NDT, Gavin Schmidt, and more on “Star Talk”: Coronavirus and Climate Change. #coronavirus

Watch, if you dare.


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    • Paul, no offense buddy but that scoring method sounds like a reciprocal IQ test 🙂

      Of course, some of us have been listening to the same broken record of record-breaking bullmilk that hasn’t got one ppm less delusory for decades, so you’re not by any means the slowest learner here.

      • You’re talking like a liberal. Liberals know in their hearts that conservatives are evil so they won’t even listen to what the conservatives are saying. link

        • A bunch of friggin clowns goofing around. I can’t wait 51 minutes to get to the punchline. I’ve better things to do like servicing my taps.

        • CommieBob,

          I *am* located on the centre-left of politics according to every questionnaire I’ve taken, though you may or may not guess that from my voting habits. (For what it’s worth, our ‘liberal’ politicians look much more sensible than their US counterparts, in my limited observation.)

          And I know in my heart—well, my brain, if we’re being technical—that good and evil people are distributed almost homogeneously along the spectrum.

          And I just admitted to having spent years listening to climate-believalist propaganda, so you wound me by insinuating I’m allergic to opposing ideas.

          And I was joking.

          And I broke the Poe-faced habit of a lifetime by indicating this with a smiley-face.

          But other than that, great criticism.

          • And I broke the Poe-faced habit of a lifetime by indicating this with a smiley-face.

            … to which I paid insufficient attention.

          • CommieBob

            About the smiley-face

            > … to which I paid insufficient attention,

            no worries, the occasional prosopagnostic episode happens to the best of us. 🙂

    • If the teaser image had been of Kneel in Da Grasse an Trysome, I wouldn’t have even clicked. Another version of #FakeNews click-bait to make me see … Arrrgh!

    • I made it to 5:25. GS doesn’t really know his atmospheric chemistry. At least his dress shows his level of respect.

    • I began projectile vomiting at 19:43 and had to stop. Maybe there was something in the last half hour that was not ridiculous?

      Why did you do this to us?

      My favorite highlight…
      If CO2 was purple then we’d realize it’s a pollutant. (And then everyone would have the visions of St Grrrrreta)
      Except if you put 415ppm purple dye into your swimming pool (let’s say 31 liters into 75,000 liters) and get used to the tint that produces, would you immediately notice adding 0.4ml per day (2ppm/yr)?

      • If they did that for oxygen, they’d find it was an even greater pollutant by several orders of magnitude.

      • Indeed you do!

        You win an honorary degree from the University of East Anglia, a handful of mud, and a kick in the head.

    • I laughed to myself when I saw your comment about how long you lasted, went back to see when I gave up and I was within 2 seconds of your time!

    • I got to 4:12 before the pulled the hook on this gong show.

      As my gigantic Polish friend Dr. Tadeuz used to rage: “Ver do zey get zeese IDIOTS!!!”

      • Seriously good people – no rational person could be this stupid for this long – the radical greens have a covert agenda. The US Democratic Party, with their Green New Deal lunacy, have now exposed that agenda – it is the destruction of our Western economic model and its replacement with the Marxist model that failed so abjectly in the 20th Century.

        ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’
        George Santayana, Winston Churchill

  1. Isn’t publishing false claims and exaggerated falsified data “criminal mischief”?

    In my eyes its like yelling “gun” in a theater or “fire” at a traffic stop.

  2. The throbbing illogic of coronahysteria and climahypocrisy Doesn’t Make Sense!

    As everyone knows, 300,000 people per annum are killed by climate change. Right? I mean, we deny it, but deep down we all know this, right? The UN Global Humanitarian Forum said it back in 2009, with a straight face, and I never heard any RealClimate-accredited scientists krush them for it, sooooo… it’s literally a real true fact, yeah?

    Yet nobody cares enough about that to, oh, I don’t know, remain indoors at all times. Then along comes a glorified cold that hasn’t even managed to kill half that many people, and NOW we finally figure that venturing out into the elements maybe isn’t worth the risk?

