Forbes: Chinese and EU Leadership Required to Solve Global Warming

President of China, Xi Jinping arrives in London, 19 October 2015.
President of China, Xi Jinping arrives in London, 19 October 2015. By Foreign and Commonwealth Office (China State Visit) [CC BY 2.0 or OGL], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Forbes authors are worried USA’s America first policies are upsetting the established international climate leadership of China and the European Union.

Climate Change Helped Global Cooperation. Will Coronavirus Undermine It?

By Nives Dolsak, Aseem Prakash, and Nicolas Wittstock

Climate change and Coronavirus are global problems. The former encouraged global cooperation (although the U.S. has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement) while the latter seems to create “us” versus “them” dynamics among countries. Would Corona-nationalism undermine global cooperation in the future?

Cross-border movements change the governance game. Countries recognize that some of these flows bring prosperity and reduce harm. But if not managed well, these flows can bring misery and create domestic discord. The dilemma for governments is that while they want to retain control over their borders, they cannot manage international flows unilaterally, at least not for long periods of time. If a country does get into a “North Korea” mode of shunning international connections, it suffers an economic and political penalty.

To manage these flows, countries establish international regimes and organizations which are staffed by experts. These regimes create rules, outline best practices, share resources, and provide mechanisms to make sure that countries are living up to their commitments. But creating a regime is not easy because of power, jealousy, and mistrust among countries. After all, why would a country give up its autonomy to make rules and hand over the power to an international actor? This is where the presence of a powerful country—a hegemon—could be helpful. After all, you need someone to herd the cats together — through bribe, bullying, or simply exercising moral authority. 

Global cooperation on climate issues was helped by the leadership of the European Union (E.U.), and increasingly, China. In contrast, no country or organization seems to have emerged as a global public health leader. If anything, there is discord among great powers such as the U.S. and China. Worse still, while major international climate bodies have a reputation of independence and technical competence (the International Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, even got the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize), the World Health Organization (WHO), the premier organization in public health, faces a credibility crisis.

Public health cooperation could be facilitated if there is a forum where national leaders regularly meet. The annual Conferences of Parties to address climate issues play an important role for climate cooperation. Another example is the annual meeting of I.M.F. and World Bank Governors, central bankers, and finance ministers, which allows for a regular high-level dialogue on economic issues. If global cooperation on pandemics is to be strengthened, a platform is probably required to facilitate an annual meeting of heads of states, or at least health ministers. The WHO is probably running low on legitimacy to organize this event. Perhaps the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust together could organize an annual World Health Forum, akin to the World Economic Forum in Davos, to create a platform for this purpose.

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They have the Chinese bribery and bullying right, what the authors glossed over is the lying.

The reason China is in no position to take on a global health leadership role, and why their other global leadership aspirations are in tatters, is they got caught lying their butts off about something which really matters, about the severity of their Coronavirus outbreak.

These lies will have real consequences. In the past when Chinese companies got busted putting toxic antifreeze in toothpaste, or decorating children’s toys with lead paint, or selling asbestos building products labelled “asbestos free”, or when they injured and killed babies when they added melamine to baby formula, everyone assumed these incidents were an anomaly; that once alerted the Chinese government would act quickly to punish wrongdoers.

Now we have incontrovertible proof Chinese communists simply don’t care. All they care about is appearances. They gambled away the health of the world when they lied about the Coronavirus outbreak, like it didn’t matter.

International cooperation requires trust. Trust requires honesty. And the only leading country which has been transparently honest about Coronavirus, Climate policy and other international policy objectives is the USA, under the leadership of President Trump.

Update (EW): Chris Morris reminds us the Chinese were also busted adding Melamine to baby formula.

87 thoughts on “Forbes: Chinese and EU Leadership Required to Solve Global Warming

  1. “The Forbes authors are worried USA’s America first policies are upsetting the established international climate leadership of China and the European Union.”

    But this is a good thing. But just upsetting the established international climate leadership isn’t enough, it must be disbanded so that science can be restored to climate science.

