Vladimir Putin Endorses Elizabeth Warren… Sort of…

Guest “too fracking funny” by David Middleton

Vlad the fractivist…

Russia’s Putin says shale oil technologies are ‘barbaric’

Sam Meredith

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sharply criticized nations like the U.S. for ignoring the environmental impact of shale oil and gas production, describing it as a “barbaric” process that the Kremlin has no interest in pursuing.

Speaking at a business conference in Moscow Wednesday, Putin said: “Today’s technology of shale oil production and shale gas are without any doubt … barbaric.”


“You can rest assured that Russia shall always be a responsible actor in the global energy market,” Russia’s Putin said on Wednesday.


Liawatha, the fake American Indian…

Vlad, the fractivist frackhead…

Nov 20, 2019
Putin: ‘We’ll Never Frack’

Kenneth Rapoza Senior Contributor

We all knew that the Russians, at least in the Kremlin, were no fans of horizontal drilling, best known as fracking for oil and gas. We thought Vladimir Putin might just be jealous.

He’s not.

“We will never frack,” he says. “We don’t need to develop shale oil at all. First, we don’t need to increase the supply of oil to world markets, and we have enough oil we can get from the Arctic shelf,” he says, adding that fracking was “terrible for the environment.”


The problem with Putin’s statement is that his biggest natural gas company doesn’t think the same way about fracking.

State-owned news agency Sputnik News reported as far back as 2016 that Gazprom was developing its own horizontal drilling capabilities following a ban on tech purchases from the U.S. due to Ukraine-related sanctions.


Putin has always been a naysayer of shale, with the RT news agency regularly airing features about flaming waters, earthquakes and dirty water caused by fracking.

The International Energy Agency said Bazhenov was the world’s largest source for shale oil and gas in the world, though it is mostly all undeveloped. Gazprom Neft expects to start commercial production from the Bazhenov formation as early as 2025. They have around 30 fracking sites in Russia, according to the company.

Of course, fracking for oil and gas is not the mainstay of Russian hydrocarbons. But it’s something Gazprom Neft is pursuing, whether Putin knows it or not (he probably does).



Gazprom, a real fracking oil & gas company…

Developing hard-to-recover reserves, and improving the viability of mature assets, demands cutting-edge enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques — foremost of which are high-technology wells and multi-stage fracking, as well as the application of new strategies in displacing remaining oil, recovery of which is not possible through traditional methods.

Drilling of high-technology wells
The construction of high-technology wells allows geologically complex structures to be brought into development, enabling hard-to-recover reserves to be brought into production. Hard-to-recover reserves make up 70 percent of Gazprom Neft’s resource base — with the result that 65 percent of drilling volumes in 2017 involved high-technology equipment and facilities — the highest volume in Russia.

A further technology in enhanced oil recovery is the drilling of multilateral wells, increasing the coverage area within strata. The first operational dual-bore well on the Yamal Peninsual, with horizontal wells running to a length of 1,000 metres, was constructed at the Novoportovskoye field.


Multi-stage fracking
Hydraulic fracking technology, widely used worldwide for several decades, involves the high-pressure injection of a liquid mixture, causing fissures to be formed in the strata through which oil is able to run to the bottom of the well. A proppant agent is then used to keep these fissures open.

With the development of horizontal drilling, multi-stage fracking technology, involving the direct creation of fissures throughout several sections of a well, has become widely used. Today this tends to be used in conjunction with other technologies in enhanced oil recovery, although it is being constantly improved.

In developing complex low-permeability reservoirs the inadequacy of standard multi-stage fracking has become obvious insofar as each newly-fracked zone has to be kept separate from the preceding one by a metal or composite ball. The diameter of these balls is reduced from zone to zone, with the result that the way these wells are constructed makes more than 10 fracking operations impossible. New spaced-perforation technology has no such limitations.

Multi-stage fracking through spaced perforation involves multi-use compacted “cushions”-packers which expand under pressure to isolate those areas in which fracking has been completed. Once complete, the cushion deflates to its normal size and the equipment is transported to the next port.