    Climate scientists must be apoplectic at all this talk of relaxing lockdown laws soon, just because the COVID-19 crisis has blown over, when you’re still more than twice as likely to die of climate change (Annan, K, 2009).

    I for one didn’t really blame Mike Mann for firing off his tweet, more in anger than in political correctness, putting into words the uncharitable thought that’s crossed all our minds at one time or another: the sheer irresponsibility of coronavictims.

    After all, every COVID admission means two people dying of climate change get kicked out of an ICU bed. From Rome to Madrid to New York, we’ve already seen refrigerated dead-wagons groaning on their axles with climate casualties, lucky if they can accommodate a corona caseload on top of that.

    Are people really incapable of thinking the math through to its trivial, terrible conclusion? 300,000 bodies per annum have to fit somewhere. And mortuary omnibuses aren’t infinitely expansible. They have occupancy limits, for good reason. For the safety of all on board.

    I fear it may take a total cluster-frag to wake people up. Perhaps we’ll finally grasp that dying of an avoidable infection is NOT a victimless crime the day an overloaded plague-cart flips and slides straight into a school-bus full of nuns on the way to wheelchair basketball practice. When Main Street is caked with the chilled bodies of warming victims, topped by a grisly icing of former virus patients, maybe then the public will demand tough laws against COVID19 symptoms.

    In the meantime the best scientists and policymakers can do is use the same approach that’s been the cornerstone of climate communication: social distancing, as semioticians call it. That means not only refusing to engage with the infected and recently disembarked (which as Lewandowsky famously put it is not the solution but a tremendous waste of time), but more importantly the use of ‘othering’ language to dehumanize and abstract them away.

    Or perhaps the climate community will lead by example, refusing to leave their houses for the next few decades for any but the most unavoidable chores (like attending tropical conferences). What a powerful symbol that would be of the fact that when they make laughable claims about the dangers of AGW, they’re NOT, in fact, laughing on the inside like everyone assumes.

    • Oh gawd Brad, what a classic rant! Brilliant!

      … every COVID admission means two people dying of climate change get kicked out of an ICU bed…

      And mortuary omnibuses aren’t infinitely expansible. They have occupancy limits, for good reason. For the safety of all on board.


    • Let’s not forget that we are 100% guaranteed of dying from old age if something else doesn’t kill us 1st. The problem we are having is that the “Chicken Little’s” in the Propaganda Press wish us to believe that the people dying were NOT already scheduled for the eternal e-ticket ride due to old age or something else before the Corona Virus came along and stole all the credit. Or better yet, was awarded credit by the Bureaucrats and Propaganda Ministry.

      Beware all. This is simply chapter 1 of the saga of setting the precedent for immersion into CAG – Centralized Authoritarian Government. Chapter 2 will become the “See it worked” narrative to CYA their sorry lying butts when the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t materialize and otherwise healthy people survive this latest strain of cold virus. The Final Chapter will be rinse and repeat, now that the precedent has been set and unchallenged. They will shut us down at the first “sound the alarm” hand wringing reports from the Propaganda Press.

    • Keep up Brad.
      The 300,000 corpses were later adjusted down to 0.0 by homogenizing that number with the number of people around the world who DIDN’T die of climate change in any given year, while living in all the different climates this planet has to offer.

      • Nonsense. Adjustments are never downwards, Mister, if that really IS your honorific.

        Our perverse and disproportionate responses to the climavirus and coronavirus respectively prove one thing and one thing only:

        For all the progress we like to think we’ve made as a society, we still live in a world where 145,000 rich, white, Northern-Hemisphere lives trump 300,000 imaginary ones any day.

        I bet you’re not even a real surgical Fellow. You strike me as a Prof., at best. Harrumph!

  3. If someone cuts themselves, an easy and immediate solution to stop the bleeding is stop the heart. Bleeding will stop very shortly after.