    • co2isnotevil, your calling out Forbes is right on. China has a policy of whatever is good for advancing the power of China is OK, and subterfuge to get it done is also OK. European leadership? Where. Here is the deliberate misunderstanding of others about President Trumps “America First” plan: his focus is on America First, and he has invited all other countries to take care of their own country first also, just not by deceptive and destructive practices. Good posting by Eric, stay sane and safe.

      • It would be interesting to open the books of these “Capitalist” publications to see how much $$$ they have received from the ChiComs to publish this MBE propaganda. We know that the NGOs are bought and paid for–open their books as well.

    • China is a great leader! “Do as I say, not as I do” leader. The worst example in the world to use. Also, a morally bankrupt, xenophobic (in the real sense of the word) country.

    • Lots of vested interests will suffer in the post-Corona world. Forbes is the mouthpiece for those who stand to lose, and is desperately trying to find a way to resurrect a world which no longer exists.

  2. “while major international climate bodies have a reputation of independence and technical competence (the International Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, even got the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize)”

    How does a Peace Prize translate to technical competence?

    • “How does a Peace Prize translate to technical competence?”
      It doesn’t. The Peace Prize is awarded to whatever is regarded as politically correct and trendy. When Obama got it, it was widely assumed here in Norway that it was meant as a door-opener to the White House, that is, more influence for Norwegian politicians.

      • The gave Obama the Peace prize, naively thinking this would put some kind of moral obligation on him to earn it. Also because they thought is was really “cool” to have a non-white POTUS.

        Of course the lyeurs of the climate establishment and their cheerleaders in the MSM have always referred to this as winning a Nobel Prize, with the dishonest suggestion that it was an award for scientific excellence.

  3. “Global cooperation on climate issues was helped by the leadership of the European Union (E.U.), and increasingly, China.”
    What, wait…CHINA???

    Is this the same China that pledged, as their contribution to fighting climate change for the Paris Accord, to do nothing to cut emissions, in fact to keep increasing them for 15 years?

    And Forbes thinks that’s leadership.

    Well ya know, I think that’s the kind of leadership I could get behind, let’s every country follow China’s example and ramp up emissions.

    But I don’t think that’s what the idiots at Forbes had in mind.

    • 100% Art. China is racing to build those coal-fired power stations so that its CO2 levels are comfortably sustainable under the Paris Agreement when they reach the due date.

      But, look, these writers at Forbes must know this. And the fact that they have this knowledge, yet can still write such specious drivel about China’s so-called leadership on global warming issues, indicates their dishonesty.

      The world is polarising into two camps – those who want one global governance authority run by self-appointed ‘good’ people who will make the rules and re-distribute the wealth, and those who prefer the sovereign nation state run by representatives who are elected by the people they seek to govern.

      The people who seek the first solution have to find some way of subverting democracy and ‘saving the planet’ is the legitimisation tool. That’s what this article and these authors are all about.

  4. “And the only leading country which has been transparently honest about Coronavirus, Climate policy and other international policy objectives is the USA, under the leadership of President Trump.”
    A couple of tweets from that leader:
    March 27, 2020
    “Just finished a very good conversation with President Xi of China. Discussed in great detail the CoronaVirus that is ravaging large parts of our Planet. China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the Virus. We are working closely together. Much respect!”

    Jan 25
    “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

    And here is the leader tweeting transparently on Feb 25:

    “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

    • The picture was confused in January and February, IMO the WHO was running interference for China.

      For example, the following is the WHO announcing in late February that the virus had peaked.—26-february-2020

      As for President Trump’s March remarks, I have no doubt China is making a real effort to contain the epidemic inside China now, when it is too late to prevent global spread. I suspect the Communist grip on power is especially tenuous right at this moment, people are pissed, and its likely hitting red army soldiers especially hard; difficult to stop the spread when people are packed into close quarters. If they don’t make it right, at least inside China, they might not last the year.

      • Eric,
        “The picture was confused in January and February”
        The President of the USA is supposed to have access to the world’s best intelligence. He is also supposed to know whether in fact, the CV is very much under control in the USA. If giving stock tips, one might also expect him to be well informed. The Dow was at 27081 on Feb 25th.

