Elizabeth Warren: US Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Undermines Disease Prevention

Elizabeth Warren Official Portrait
Official Portrait of US Senator Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s prescription for preventing disease outbreaks; public health and climate action.


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My plan to stop pandemics invests in public health, restores American leadership at home and abroad, and leads with science. Add your name if you agree: We need a president who is prepared.

In 2015 the state of Indiana experienced an outbreak of HIV stemming from the ongoing opioid epidemic. In a county with a population of less than 25,000, over 200 people contracted the virus. Simultaneously, Zika virus was spreading throughout the U.S. and causing birth defects in children born to some infected pregnant women. 

In 2019, the U.S. saw a rise in outbreaks of measles — a disease we had eliminated in 2000. And today, the 2018 Ebola outbreak continues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Experts believe the world is due for another bout of pandemic influenza. The latest threat comes from coronavirus, a respiratory condition in the same family of viruses as SARS that is spreading throughout China and just last week reached the United States. With well over 2,000 people infected and a rising death toll, China has restricted the movement of 56 million people. The world is watching closely to determine if this will be designated as our next global Public Health Emergency.

On the global stage, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement demonstrates reckless denial about the role of climate change in fueling epidemics. His foreign policy has damaged long-standing alliances with partners like the U.K. and France, who are critical partners in responding to global health crises

Read more: https://elizabethwarren.com/plans/combating-infectious-disease-outbreaks?source=soc-WB-ew-tw-rollout-20200128

Elizabeth Warren’s suggestion that membership of the Paris Agreement helps prevent disease outbreaks is undermined by the evidence that China’s support for Paris doesn’t seem to be helping with their outbreak.

As for public health, its a bit like any form of socialism; failures are because the other people didn’t do it right.

Rats and cockroaches among thousands of pests found in NHS hospitals

The creatures have been sighted in maternity wards, children’s intensive care units and operating theatres

Scott D’Arcy Friday 30 December 2016 02:11

Thousands of pests including cockroaches and rats have been found in NHS hospitals in each of the last five years as the cost of tackling them has spiralled, new figures show.

The creatures have been sighted in maternity wards, children’s intensive care units and operating theatres.

There were nearly 5,000 pest control call-outs by NHS trusts to hospitals in England between 2015/16 – equivalent to around 13 a day, according to data obtained by the Press Association under Freedom of Information laws. 

The amount of money hospitals spent on treating pests reached nearly £1.1m in the year to March 2016 and the overall figure is likely to be far higher as 87 of around 150 trusts responded to the request.

Some refused to say how much they had spent, citing private finance initiative (PFI) deals or that the information was “commercially sensitive”.

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/nhs-latest-rats-cockroaches-pests-hospitals-maternity-wards-operating-theatres-a7501511.html

I have personally seen rats scurrying around a major UK hospital, when I was visiting someone who was ill.

I’m not saying private health is perfect, but the big problem with government public health is lack of choice. With public health, you aren’t a consumer who can shop around, you take a ticket and join a queue. Not every British hospital is a rat and cockroach infested nightmare, many of them are well run. But you don’t have the option of only attending well run hospitals.

Even when you know your local hospital is infested with rats and cockroaches, in Britain there is not a lot you can do about it, other than pay twice for medical cover; the mandatory charge for public health, and whatever additional money you can scrape together for a private health plan. Because the incompetent and corrupt managers running the roach motels are unionised government employees; almost impossible to fire.

Of course, the Democrats have a track record with assuring people they will keep their right to choose, so maybe you can trust Warren to get it right. President Obama assured everyone that under Obamacare people would have the choice of keeping their current doctor.

No doubt Elizabeth Warren’s climate plan will also help ensure rats and cockroaches never infest hospitals in her version of the USA’s new public health system.

114 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren: US Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Undermines Disease Prevention

  1. Climate change: Simultaneously the universal the excuse for past bad Progressive policy failure, and the excuse for more bad Progressive policy.

  2. I read a comment on another post saying “I wonder when they will blame the corona virus on climate change” and fake native america warren beat everybody to it…

    Also, I’ve been to a few hospitals in the uk for tests and emergency visits, as I was ill over the last two years, and I honestly never saw any bugs, or waste material laying around, even the toilets were clean. Most nhs hospitals are run by trusts who waste money, but most spend the money were it should be spent.