Development of the Bazhenov formation
The drilling of horizontal wells with multi-stage fracking is the key technology in drilling for shale oil — including in production at the Bazhenov formation, which is very similar in terms of oil occurrence. The most recent insights into the geological structure of the Bazhenov formation suggest there are two key formations: an oil source bed, containing kerogenic shale (polymeric organic matter, which appears in such formations as shale oil) and interstratified beds containing light oil. The latter, moreover, comprises some 30 percent of the total depth of the formation. Such complex composition demands specific multi-stage fracking technologies, of which “рlug & perf” is one.



I couldn’t make this sort of schist up if I was trying.

Is it really possible that Vlad, the Frackhead is as dumb as Liawatha, the fake American Indian? Or is he just a more accomplished liar?


  1. The oil & gas industry contaction for hydraulic fracturing is “frac’ing”, not “fracking”. A hydraulic fracturing operation is called a “frac job”. Frack is a euphemism for the F-bomb.
  2. If you don’t approve of my use of “Liawatha”, pretend that I wrote “Fauxcahontas” instead.
  3. If you disapprove of the word “frackhead”, pretend I wrote “fractard”.

92 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Endorses Elizabeth Warren… Sort of…

  1. It is fracking that cut crude oil prices from a high of around $110/bbl to the current $50-$60/bbl range! THAT is why Putin hates fracking and loves anybody, even ethnic-challenged Warren, who promises to eliminate it!

    And if Warren becomes president, she’ll probably eliminate fracking and Putin will see $110/ bbl oil and our gasoline prices will necessarily skyrocket! That should put a big crimp in our expanding economy and make the communist Democrats happy again!

    Who on earth would want that??

  2. David, you closed the post with, “Is it really possible that Vlad, the Frackhead is as dumb as Liawatha, the fake American Indian? Or is he just a more accomplished liar?”

    I suspect the difference is that Putin doesn’t expect someone to contradict him with reality, where Warren should know that everything she says will be verified.


    • He is a more accomplished liar. He is playing the climate change card for all it’s worth. He knows full well, as do the Chinese, that if only he can get us naive westerners to commit economic suicide the rosier is the future for the rest of the world – who will continue producing cheap energy and manufacture and sell cheap produce.

      • That was the whole basis of the KGB operation in the 70’s and 80’s to support the Green Party movements in the Western Democracies and destabilize their economies. It has been the most effective and implemented intelligence operation in history and is still paying dividends long after the fall of the Soviet Union.

      • Andy Esperson – if the westerners commit economic suicide, the rest of the world bar China goes down with them. That includes Russia. Putin seems to be playing a short game. Xi plays a long game. So while you may be right about Putin, I think Putin is getting things wrong.

        • They used to say that the West plays draughts (checkers to you), the Russians play chess. That may be true, but the Chinese aren’t playing board games at all. If Putin were the smart cookie he believes himself to be he’d be cosying up to the West. There’s a big bogeyman out East.


    • Democrats get a freepass from the US media on stupidity. The Left Stream Media doesn’t ask hard questions when Warren or Sanders spouts off stuff like Medicare for All with the promise of eliminating 150 million Americans employer provider health plans. Or how it’ll be paid for.
      Same thing with Pocahantas’s ban fracking promise. They think they are doing “their” candidate a favor by not investigating and asking hard questions and the glaring problems won’t noticed. And all that allows then is for “their” candidate to keep digging the hole deeper.
      They can’t help themselves though. The ideological bias surrounding everything climate is blinding them to obvious problems, like skyrocketing electricity and gas prices in California and New England. Or calling the exploding tent cities on the West Coast cities a Housing Affordability issue. They are blind to what is happening and more importantly, the “why.”

      • Joel
        You said, “Democrats get a freepass from the US media on stupidity.” Remember the old saying, “Sweets for the sweet.”