        • As I said before, WUWT sounded the alarm in January.

          Do I wish leaders including Trump had acted sooner? Absolutely. But with WHO downplaying the disease and praising Chinese efforts, which up until February mostly consisted of attempted coverups, I understand why leaders received a confused picture and hesitated to act.

          Having said that I’m not suggesting the CIA should be let off for what appears to be a massive intelligence failure.

          Mossad found a solution to groupthink – the tenth man. This was instituted in response to intelligence failures leading up to the six day war. In Mossad if nine people in an intelligence meeting agree on an interpretation of the data, it is the duty of the tenth man to disagree, to assume they are all wrong.

          So far Israel only has 103 deaths.

          Maybe the CIA needs to do something similar.

          • Eric,
            “Having said that I’m not suggesting the CIA should be let off for what appears to be a massive intelligence failure.”
            The US had specific non-CIA arrangements for monitoring epidemics with global potential. There was, for example, a CDC expert embedded in China’s CDC in Beijing (Dr Linda Quick). Her position was eliminated as of September, 2019 (she left a bit earlier). There was, notably, a White House pandemic response team dedicated to pandemic response, lead by Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer on the NSC. He left abruptly when Bolton arrived in May 2018, and the unit was disbanded.

        • Nick Stokes
          April 11, 2020 at 11:51 pm

          You are openly showing disrespect and hatred towards Trump, the president of USA in a time of serious global crisis.
          I know, a lot of so called Americans do the same too, every other day, mainly in MSM but not only, including the elected political left.
          Only just saying.
          It ain’t either good or pretty.


          • Nick is obviously a Trump hater quoting tweets without context. I will enjoy the anger and despair of all Trump haters when he wins another term with an even larger electoral vote total than 2016. I will enjoy seeing Trump continue to disassemble the globalist and communist schemes for domination by realigning the whole global economy. I will enjoy seeing the EU’s power erode as more nations decide to leave. That is what we are looking to come to pass barring assassination.

        • Well, there you go again….

          You acting like, much like you do the with climate, that world is static and unchanging. That there are no dynamic loads which are always working to get into equilibrium and can never achieve that state.

          People do not always work honorably or at all.

          And what a human may decide to do in reaction to any set of data may be in fact be different from a Tuesday to a Wednesday, even though the same set of data was given and the change was purely because it became a Wednesday.

        • Nick Stokes

          You are conflating two issues here.

          Epidemic and Pandemic.

          But we get it. You conform to the orange man bad position. But thanks to the freedom and mobility of Americans, supported by Trump, the virus has spread quickly.

          But in Totalitarian China, the virus has been largely controlled, by the very means by which China controls it’s own people, by oppression and misery.

          Kindly contextualise your comments before posting.

        • Nick Stokes

          “WHO’s to blame?

          Earlier this week Donald Trump threatened to freeze US funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) – placing the agency under increased scrutiny.

          Repeated lapses of judgement throughout this crisis throw up questions around whether the WHO is fit for purpose. It took China’s reporting in good faith, parroted misinformation around human-to-human transmission, and claimed as late as March that the “stigma” around Covid-19 was “more dangerous than the virus itself”. Its actions may have led to greater human suffering and a higher death toll.

          Responding to Donald Trump’s statement, Christopher Snowdon, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics, said:

          “Donald Trump is right to consider suspending funding of the WHO. Its mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic means that it can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt.
          “This unaccountable organisation makes FIFA look like boy scouts. It spends half its time obsessing over sugary drinks, vaping and drinking while repeatedly dropping the ball on infectious diseases.

          The WHO urgently needs reform. As one of its biggest funders, the British government should demand changes or withdraw its support.”

          Institute of Economic Affairs.

          • Well, let me just quote again the President’s tweet of March 25:
            “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

            Don’t you get whiplash sometimes?

          • Nick Stokes
            April 12, 2020 at 3:49 am

            “CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart.”
            You still blame, therefor disrespect and clearly show hatred towards Trump,
            in consideration of him changing his position in something that you your self still consider it to be valid.
            Like all others there that disrespect and hate him uphold the same grounds.