    • The bad hospitals exist. Obviously I can’t name them because I don’t have a bottomless taxpayer funded legal account. But there is a hospital in a Midlands city where someone I know was recovering from a debilitating stroke, so they were pretty helpless; there were rats running around her ward, snatching scraps of food.

      There is another hospital in the Home Counties I know which also has a very bad reputation; I never saw anything as blatant as rats running about that hospital, but very careless with hygiene, according to someone I know someone who worked there. The rats had access to the surgical waste and storerooms, behind the facade of nice shiny surfaces.

      • Eric Worrall

        My experiences were good, apart from one, I was getting numbness in my arms and chest and went to the emergency centre, when I was put in a room, they put a drip of glucose in me, but the drip rack was broken and wouldn’t stay up, the nurse left it but as it was so low the glucose didn’t flow, it was over a hour later that I realised that the bottle was still full, another nurse used a plastic clip to force the rack up 😐

        but I agree that some hospitals are bad, those types of hospitals come up in the news every now and then, from poor hygiene to broken equipment, or millions wasted on useless things.

        • I’ll guess that UK hospitals are not required to spend millions on “gender intersectionality”; they have to do that in Canada. Meanwhile we wait years to see a specialist and as we all know, just about any of today’s maladies require a specialist! Ah, isn’t socialism grand?



      • Places like Brum, and London, big inner city hospitals stuck for space, and overwhelmed by those in society who are most likely to have lifestyles the ensure the need for medical services.

        Just guessing, but I’d have to think the USA has such places ?

      • The care quality commission would be interested, and it must be reported as they have the power to intervene. This is a patient safety and staff safety issue, the latter also falls under the health and safety executive.

        • if the government is unwilling to spend other than on non-medical things, you know keeping bureaucrats at the trough fat, then nothing will improve. socialised anything destroys not improves.

  3. Well, there it is.
    It’s official.
    In a warming world, climate change causes pandemics such as coronavirus.
    And the source of this is an opinion piece in The Washington Post by two partisan Democrats.
    That’s good enough for Elizabeth Warren notwithstanding that the WHO rates 2019-nCoV as ‘serious’ in China but ‘moderate’ worldwide.

    • The patent on the Corona virus is owned by a company owned by Bill Gates. Some have rumored Bill want’s about half of us …. to serve a higher cause. Save the World stuff.

      • You’ve got your anti-vax tinfoil hat on too tightly Big Al. Step away from the conspiracy websites, they’re not good for your mental health.

        That patent (owned by a company called Pirbright) is related to a form of coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to prevent diseases in birds and other animals – not the form that came from Wuhan China and infected humans. Pirbright scientists do not currently work on any human contractible coronaviruses. Bill Gates does not own Pirbright, though the Gates foundation has made donations to it, as it has many other organizations involved in researching cures for diseases.

  4. Cockroaches you can find everywhere, in heating wells of factories, office buildings, if these are not the newest one, short everywhere, under tiles in canteen kitchen….

    • We had some mice in our office building. They’re very agile at getting into tiny spaces. Haven’t seen any rats or cockroaches, but apparently Boston is having a grand old time trying to keep their rats under control…

      • People really don’t understand that once you start seeing rodents you already have a massive infestation problem. Mice and rats are very good at occupying the same space as humans without being seen.

  5. There are too many people who want to really harm us!
    They come under the Evil category.

    The UN has brain washed our local governments with their sustainable development garbage..
    New England has been controlled by the Death Cult too long..
    We have the highest energy costs in the country on top of stealing land in the name of Conservation.. all kinds of different named NGO.s who work for the UN to bring about Agenda 2030

  6. From the article: “On the global stage, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement demonstrates reckless denial about the role of climate change in fueling epidemics.”

    What *is* the role of climate change in fueling epidemics? Elizabeth failed to tell us that. Maybe because it’s a ridiculous claim and she doesn’t have an explanation.

    Elizabeth, first you need to establish that humans are causing climate change, and then you need to connect that change to epidemics. You have more homework to do.

    • First you need to establish that climate change (aka: Global Warming) is catastrophic.

      Then you need to establish that the 5% human contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere has any affect.

      Then you need to establish that if we reduce our contribution of CO2 it will cool the atmosphere, AND restore our pristine and perfect weather that we once had.

      • “Then you need to establish that the 5% human contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere has any affect effect.”

        • I did pause when I wrote “affect” and changed it to “effect”. I should have looked it up to be sure ;/

          • “Careless speech or writing is a sign of an untidy mind.”