  4. From what I recall on a BBC radio 4 interview Gavin was trying to distance himself from likes of alarmist movement (such as XR, GThunberg /StefanR, GPeace) and put his research as on going.

  5. Lives shortened by air pollutants are predominently in countries where wood and dung heating is used.

  6. From what I;ve watched si far, they seem to be happy CO2 and other emissions have gone down but are entirely unperturbed that the world’s economy has tanked. Not sure I can watch any more.

  7. Nope, I’m not going to watch it. I wouldn’t want YouTube recommending others like it.

    Stay safe and healthy, all.


  8. Well I watched it.

    Gavin’s bit is only the first 20 mins or so and IMO the last part is the most interesting where he answers what he thinks the GCMs have modeled right.

    Its hilarious that he thinks a 1960’s model predicted about 1C warming by the turn of the century got it right. The fact is that 1960s models cant have been physics based because you have more computing power in your car keys than they had available back then.

    And he mentioned the stratospheric cooling meant the models were successful…but as far as I can see if the earth is retaining energy, the upper atmosphere must be radiating less, pretty much by definition. So no points on that one either Gavin.

    And then he said the GCMs predicted the rate and amount of ocean heat content change. Really? Really Gavin? I asked him directly about that about a decade ago (on Real Climate) suggesting the OHC changes would be a great measure of model accuracy and he dodged the question and said he didn’t have the results of OHC change in the models but he thought someone might have had had those results somewhere. He never produced them.

    • Given the time it takes to do their climate runs, I doubt the 1960’s computers’ mean time between failures would allow the completion of even one run.

      This used to be a common comment by the programmers I worked with (I was a hardware maintenance tech) when they were at university, with much smaller programs than a climate model.

      • It’s not really the size of the programs, it’s the number of iterations required before anything useful (and I use that word in its loosest possible definition) comes out.

    • TTTMan,
      I hop scotched my way through it and happened to see Gavin’s claims of perfect predictions at about 18 minutes in. Amazing bits of revisionism there! For the most part, what I saw was flaccid guffawing at each others limp ‘jokes’, non-science seldom intersecting to reality, and little else. On an intellectually stimulating merit basis it was akin to shaving my head with a cheese grater whilst chewing on aluminum foil.

  9. Schmidt is a middling mathematician, not very charismatic or charming or convincing, so as far as career advancement goes, that leaves other reasons for getting to where he is.

    Schmidt has advanced via bad, unwanted traits, disingenuousness, dishonesty, arrogance, denial, pretentiousness, self delusion, and some flare for the self preservation.

    The person they needed was someone who was willing do “do what needs to be done”, morals not required, Schmidt was chosen to succeed Hansen because Schmidt was willing to lie cheat and steal as needed.

    He’s the Nixon of NASA appointments

    • He’s not a middling mathematician, he’s a clueless code writer who strings together arithmetic operations until he gets the result he wants. A middling mathematician would be more creative in obscuring the internal inconsistencies in their work

    • Other than being caught, can you name anything Nixon did that Democrat presidents don’t routinely do?

      • Democrats get caught and get away with it. Biden accuses of sexual assault, Justin Fairfax Lt Gov of Va, accused of rape by 2 female democrats. He is still Lt Gov. They get caught but there is no accountability required by other democrats.

  10. All that punching to the head he sustained during his boxing career sure had an effect on his mind hasn’t it…:)

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but Tyson is an astrophysicist correct? Astrophysics is where he needs to stay. Talking about hypothesis of how stars form, how the solar system is observed to work, and other otherworldly mechanics.

    Last I checked, Tyson did not have a degree in biology, marine biology, geology, chemistry, epidemiology, or virology. So…..what exactly does he have to do with anything on those subjects? Nill.

    I didn’t watch it BTW. I am not giving this video another view.

      • And he’s not alone.

        I’ve read more stupid comments from trespassers than I care to admit.

        Any 2nd year oceanography or marine bio student can poke holes in their so called expert opinions and any first year botanist can do the same with more fury.