            And technically, in his consideration he does not need much to add to it’s stated earlier position to brink IT to a realistic reflection;

            “CDC & World Health Organization have been working hard and very smart…
            in deceiving him ”

            The question arising here Nick;

            Can the rest, especially the ones who disrespect and hate him, adjust properly in the same way, accordingly?
            Can you?

            TDS is an ugly bitch.


          • Nick Stokes – On February 25, 2020 there were 51 cases of COVID-19 reported in the US. It seems to me that what the President said on February 25 was reasonable. What you are saying about the President on April 12 is not.

          • “Nick Stokes – On February 25, 2020 there were 51 cases of COVID-19 reported in the US. It seems to me that what the President said on February 25 was reasonable.”

            Trump was saying pretty much what the Democrats were saying, too. Nick ought to put some Nancy Pelosi or Governor Cuomo quotes for the same dates up. I recall Nancy telling everyone to go to Chinatown because they were not in danger from the virus. Cuomo said much the same.

            The truth is noone knew much about this Wuhan virus. Trump put a travel ban on China one week after the first case appeared in the United States. I don’t see how he could have acted much faster, especially considering the lies coming out of the Chinese leadership and the WHO.

        • Is this the same intelligence that was spying on him during the campaign?

          Russian Collllluuuusion.

          Nick I lose respect for your thinking abilities more and more.

      • A classic Nick Stokes deflection now ask him to put up all the stuff from Xi at the same time which shows Xi was lying thru his teeth.

        This is Xi on the 24th of Feb
        Apparently it was so under control workers were going back to work 🙂

        US did not and still does not have full facts.
        China is actively censoring the CoronaVirus reporting and has even started pulling down research papers that don’t agree with the official line.

        • “Apparently it was so under control workers were going back to work “
          Your link describes a plan for resuming work, as of 24 Feb. And indeed it was well past the peak. They had had (by that report) more than 77000 cases; currently at 81953. The work that had resumed, according to your article, was
          “According to the National Development and Reform Commission on Monday, the rate of resumption of work for the iron and steel industry was at 67.4%, while that for nonferrous metals was at 86.3%. Food processing was back up at more than 70%, while coal mine production was back up at 76%, NDRC said.”
          AFAIK, in the USA (now over 500,000 cases) those industries are still functioning.

          • 21 million cancelled cell phone accounts in China is perhaps a hint as to why the WFO is locked down right now. That or the MSM finally managed to demonstrate their power to create global panic.

            Neither is good and if either turns out to be factual (assuming we ever know or live to know) then the Chinese gov and/or the MSM should be held to account.

            What we do know is the USA imposed tariffs on China shortly before all this came down. Perhaps the international banker is running this show…can’t rock the global gov boat or else…

          • Here comes the Stokes redefinition it’s almost as good as the chinese censors…. XI lied and then deliberately lied and then blatantly lied an no amount of Stokes defense will change that.

      • Nick Stokes

        The Coronavirus IS under control. Or hadn’t you noticed?

        What would it be like had the steps Trumps Government has taken, not been taken?

        Nor is it Trump himself, as you persistently present it, he’s subject to medical advice and is duty bound to follow best advice.

        Or would you rather he treated New York like the Chinese treated Wuhan. Or perhaps you would like ScoMo to introduce those tactics in Aus?

        Nobody knows what’s going on here. Everyone’s making it up as they go along and learning as best they can.

        It appears your solution is to take pot shots at Trump.

        • HotScot,
          While I generally agree with your reasoning, the following I just had to comment on:

          “The Coronavirus IS under control. Or hadn’t you noticed?”
          Once something like this gets as widespread as it is, there is no controlling it. You can only survive it.

          “What would it be like had the steps Trumps Government has taken, not been taken?”
          Nobody knows. Nobody CAN know. Any conclusions about what might have happened is pure speculation. You can pick one you like, but there’s no rational basis for that decision.

    • Nick Stokes
      April 11, 2020 at 11:05 pm

      The Forbes article seems to emphasize in the transparency…
      needed these days to be uphold even by international fascistic organizations, if such organizations
      really want to achieve global domination… and rule over others and sovereign countries and
      command-dictate over the rules and freedoms of sovereign nations .