    • …”Warren should know that everything she says will be verified”
      Doesn’t stop Trump lying on a daily basis. It seems the American public don’t care about truth any more. the attitude seems to be…”If you give me what I want, I will excuse your honesty.”

      • Ah yes, the standard troll trope. Anything I disagree with is a lie.

        BTW, I don’t remember you ever complaining about any of Clinton’s lies.

        • Aghhh one trick pony Markw. Anyone who disagrees with me is a troll. Clinton is looking like he wasn’t that flash with woman. If it’s true I call it. But he didn’t lie like Donnie. Trump has made an Olympic sport of it.
          And we know that if anyone is mates with Vlad it’s comrade Donnie. He couldn’t have climbed further up his backside than he did during their bromance in Helsinki.

          • Poor little simon, just can’t get over the fact that nothing he wants to be true, is.
            You are the one who constantly whines that those who disagree with you are lying, without ever producing any information.

            As to Clinton, the lie about Lewinsky is still a lie and it was far from his only one. The fact that you have to pretend that it was just indicates how far up various backsides you are willing to go in order to protect your religious convictions.

            As to Trump, they have yet to prove a single lie, just because you desperately want something to be true, doesn’t make it true.

            BTW, compared to Vlad and Hillary, Trump is just a passing acquaintance.

          • “As to Trump, they have yet to prove a single lie, just because you desperately want something to be true, doesn’t make it true.”
            Here’s a recent one… Donald Trump says William Taylor and George Kent are Never Trumpers. There is absolutely no evidence of that. So it is a lie.

          • They are the textbook definition of Never Trumpers…

            “I am a career non-professional who serves whatever president is duly elected and carries out the foreign policies of that president and the United States, and I’ve done that for 27 years for three Republican presidents and two Democrat presidents,” Kent responded.

            When Taylor was asked the same question, he answered, “No sir.”


            Career bureaucrats, swamp-dwellers. When asked what impeachable offense they witnessed, they had no answers.

          • “Career bureaucrats, swamp-dwellers. When asked what impeachable offense they witnessed, they had no answers.”
            Because as they said, it is not up to them to decide whether Trump is guilty or not. Although anyone with a half a brain can see he is.
            It seems some at Fox are now saying he is guilty of crimes…

            “They are the textbook definition of Never Trumpers…”
            I think you had better read up on the definition of Never Trumpers. These guys hold no political position. They work for either side.

          • It’s not up to witnesses to decide guilt or innocence. Their purpose is to testify about what they witnessed. These witnesses didn’t witness anything. They simply don’t like the fact that Trump has no use for career bureaucrats, don’t like his foreign policy and don’t like the way he speaks or does things.

            So far, no one has provided one shred of evidence that President Trump committed any impeachable offenses, much less any crimes.

            When this goes to the Senate, it will be demolished, if it even makes it of the House.

        • “They simply don’t like the fact that Trump has no use for career bureaucrats, don’t like his foreign policy and don’t like the way he speaks or does things.”

          Complete and utter nonsense. What proof have you got for that ridiculous statement? They didn’t like the way Trump was manipulating the system to suit his own political agenda. Nor did the many witnesses at the hearings. Asking for favors from an alley who was up against the wall should never be acceptable.

          “So far, no one has provided one shred of evidence that President Trump committed any impeachable offenses, much less any crimes.”
          There is loads of evidence. Lets starty with “I want you to do me a favor.” Then let’s get Trump, Pompeo and Bolton in the hot seat. That might change things. But they wont because they know they would have to purger themselves, then off to jail they go with all Trumps other “alleys.”

          “When this goes to the Senate, it will be demolished. if it even makes it of the House.”
          Just shows how corrupt to the core the Republicans are at the moment. Although I have to say there are many Republicans who are increasingly ashamed of where they have ended up. And so they should be.

        • The guy lies daily. Let’s see what was today’s one. That’s right”I don’t know Prince Andrew.” (just like he didn’t know Epstein or the crooks who were mates of Guliani). Then up come photos of Trump with him/them.