  12. I observe a whole lot of joking or half-joking condescension on the part of these so called “experts” (this is why we have all the comments here as to how nauseating the whole thing is). There is just no self awareness or introspection by these ‘perpetrators of alarm’ as to possibly being wrong about *anything* in particular. Also there is no self awareness as to the kind of dumbed down phraseology that they are using in this video?
    I mean, if a time traveler were to pop in and see this, the poor fellow would be convinced that the world had been overtaken by a plague of Marching Morons!

    I managed to get a little more than half way through this, with the closest thing to reflective thought in the video coming in at the 29:45 or so mark, in the response to Neil D. Tyson’s plaintively asking:

    “Will governments learn something about the coronavirus that they can apply to staving off climate change?

    At this point the jocular commentator on our screen’s upper right hand corner (whoever he is) says “Come on Neil, I’m supposed to be doin’ the comedy .. ” *Almost* an intelligent comment by the responder there — at which point the ever so smart K. Hayhoe then says “One would hope so..” ? So the ever so funny thing is that stupid remarks by ‘Mr. Neil’ obviously should be taken seriously?

    The ‘Mr. Random Commentator guy then makes another try at saying something intelligent by raising concerns about food insecurity, but with no specifics as to what would be worth worrying about re. coronavirus, re. climate change, etc.

  13. All the fawning in the comments… reminds me of Jim Jones.

    I left a few replies, lets see how many names I get called.

  14. If CO2 was purple? I mean, since the atmospheric concentration has gone from 0.028% to 0.042% since World War II, the purple stuff should still be pretty damn invisible, wouldn’t you say, Gavin? The science is settled, though, sorry for asking questions.

    • Gavin says:

      Purple haze, all in my brain
      Lately things they don’t seem the same
      Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
      Excuse me while I kiss the sky

  15. My favorite NGT moment was an interview when he was asked about Bill Nye. He could not stop praising Nye. The interviewers then noted that a portion of an older episode of “the Science Guy” in which Nye discussed chromosomes and gender determination had been deleted. NGT started stumbling and was like, “Well Gee…ummm…not my field…maybe science on the topic has changed…” blah blah blah.

    • Michael
      NGT. Yes, that is probably a better acronym than what is usually used for Non-Destructive Testing.

  16. NDT started his current TV season of Cosmos with a correct description of science and the Scientific Method. He even admitted that the science is never settled. He talks the talk. However, in the most recent episode he made numerous claims about climate change, stated as absolutely true with no caveats, hints of uncertainty, or explicit assumptions. He doesn’t walk the talk.

    • NDT has never walked the talk. Ever. Too salary dependent.
      And to complete the absurdity, where has the clown Bill Nye been lately?

  17. I’m hungry.

    Ordinarily, I would say because of climate change, but now I think it’s because of coronavirus, since, after all, isn’t the saying, “feed a cold”?

  18. Had to stop at the the 12 min mark into this farce. It was just too much for me to continue watching three jerks pontificating over things that they actually know very little about, scientifically.

    I now have to go take some Pepto-Bismol.

  19. When Director of the Goddard Institute blew the definition of NOx at 5:17 I could see he was talking out his a$$. Then at about 12:00 he was asked to compare climate models to corona models. This is a very good question with an obvious answer yet he launched on a campaign of excuses for their massive failures. I cut off funding to their sponsors at this point.

  20. Gavin Schmidt doesn’t deserve one minute of my time, but what happened to Neil DeGrasseTyson? I’ve only recently really watched a number of videos enjoying his fascinating knowledge and charming explanation of astrophysics. And now this nonsense? Is it caused by what one would call megalomania? Thinking he can also be an expert in other fields? – I’m so sorry he has allowed himself to come down like that.

  21. After 3 days I finally sat myself down and listened to this whole video. It is sad and sobering to see those who should know better completely debase themselves with slick talk – not science – and laugh all the way through it.

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