      Last time I checked Billy Gates is still a very very influential mega reach man, but still he ain’t a Chinese
      or a climate activist or a legitimate elected leader… neither is Soros for that mater…
      regardless what “zombie” activist groups , with fascistic tendencies, like Antifa, think or believe.
      It does not matter also what MSM, the sold out brain dead decadent brigade, keeps shouting from the
      top of the pile.

      And the elected leader, the POTUS, happens to be Donald J Trump…
      in the country of the free and the brave.
      And there are quite a few other free nations still out there, of sovereign and brave people.

      And what matters most in the end of the day, is the peoples decision of whether to give away their freedom and sovereign independence to a fascist global ruling club, for some more extra fake security,
      or make sure that the rule of Law, democracy, the brilliant cultural-economical achievement and freedom is maintained, preserved, protected and not given away.

      only time will tell

      Elections have consequences,
      and same could be said for the appeasement to crime,
      destructive malevolence, abusive tyrannical authority and stupidity.


  5. When you want leadership on what is “at best” an out-right scam on your financial future, and a worst a turn to totalitarianism like they ‘enjoy’ in Red China and its ability to direct its people to be sheep, yes then this is what you want.

    Judenrat Soros highly approves of the climate scam and totalitarianism. If you do too, then go join him in Hell.

  6. The conventional rules for April 1st jokes state they cease at 12 midday April 1st. When someone puts the words EU and leadership in juxtaposition you just know it is a wind up. Maybe we need to send the authors a note reminding them, funny stories cease at 12.00 on April 1st, not on the 12th of April.
    The give away or tell, was mentioning the Nobel Peace Prize award, given to the IPCC, a more pointless back scratching exercise it is impossible to imagine. Oh wait! The EU was also given the same Nobel Prize a few years later, so the insanity repeats itself. It must be China’s turn next….

    • Arafat?
      Then there was Obama…
      And Saint Greta waiting in the wings.
      Most rational folk would be properly insulted if offered a Nobel Peace Prize. Although tempted by the money, I guess.

      • The money is hardly the most important thing about winning the Peace Prize. Status matters a lot, and most of all, PR for the person or cause. There are several embarrassing examples of Prize Winners, but to be fair, also many important causes that have been given valuable international attention in this way.

        And the Prize comes with a price, too. When a Chinese dissident won the Peace Prize, China cut off all official political contact with Norway for several years, and the export business also suffered. Norway finally had to make an embarrassing admission of “guilt” to normalize the situation, although the Norwegain government is not responsible for the award, only the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

  7. The only actual global problems are the bunch of climate fraudsters and incompetent murderers at the UN and OMS (and some other international associations which all deserve to be eradicated).

    “Climate change” is a complete fraud and when correctly treated, SARS-COV2 is nothing more than a flu, perhaps a tough one (not even sure about that, stats and particularly, deaths attribution analysis will tell) but nothing more :

    I bet that containment will cause way more deaths, severe diseases, injuries, opportunity losses and globally, much more life expectancy decrease than SARS-COV 2 :
    – 2020 will not be seen by historians as the year of the “great” pandemic, but the year Humankind committed suicide by following the recommendations of a bunch of climate fraudsters and psychopaths who steal money from the taxpayers since decades.

  8. “For example, the following is the WHO announcing in late February that the virus had peaked”
    That announcement is that the epidemic had peaked in China (it was from a group that had been investigating there). That was true. It also said:
    “Yesterday, the number of new cases reported outside China exceeded the number of new cases in China for the first time.
    The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning”

    “WHO has already declared a public health emergency of international concern – our highest level of alarm.”

      • But not a pandemic. No recommendation to close borders. That didn’t happen until March.

        • From just above your quote;

          The increase in cases outside China has prompted some media and politicians to push for a pandemic to be declared. We should not be too eager to declare a pandemic without a careful and clear-minded analysis of the facts.