          • Don’t worry Simon, you’ll get your Democratic president sooner or later, and they can usher in utopia (just as all the previous Democratic administrations did)

          • Once again, Simon makes naked assertions in total opposition to reality and it just expects people to accept it.

            Yes, we understand that your hatred of Trump has caused your brain to totally melt down, not that it was actually functional prior to 2016, but do you really have to go so far to demonstrate it?

          • Markw.
            Oh dear…You said Trump doesn’t lie. I gave you one. And the best you can do is vomit a bunch of words on to a page that mean nothing.
            So, did he know Prince Andrew? He has met, talked and walked with him. So the answer is clearly “yes” he knew him. Which part of that don’t you get?

          • “I met and spoke to Apollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt… I don’t know him.”
            You know him you are not best friends. This is splitting hairs and is why Trump can never be trusted.

          • Good fracking grief, I’ve met and spoken with thousands of people I don’t know. My desk is filled with business cards of people I have met and spoken with… But don’t know.

            TO KNOW
            To know is to have a personal, established relationship with someone. Its meaning should not be confused with to know of, to be familiar with, or to have heard of — all of which share a degree of knowledge, but are not an established, personal relationship with another person. These forms are better suited to when we speak about celebrities, public figures, or people we are aware of through mutual acquaintances.


        • Funny how Trump “knows” so many “great guys” though isn’t it. And those great guys tend to be the ones who line his pockets or who support his corruption. As I recall Cohen was a great guy till he told the truth. Then when they turn on him, he “hardly knows” them. This has happened so many times it is hard to list them all. He is so predictable. I bet he is “hardly going to know” Nunes soon.

    • Lizzie was always un-electable in the general election. It wasn’t until the last month after her poll numbers had tanked that the Left Stream Media realized it and began asking themselves why.
      Just as they (the media) protected Hillary in 2016, they will do so again in 2020 with who ever finally gets the Democratic Party prez nomination. It is their nature to lie. Don’t expect that to change.
      The evidence for that is even right there in Bloomberg News recently openly telling everyone they would not investigate Democrat candidate’s election campaign promises, only Trump’s. And they think that’s okay, even NYT Executive Editor Baquet supported the Bloomberg News open bias. They can’t help themselves.

      • Sara
        This is why Russia invaded the Ukraine, THEY were “colluding” with Hillary, not their evil puppet Trump !
        Who cares if the timing is off, print it in a liberal blog and the MSM sheep will come running !
        Baaaa, Baaaa………. : )

  3. The Author here should have worked for the Mueller Report, with $40 million tax-dollars, looking for Russian, Putin personally, 2016 election interference.

    That was a dry well!

    OMG, why drill that well again – it makes no fracking sense, horizontally nor vertically!

    It probably would make sense to Shifty Schiff, still drilling dry wells this time in Biden’s back yard, Ukraine.

  4. Is this another Russia gate?
    According to the latest website of Gazprom, they are not producing shale gas but they are encouraging young engineeres to develop new technology including gas-based fracking technology. Gas-based fracking is different from the hydraulic-chemical based fracking.
    Please let me know if I were wrong.

    I have never heard of Putin having endorsed Warren. Just ridiculous.

    • I posted the Gazprom discussion about their hydraulic fracturing operations.

      The endorsement comment was clearly “tongue-in-cheek”. My posts aren’t written for ESL students… Sorry.

    • “I have never heard of Putin having endorsed Warren. Just ridiculous.”

      Putin didn’t endorse Warren, he endorsed Warren’s policy of banning fracking.

      Warren looks like she is losing traction. Biden seems to be holding on to the lead. Which just goes to show how weak the Democrat presidential field really is. And we still haven’t explored Biden’s role in the Russian/Trump collusion hoax. Biden was in charge in Ukraine right at the time all the Trump undermining was going on there.

      Trump’s going to have the Democrats wailing and screaming at the sky again come November 2020. Their harrassment of the president is going to backfire on them.