            Sure, and since ‘careless’ & ‘untidy’ are synonyms, untidy speech is a sign of a careless mind. And without the flair, careless speech is a sign of a careless mind.

            Or to put it bluntly (and without flair) “Greg, signs indicate you possess a careless and untidy mind (redundancy intended).

          • Not really Don; I just couldn’t spell to save my life.

            I can never remember if it’s an “e” or an “a” or “i”. English words use vowels almost randomly.

          • Greg,

            sorry … my reply was intended for DJ below.

            I was saying, if you buy into DJ’s logic below, that repeatedly correcting someones blog spelling or grammar is the same as insulting them by calling attention to their careless mentality … an affliction which you obviously don’t have.

        • Jeff, you should seek treatment for your obsessive compulsive grammar Nazi disorder. While there’s yet to be a full cure, there is medication that can greatly help manage the disease.

          • I will grant that blog commenting doesn’t have the same significance as a legal brief, but words have meanings and those meanings matter. Careless speech or writing is a sign of an untidy mind.

          • If this was a formal setting, sure. It isn’t. This is an informal setting where you have people from all walks of life, some not native English speakers, some with no training in typing, some dashing out comments on their phones where it’s easy to touch the wrong letter on a tiny screen, some whose devices autocorrect feature is better called “autocorrupt”, etc. Typos happen. As long as you understand what is meant (and lets be clear here, everyone who read the post in question understood what the point being made was), getting bent out of shape over a typo is ridiculous. and getting bent out of shape in post after post after post like Jeff does is just plain annoying for everyone else in the thread.

          • Since I already inserted myself into this, I don’t take what Jeff does as rude, or an indication of being being bent out of shape.

            It’s just what he does, sometimes I appreciate it and sometimes I just pass over it (like most people do with what I write).

            I generally like your posts too, John.

    • Angry mother-in-law types don’t need no stinkin’ data.

      I hope she gets the DNC call as I want to laugh my @ss off again when Bernie endorses her 10 minutes later.

      • I don’t think Bernie would get paid as well this time … lizzie’s got scruples … lots of em. She uses em all the time.

        “Hey hon, I’m gonna get me a scruple … you want one too?”


        (Now that I think about it, Bernie & Hillary quid pro quoed the hell out of each other with tax deductible donation monies; somebody should tell adam shiff)

  7. “…….(in the UK) you don’t have the option of attending only well-run hospitals….”

    Actually, you do. For Accident and Emergency you will, of course, be taken to the nearest suitable place, but for elective treatment you can choose which hospital you go to. Most cases will pick a local hospital, but you may have special reasons for going to one out of your area. And there might be a special treatment or surgery only available at a few hospitals – in which case you might go quite a long way away….

    • Just because you can pick different ones does not mean they are well run, and hospital admins, and in England a government agency, lie about many items reported that allow citizens to pick a well run hospital. It is as if there is a deeply ingrained culture of lying among the last 50 years worth of the west’s college educated “elites”, quite pervasive.

  8. Warren: Never let a crisis go to waste!

    Warren: Never let one crisis languish while another takes off!

  9. Everything Warren spoke of was caused by immigration born illnesses brought into America and that DDT was outlawed.

    Seriously, drugs abuses have nothing to do with climate – other than the scare tactics that the Earth’s population is going to die and people that believe it looking for a chemical way out – but have roots in how the Economic Fascism In America has taxation through regulations, permits, licensing, fees, codes, wage control, workers unions, and fines for noncompliance created by intergovernmental departments and agencies that make these controls that effect every aspect of our lives and has increased our Cost of Living. The pressure this puts on people psychologically is a motivator to find an escape that numbs the senses from life. We can throw in the Alarmists predictions of impending doom causing mass hysteria where people don’t see any point of making their lives better when it’s just going to all end in their near future. When you lose hope you look for a messiah that provides a pathway out. The problem with ignorance is people don’t know they’re ignorant. The Socialist Party aka the defunct Democratic Party are whom primarily created these problems because they’re masters of emotional manipulation of the ignorant masses that through Institutions of Indoctrination and Leftists Media control their population by hiding the truth and facts from them…that buys their vote as they turn to Government for salvation.

  10. Alas, the rhetoric stream will become ever more absurd. They are desperate to keep the narrative alive, so as they panic, the claims become crazier and crazier.

    The reason we have insane asylums in civilized society is to deal with lunacy like this. Society would be all the better if we lock these ranting lunatics away.