          • Eric,
            “From just above your quote”
            Further down, he explains in detail his “analysis of the facts”. As he says, they have already issued their highest level of alarm. “Pandemic” just adds a descriptor. Here is what he said:

            “Of course, we will not hesitate to use the word pandemic if it is an accurate description of the situation.
            We are monitoring the evolution of the epidemic around the clock, 24/7 and are engaging experts internally and externally on this issue.
            For the moment, we are not witnessing sustained and intensive community transmission of this virus, and we are not witnessing large-scale severe disease or death.
            China has fewer than 80,000 cases in a population of 1.4 billion people. In the rest of the world, there are 2,790 cases, in a population of 6.3 billion.
            Do not mistake me: I am not downplaying the seriousness of the situation, or the potential for this to become a pandemic, because it has that potential.
            Every scenario is still on the table.
            On the contrary, we are saying that this virus has pandemic potential and WHO is providing the tools for every country to prepare accordingly.”

  9. If I was looking for “Moral Leadership”, I would far rather trust the Goodfellows of Cosa Nostra than the Chinese Politburo or the incompetent Marxist slime who head up the EU.

    • Martin Howard Keith Brumby
      April 12, 2020 at 12:17 am

      In the case of Cosa Nostra V Communism (Marxists in control and power).

      One of the, had some grip and operational methodology based in some kind of code of honor that had to stand…
      when the other completely devoid of it, and incapable of even understanding such as, let alone operating under such clause, completely dishonorable, devious, immoral to the core of the bone and marrow… unscrupulous soulless butchering murderers.

      let you guess who is who….


  10. “Emmanuel Macron warns Europe: NATO is becoming brain-dead”. In reality, the U.S. is generally on the right track to take the lead, merely taking the risky path of the economy and climate change. It is also very thought-provoking how he let his allies in Syria down.

    • “Emmanuel Macron warns Europe: NATO is becoming brain-dead”

      NATO is in the best shape it has ever been, and it has a competent leader: Donald Trump.

      I don’t think Macron likes the fact that Donald Trump is the leader of NATO, and Macron favors an EU army over a NATO army, so he disparages NATO, for political reasons.

      Is France contributing its 2 percent per year to NATO? I don’t know the answer to that one, although I suspect not.

      I do know that Germany is not paying its fair share. Instead of paying 2 percent, Germany is paying around 1 percent. Trump has more work to do. These cheapskates may be holding out for a Democrat to win the next presidential election. There are probably a lot of scoundrels around the globe hoping for that. They’re going to be *so* disappointed. 🙂

  11. Unfortunately more than half a century of Mao’s communist brutality has spawned a society without a moral compass. Emperor Xi is not an accident. What China could have been can be seen in Taiwan. If there were anything to be learned from the Chinese better look to Taipei than to Beijing.

    • I spent a week in Taipei in 2003 on a business trip, during the SARS outbreak.

      No coverup, but an impressive abundance of caution. Every hotel guest was tested at least once per day.

      There were thermal imaging cameras everywhere.

      What they have is what is missing from mainland China; an open society which faces problems honestly and deals with them.

  12. So, in short, they want a Chinese lead, one-world, communist, Govn’t? I am sure the Chinese will step up to the mark, but are the rest of us willing to pay the price?

  13. The PRC leadership is all about world domination. To get there they have to get past the US. I strongly suggest everyone watches this video of a speech from Sec. of State Pompeo (A former CIA director) where he gives some specific examples of just some of the ways the Chinese communists are trying to subvert our government, society, and commerce.

  14. Nick, you want to play the quote game? Okay.

    “There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday.” -NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot, Feb. 2

    “We celebrate New Year together – we are united, and we celebrate this extraordinary Chinese community the largest of any city outside of Asia.” -NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Feb. 9

    “If you’re under 50 & you’re healthy, which is most NYers, there’s very little threat here. This disease, even if you were to get it, basically acts like a common cold or flu. And transmission is not that easy.” -NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Feb. 10

    “The facts are reassuring …we have a lot of information now, information that is actually showing us things that should give us more reason to stay calm and go about our lives.” -NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mar. 2

    “I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives and get out on the town despite Coronavirus” –NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mar. 3

  15. Given recent satellite photos of the diminishment of air pollution over China and Europe, if the PRC and EU truly want to “solve” global-warming-climate-change, they should keep their economies shut down permanently as they have during the Covid-19 scare.

