributions to that.

    Formerly respectable science organiztions drinking the CAGW Koolaide. They are not enhancing Mann’s reputation by honoring him, they are diminishing their own reputations, in the eyes of the knowledgeable.

  42. NAS PResident Marcia McNutt no doubt pushed Mann’s endorsement through. McNutt is about as dishonest as they come on the Climate Scam, so she’s just packing the house with her ilk. Sad future ahead for NAS. Of course, McNutt herself is still hoping to be the WH OSTP/Science advisor a Dim President, to push the climate scam along to the Green New Deal lunacy.

  43. Political organizations will act politically. The NAS is about as political as they get. It has nothing to do with science or truth, just agenda.

    I expect they will award Mann the Nobel Peace Prize at some point – another political organization.

    They can continue this nonsense for a few more decades, but eventually they run out of room to hide the truth. It will interesting to see if they can successfully distract people from ever realizing they had always been wrong.

  44. This guy would have an argument with him
    When I tried to say this several years ago I got hammered by the left. Interestingly enough in spite of the economic shutdown co2 continues to rise as per every year at this time

    How do guys with PHDS see this in such different ways? Think about, Should the one that is wrong have his degree rescinded, If you are getting a PhD in physics you can t be a lightweight, So you get guys like this or a Will Happer or Willie Soon, etc, how are they so educated but disagree so much with a Michael Mann. Of course, vice versa too, because despite what you may think of Dr Mann, to get that PhD he has to be pretty darn smart. But the very fact that you can get arguments like this ( or an opening with the continued rise of co2 while 30 million are unemployed and the global economic shut own, which should at least raise questions especially if you are pushing the shutdown as a way to stop co2 rise) has to mean this is certainly open for debate The problem is IT SHOULD BE A SCIENTIFIC DEBATE THAT DOES NOT CLAIM THE FATE OF THE WORLD DEPENDS ON THE ANSWER! and There is the hook. Its political and all this fighting that is going on is a smokescreen for an agenda, Read the article tho, he makes some points that I was taught back in the 70s, The again I got C’s in physics But its just nice that a PHD actually was saying it. Peace out

    • re: “If you are getting a PhD in physics you can t be a lightweight”

      Michael E. Mann, according to Wiki:


      A.B. applied mathematics and physics (1989),
      MS physics (1991),
      MPhil physics (1991),
      MPhil geology (1993),
      PhD geology & geophysics (1998)

      Hmmm … PhD geology & geophysics (1998)


      Doctoral and postgraduate studies

      Mann then attended Yale University, intending to obtain a PhD in physics, and received both an MS and an MPhil in physics in 1991. His interest was in theoretical condensed matter physics but he found himself being pushed towards detailed semiconductor work.

      He looked at course options with a wider topic area, and was enthused by PhD adviser Barry Saltzman about climate modelling and research. To try this out he spent the summer of 1991 assisting a postdoctoral researcher in simulating the period of peak Cretaceous warmth when carbon dioxide levels were high, but fossils indicated most warming at the poles, with little warming in the tropics.

      Mann then joined the Yale Department of Geology and Geophysics, obtaining an MPhil in geology and geophysics in 1993. His research focused on natural variability and climate oscillations. He worked with the seismologist Jeffrey Park, and their joint research adapted a statistical method developed for identifying seismological oscillations to find various periodicities in the instrumental temperature record, the longest being about 60 to 80 years. The paper Mann and Park published in December 1994 came to conclusions similar to those from a study developed in parallel using different methodology and published in January of that year, which found what was later called the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation.

      In 1994, Mann participated as a graduate student in the inaugural workshop of the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Geophysical Statistics Project aimed at encouraging active collaboration between statisticians, climatologists and atmospheric scientists. Leading statisticians participated, including Grace Wahba and Arthur P. Dempster.

      While still finishing his PhD research, Mann met UMass climate science professor Raymond S. Bradley and began research in collaboration with him and Park. Their research used paleoclimate proxy data from Bradley’s previous work and methods Mann had developed with Park, to find oscillations in the longer proxy records. “Global Interdecadal and Century-Scale Climate Oscillations During the Past Five Centuries” was published by Nature in November 1995.

      Another study by Mann and Park raised a minor technical issue with a climate model about human influence on climate change: this was published in 1996. In the context of controversy over the IPCC Second Assessment Report the paper was praised by those opposed to action on climate change, and the conservative organization Accuracy in Media claimed that it had not been publicised due to media bias. Mann defended his PhD thesis on A study of ocean-atmosphere interaction and low-frequency variability of the climate system in the spring of 1996, and was awarded the Phillip M. Orville Prize for outstanding dissertation in the earth sciences in the following year.

      He was granted his PhD in geology and geophysics in 1998.


      Given his educational background (and lack in formal training in certain areas), perhaps he is a little ‘thin’ on the ‘radiative (EM) theory’ as it applies to the earth, the atmosphere and cli sci?


    • No you do not have to be smart ot get a PhD. I have worked with plenty over the last 35 years. Certainly the PhD is no automatic guarantee of ability or knowledge. It is for the most part applied librarianship and an over intensive study of navel fluff. A PhD is a period of original research on a specific topic so it does not need to be discipline bound. Usually a PhD is not listed by subject but specifically by the title of the actual research performed. There is a poignant interview available on Youtube with the brilliant (sadly deceased) non PhD holding Freeman Dyson discussing the PhD system as a whole about which he was pointedly scathing.

  45. FWIW, according to my sources, Mann’s nomination was blackballed, which led to a debate about his suitability in front of the whole Society and a subsequent vote. Two members (described by one source as elderly Trump supporting climate deniers) took the side against, but didn’t manage to sway the membership. He was still elected. A very sad day for the NAS. Apparently the first time in a very long time that there was a blackball debate for the membership, so at least there’s that. But I’ll bet some key deaths in his section played a role. NAS has always been political and election is very dependent on factors unrelated to excellence in science, but I”m sorry to see MM elected. So underserved and such a slap in the face of scientific principles.

  46. His willingness to attack others without evidence is part of what makes him a disgrace to the profession.

    I saw an article today where a top official of a hospital attacked another covid testing operation with zero proof that it was failing or flawed. No direct comparisons, no sample swaps, just a self-interested assertion. Attacking others as amateurs, triggering investigations of them, demanding that they be stopped, again with zero scientific or medical evidence to back it up. The victims of this attack are the ones who get investigated, the ones who get questioned, the ones who are immediately under suspicion, while the aggressor gets none.

    Science and politics don’t belong together, but some disgraceful people are all too willing to blur lines for their own gain.

    It reminded me a lot of Mickey Mann.

  47. Another formerly credible organization goes down the crapper, just like the Psychiatrists Association…

  48. Biden – President
    Hillary – VP
    Mann-Secretary for the Environment, Industry and Employment.

    Maybe it might be better being a Chinese satrap? Or is that same diff?

  49. This such a disgrace to the real scientists out there who actually work ethically. I’m appalled and disgusted at the current state and reputation of “science” as it is now in large part in the pay of politicians and there is nowhere to go but spinning down the drain.

  50. Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences and director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center at Penn State, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, recognizing distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

    Original Research? Is that the new term for scientific fraud? There is certainly a new faux scientific term …to MANNipulate data!
    Dear God!
    I wish I was a member of NAS so I could resign in protest!
    A simply disgusting and odious man, Mann undeserving of anything but contempt from “straight” scientists!

  51. Where are the 100 world class scientists who contributed to Steyn’s book ‘A Disgrace to the Profession’?

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