    Sobering thought- these ranting lunatics are putting their hats in the ring to be the candidate for President of the United States-the most powerful mainstream political position on the planet. Think about it.

  11. 1 – The reason I call myself commie is that I am much better off with Canadian medicare than I would be south of the border having to contend with a death panel HMO.

    2 – If you want to stop the spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries, the obvious solution is to close the borders tight. It’s so simple. The problem with the Democrats is they think the whole world should be able to invade the United States no matter what.

    • Obviously, dieing while waiting for an appointment is so much better than dieing because your disease isn’t covered by your HMO.

        • On the other hand, the number of Canadians going south for medical treatment vastly exceeds the number of Americans going north.

          • True. My more wealthy friends have gone to the ‘States for treatment. They can buy faster, better, health care than is available in Canada. I can’t afford that kind of care. Ergo, I’m better off in Canada.

            People would go north to get free health care if they could. The provincial and federal governments bend over backward to ensure that only bona fide Canadian residents can take advantage of medicare.

            If you’re looking for evidence to lambaste Canadian health care, the metric is probably wait times. Canadians spend a lot of time agonizing about wait times for elective procedures. Politicians ignore wait times at their peril.

            On the other hand, if you’re suffering from something acute like uncontrollable blood loss, or a heart attack, you will get the treatment needed to keep you alive in a very timely manner.

          • There is no such thing as free medical care.
            There is only medical care that is paid for by someone else.
            That works fine until you run out of other people’s money.

          • There’s no such thing as a free army.
            There’s no such thing as a free fire department.
            There’s no such thing as a free police department.
            There’s no such thing as free sewers

    • Open borders and government controlled healthcare, two legs under the stool leftsts want to force people to stand on. Anyone want to name the other leg?

  12. I see that the Democrats are still struggling to raise the average IQ of their senators above that of a daffodil. No disrespect to the daffodils of course.

  13. Of course Elizabeth Warren will know all about pandemics because so many of her native American forebears died from imported Old-World infections/sarc

  14. Epidemics and plagues were far worse during the cold, miserable time in the depths of the Little Ice Age. So Warren doesn’t know history as well as not knowing science. And during those terrible times the church did the worst thing it could do – gather the people in crowds and processions so that cross contamination was rife. Democrat conventions and global warming meetings anyone?

  15. It occurs to me that ever since the Montreal Protocol (1987) we have seen an explosion of parasites feasting on mankind.
    These detestable creatures have lived large for 32 years since the proposition of ‘human caused climate change’ and there seems no known cure for these bloodsuckers.

    Anyone who thinks the answer is more of these parasites as a cure for ‘global warming’ clearly hasn’t been paying attention.

  16. Bloomberg has been going on and on about how expensive health care is and how he has a plan to fix it.
    I thought fixing health care was what ObamaCare was supposed to do. Do mean the billions spent and all the freedoms lost, were for nothing?

    • “I thought fixing health care was what ObamaCare was supposed to do”

      Passing health care provision to the US medical insurance industry is in the OED as the definition of Moronic…

  17. My plan to stop pandemics invests in public health, restores American leadership at home and abroad, and leads with science.

    Drear Pocahontas,
    Uh …. with all the other stuff you’ve dreamed up that “We the People” (those of who actually work and pay taxes) would have to pay for, what would we have left to “invest”? A pound of flesh? That’d hardly be “vegan”.
    (And a pound of flesh would make AOC a bit cross.)

  18. I would think that the Democrat support for an “open border” policy would be more of a hindrance in a fight against disease outbreaks.

  19. Name one bad thing, just one, that has not be blamed on climate change? If every bad thing is caused by climate change, how is that different than saying “God did it” about everything? And how is paying extra taxes to fix climate change different than religious tithing or simony?

    • If it weren’t for the climate change induced fog, that basketball player would not have died in the Helicopter wreck. (#notme).

      At the beginning of the industrial age, obviously when we first started changing the climate, the Titanic crashed into an iceberg that should not have been there.

      Without climate change we would have had a larger window of opportunity for space shuttle launches and would not have had to hurry past the o-ring concerns/inspections & we wouldn’t be supporting the nasty russian space program.


    • If Fauxahontas could she would have you droned for making that statement, as is she may have you swatted.