  16. The only thing Red China understands is a boot on their neck, and a hand on their wallet. I suggest that the USA and her true allies immediately reign in most commerce with China, and don’t do a lot of business with China and their allies and deny them any Visa to travel throughout global hubs. Keep it to a strictly limited mercantile relationship, with a caveat that will end too if their global behaviour doesn’t change. This could only remotely happen if President Trump is reelected later this year and he applies this pressure to both China and our allies to keep up this pressure.

    The world has to choose between Fascist China led by a totalitarian Maoist, and the Free world we have fought to implement and maintain for well over 2 centuries. At the end of the day, what country would choose China over the West, if not for their bribery and deceit? With money we have shovelled them for over 30 years. We could start by recognizing Taiwan as the legitimate Government of China.

    Deny them Face…that is their real fear, that they will be disrespected. Respect must be can’t be bought. Ever. Red China under Comrade Xi has shown to be a colossal failure and no one respects China anymore, if respect is a measure for the success of China. I suspect the knives are out for President for life Xi, by his own countrymen within his own CPC. Let us enable those who would bring this tyrant down, one way or the other. This policy just might hinder all out war with China, which is starting to look similar, at least in regards to their aspiration to global hegemony, to about the same position the world was in with Japan in the early/mid 1930’s.

  17. Perhaps the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust together could organize an annual World Health Forum,

    You mean the same Gates Foundation that funded the flawed and disproved IHME model? That Gates Foundation?

  18. China and the EU are not “leading” in Co2 reductions. None of the Paris accord signers are even close to the reductions made by the “Capitalist” USA. So they should either get on board the Trump train or STFU.

    • Amen, China massive emitter, EU massive fraud with very lenient regs compared to the USA. Cut the EU off from the free US taxpayer cash and cut the Chinese off from the “free” US market.

      F’EM all.

  19. If I got Forbes right we need a few citizens of the world to meet regularly to confer and make decisions concerning the US and other countries, decisions that the sovereign nations are established to make.

    That is not a good idea because of the bias, self interest and lack of responsibility these few citizens of the world would bring to the table. And they would be stepping in front of our representation. Forbes should know we have an organized forum established by the US Constitution. We do not need and will not tolerate watch dogs over the US.

    • I subscribed and followed “Frobes” (had a college friend Forbes, that was his nickname) long ago. Gave it up when it became obsessed with things other than financial. Useless now.

    • Dan, not to be offensive but the Chinese don’t give a rat f’ck about the atm. They do know how to survive as a culture across the millennia however. They’ve seen plenty of cultural invasions come and go and have a pretty good idea how to deal with them.

      Coal can be stockpiled at the power plant. In the event of war or labor strike those on the offensive must decide whether or not it is worth their while to destroy the primary capital asset, that being the plant. So, being very cunning the Chinese know even if push comes to shove that the globalist who has other peoples money invested in Chinese coal plants may not destroy same…hurts their bottom line and that is all they care about.

      Meanwhile the west has swallowed the gas powered combined cycle pill to “save the planet”….the real problem with that being in time of war, esp one run by the money handlers, is simply this: small strike takes out the pipe line feeding the gas plant leaving the capital asset idle though intact for later. Now those dependent on it no longer have electric. So, for a small amount of damage to a pipe line the morons downstream are done. With coal the aggressor must destroy the capital asset otherwise it just sits there burning that big black pile of coal and producing electric in the process.

      And electric always comes in handy when you are trying to survive or better yet, win.

  20. Even if the entire world united in celebration to stop climate change it could not do it. We need to start to look at the facts and stop the disaster porn. Climate Change is part of this world pretty much since it exists. The driver is the big, yellow disc in the sky and not some trace gas that is responsible for giving life to this planet. And the Sun does not care about who is leader of what country or even what mere microbes on a pebble in space want or not. Thats what we are. When the climate changes, the only sensible thing we can do is adapt. Everything else is wasting money and destroying economies.

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