    • Gazprom Neft…

      Multi-stage fracking
      Hydraulic fracking technology, widely used worldwide for several decades, involves the high-pressure injection of a liquid mixture, causing fissures to be formed in the strata through which oil is able to run to the bottom of the well. A proppant agent is then used to keep these fissures open.

      undertaken by Gazpromneft-Khantos at the Yuzhno-Priobskoye field is record-breaking for Russia

      As part of the implementation of a comprehensive research programme on the Bazhenov formation, Gazprom Neft specialists, together with academics and scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), have developed software enabling calculations to be made on the most efficient aspects of hydraulic fracking in deposits containing hard-to-recover reserves.

    • Hideo: Hydraulic-chemical sounds sooooo scary (I’m not sure if you meant it that way or not….). Except chemicals are everywhere and those used in hydraulic fracking are very common ones, used in many places. It’s one of those SCARE tactics, equivalent to listing the chemical composition of an apple and then asking people if they would eat those chemicals. Stupid, uneducated people fall for it every time. Much of the world is 100% 16th century in its understanding of science and math. They make easy targets for dictators and conquerors. As far as I can tell, these are just two different enhanced recovery techniques, neither being bad for the environment.

  5. Or is he just a more accomplished liar? – More likely, he’s using the method called “distracting your audience”, or if you prefer, talking out of both sides of his mouth. 😉

  6. From the article: “Is it really possible that Vlad, the Frackhead is as dumb as Liawatha, the fake American Indian? Or is he just a more accomplished liar?”

    The latter, I think.

    Vlad wants to be the gas station of the world. He doesn’t like competition, so he disengenuously bad-mouthed fracking while fracking himself.

    The Russians have a history of using environmental groups and issues against the West. This is more of the same.

    • Ha, Ha on North American gas production.
      Putin and Chinese President Jinping, just yesterday, ceremonially opened the “Power of Siberia” pipeline to China. 3000 Km long, effectively putting a halt to a large number of planned world LNG projects that were based on Chinese demand. Throughput stated as 3.6 Billion cu ft per day, with room for more at 56” diameter. seems Mr. Putin is pulling our leg.

      • Export capacity: 38 billion cubic meters per year.


        That’s 3.68 Bcf/d. It doesn’t even come close to covering Red China’s projected demand growth.

        China will soon surpass Japan as the world’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), quickly becoming the most vital way of trading the world’s go-to fuel.

        In 2018, China became the world’s largest gas importer (for total piped supply and LNG), and its ascent to the top LNG spot is happening much faster than previously predicted.


        Driven by a continued urbanization that is giving people more money and more access to gas, China’s gas demand could almost double to 550 billion cubic meters (Bcm) by 2030.


        In turn, LNG imports last year were up 40% to almost 75 Bcm.

        These gains are made all the more impressive: “China’s GDP growth slows to 28-year low in 2018.”

        This year so far, LNG imports are up about 20%, and passing Japan sits clearly on the horizon.


        China now has 22 LNG import facilities, with another 12 in the works.

        Earlier this year, the consensus was that China’s LNG imports would surpass 100 Bcm by 2024.

        Yet, that is going to happen next year, or four years earlier than what was being predicted just a few months ago.

        And by 2025, China’s LNG imports could surge to 155 Bcm or more – which is 35% of the current global market.

        That would be well more than double what all of Europe is now importing.

        LNG demand has been rising so fast that China relies on gas imports to meet nearly 50% of its gas usage, despite a domestic production jump of 60% since 2011 – an even more impressive jump since domestic shale output has failed to meet expectations.



        Nor will it be offsetting much, if any, LNG imports…

        But the new pipeline is unlikely to have much of an impact on China’s LNG demand, as it will effectively serve a market not currently reached by LNG imports.

        The pipeline goes to northeastern Heilongjiang province, which borders Russia, and then it continues to Jilin and Liaoning, China’s top grain hub.

        While some of these provinces, Liaoning in particular, do have industries, they have mainly been powered by coal up until now, and the region’s industry and 68 million urban residents consume just 14 bcm of natural gas annually.