  20. Warren is unsafe to elect. She is an unqualified fool and I am very glad I am not an American with the possibility she is on my ballot. It actually takes time to identify new diseases, especially when it emerges over winter when people are more sick anyway. My observation is that China does seem to be trying to tackle it and the US is also along with most other countries. International travel is a hindrance rather than a help on controls.

    • Mmm

      Mmmm? A conundrum = which should be more feared? A quailified fool or an unqualifed fool?

      cheers edi

  21. Yes, it is confirmed. A return to filth, hungar and death by disease is the end goal of the progressives. I assume she will be hiring witch doctors to perform chants over ebola patients plus a group of gypsy wagons to sell tonic. That will make the cost of Medicare for all really cheap. Did she forget to mention this was her “Plan” all along?????

  22. Lefty immigration recklessness is a likely factor. A number of cities in Canada are dealing with bed bugs in apartment buildings, a bug I’ve never seen in 80+ yrs here. It’s politically incorrect to require quarantining these days and fumigation of belongings.

    UK and the EU must have hundreds of times the infestation of parasitic pests, and overloading of social and sanitation services that favors rats and other such than Canada has. I’m sure budget/capita has swooned in these open-door countries.

    We just let a plane load in Toronto of Canadian Chinese just returning on their say-so that they had not been in Wuhan. Taxi- drivers have been refusing Chinese customers at the airport – they may be liable for this if there are complaints!

    Does Poky Warren not understand that this all happened on the neoleft’s watch.

    • Bedbugs are becoming a massive problem throughout the developed world, it is being fueled by tourism to developing world locations AND illegal alien traffic. Adding to it is the years long and systematic attack on insecticide products available to the public and an ongoing smear campaign against their use by claims they harm the environment. A multi-vectored and well executed attack against western society by people within western society’s governments, academia and media. Took 40 odd years, it is now bearing a bitter fruit.

      • I keep hearing about this. However, I have travelled pretty extensively in developed and developing countries, and the only time I’ve ever come across bedbugs is in very cheap Indian hotels, and that was 35 years ago (I’ve become more wealthy, so don’t stay in cheap hotels much nowadays).

        Is this epidemic possibly mainly in the USA? This is a genuine question, not a snark.

        • From articles I have read at bbc, Daily Mail, AFP and even cnninternational, incidence of bedbugs have been on the increase for several years, not just in US. Taken that bedbugs infesting upholstery in hotel furniture, airliners, taxis and rental vehicles can spread to many people before the sources can be identified the little bastiches are damned hard to stop. Same for lice. Given the environmentalist opposition to use of any insecticides or pesticides I am amzed the problems are not worse than they are.

        • Oh, and yes, I do know several people who have returned from warm region vacations and found upon getting home they had picked up bedbugs along the way. Did they get them at their destinations? Pick them up during travel? It is damned hard to say. All they know is when they left western Pennsylvania they did not have bedbugs, when they returned they did.

    • Never, never underestimate the stupidity of some American voters. And the percentage of such is increasing with time.

  23. “I’m not saying private health is perfect, but the big problem with government public health is lack of choice.”

    As a former UK resident, NI payer, taxpayer and private health insurance payer (BUPA) I can say with confidence, assuming the overall system has not changed since, private health patients usually get treated in NHS hospitals ahead of NHS patients before going to a private hospital after referral. I know from personal experience this was true in the late 80’s early 90’s. Along with changes made to the NHS by various Govn’ts, more funding is consumed by managers than nurses, doctors, canteen and cleaning staff.

  24. Scrapping Paris means more money can be directed towards public health instead of meaningless GHG reductions.


    • Seems like lefties don’t worry about how much money is available, nor for that matter, do many righties in government.

  25. The out break originated in China; and by the Paris Agreement China can increase emissions until 2030 while they and all other “undeveloped” countries get payments from “developed” countries of which they were counting on the US for much of it.

    By the US dropping out, global emissions will not change; only the flow of dollars.
    The US already sends massive amounts around the world to combat disease.

    What is the logic of Warren’s statement?

  26. 1. Socioeconomic factors play a major role in health. Singapore had less illness than neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia with same climate.
    2. Most developed cities have more deaths in winter than summer. Here in Melbourne temperature related deaths is 13 times more for winter than summer.
    3. Summer deaths appear to be easier to eradicate as a nation developed. In the early 1900s Melbourne heat deaths dominated but by 1950s they were even with cold now cold related deaths dominate.

  27. Healthcare runs 17% of US GDP, so any hopeful who pushes the idea of socialised medicine there is blowing smoke, period.

    Looking ahead, I have to think that Bernies pump wont hold out when the going gets tougher, and Biden is a non starter, soooo Lizzie is entirely likely to be the runner later this year assuming the DNC dont insert a late entry.

    Load up with popcorn and a big spoon, the 2020 election is likely to be some of the funniest stuff since the Marx bros were making films 🙂

    • “Healthcare runs 17% of US GDP, so any hopeful who pushes the idea of socialised medicine there is blowing smoke, period.”

      Tired of this.. Federal per capita expenditure alone on health programs in equalised cost units exceeds what we pay in the UK for a comprehensive system. That’s before we include personal and employment related plans and policies… Stop worrying about the “evils of socialised medicine” and ask your elected representatives how it is that you’ve paid more than enough tax for a comprehensive system but you don’t have one…..

      • I’m actually a brit in the UK, so I agree with what you say. I’m just pointing out that healthcare is such a large chunk of the US economy that any politician who proposes upending it is likely being disingenuous in the extremus.

        The reason they dont have any sensible healthcare regime dates back to the war years, and the bribe of company healthcare that lured workers into war production. Kaiser and their shipyards being one of the big players then who subsequently stayed a big player in healthcare into the present day. The famous quote of Bevan’s here, that he would fill the doctors mouths with gold in order to get them to accept the NHS, is entirely irrelevant in the US today simply because the medical industry has more gold than it could eat in several lifetimes. So nothing short of the world being turned upside down is going to change that, certainly not the efforts of a millionaire socialist, nor a second rate university lecturer and pretend native.

        From a political angle, any US politician who suggests as the top tier of Dem contenders now do, that healthcare should be free at the point of delivery will no doubt attract the votes of kids who have just started out, but conversely lose the votes of the many more who have been paying incredible amounts for health coverage for many years. In that respect its like all the headline policy’s being touted by these clowns who dont seem to realise that gaining rather than losing votes is the way to win an election 🙂

    • A viewing of “Weekend At Bernie’s” is in order now, if only for comparative value as to whether the movie is more comedic than the actual socialist democratic campaign field! The epitome of the ‘walking dead’, Bernie Sanders has more drawing power among the young and gullible than the rest of the apparent pack at the moment. What, or who, is propping him up is the question.

      Meanwhile, the stealth campaign of billionaire NY socialist Michael Bloomberg is slowly gaining traction in public perception and the polls. Like the rest of the exceedingly wealthy socialist democrat1st string candidates, they are all ‘for the little man person, the poor, and the disadvantaged’.

      And the Brooklyn Bridge is available – Buy now! More popcorn and amber liquids, please!

    • Load up with popcorn and a big spoon

      You eat popcorn with a spoon? I’ve never tried, or even seen that…

  28. Elizabeth Warren aka ‘Fauxcahontas’ is a virulent expression of the deadly disease known as socialism. She has a plan to address every crisis du jour and each requires spending enormous amounts of other peoples money.

  29. “In 2015 the state of Indiana experienced an outbreak of HIV stemming from the ongoing opioid epidemic.”

    Confused.. the current US issues generally relate to pills and patches. HIV drug related transmission generally relates to Needle sharing and prostitution… In any case public health protection in these cases relates not to “Climate Change” but to the negative political impact of being seen doing nice things for junkies…

  30. Also the NHS forced another “country” to arrest (but if you can order another entity to arrest anyone, that proves it isn’t a country, right? which proves the UE is a fraud that pretends to not be a super state) for daring to seek better healthcare outside UK, so there is that.

    There are numerous cases that can only be described as kidnapping of alleged by the NHS. The left is not ignorant but actually fine with that, like the left was fine with knowing about Soviet Union, and then made up that crazy lie that they never knew what happened there. Soviet Union in general was VERY open (unlike military/secret towns). Soviet Union was a show boating state so you have to be open to show stuff (even if made up and lies).

    I don’t know how young people understand that it was very open for foreigners and how easy it was to know what was happening.

  31. The failure of pest control in NHS hospitals is due to the private companies that have been sub-contracted to prevent infestations.
    If it isn’t working they should be re-nationalised.

    • Are they using pyrethrins and desiccants? If not they are wasting tax money and their own time, except for that hourly wage they are receiving for going through the motions.

    • Whether the contracts are prescriptive or performance based, it sounds like someone on the NHS side isn’t enforcing them. The private companies can only get away with whatever their minders allow.