        What this means is that the fuel from the Power of Siberia pipeline is likely mainly to displace coal, especially in industry and residential heating during winter.

        This will fit in with Beijing’s vision of improving air quality across the northern provinces in winter by replacing coal-fired boilers with natural gas.

        It’s also worth noting that the pipeline is expected to deliver only 4.6 bcm in 2020, equivalent to just 3.4 million tonnes of LNG, rising to 10 bcm in 2021 and the full capacity by 2025.


        And Red China isn’t the world’s only LNG market…

        • Huh? “…doesn’t come close to covering China’s demand growth…” One pipeline that can supply half of China’s current consumption is a big factor for anyone planning on selling LNG for the next few years…Anyway my point was Putin duplicity, in keeping with your headline.

          • The pipeline won’t cover half of China’s current imports and it won’t be up to full capacity until the late 2020’s. It hasn’t altered China’s efforts to double their LNG import capacity.

            Putin is so duplicitous, one would almost think he once worked for the KGB (/Sarc).

  7. Watermelons of the world unite! Nyet fracking as there’s plenty in the home of the poley bears. Pure gold you s*#tstirrer Putin.

  8. So, Liawatha and Vlad the inhaler, are working together. Can’t wait for the peace pipe sit around the log fire event. Sadly Bill Clinton won’t be able to attend the event. As we all know from his past statements, which are all so truthful. He did smoke a spliff once, but he never inhaled. No peace pipe for you Bill. Maybe he can play his sax as background musical interest. Maybe little Misspoke might be invited to keep an eye on Bill’s sax…life.

    • There are lots of them. And Russia’s largest oil & gas company, Gazprom is actively frac’ing away. (See the Gazprom quote in the post).

  9. Very funny. Putin the environmentalist. Fracking is only barbaric if he defines barbarians as those living outside his control who have, through industrious innovation, released a massive resource for humanity that just happens to create stiff competition for his own products. Still waiting for the photos of Putin chowing down with David Suzuki and Geta “How Dare You” Thunberg on soy burgers, lentils and kale.

  10. Putin hates fracking publicly when other countries do it–not because it might hurt the environment, but plentiful fracked oil from other countries lowers the price at which Russia can sell its own oil. Like the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the Russian guy injecting chemicals into the ground next to the oil rig!

    Fracking for oil in Russia might damage the environment, but for Putin, it’s so far north in the middle of nowhere no one will notice, but the oil brings lots of rubles to Putin’s treasury. But fracking in other countries makes money for them, which is evil (for Putin) because it doesn’t enrich Russia.

    If Putin is praising Fauxcahontas Warren, it’s because she’s a useful idiot for his own plans.

  11. Putin’s message here is that despite having some of the largest shale oil deposits, they are doing fine with regular oil while the US is fracking the heck of its own shale oil deposits…
    Translation: we have time for us, not you.

    • I think Trump is much better at trolling than Vlad is, but their targets are the same: The Delusional Democrats in the US.

      Remember Trump trolling the Democrats about the southern border wall, telling them he would put solar panels on the wall. The Left went crazy thinking Trump was serious! They’re just too easy.

  12. Russian government history since the Winter Revolution is to blandly lie about strategic things they are desperate to acquire and deploy.

    Putin is following historical USSR philosophy.

  13. Love the Post Script NOTES

    1.The oil & gas industry contaction for hydraulic fracturing is “frac’ing”, not “fracking”. A hydraulic fracturing operation is called a “frac job”. Frack is a euphemism for the F-bomb.
    2.If you don’t approve of my use of “Liawatha”, pretend that I wrote “Fauxcahontas” instead.
    3.If you disapprove of the word “frackhead”, pretend I wrote “fractard”.

    Now I have to clean a perfectly good Turkey/Bacon sandwich off my monitor…

  14. That low-brow gangster and snitch Putin never said a word of truth in his life. Some of his lies inevitably coincide with the lies of other habitual liars — nothing to be surprised about.