  32. I’m in hospital a lot, infact I’m in now while writing this and have never seen rodents or bugs in any part of the hospital not even litter. Few years back my wife Hemorrhaged on holiday in Florida, the hospital was top in that part of the state sparkling and like a mall but when she was getting ready for surgery we were shocked it was a facade. Unfinished walls near theatre and clutter everywhere. Once in the treatment room before surgery the lady surgeon walked in and told us how she was missing her sons football game and how long it took to get here (wife lost half her blood before surgery). So then after surgery we was in 48 hrs and sent out with no blood transfusion and a fit too fly letter?. And the cost around 100k for a macdonalds type service a d made us realize that the NHS is a God send even with its faults.

  33. Warren should read articles like “Coronavirus panic? The influenza pandemic was far worse (for now)” to remind her of American history and put the current situation into context. (see Washington Examiner Jan 29)

  34. Even if it were true that modest warming had been shown to fuel epidemics (it hasn’t), Warren’s criticism is non-sensical. The tiny anthropogenic warming effect from CO2 concentrations does not *care* whether a country gives lip service to expensive and ineffective virtue-signaling agreements, it only cares about actual emissions. The US has *reduced* its emissions thanks to (private sector driven) natural gas displacing coal electricity generation, by a greater extent than other industrial nations complaining about Trump. Even in an alternate reality where CAGW actually exists and there really is a “climate crisis”, America should be praised and China condemned.

  35. A friend of mine has private medical insurance. She’s been waiting ages for an operation she needs. How come? Surely the whole point of going private is to jump to the head of the queue. (Of course if we all went private we’ll all be in te same queue!) The reason that she’s had to wait for ages is that her private medical provider signed a contract with the NHS. So the NHS patients are getting their operations faster than the private patients. How ironic is that?
    Meanwhile my wife, who is suffering from incurable secondary cancer, is getting excellent treatment at the NHS. Not sure if private health insurance covers that.
    And in all the times I’ve been visiting NHS hospitals over the last six years I haven’t seen any rats. Not once. Nor heard any stories about rats. But then I live in Scotland so maybe the rats are kept firmly on the other side of Hadrian’s Wall. It kept the Romans out of Scotland so now it’s maybe keeping the rats out.

    • Your observations seem spot on. Generally, private insurance doesn’t want to know about chronic conditions, its more tailored towards the corporate crowd as a job perk, and handy to deal with the results of skiing accidents and such.

      My local NHS hospital has a tie up with a private place a few miles away, that means they deal with a few NHS patients in return for access to the scanners and other expensive equipment in the NHS hospital.

      Oh, and yes, a visit to the private clinic reveals the same names of Doctors as seen in the NHS hospital 🙂

  36. January is usually the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, which is when the Corona virus started infecting people in central China. So if the United States had stayed in the Paris agreement, which didn’t require China to do anything about CO2 emissions, how would that have affected the spread of the Corona virus? If the climate would have been 0.001 C colder if the United States had reduced its CO2 emissions over the past two years, how would that have affected the Corona virus?

    But “Doctor” Liz Warren’s Rx for every disease is to throw ice at it. It might help reduce the swelling of a sprained ankle, but it doesn’t work against viruses. That will only cost a trillion dollars, give or take a few hundred billion.

  37. Humanity is in the highest degree irrational, so that there is no prospect of influencing it by reasonable arguments. Against prejudice one can do nothing.

    S. Freud

    I suppose politicians are counting on this every day with no penalties or consequences. Reason is a tactic of the pitiful.

  38. I thought disease prevention included washing your hands regularly, getting all your shots, and practicing good health guidelines like eating well, getting enough sleep, and avoiding Africa and China. lol

  39. It’s an outlandish claim given that when Obama signed the Paris Accord he diverted more than half a $billion from the US’ global pandemic fund as a contribution to help the poor nations in that accord.

  40. Eric, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “Because the incompetent and corrupt managers running the roach motels are unionised government employees; almost impossible to fire.”

    Every medical health institute has to decide how much money they will spend on their basic duties – and how much on cleaning work.

    As has every industry – from primary food production to restaurants.

    Ever worked in / with an automated warehouse:


    Same in Air travel business, railways, public bus transports ….

    Does this remind you of something :


  41. There should be a “world cleaner’s day” installed by UN, AU, every single UN member states …..

    That’s the real pollution we should be thankful to have warriors fighting it!

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