  15. Lots of Russia phobes here and Putin haters. Say what you want about him, the West has not had a leader nearly as effective getting its country headed in the right direction.

      • I still read that Putin has significant ‘popularity’ amongst Russians, probably for good reasons.
        I do not doubt that he will, and has, killed people who are considered a political threat to the current regime but one must always consider the alternatives.

        I don’t consider Russia a credible long term security threat to Europe because they are just not big enough economically. But I don’t want to see Russia descend into complete anarchy where their nuclear weapons are sold of for a song to terrorists and have further millions of refugees flood into Western Europe. Unfortunately they still have a need for “strong” government.

        Foreign policy alone was a good enough reason to not vote for Clinton because she seemed quite happy to destabilize many foreign nations in Russia’s back yard without due regard to the consequences for surrounding peoples (though she is certainly not the first American politician to take this approach).

  16. David
    It looks like no one bothered to read your footnote about how to properly spell the abbreviation for “fracturing.” ‘A’ for effort, however.

    • Clyde, I was a geology major at Foothill College from 1971 to 1974; before you time I imagine. I was able to do volunteer field work in the Wasatch and Ruby Mountains; my uncle was USGS geologist so I couldn’t be paid. I wish I’d stayed with geology instead of switching to engineering. Now I wander the Southwest looking for minerals and Early American artifacts.

      • I got my BS from 1976-1980… In the Triassic-Jurrasic “wilderness” of the Hartford Basin (Connecticut).

        If memory serves me, you’re about 10 years younger than Clyde and just a tiny bit older than me. Older than schist is actually a cool thing for geo’s. 😎

      • Abolition Man,

        I taught at FC from Fall 1971 through Spring 1982. You may well have taken one or more courses from me. Over a decade, I taught all the courses in the geology curriculum at least once, except the field trip courses, which I attended in preparation for eventually teaching. Indeed, it was eight years before I had the luxury of repeating a course and not having to start from scratch in preparing my lectures.

        I don’t think that FC offers any geology courses anymore. There was a hiatus of many years when it didn’t, and I don’t know if they fixed the problem, which started with declining enrollments in the ’70s as environmentalism replaced the traditional geology curriculum. All of the professors at Foothill and De Anza from that era have long been retired, being older than me.

  17. Russia became a true kleptocracy during the Clinton administration when the State Department helped to “privatize” Russian industries. That’s probably when the foreign aid/ATM system was first developed by our corrupt politicians. Calling Putin an effective leader is ridiculous since he is presiding over the demise of his country. Apparently it is hard to develope a broad middle class without the rule of law and the other freedoms; their current demographics do not point to a soft landing for the land of the Rus.
    I am loathe to ever contradict Professor Spencer but I believe that a few have noticed the correct spelling for frac’ing! What really interests me though is the much loved term: frack head. Is this synonymous with “schist head?” Is one the superlative of the other? I still think they fall under the category of Schiff for brains! You know who’s picture is in the dictionary for that definition! Thank you, Dave, for the humor; fracking great!

    • Abolition Man
      I was a tenured associate professor. But, that was so long ago, it feels a little strange to be called “Professor Spencer.” In the early ’70s I was taking a Shotokan Karate class at the college. The sensei called me “Supensa Sensei.” That always felt a little strange too. 🙂

      Please feel free to correct me if you think I say something that is wrong.

  18. If liberals are dumb enough to fall Hook,Line and Sinker for this Global Warming/Climate Change nonsense then their the same bunch of nit-wits who would buy a box of Cheerios thinking they were doughtnut seeds they would plant them to grow their own doughnut tree

  19. Fracking is fine if you are in the core areas of decent shale formations. But it is not economic in 95% of shale formations. The US shale sector has burned through more than $250 billion in capital and has yet to generate positive free cash flows.

  20. Every time I saw Russia Today peddling anti-(Western) tech propaganda, the national TV channels of the targeted country were doing that same kind of propaganda, often worse.

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